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Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 06

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My knees against the bed were the only thing keeping me upright. Three stunning women cuddling; spent and sticky with my cum, gazed up at me.


The afternoon and evening had been spent shooting pictures of Britt, my beautiful blonde lover, and her two equally gorgeous roommates. We were shooting for an advertisement that would run in a local paper touting the deals to be had at my friend John’s little shop down near the beach. We shot hundred of photos of the girls in everything from short dresses, casual wear and then swimwear.

For the last set of swimwear, the girls wore something that would never be found in John’s store. Except for a nude beach, I’m not even sure where one would wear these tiny collaborations of fabric scraps and string. The girls even made sure that I was included by buying me what amounted to a small bag and more string. On the girl’s suits, the three pieces of cloth intertwined in the web of fibers strategically covered those bits that society prefers that we not share with the general public.

They say that the primary sex organ in a human is really the brain, which then controls the secondary organ. Seeing these vixens in these outfits just about blew out both of my organs.

They also say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and another says something about you being your own worst critic. I suppose both of these applied when it came to me stuffing my junk into this red silk bag and cinching everything in place with twine. I thought it looked pretty fucking silly, but the girls seemed impressed. Who knew?

Anyway, the culmination of the shoot was a three-way, Sapphic orgy, digitally documented; followed by my unloading a copious amount of sperm across a mountain range of breasts. I knew that the girls fooled around as roomies and that Gina had acquired a dislike for the male species and little Kate had yet to experience the other side. Britt was evidently trying to make up for both of them as she tried to wear me out over the last few days.

I was careful not to get involved in the tryst, but I knew that Britt had some reason for her and the girls getting me all wound up. My mantra lately has been, ‘Timing is everything and everything in good time.’ I was happy and I was having the best sex of my life. Work was good, the hobby was definitely getting better and to top it off, I was making someone else happy too. So it seemed that the best path is to just stay the path and go along for the ride.


The girls laid there all cuddled together, kissing and cooing and licking my contribution off each other. Since the bed was pretty well occupied and I wasn’t immediately asked to join in, I shuffled over to my desk, pulled my boxers back on and sat at the PC to start going over the pics. I really only wanted to send John a couple dozen to choose from, so I started culling through them; placing the exceptional ones in their own file.

Thirty minutes or so had passed when I heard bare feet advancing from the rear. Britt wrapped her arms around me from the behind and nibbled on my ear. “You are the best and I love you, “she whispered. “Is it okay if I take the girls down and let them use your shower?” she asked.

I turned my head to say something and she preempted me with, “and no, you’re not invited….this time.” I pulled her naked butt into my lap and kissed her, tweaking her nipples in reprisal. Britt squealed as I let her go. “C’mon girls, lets hit the showers!” she yelled. Her voice resonated through the building.

I turned to watch the naked parade start down the stairs. Britt, the gorgeous blonde who has pretty well knocked me off my axis in the last week took the lead. Next was Gina, the tall, statuesque brunette. Her ‘D’ cups were beautifully balanced by an ass you could rest a teacup on. Close behind was Kate, a petite doll of Philippine descent that may have topped out at five feet tall. Her hair was every bit of three feet long, hanging well below her pert bubble-butt. Her ‘B’ cups fit her perfectly and jiggled as both she and Gina turned and blew me little air kisses as they started down the stairs.

I returned to the task at hand and kept sorting photos. I made sure that the photos that were not for public consumption were safely placed in a secure file. I reflected that if this dream ever came to an end, I had enough material in the old spank bank to last quite awhile.

I listened to the shower running and continuous laughter and tittering. When the cleansing had ended, I minimized the super-secret file and went back to the more mundane, but still arousing bikini shots. In just a few minutes, I heard the sexy triad headed back up the stairs.

Wrapped in none-too-large towels and damp hair, the girls gathered around me to look at the photos. They teased as they leaned in to look closer, long, damp locks of hair brushed across my bare shoulders and chest. Their scrubbed-clean aroma was kağıthane escort intoxicating and the inadvertent touching re-awakened portions of my anatomy.

Gina looked at my desk clock; “Wow, it’s late. We better get going Kate.”

