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Eta Carinae Pt. 08

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Author’s Note:

All characters in this story are over 18. Read at your own risk!

Chapter 8

-Life Choices-

The next morning, Saturday started as usual eating breakfast and drinking coffee. We both had things to do. I had put up an advertisement on Fiverr as a utility programmer. It took a couple weeks but finally took on a small project. I changed about 16 lines of code, recompiled it, and tested it. Took me all of 5 hours and I was paid $180! Easy money! The company gave me a glowing review and the projects started to flow in! Elaine and Ed have always hammered the importance of multiple income streams. Elaine and I share an office. We have a partition between our workstations. She finished whatever she was doing and left. I finished half an hour later. Spring weather in San Francisco can be really flaky. Cold, rainy, and foggy in the morning; then sunny and 12 degrees warmer in the afternoon. Well, today was one of those days. I went out into the living room. Elaine was sitting at the dining room table, looking out the sliding glass door to the balcony. She was wearing one of her see-through white chiffon nighties and of course, no panties. Life’s good! I figured she was doing her normal ‘less is more’ dress for the day. As I approached I noticed her eye shadow was a warm brown frost and her lipstick was a darker red. She looked very dramatic. And hot! I walked up and stood beside her, looking at the ships and boats in the bay. She wrapped her arm around my waist.

“Want to spit out that ‘stone’?

“Oh, no stone. Like you, pondering life and what our next steps should be.” She said staring blankly out the window.

“Which reminds me.” I handed her a print of a text dump. I highlighted a couple important items.

“Do you know an ‘L Cooper’?”

“Yeah. He’s one of the Private Security Contractors that work for the ‘Triumvirate’!”

“Is that a euphemism for ‘hired gun’? Well, whoever they are, tried to make a ham-fisted attempt to hack into our system. The firewall on the ‘Kali’ box is government-grade and virtually impenetrable. They were ‘port sniffing’. What would you like me to do?”

She thought about it for a few minutes.

“Right now, nothing. He has no idea he was detected. Keep records of each attempt.”

“OK. This is an interesting twist. Is this some kind of ‘corporate political intrigue’?” I asked.

“You’ve heard the old saying that ‘power is an endless quest to your own death.’ Or something like that? Well, all these idiots think that having dirt on the opposition is going to give them an advantage. That’s what this is all about. We’re not going to play!” I gave her a curious look.

“Don’t worry, you’ll see how this pans out.” She said with a great deal of confidence. I moved behind her, watched boats, and messaged her shoulders. As usual, it wasn’t long until I was hard. I moved to her side and my cock ended up in her mouth. I don’t know how it was initiated, it just happened. She indulged me in one of her world-class blow jobs and I was totally drained. She sat down beside me.

“You good?” She asked quietly.

“Yeah, beyond good! I’m seeing many things differently.” I said as I touched her hand.

“Good! I think it’s important to challenge ourselves!” She said firmly.

The next day, Sunday, we went out for ‘Sunday on the Balcony’. We were tasting the new red she had found, and as usual, it was good. Our conversation generally covers many topics. We have often spoken of her childhood, college, etc. She played lacrosse for a couple years in college. She was also on a debating team. That’s no surprise!.

“You know, I think I’ve set something in motion and now I don’t know how to handle it,” I said after a pause.



“Will you let me venture a guess on what your conflict or anxiety might be? I do know you rather well.” She put forth.

“Ok, sure.”

“You have found yourself growing fond of her and it includes sexually attracted. One of the conflicts that you’re experiencing is feeling like you’re betraying me by having those feelings. Am I close?”

I bobbed my head.

“For me, the line for betrayal is secrecy. It is my belief that if we remain open and honest with each other, our relationship will remain healthy.” She replied.”

“Frank discussions have been the foundation for us. Personally, I think it works better than heated arguments, physical fights, booze, or drugs. But that’s me! Another question, have you always been this open and comfortable with your sexuality. I think it’s great! I have always admired your strength of character with your identity. How did you get there?” I asked.

“I did what we are doing; being authentic to our truth. I decided I had to be who I was! The alternative was just too painful.”

“‘But above all things, to thine own self be true!”” I said remembering the line from Hamlet.

