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Fantasy in the Shower Ch. 01

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How long had it been? Certainly a few weeks, months maybe. Jim tried to remember his last sexual conquest, but either he was too drunk or it was just too long ago for any details to come to mind. He sat on his bed, waiting for any motivation to get up. His muscles ached, work was hard.

After a few more minutes of wallowing his bladder gave him the motivation he needed. Walking to the bathroom, Jim’s groggy eyes didn’t see the letter resting crookedly on the mat by the front door. He turned on the shower, it wasn’t quick to warm so he went over to the toilet.

When he was done the swirling water took away the remnants of last night’s alcohol. Steam was rising in the shower, the water was too hot. Jim turned the dial back just an inch and waited for the right temperature to come out. He stepped in. The water poured down, the heat hit his feet first, then his torso, then finally he brought his head forward. As the falling water splashed in his eyes, Jim blinked. The feeling of the water running down his body began to wake up his sleeping cock. It jumped at first then rose slowly. Jim took it in his hand and began to work it up and down. His eyes already closed, the images in his head began to appear with increasing clarity.

A room was visualized on the inside of Jim’s eyelids. White walls. No window. Empty space. Wait. Not completely empty. His canlı bahis mind’s eye walked across the room and a girl appeared. She was a tall, dark haired beauty with high flaring cheek bones, wide-set brown eyes and long, muscular limbs. Everything about her bespoke her sensuality and it was apparent she knew it. She appeared to be about 20. Very fit. Her stomach was flat, as if she made a habit to include crunches in her workout. Her breasts were ample. If Jim had to make a guess at their size he’d have said there were 36 C’s. He saw her long, slender, perfectly proportioned legs. Appearing to stretch out into infinity, they naturally led his mind’s eye upward. In an instant his heart was beating faster as he imagined the girls bald pussy right before him.

Jim was getting hot now. The images in his head were vivid. His cock was fully awake now, the feeling of his hand moving up and down the shaft was doing its job.

The girl had not spoken yet. She didn’t need to. The image of her eyes expressed perfectly the hunger he wanted her to feel. She stared down at his shaft. Jim saw her get on her knees. Open her mouth. Take his 7 inches at first hesitantly, but with increasing depth and skill with each bob of her head. After a minute he saw her forehead collide with his midriff. She had taken the full length of his member down her throat. Though he had imagined bahis siteleri her, he could not help feeling impressed by her. As she came up for air, she let her tongue slide along the head of his penis, causing him momentary ecstasy.

Mouth free from dick Jim saw her smile. Her perfect white teeth contrasted well with her full lips and tan skin. Her dark hair cascaded down in thick curls, framing her face. She stood. A table appeared, she turned. Bent over. Gently relaxed herself down, at first jumping slightly at the touch of the cold plastic, but soon it warmed and she let her breasts make contact, then her elbows. Jim imagined this happening but he was slightly more occupied with the image in front of him. Her pussy was neatly tucked in between her perfect ass cheeks. It was wet, warm, inviting. He wanted to taste her juices, but mental images only go so far. He settled for feeling his dick deep inside her. He started off slowly, but she moaned for him to fuck her, and so he did. As he picked up pace, he felt the feeling he had been missing for a while now. The warmth spreading from his stomach to his neck to his face. His pace quickened. Her moans grew louder. She begged him to cum in her. He could feel her pussy tightening. Clamping around him as she came. He imagined her pussy leaking his juices as she cried out in ecstasy, her mouth making the perfect bahis şirketleri “O” shape with every blissful impact of the orgasm. His climax was quick to follow. It hit hard, long spurts of cum erupting from the tip of his dick. As they fell onto the floor of the shower being washed away by the torrential downpour coming from his shower-head,

Jim groaned. The effort had exhausted him all over again. His dick was raw from how hard he had beaten off. He straightened his back. Opened his eyes. The girl was no longer in front of him but instead he could faintly make out his reflection in the slick tile. His face was red. Chest heaving with every deep breath. After washing and drying himself, Jim stepped gently out of the shower. The feeling of the tile warm on his feet as he traipsed along through the bathroom. Before making it to his room, Jim’s eye caught the envelope lying on his doormat. Quizzically, he picked it up. Examined it. There was no return address, no visible signature. One word was written on the front, written in the elegant calligraphy that could only belong to one person, written in shiny pink ink. “Jim.”

Jim ripped it open, read the note scrawled on the heavy computer paper folded inside the envelope. His eyes slowly moved down the page, resting at the bottom. A familiar signature. Jim smiled.


If you enjoyed this story please post a comment and rate it. If it is well-received I will be posting the second part soon. Please leave constructive criticism, a post saying “10/10” though appreciated greatly is less than helpful. Thank you very much.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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