Pouting, Kate replied, “Okay,” as she turned and her hair slithered over my shoulder. I grabbed a small handful and it tugged lightly. Kate turned and blushed as she retrieved her trailing tresses. I smiled back with a wink. Caught in the act, Britt leaned in and kissed me hard, reminding me where my priorities lie.

They all returned behind the screen to change into the clothes they came in. I was amused that their shyness had returned. By the amount of whispering that was going on, I concluded that vocal privacy was the real issue.

When I heard them gathering up the clothes, I spun in my chair to face them. They had them boxed and bagged and were heading toward the stairs. I stood to say goodbye and help them load the car when I got yet another wink form Britt. ‘What now?’ I wondered.

The answer came as Gina and Kate stepped toward me. The each took one of my hands and Gina said, “We just wanted to thank you for everything.”

“Well, I….”

“Yeah,” said Kate, “we wanted to thank you for being so good to Britt and to us today.”

I guess I stood there, not knowing what to say long enough for the girls to decide that the conversation was over. I glanced at Britt as Gina stepped in and kissed me, her tongue tracing my lips and her hands on my ass. I could feel her heart race and she smiled into our kiss as she felt my arousal.

Gina stepped back, her eyes moist as she drug her hands down my bare chest. Little Kate stepped up and stretched on tip-toe for her kiss. With an exasperated sigh, she placed her hands on my chest and pushed me back down into my chair. The other two laughed as Kate straddled me, ground herself into position and then gave me a kiss that I’m sure she had practiced for some time. Her tongue battled with mine and my hands instinctively latched onto her butt and pulled her tighter. I hesitated for a second when I realized where my hands were. Glancing up, I see Gina and Britt locked in a passionate embrace.

Kate gave a pretty good lap dance for a beginner and breathlessly stood up, brushing her hair back and straightening her short sundress. I was afraid to stand as I’m sure my cock, fully awakened by the good-byes would jump out the minute I stood. Knowing it was the gentlemanly thing to do and figuring that it shouldn’t come as a big surprise anyway, I did stand to see them off.

“God George,” Britt said, staring at the tent in my shorts. “I can’t take you anywhere,” she said, laughing along with the others. I shrugged, grabbed a couple bags and followed them down the stairs. We got the girls loaded into the little rice-burner and another round of less passionate kisses went around. Britt stood slightly in front of me, her hand down the front of my boxers, as we waved good-bye to the girls as they pulled out of my warehouse/yard.

As soon as the girls were out of sight, I grabbed for Britt, tickling and teasing. She screamed, her delight echoing through the building. We played a game of grab-ass until we both gave up. I walked toward the big rolling door to close it and looked over my shoulder and asked, “Are you staying?”

My answer came as she flashed me her bountiful breasts and then turned and mooned me before skipping toward the house. I could only laugh and count my blessings as I slid the big door shut.

Back inside, Britt was cutting up a fresh pineapple. “We forgot all about dessert, “she said, wielding the big chef’s knife like a pro.
I sat at the island, well out of harm’s way and watched her handiwork. “I pulled out the photos that I think will work best for John, so later on, I’ll run back up and email those to him.”

Still slicing and dicing, my lovely sous chef said, “The girls mentioned that they might like to send some of them to their parents too.”

I gave her a mock look of surprise.

“Not those,” she laughed as she launched a piece of pineapple my direction. “But I do want to see those later. I can’t tell you how fucking hot I was getting watching Kate suck a real cock for the first time. And when Gina deep-throated you right off the bat, I thought you would drown her right there.”

“Well, now is probably as good a time to talk about it as any, but what the hell did happen here tonight?”

Britt came around the island with a bowl of the pineapple and crowded up next to me. “Well, since I first saw you and more-so, since last weekend, I guess all I have talked about is you. I told you about Gina’s dickwad ex and Kate’s protective family, and the more I gushed about you and how you made me feel; I guess I felt like I was kind of bragging and leaving them behind.” Continuing as she fed us both bits of pineapple, “I know that Gina doesn’t hate men, and kartal escort I think that was pretty obvious today and Kate is shy and she saw what Gina went through, so with all of us living together, it has just been easier to fuck each other than to screw around with guys. I think it has helped with our grades too because when any of us get horny, we have someone to help us get off. We don’t have to go through all the drama of dating.”