The next week went by faster than I wanted it to. I was surprised by how bursa escort focused I was on Paige having a nice time. I went through a bunch of different recipes and decided on a chicken piccata that had a sauce that was a little lighter than others. I was going to serve this with an oil and herb ricotta tortellini and a wilted spinach raspberry something or other salad. I bought a new shirt and got a haircut. Elaine was quite amused with all of it. Saturday finally arrived. The morning passed as it usually did on Saturday. Elaine got a text that all was on track from Paige around noon. I got dressed first and went into our office to catch up on some tasks. Her entry into the living room came with her guileless elegance, grace, and beauty! The perfect hostess! Or, maybe I’m just biased?

She was wearing an emerald satin blouse with long puff sleeves. With this, she was wearing a pair of black dress slacks that fit her perfectly. They outlined that beautiful heart-shaped ass and her ironing board abdomen perfectly! After Elaine gave me a ‘stop, you’re driving me nuts!’ look due to me putzing around, I got on the computer for a while. Soon enough, the buzzer sounded and Paige was in the entryway. She and Elaine hugged, then she and I exchanged a rather soulful squeeze. Something told me she was ‘feeling the burn’ too! It was a chilly, damp, foggy late winter crappy days in the City. Paige was wearing an overcoat, but under that, she had on one of the Andean Alpaca wool sweaters. It was a ‘jacket’ style with a thick tie. It really matched the pair of loose hanging slacks she had on! She stepped into the living room.

“This is beautiful, you guys!” She exclaimed.

“Come on, I’ll give you the tour,” I said, extending my hand.

She took it and we went through the dining room, the balcony then the kitchen. I took her around the hallway between the kitchen and the outer wall of the house. We went into our ‘workout’ room.

“What’s this?”

“It’s something my uncle made for me. I have t-bars and all the adjustments? I can perform any kind of dip, push-up, crunch, and so on.” I sat down and demonstrated a dip.

“That’s your workout? This and riding your bike?” She asked.

“Yeah, pretty much. Seems to turn the trick, I’m not tearing myself up. I like the results. What did you think, I have a stationary bike and get motivated by some dweeb on a TV set?”

“Oh Jesus, spare me! I see this set up and I think of Patrick Bateman in ‘American Psycho’!”

I let out a belly laugh.

“I love that movie! Just to reassure you, I got rid of all the heads in the freezer and gave up serial killing for Lent!”

“Good to know.” She said with that devilish smile of hers.

She saw the telescope I had set up. I didn’t tell her I set it up so she could see it.

“Wow! This is it! I like that they didn’t paint the fiber tube. And a Losmandy mount. You definitely scored!”

“One of the nicest presents I ever had. It’s not aligned, but pick something on the hand paddle and hit ‘GOTO’ just so you can hear the motors and gearing.” She smiled as the mount gracefully moved the scope.

“You have to go out with us the next time we go up north,” I said unconsciously.

“I’d like that.” She said genially.

We continued the tour through the main bath, (she liked the Jacuzzi) to our office and onto the bedroom. She sat down on the bed. I wasn’t sure if I liked her in the Queen’s chamber!

“Nice mattress!” She said bouncing a bit.

“Memory foam. Great stuff!”

“Oh….what’s it remember?” She said with that evil grin.

“Good things. Come on.” I extended my hand.

Paige found herself admiring the ‘accent’ wall with the stereo and TV. There was a Spotify channel playing and I switched the receiver to the pod player. I cued up the theme from “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

“Want to hear something really cool?”


I hit play and as soon as that 40-hertz tone of the opening started, I turned the volume up. The Klipsch speakers didn’t require much to start wine glasses jumping on the table. A very intense piece of music, especially on a system like this. I paused the player at the end.

“Wow, that’s a really nice stereo!” She observed.

“Yeah. Elaine’s been wanting one for a while. She told me to find a nice system. So I did.”

“You did good. What else do you have?” She said sitting down in front of the CD/DVD cabinet. She turned her head and flipped through a variety of music.

“Who’s ethnic stuff, yours?”

“Pretty much. I’ll hear something, like it and then chase it down. I have Aboriginal stuff, African, Moroccan, I have some bagpipes in there.”

“Tuva Throat Singers?”

“Yeah. Their actually pretty cool.”

“Where’s Tuva?”

“You don’t know where Tuva is?” I turned to Elaine. “Miss university doesn’t know where Tuva is! I suppose you don’t know where Endor is either?”

“I do too! It’s a suburb of Seattle! Are you going to play the music or bursa escort bayan should I smack you?”

“Maybe we should do both!” She rolled her eyes.

