Ocak 19, 2022

Educating Mel

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At 18, I was a senior in High School (which was in the nearest town, about 10 miles). I had a birthday party that involved parents because of the transportation problem in getting everyone to our farm.

The mother of one of my friends followed me out of the room and managed to talk to me “alone”. She asked, “Now that you are a MAN, do you feel different?”

Normally I would give a lame-ass answer to a question like that, then later regret that I had not come up with some clever reply. But in this case, I must have been “right on”.

I said to her, “I am 18, but I have no real experience with women so I guess I don’t really feel like a ‘MAN’.”

She smiled at that, turned away and started back to the main party. Then turned back to me and smiled again, asking “Would I be able to help you with that?”

I was stunned, THAT was the answer I had wanted, but now I didn’t know how to reply, so I just nodded vigorously and finally said… “that would be SO great.” Then, after a pause, I added, “you are SO beautiful, thank you!”

I think she was ready to help me anyway, but my comment about her beauty locked in the deal. She was nice looking for an older woman, I remember thinking at the time – but I had no idea how beautiful she would become when she got naked. Most men remember the “first time” and I wish every boy could become a man by having a “first time” like mine.

I didn’t have to do anything. She managed to find out when my mom and everyone else except me would be out of the house, and that’s when she showed up to visit (my mom).

When I explained that my mom wasn’t home, she laughed as she said, “What a pity, I guess I’ll have to wait.”… “Maybe you could show me your room?”

Sure!! She started up the stairs ahead of me and when I reached the stairs to follow, she slowed down, and when I looked up at her I realized she was not wearing anything under her short skirt, so her bare pussy was being flashed to me as she went upstairs. She did not have all the hair on her pussy the way my mom did; at the time I thought that was just the way some women are – but of course she had carefully shaved some of it, revealing her labia clearly.

When we got to my room, she said, “We might as well rest here until your mom gets home, OK?”

The best I could do was (duh) “ok”.

She lay down on the bed in her clothes and then said, “I might get all wrinkled, would you help me off with my clothes, please.”

By the time I got her clothes off completely I was stiff as I have bursa escort ever been, and she said, “Aren’t you uncomfortable with your penis all stiff in those tight clothes?”

I must have blushed, but soon stammered. “yes”. “Then take them off.” So I did. And stood there with my cock pointing directly at her. She smiled and said, “looks like you have a compass to follow, it’s pointing to ME”. Then she waved me to her, and ooooh, I so remember the soft warm feeling of her body against me as she wrapped her arms around me. Her lips engulfed mine, and her tongue was in my mouth; I had heard of this but the only kisses I had ever been given were more like the kind you give your old aunt.

Her hands caressed my back and my butt as her breasts pushed against me and my cock pressed against her warm thighs… and I ejaculated all over her!

“OH OH …I’m SORRY!”. I was SO embarrassed, but I also felt SO good, that is the kind of mixed pleasure embarrassment that you only get to have once I guess.

She laughed and told me to get a warm wet washcloth to wipe her off (and wipe off myself).

Then we started kissing again, and she suggested that I “caress each and every” part of her body, starting with her arms and legs and “leave the best parts to last”. So as we kissed and I learned how to use my tongue in exactly the way she used hers on me, I caressed her arms, then her body and her butt and as far along her thighs as I could reach. “Kiss me here” she said, pointing to her nipples. So I did. “Use your tongue and tease me.” So I did.

“You are a natural, that is so exciting. Never do any one thing too long – always make a girl want more before you give her more.” So I went back to caressing her, kissing her, and occasionally moving down to tease her nipples, which were huge and stuck out as if she were a tiny cow. My moms nipples were flat, but maybe they get this big when she is excited – I really did not know anything about women.

“Do you know how a girl is different from a boy?”, she asked. “Sort of… I stammered. We have diagrams in Biology class.” “Well, the diagrams tend to leave out the information you need the most – which is knowing exactly what girls enjoy about sex.

She smiled and said, “Maybe you should look around closely, and as you do that I will explain.”

She didn’t have to ask me twice. I turned in bed so my face was between her thighs to see better and she instructed me to be “very gentle”, then showed me how to separate the folds with my fingers so I could bursa escort bayan see what was between them. As I did that, I was acutely aware that my stiff cock was in her face just as much as her pussy was in mine.