Slowing down to take a sip of water; “Anyway, I thought you would be the perfect guy to sort of break the pattern if you will. I told the girls that I wanted to tease you and get you all worked up and they were more than willing to help. We really didn’t plan to go all the way, but by the time we got through the bikini’s we were all so fucking horny. That’s why it took so long for us to get changed, because we were playing with each other behind the screen. Anyway, I slipped those nasty little string numbers into the bag and when Gina and Kate saw me take them out, they just smiled and I knew we were on.”

Britt fed me another piece of fruit and slid into my lap. “When we came out wearing next to nothing and saw your cock sticking out, I thought Gina was going to pounce on you. Kate was sort of hypnotized. Then when you just took it off I knew that all bets were off. I just wanted to eat someone or have someone fuck me, I didn’t really care.”

Britt smiled and fed me another piece of fruit with her tongue and we battled for it.

I won the fight for the last piece of pineapple and thanked her with another kiss. “Well, “I said, “It would have been nice if you had let me in on the plan. Other than the occasional wink from you, I wasn’t sure what was going on or what to do.”

Britt spun around and sat up on the island in front of me. “I’m sorry babe, that was kind of cruel, but I really didn’t know where we were headed and I knew that you would do the right thing; you always do.”

“I do huh?” I asked. “So guess what I’m going to do now, “as I stood between her legs.

Pulling her shirt over her head, leaving her ample breasts there for the taking, she answered, “I don’t know, but I’m sure it will be the right thing,” as she wrapped her legs around my waist.

I kissed her hard as I took a tit in each hand and pinched her nipples. Britt moaned in our kiss, her tongue dancing with mine. Pulling back, I leaned down and took her right nipple between my lips and sucked like a ravenous newborn.

“Oh baby,” she groaned, “Gina likes her big tits sucked just like that. I’ll bet she’d love to have you suck on her big titties, baby!” I groaned at the thought as I switched to her left breast. “Oh baby, suck on Gina’s big titty, fuck baby, you’re making my little pussy all wet again,” she moaned as she pulled me tight.

I switched breasts and worked my hands down the back of her shorts, grabbing her ass. Britt had a leg between mine and was rubbing my cock. “Oh your big cock is so stiff baby. Was it this stiff when Kate grabbed your big, hard cock while I ate her sweet pussy?”

My cock was throbbing as I pushed her to her back on the cold granite. I pulled her sandals off and massaged her feet, kissing them, running my tongue between her toes. Britt’s hands were busy, one squeezing her nipples while the other played in her shorts. Britt continued to tease through the moaning; “Kate loves to lick my toes after I’ve fucked her pussy with them…..mmm…baby, suck the pussy juice off my toes!”

Britt had me wound up as I imagined her running her toes up and down little Kate’s slick, tight slit; spreading her juices all over her little mound. I imagined her big toe slipping into her pussy then sliding down, looking to invade her tight ass. I took my cock in my other hand, stroking slowly.

“Lick my pussy baby; lick it like you’d lick Gina’s sweet cunt. Oh baby, Gina has the sweetest tasting pussy baby, and her clit sticks way out, just begging to be sucked, just like a little cock baby. Eat me baby!”

Always one to do as I’m told, I pulled her shorts off, none too gently, and spread her legs wide, like making a wish. Britt is beyond excited. Her lips are distended and red, her clit is an even angrier red from her digital abuse. Britt stared up at me with black eyes as she tugged hard on her nipples. Like a starving man, I took her whole pussy in my mouth, sucking her juices and fucking her pussy with my tongue. She screamed her release as my upper teeth rubbed against her tender trigger. Her juices flowed and I lapped mightily, running my tongue down her ass crack, over her puckered anus, lubricating everything with her essence.

I slowed to let her catch her breath. My hands ran up and down her legs, out across her belly that had rippled like the desert floor during an earthquake when she came. I lingered around her pussy, licking up our mess. Her legs were relaxed now and I used both hands to spread her cheeks and probed at the little pink küçükçekmece escort star. Her asshole winked at me as I probed it with the tip of my tongue. “Oh fuck, “she moaned under her breath as I tried to probe deeper.

Ready for the final act, I dropped my drawers to the floor and drug her ass to the edge of the counter. “Baby,” she mewed, “I have to go pee. Why don’t you go upstairs and email those pictures to John, and I’ll come upstairs.”