We sat and listened to some of my ‘oddball’ collection, which she found curious. We finally sat down on the sectional together eating fruit, cheese, and bread. Elaine had opened this really nice white that wasn’t too sweet. Paige was her excited, animated self. She was easy to be around. Paige slipped off her sweater.

“So, do you like the ‘new’ Elaine?” She said, biting into an olive.’

“More than I expected!

I was hesitant, but I’ve never been good with change.”

I looked at the clock.

“Who’s hungry?”

I cooked and we ate. Paige was genuinely impressed with my cooking, which felt pretty good! I shooed them out into the living room and cleaned up the kitchen. They were both on the sectional, with Paige tucked into the corner. They were chatting and giggling up a storm and I, of course, thought there was some sort of conspiracy afoot! We decided on a movie. Elaine and I had several favorites saved and Paige flipped through those. We all decided on a comedy, and chose ‘The Big Lebowski’. Before the movie started, Paige took out a nice cone of bud and we all indulged. It was an interesting hybrid that was really spacey. We got lost in the movie. By that time, everyone was interested in the desert. I returned from the kitchen with 3 small bowls of Ben and Jerry’s Super New York Fudge chunk whatever. Both of the women looked like they were having a religious experience!

“Good?” I asked.

“This is Ben and Jerry’s Fudge Chunk! Don’t you love this?” Paige asked.

“Yeah, it’s good,” I said.

“GOOD!” She exclaimed.

“Forget it, Paige. He’s a man. He doesn’t get it!” They both giggled, quite pleased with themselves. And no, I don’t get it!

We started the movie and we all were drawn into the adventures of the ‘Dude’. I had turned the gas fireplace on and I had broken out a large lap blanket. Just one of those cold, damp, and foggy evenings, the kind that goes into your bones! We drank wine, smoked a little more bud, and mellowed out. I gave some thought to her joining Elaine and me. I just couldn’t see it. Something just didn’t ‘fit’. I like Paige. I wasn’t clear on all the factors except for one; we have a secret that cannot be discovered! All it takes is one slip of the tongue, a mislaid photo, or whatever to ‘sink the boat’ so to speak. I am not risking that! I’ve already realized what my ‘trades’ are. So far, I’m good with it.

The movie ended and it was around 10. Rapid transit trains were getting less frequent and she wanted to get back to Berkeley. We said our goodbyes and she left for the train station. We did a light clean and went to bed. We were both tired. The next morning I got up, did my morning exercise routine, showered, and shot down to the Jewish deli to pick up fresh bagels, lox, and cream cheese. We made up our bagels.

“How are you?” She asked finishing a bite.

“Good. Why, do I seem off?”

“Nope. Just wondering.” She responded.

“I had a great evening with Paige! I truly enjoy her company. That doesn’t happen too often!”

She laughed.

“I really don’t want to fuck that up! I’ve seen many good friendships fall apart from sex being added!

“That is an unfortunate truth! Sex is not always the addition that they hoped!” She said reflecting.

“There’s more. I realized that I’m selfish. I don’t want to share you with anyone. Maybe it’s old-fashioned and I’m a prude. With some things, yes, like sharing partners. Other things, no. You’ve realized by now that I’m pretty adventurous and willing to try new things…….with you. I don’t think we’re going to run out of ideas for keeping our relationship alive.” I emphasized.

“David, I think the one word that describes you is ‘noble’. A quality sorely lacking in our present society. I like being with someone who has values!” She observed.

“Not to be ‘Mr. Buzz Kill’, the other part of this is our need for extreme security! Until we can change our legal reality, I don’t anyone can get close. I working on the legal part of that, as we speak! I’m not willing to take a chance at anything, no matter innocent or benign it may look. This, you is just to damned important! I WON”T loose you!” I continued.

She sat, looking at me for a moment. She was welling up a little. I gave a ‘what did I say look’.

“It’s nothing. It’s been a long time since I’ve been too important!” She said with a weak smile.

“Don’t you know how important you’ve been to me?” I said with a bit of incredulity.

She reached over and touched my hand.

“Put it on your list of strange female behaviors, along side chocolate ice cream” We both laughed.

“Something else in the works. I’m changing my name. I mean beyond legal name change. I will be a different person. It’s in the works. I’m working with someone I know who’s a major hacker and escort bursa has the right connections that can set up an identity that will stand up to a ‘deep dive’! FBI, CIA, Interpol, whoever. I’m not going to tell you any more than that. The reason being, if you’re questioned, you can honestly say ‘I don’t know!’.” I revealed.

