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Fantasies Of You Ch. 07

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Chapter Seven What A Surprise?

“Well, hon, I don’t know about that. I really like the image but I think I’d feel a little self-conscious about doing a strip tease show, even for you.”

“But what’s the difference between that and taking you clothes off for me anyway. You’ve done that lots of times,” I say, my face showing my puzzlement.

“Yes, but it’s not the same. This would be a show. You’d be staring at every little bit of me and that would make me nervous.”

“You’re damn right I’d be staring at each little bit of you – and enjoying every little second of it, too. You’ve got a gorgeous body – great breasts, nice legs, a nice round bum. I even like that little round belly.”

I can see you blush even in the dim light of the restaurant. “Would it be better if we turned all the lights out?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I have another fantasy.”

“Oh, of course you do. Let’s hear this one.”


Your house is in complete darkness when I pull up about 9 p.m., which is a bit of a puzzle considering I’d talked to you on the cell phone not 30 minutes ago to give you an accurate time of arrival. However, your car is in the driveway, I can see. Perhaps the power’s off.

I ring the front doorbell anyway, out of habit. And when there’s no answer I use my key to open the door, assuming now that you’ve stepped out on a last-minute errand.

It’s pitch black on the landing. “Anyone home,” I holler. I almost jump out of my skin when the answer comes from right beside me.

“Don’t move. Close your eyes, don’t talk, put your hands at your side.”

I recognize your voice and turn towards it in the darkness. “Don’t move,” you say again. “Close your eyes.”

I do as I’m ordered. I feel you etiler otele gelen escort behind me, feel your arms go around my neck. Then I feel you slip a blindfold over my eyes. You take my by the hand and lead me up the stairs to the living room.

“Wait here,” you instruct. I hear you move away. The CD comes to life and then you’re beside me again. In front of me, actually, because your arms go around me and you pull my lips to yours. I feel your tongue push its way into my mouth and I swing my arms around you to pull you closer.

“What are you doing?” you say, breaking away. “Keep your hands at your side. Do not speak and do not move until I tell you to.”

I can’t tell much behind the blindfold. In fact I’m feeling quite disoriented in the total darkness. But I do know one thing for having touched you. You’re naked. I could feel your warm, smooth body when we kissed – and now I feel my cock spring to life at the thought of you standing in front of me with nothing on.

You spot this movement instantly.

“I thought I told you not to move,” you say, stroking my hardening cock through my pants. I groan and you warn me again to keep quiet.

I feel you unbutton my coat, pull it off and then walk away. A door opens – the closet, I presume. You’re back in a couple of seconds and now you unbutton my shirt, pull it out of my pants and off my back. Your arms are around my neck again, your lips on mine, your tongue pushing into my mouth. I feel your soft, full breasts pressing against my chest and your pelvis rubbing gently against the stiffness of my erection.

Oh gawd, I’m thinking, I want to fuck this woman. You sense that, too.

“Do you like that, sweetie?” you whisper etiler rus escort between kisses. My response is a moan.

You take my hand again and lead me . . . where? Ah, yes, it must be into the bedroom.

“You’re beside the bed,” you tell me, obviously sensing my confusion. “Just turn around and sit down.” That takes some effort. I’m not sure where anything is so I’m forced to trust you entirely. When I’m finally sitting on the edge of the bed you instruct me to lie down on my back.

I feel you fiddling with my shoe, untying it, taking it off. Off comes the sock. Then the other shoe and sock. Obviously you’re plan is to get me as naked as you are. I’m already hoping for the chance to drive my throbbing cock into your pussy, which I can imagine is soaking wet.

You’re stroking me again, causing me to squirm as I fantasize. Then your hands are undoing my belt, unbuttoning my pants and pulling down the zipper. You drag them over my hips and off and I hear them hit the floor beside the bed. You stroke me again through my silk boxer shorts, your movements so gentle and soft. I feel a surge of heat flood my loins as my arousal grows rapidly. Your hand slips through the fly to capture my hard cock and pull it free. The gentle stroking continues and I strain to match your pace.

“Oh no, not yet sweetie,” you say. Your hands move to the waistband of my boxers and pull then down and off. Now I’m naked, too, except for the blindfold. I’m actually trembling with excitement. Your hand is on my cock again, not stroking it. Squeezing it. I can feel a droplet of pre-cum on the end of my cock and then the incredible sensation of your tongue flicking it away. Oh gawd, I’m so on the edge.

You slip off the etiler türbanlı escort bed and move away again. I feel you grab my right foot and . . . you’re looping something around it. Something soft. Oh, I know, it’s a silk tie. You’re going to tie me up. As you set about doing that I’m feeling, suddenly, quite vulnerable – and chilly. Goose bumps form on my skin. You either see them or sense them because you kiss me and whisper in my ear: “It’s okay, sweetie, just relax and enjoy it.”

Just relax – huh, hardly. Every nerve in my body is on alert and I’m shaky with anticipation. And horny – oh gawd, am I horny. I can feel my cock pounding as the blood pumps through it. Where will you touch me next?

I wait in the darkness behind my blindfold. And wait. I listen intently for your moment. I jump as something warm and wet drops on my belly. More of it falls and I realize it’s probably oil, a guess that’s quickly confirmed as you begin to rub it down my legs to my feet. You crawl between my legs and pour more and more oil on my belly. Then you use your breasts to spread it all over my chest.

“Would you like to cum between my breasts?” you whisper in my ear.

“Oh fuck, yes, sweetie, yes.”

You’re oily breasts slide back down my body until they surround my throbbing cock. I feel you squeeze them together until they form a soft, warm cushion around my pulsing prick. You move slowly, pulling up and down on my shaft. I strain to match your rhythm but the silk ties make it difficult.

I want to cum so badly. But that’s in your hands, totally. Your hands. Your breasts. Your big, beautiful, oily breasts sliding up and down over my cock. So agonizingly slowly. Up and down, up and down, up and down. Oh gawd, oh gawd, oh gawd, I’m gonna cum. My balls expand and explode. A spasm of cum spurts out of the end of my cock and splashes onto my chest. Another spasm. And another. You continue rubbing, milking me, until the spasms stop and all that’s left is a trembling, groaning me, spent and exhausted and very, very satisfied as I lie on your bed, naked, bound and blindfolded.

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