Frustrated, with a hard-on you could drive through a concrete wall, I headed out the front door, Britt still spread all over the kitchen island.


I heard the water running downstairs as I sat with my hard dick and emailed the photos to John. I hadn’t heard her come up the stairs, but when I turned away from the computer; there was Britt, back in the skimpy suit that the girls wore only briefly before the orgy ensued. She struck a pose and did a quick turn. Something caught my eye, but I wasn’t sure what.

Britt walked up to me, still seated with an even harder dick. Grabbing my hair, she pushed my head back and attacked me with her mouth. Our tongues were as busy as were our hands. I had a breast in each hand, squeezing and pinching. She had a hand on my cock, running it up and down the underside, tickling at my balls.

Kissing finished, Britt dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth. Her hands ran up and down my chest as I just leaned back and enjoyed the view. Her head bobbed up and down as I looked down the slope of her back, her ass cheeks split by a strand of string. She took me into her throat, nearly gagging, her saliva running down my balls.

After a couple minutes, Britt stood and took my hand, helping me stand. Heading toward the bed, she said, “Now it’s our turn and since it is a night of awakenings and new beginnings, I think I want to try something new.”

Crawling up on the bed on all fours, she spread her knees apart lightly and I saw what had caught my eye earlier. Britt had a butt plug in her ass, a bright blue plug right above the blue patch of fabric that no longer hid her sweet sex. I stood mesmerized as I watched her run her fingers over her pussy, spreading her juices. She reached behind her back and with the pull on one string, she was naked.

Britt lowered her shoulder to the bed, raising her ass higher. She looked back at me with her blue eyes, now black as night and with a hand on each ass cheek she spread them until her pussy gaped with her juices running down the inside of her thighs. “Fuck me, “she growled. “I want to feel your hard cock pound my cunt. I want to feel both holes filled while you fuck me.”

Not speaking, or maybe just speechless, I grabbed her hips, pulled her to the edge of the bed and slammed my cock into her pussy. She screamed in ecstasy as my lower stomach pushed the plug into her ass as I bottomed out in her cunt. Holding her hips, I ground myself into her, stirring her juices and pushing the plug hard.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, “she babbled as she grabbed the bed and pushed back. I couldn’t tell if she had multiple orgasms or just one long one, but after a bit, the quaking subsided and turned to the occasional spasm. I loosened my grip and slowly, leisurely rocked back and forth.

Slowly, Britt flattened out, sliding forward and off my cock. Still face down, she mumbled something like, “how the fuck? “And then something else I couldn’t make out. I stood there with a hard wet cock and I grabbed her feet and began rubbing myself on the soles of her feet.

She moaned and turned onto her back. Her face was red from being pushed into the bed and she brushed her disheveled hair out of her face. “You deserve better than jacking off with my feet. “She whispered. “Be a babe and get me my purse, would you? “She said, gesturing toward the dresser.

Me and my stiff dick bounced over and retrieved her purse and handed it to her. She opened it and pulled out a bottle of lube and tossed it to me with a knowing smile on her face. Then she reached in and grabbed her cell phone. Seeing my look of confusion, she said, “You’re going to be the first to fuck me in the ass and I want pictures, “she said matter-of-factly.

Digging her heels into the bed, she wiggled her ass back down to the edge and sat up. “Gimme that, “she said, grabbing the bottle of lube. She opened it up and grabbed my cock and squirted a generous portion up and down the length. She closed the bottle and set it on the bed and then grabbed me with both hands and ran them over my cock and balls, slathering me up.

Leaning back, Britt rubbed the excess lube onto her tits. “Here,” She said, handing me the Blackberry. Britt pulled her legs up and rolled back until her knees were on either side of her head. My blonde vixen had gone from girlfriend to porn star. She looked at me through the valley of her slick breasts, over her wanton pussy and the flange of the blue plug, lodged tightly in her ass.

“Take a picture and then slowly pull the plug out of my ass, “She instructed.

I held the phone up and snapped a shot, sorely tempted to run over and grab a real camera. I reached down and unable to resist, I swiped my tongue up her pussy. “Fucker! “She shivered, “Just take out the fucking plug.”

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