And her pussy smelled SO “interesting”. It just seemed “RIGHT”. Like this is the right place to be, near a pussy. Suddenly she had my penis in her mouth, and the how warm wet feeling (and her tongue along the under side) had me ejaculating again in less than a minute.

At least I didn’t pull away, but I did say, “OH OH … I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it.” After she sucked on me for a few seconds and I quit pumping cum into her mouth, she let loose of it and said, “I knew you would be over-sensitive at first, that’s why I did it. Don’t worry, you’re 18 and you will be ready again in a few minutes.

Meanwhile, take a finger and move everything around down there, and I will tell you what it is and what makes me feel good. So I began fingering her pussy and learned where her vagina was, and how to tease it with a fingertip, and where her clit is, and how to circle it without rubbing it directly. And then she said she wanted my tongue all over and even ‘in” her there.

I had been wanting to do that, but was afraid to do ANYTHING that might cause her to stop ‘instructing’ me. She began moving her hips some, and I stopped.

“DON’T STOP – that feels so great I can’t hold still. Remember to tease me – don’t let me know what is next! You’re not sanding it or licking a spoon, you are teasing it!”

Just when I thought she would never get enough of my licking and teasing, she said, “Now for the FUCKING.” I was already stiff again, but at that word my cock bounced. I had not expected to get to fuck her! She explained that I might come again when we started, but for me to not worry about that. She insisted that I tease her cunt with my cock the way I had been doing with my tongue. So I did exactly that, rubbing the tip around her clit, and poking it into her just a little then pulling out. She moaned and started saying, “MORE”… “IN MORE”. But I decided that since she had mentioned the importance of “teasing” that she would have to wait to get all of it. And I would have teased her for a lot longer, but she reached around my butt and pulled me into her- ramming my cock all the way into her hot wet pussy – and I couldn’t help it, I started ejaculating again, as I pounded away at her. DAMN THAT WAS GOOD.

“OK, but don’t think you are done. My pussy could use a little more licking now.” escort bursa So I went back to doing that, not realizing she was just waiting for me to get stiff again. When I did get stiff, she said, “Now we do it doggy style.” And she got on her hands and knees, spreading her legs and said “get up near me and let me put it in”. So I did just that, and soon I was pumping away as she pushed back against me. I fell out once, but she had me back in without losing a stroke. Just as I was about to come again, she said, “Now my turn.”

And she somehow turned me down on the bed, and sat astride my cock before I could be upset that I was not behind her, sliding my cock into her.

Her beautiful tits were bouncing in front of my face, so I licked at her nipples when they came close and she loved that- pulling away a little and then leaning forward to allow me to just reach them.

Her hips were working back and forth on me, not up and down so although it felt great, I was not getting maximal stimulation so I was trying to sort of buck her up and down a little. I could see her face sort of lose all expression and her eyes shut partly like she was losing consciousness. Then she was gasping and choking as she kept rubbing back and forth on my cock. It was so exciting that I came again, upside down. And when she finished, she said, “That was great!! you came again too, didn’t you?”. “Yeah”.

“That’s good, but don’t move.” She started the same sliding back and forth on my cock again, even though I could tell it was getting soft, and she had another orgasm. Then another. As my cock was getting soft, so she showed me how to position my thumb on her clit, and hold her butt with the other hand so I could help her move back and forth. And she came again, then collapsed on the bed next to me and started hugging me and nuzzling my neck.

“I think you know everything you need to know now,” she smiled, “but it probably would be a good idea for you to PRACTICE, don’t you think?”

I hoped that meant to practice with her as I said, “Definitely, I probably need to do this a few hundred times to get it right, don’t you think?”. And she laughed at my terrible joke, even though I was NOT joking.

In a few minutes, we could hear my mom’s car turn onto our road, and she quickly got dressed.

She said, “You be taking a shower, OK?” So I did.

By the time my mom got inside, her friend was reading a magazine in the living room.

When you are 18 and you learn almost everything in one day; believe me, you want to practice EVERY day after that. It seemed that she had every bit as much fun as I did, so I expected her to be just as interested in meeting often with me, but that was not how my “second” time played out – but that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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