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The most terrible, apocalyptic changes are easy to deny when they happen slowly, gradually. Then, after generations have passed, the problem is suddenly big enough to notice and almost too big to solve. So was the case with the strange YCB Virus.

The Y-Chromosome Bias Virus was first discovered by in the late 20th century but had probably first appeared long before that. The virus was not deadly, painful, or debilitating. In fact, it had no visible symptoms at all, which was why it went unnoticed for so long. Its only symptom was the loss of the male’s ability to produce X-chromosome sperm, allowing them to produce only male children.

For a long time, males made up slightly less than fifty percent of all births. But, with the speed of a moving glacier, that percentage began to rise. Males became fifty, sixty, seventy percent of all births. The people panicked as the number reached ninety, ninety-five, ninety-nine, one hundred percent. Eventually, the few remaining females in the world aged out of fertility. Soon after, they died. All the women were gone. Faced with extinction, mankind (and it was truly MANkind now), was at a loss.

Fortunately, a solution had been developed in the mid-21st century, slightly before the last woman passed away. Dr. Tom Beatie had invented a special formula that could be injected into a man, allowing him to produce egg cells in his rectum. He could be fertilized with another man’s sperm received through the anus. The Beatie formula would alter the man’s anatomy, allowing him to rectally carry and anally deliver the child safely. An unimportant invention, meant only for a few “deviants,” had become the only hope for the human race.

However, even after the last women died, the men spoke of it only in whispers. Though gays were now widely tolerated, old stigmas against homosexuality had still not completely disappeared. Few men wanted to give up their masculinity by being penetrated by another man and invaded by his sperm. Even those that did would not say so openly. After a long, uncomfortable silence on the issue, a few brave government officials mentioned the elephant in the room. The floodgates opened and soon use of the Beatie treatment gained widespread support.

The most fervent opposition came, predictably, from religious groups. However, as their pews emptied and their collection plates dried up, their protests silenced. Genesis 1:28 took precedence over Leviticus 18:22.

A few countries in Europe created a policy that was soon imitated all over the world. At the age of eighteen, every man would have his erect penis measured. Those with a penis under six inches in length would be “feminized,” given the Beatie treatment. Afterwards, they would be assigned to a man whose penis size spared him the treatment.

On his eighteenth birthday, Dale reported to the feminization clinic. With a cock that barely reached four inches when hard, Dale decided to save time and register his penis size at the same Beşiktaş Escort place where he would receive the Beatie treatment. A nurse led him into a room. The nurse was male, of course, but his feminine face and the bulge of breasts indicated that he had gotten the same treatment that Dale was about to receive.

“Strip,” said the nurse, “and play with your dick. You have to make it erect for the measurement.” The nurse eyed Dale up and down and licked him lips. “If you’d like, I can help you.”

Dale blushed. “No thanks. I can manage,” he said shyly. Looking slightly disappointed, the nurse left.

Alone in the doctor’s room, Dale halfheartedly played with his cock, trying to get it hard. However, his depressed mood kept him flaccid. Perhaps he should have taken the nurse’s offer. After getting the treatment, Dale would be forbidden to penetrate any mouth or anus. He would never again get to use his cock like a real man.

Barely five feet tall, Dale was not a picture of manliness. He had soft blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, smooth skin, and a slender body. Except for some golden fuzz at his crotch, his body hair was light and nearly invisible. His pert, round ass often attracted stares from his classmates. No one in his generation had ever seen a girl, but Dale was as close as they’d get.

This was not what Dale wanted. Before him was a life of submission, of lying helplessly facedown, smothered underneath a superior man, grunting in pleasure. He would be the one who stuck his cute little bottom into the air, offering it to his new master like a priest made offerings to his god. Dale would be bent over, helpless, vulnerable, and humiliated, as his new husband towered behind him, erect and strong. Dale would pull open his asshole, his tiny dick dangling uselessly, as a REAL cock rammed its way inside and released its invading legion of sperm cells, looking to fertilize his egg and give him a massive, nine-month burden in his butt.

Dale was snapped out of his thoughts when he realized how hard his little dick had become. ‘Oh my God,’ he thought. Was he getting hard at the thought of his demeaning future?

He had gotten his hard-on just in time. The doctor came in and greeted him. Telling Dale to lay flat on his back, the doctor measured his penis and filled out the official registration form.

The doctor held up the needle. “Okay, Dale. You ready?” Dale nodded. He looked away as the doctor pushed the needle into his arm. A second later, the needle was pulled out and the pain was gone.

“Stay lying down,” said the doctor. “It’ll take a few minutes for the treatment to take effect.” And he left, leaving naked Dale on the bed, alone, his pathetic dick poking into the air.

Dale closed his eyes and felt the churning in his bowels. It was not painful or unpleasant, but he’d never felt anything quite like it before.

As the strange feelings were dying down, the doctor returned, shutting the door Beşiktaş Escort Bayan behind him. Dale saw his large cock hardening in his pants. Licking his lips, the doctor said, “Lie face-down on the table and raise your bottom.” He pulled on a pair of rubber gloves.

Dale did as he was told. His face pressed into the cushioned table top, he couldn’t see the doctor’s mouth drop open in lust and amazement at Dale’s beautiful butt.