She lit a cigarette. She had continued to smoke the Virginia Slims after that one night. I loved it! She smokes less, which I guess is a good thing. It also makes it a little more special. Sort of like my relationship with pecan pie. A piece once in a while. More, it’s not special. Still, never gets old watching her smoke.

“Really! To really make this work, we’ll have to relocate, which we’ve discussed. How that is going to manifest, it’s unclear right now. Something tells me the right situation will appear.”

“The company is growing and branching into many countries. Who knows what might happen?” She said.

For most of March, I was dealing with the computer store. It was expanding and it seemed like each Monday, I had a dozen new workstations, problems to solve, idiotic questions, etc. to deal with for that week. I had enough and I don’t need the stress! I figured the way contracts were coming in on Fiverr, and having the available time for more, I could justify quitting. I know I’m justifying it to myself, she could care less if I work or not. I like earning and having my own money. It makes a difference. I talked it over with Elaine. Why I have no idea. She said ‘sounds good.’ I sat down with Jerry, the owner, and explained my need to move on and I will be more than happy to help him find my replacement and get him up to speed. For one, that’s how I roll and two, I don’t want to burn a bridge.

Sometime in early April, I got a call from Ed. He said he had something that I might want, but I had to look at it first. So, Sunday we were going to Ed’s shop. Sunday morning was our usual do and about an hour before leaving, we started getting into ‘character’, putting on our ‘persona’ for the family. I went downstairs and pulled the car out. She had traded in the old Mercedes for a new model. I’ve never been much of a car type. That being said, I like her Benz over the beat-up Toyota we used to have. She gets some kind of stipend for her lease. We drove the Dumbarton bridge over to the east bay. That particular bridge is about as dull as it gets! There is nothing to look at in the south bay. The far south end is a big salt evaporation pond. I turned the music down.

“You know, Ed is continually asking me about dating, whether am I seeing anyone, etc. I think I’m going to have to do something before he thinks I’m Norman Bates!” I said.

“Well, he is very Catholic. He wants you to get married and have a litter of kids! I do see what you mean. Let’s just play it by ear. Don’t grind on it too much! You can only swing at the ball coming over the plate.” She replied.

I turned and looked over my sunglasses.

“Uhh, thanks, coach!” I said sarcastically. She flipped me off.

Finally, at the shop, we found Ed inside one of the open service bays. He took us out into his yard behind the shop. He had cars, car parts, airplane parts, your basic junk he usually ends up finding a use for. He stopped in front of a boat on a trailer.

“Wanna boat?” He said. I looked at him.

“Good response. Did you understand the question?”

“Well, I can’t afford a boat; and this one has a hole in it!” I exclaimed.

“He doesn’t miss much does he?” He said to Elaine. She shrugged.

“Look, fuckstick, you think I would offer you a boat if you couldn’t afford it?” I stood and listened. Kind of happens with his ‘Gunny’ thing.

“It’s a 23-foot Boston Whaler, with a 250-horse Honda motor. A stable, big water boat. You could take this out the gate if you wanted to! So, Lance will fix the glass, Manny and I will rebuild the motor. The trailer needs some work, the wheel bearings are cooked! It will be a new boat when we’re done! You on board, so to speak?”

I looked at Elaine and her expression was flat. On my own.

“I’d love it! Thanks!”

“Good chick magnet too.” He said with that Cheshire grin of his.


“Hey, is that a forge?” I said noticing the little forge area he had set up. Thank God!

“Yeah. Something I’ve always wanted to try and I came into the equipment.” He said as we walked over. He had a bench with steel and knifes, and other items in the process of being made.

“Did you make that knife you gave me?” I asked.


“Why didn’t say anything?” I asked, baffled.

“Oh, I don’t know. It might break or something.”

I rolled my eyes. “Think this through Gunny: it might mean more to me now that you made it.”

He just looked at me. I didn’t want to push him into a ‘too much feeling’ mode.

“How are the store computers running?” I asked, changing the subject again.

“Next time your out here, talk to Mel. I sure there’s problems.” He sighed.

“I’ll call this week and get you sorted out.” I said.

“It will be a couple weeks on the boat. I call.”

“Let me know if you need anything. OK!” I said nodding my head. He isn’t much on help.

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