“I’m going to do a few tests, Dale,” the doctor said. “Just to make sure the procedure worked.” All the doctor had to do was look inside Dale’s anus and stick his finger inside. But an ass as beautiful and perfect as Dale’s only came around once in a lifetime. The doctor was determined to enjoy this opportunity.

The doctor ran his hands over the perfect globes of Dale’s heart-shaped ass. He kneaded the buttocks with his hands, marveling at how soft yet firm they were. He pulled off his latex gloves, wanting nothing to between him and the soft, perfect skin of his patient’s behind.

“So hot,” the doctor whispered without meaning to. His heart skipped a beat as he tore his eyes away from Dale’s bottom and looked at his face. Dale did not react. ‘He must not have heard me,’ the doctor thought to himself, relieved. His moment of rationality over, the doctor again succumbed to lust and lechery and continued to molest his unknowing patient.

But Dale had, in fact, heard his doctor’s slip of the tongue. ‘I should be creeped out,’ he thought. But the knowledge that his ass was giving his doctor a massive erection was both flattering and arousing. He unconsciously began swaying his ass back and forth as the doctor ran his hands over it. His tiny cock hardened underneath him. His heart fluttered and, at that moment, he fell hopelessly in love with his doctor.

“My next test,” the doctor said breathlessly, “will be to insert my finger into your anus to check and make sure everything’s developed properly. Are you ready?”

“Yes!” Dale said, a little too eagerly.

Dale felt the doctor’s index finger press against his sphincter. The puckered hole loosened willingly, letting the doctor’s digit inside. Dale moaned involuntarily as he was penetrated for the first of many times. The doctor, sensing his patient’s pleasure, slowly pumped his finger in and out, twisting it to stimulate the newly erogenous walls of Dale’s anus.

“Oh God,” Dale said aloud, not bothering to conceal the pleasure his doctor was giving him. “Almost…almost there. MmmmmMMMMMM OH!” Dale gasped in orgasm a mere thirty seconds after the doctor’s finger had entered him. His anal walls gripped the doctor’s finger like a vice while his tiny penis, without any stimulation, let out a large spurt of seed. The young boy was not a screamer, but the doctor found his soft, sexy gasps a thousand times more arousing than the contrived screams of porn stars.

His willpower broken, the doctor yanked his finger from Escort Beşiktaş Dale’s tightened anus in a single, impatient motion, causing Dale to gasp in a combination of pleasure and pain. The doctor hastily locked the door to the examination room and undid the fly of his pants, letting his massive erection pop up. ‘I’m going to fuck that ass!’ the doctor thought to himself, driven wild by his lust. ‘If he doesn’t let me, then I’ll just rape the shit out of him!’

For the first time since the “tests” began, Dale looked back at his doctor. His eyes widened at the sight of his molester’s massive erection. Dale had no time to speak before the doctor climbed up onto the table behind him. The phallus jutted forward proudly, a symbol of the manhood that Dale could never hope to achieve.

The doctor seized his patient’s hips in his hands, giving Dale’s right buttock a hard smack. Dale’s softened dick instantly hardened again. The doctor clenched his jaw and pushed his mighty erection past Dale’s sphincter. The wet head of his cock began its journey towards Dale’s new rectal womb.

“Oh God YES!” Dale cried out, not caring if the rest of the office heard his cries of pleasure. He thrust his round, white ass back towards his doctor. He wanted that cock to fill him, invade him, mark him as its territory. “My ass is yours,” he said to his doctor. “All yours.”

The doctor grinned wickedly. Though he had been willing to rape his patient, it was clear that rape would not be necessary.

Dale felt the doctor’s powerful thrusts within his ass. He felt the shock of the doctor’s humping in his stomach. The doctor’s cock, longer and thicker than his finger, explored areas that Dale had never knew existed.

“Get me pregnant,” gasped Dale. “Make my little boy butt pregnant! My egg was meant for you!”

Driven mad with lust, the doctor sped up his mighty thrusts, pistoning in and out of his young patient, deliberately trying to get him pregnant. His cock roughly rubbed the inside of Dale’s erogenous anus, driving him to multiple orgasms. His tiny cock shot every last drop of seed in his balls. The boy’s sperm reserves ran dry yet he still kept cumming.

‘I’ve cum so many times and he hasn’t even lost control once!’ Dale thought. ‘I was destined for this! The doctor truly, completely owns my ass!’

“Are you ready, boy?” the doctor grunted. “Ready for me to get you pregnant? Ready for your belly to swell and your tits to leak milk for our baby?”

The clear, graphic description of his pregnancy drove Dale mad with excitement and lust. “YES! Please impregnate me! I wanna have your baby!”

“AUGGH!” The doctor let out a deep roar of triumph as his seed poured from his balls and ran like a mighty river right into Dale’s rectum. Dale felt the inside of his ass swell like a water balloon until he felt like it would burst.

Finally, the doctor’s incredible climax ended and, with some effort, he pulled his cock out of Dale’s tight ass. This relieved the pressure of the sperm in Dale’s ass somewhat, allowing a dollop of thick white cream to leak out his anus. The doctor licked it up. That was a few million sperm cells that wouldn’t get to make a baby, but fifty times as many stayed inside Dale’s bowels where they belonged.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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