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Eddie’s Sexual Adventures Ch. 04

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Part IV: Horny Halloween

The sun came in through a small break in the drawn curtains of Eddie’s bedroom. He was laying there with his eyes open. He could not sleep. He looked over at a still sleeping Cari who had stayed the night. She looked beautiful in her little black t-shirt and pink thong. Eddie felt a bit guilty having such an angelic creature in his bed.

It was the weekend before Halloween and time was running out for him to win the bet he had made with Mia. It had been nearly six months since his BDSM experience in Minneapolis. Something about that situation changed him and he wasn’t motivated to pursue victory in the challenge laid out nearly a year ago.

He didn’t know that the will to win had diminished until he had taken a trip to the beach two months earlier. Cari was supposed to go with him but a family emergency kept her away. Eddie offered to go with her but, she did not need the distraction of introducing an older man who she was only sleeping with to her family. It was an understandable concern. Eddie went alone.

On the second night he was there, he had met a woman about his age at the bar next door to his hotel. They chatted for a long time, exchanged touches to the leg and arm with one another and shared the occasional make out session within three hours and several drinks of meeting each other. The remainder of the night was a blur and he remembered waking up around dawn seeing this lovely woman with a cinnamon complexion sleeping next to him.

Her arm was draped over his chest as she lay face down on the bed. Eddie looked at the clock on the nightstand. It was just after 6:30 AM. His gaze found his phone and he remembered the bet. It was then that he realized that maybe it all wasn’t worth it. Maybe it was the fear of being humiliated again. Regardless, he decided against it.

His thoughts were interrupted by the woman next to him. She had awakened after feeling Eddie move on the bed.

“Good morning,” she said with a smile. “Last night was incredible.”

She ran her hand across his chest before giving him a kiss. She got up from the bed and headed to the shower. Eddie got a great look at her since he really couldn’t remember the previous night. Her sun-kissed skin was evenly toned without a trace of tan lines on her body. Her breasts were big and firm. She had a cute little ass with a small tattoo of a palm tree on the right cheek.

Eddie watched as she turned the water on and got into the shower. He sat up and put on his shorts. He looked around a bit confused.

“Where the fuck are my clothes?” he asked himself.

He looked around trying to find the shirt and pants he had worn the night before. He looked over at the door and saw a bra wedged between it and the door stop. He opened it and found their clothes strewn about in front of his room.

“Oh, good. You found my things,” said the woman behind him.

Eddie couldn’t remember her name and he didn’t want to make the morning anymore awkward than it had already become.

“Do I need to ask how this happened?” Eddie asked looking towards the door.

The woman looked at him and smiled devilishly. “Let’s just say you and I were both naked the minute the door was opened,” she responded.

Eddie handed over her clothes and she went back into the bathroom. Eddie looked around. Another guest who had been sitting outside his room smoking gave him a thumbs up. Eddie nodded before shuffling back inside.

“I need to get home before my husband wakes up,” the woman said.

Eddie looked at her. “Husband?” he inquired.

“I told you last night that my husband thought I was out with my girlfriends. You really don’t remember much of anything from last night do you?” the woman said again shaking her head.

She picked up her handbag and gave Eddie a piece of paper. “Call me the next time you’re in town,” she said before leaving.

Eddie looked at the note. Just a number. No name. “What is your name?” he muttered under his breath.

A text notification stirred Eddie from his thoughts and brought him back to the current day. It wasn’t his phone, it was Cari’s. She lifted her head up and with her eyes squinting, looked at the message. Her hands collapsed to her chest after reading it. She let out an exasperated sigh.

“I need to go,” she said.

Cari got up from bed and put on her clothes.

“Where are you going?” asked Eddie.

“My mom needs me to drive her to the doctor this morning. She made an appointment for when their office first opens,” Cari said. “I’ll call you later.”

She gave Eddie a kiss goodbye and left the apartment. He found himself sitting there contemplating what he was going to do next. He knew sleep wasn’t an option so he got dressed and headed out to the nearby coffee shop on the corner.

Eddie got a cup of coffee and looked around. The air had a briskness to it. The kind that was not overly bitter but just right. He went back to his apartment and got into his Jeep. A day like this was good for a drive in the mountains beşiktaş türbanlı escort and he needed to think.

The drive was pleasant as expected. The traffic wasn’t bad and he made good time. After lunch, he sent Mia a text message.

**Need to talk to you just before you open tonight**

Eddie had come to a decision. He felt that conceding defeat was his only option. To him, it wouldn’t feel right to continue doing what he had been just to win some extra cash. Mia probably wouldn’t let him hear the end of it.

He arrived just 15 minutes prior to After Hours opening for business. The door was usually unlocked for the early birds and there were a few. Eddie walked in and found Mia behind the bar. She was looking good as always. She was wearing a flannel shirt that was unbuttoned halfway down giving customers a little bit to look at while she worked the bar. The jeans she had on were tight and like everything else in her wardrobe, showed off her perfectly shaped ass. She was wearing boots that made her look taller than normal.

“Hey there,” Mia greeted him as he walked in the doors.

Eddie gave Byron a fist bump as he made his way to the bar. He sat down at the end of the bar which had become his designated spot since his first night there. He looked around the place. It was still empty.

“Mia, we need to talk,” Eddie said.

“Uh oh. I don’t like the sound of that,” Mia said in a teasing ominous tone. She handed him a beer as he settled in.

Eddie looked around. He was trying to figure out what to say next. After careful contemplation, he looked at Mia and told her he was out.

“I can’t do this anymore. I’m conceding the bet to you. Things have become a bit crazy,” Eddie was confident in his words but he sounded defeated.

“Does this have to do with what happened last spring?” asked Mia.

Eddie nodded his head. He didn’t want to relive the ordeal as he was still coming to grips with what had happened to him. For awhile, he found himself questioning his own sexuality.

Mia wiped down the bar thinking about what she had just heard. Eddie looked at her. Her breasts jiggling slightly as she wiped up the drops of water from the beer glass in front of him.

“You’re almost there. You have two more to go,” Mia mused.

Eddie felt that she didn’t want to win this way. However, he stood firm in his decision.

“Actually, it’s one more. I hooked up with a woman on my beach trip a couple months ago. It was then that I realized I couldn’t do it anymore,” Eddie felt as if a burden had been lifted off his shoulders.

“Okay,” Mia said in agreement.

She came around the bar and handed him the towel she was using.

“You can cover the next couple of hours for me tonight while I run some errands,” she said as he accepted the towel from her.

“Now?” Eddie asked in near astonishment.

“Just a couple of hours tonight and we’ll call it even,” Mia said as she placed her hand on his face; her thumb gently brushing down his beard.

Eddie watched as she left the bar. This was unreal for him because Mia never leaves her bar in the care of someone else and he was still processing what had just happened.

“Well shit,” Eddie said.

He returned his gaze to the door and saw Byron smiling and shaking his head. Eddie went behind the bar and finished his beer. He thought about pouring another one but thought better of it.

Cari came in and looked stunned. She hurriedly walked up to the bar to talk to him.

“What the hell are you doing?” she asked, her eyes wide in astonishment.

“I don’t know,” Eddie mouthed in a silent voice.

He told her what had transpired and what Mia had said to him. Cari smiled and came around the bar to give him a hug.

“I’m so glad to hear that,” she said. “So, does that mean I have to call you boss?” she asked playfully.

“We better keep things professional,” Eddie suggested.

“Yes sir!” Cari gave him a mock salute as she went to the back to clock in and start her shift.

Mia returned a bit later than normal but was pleasantly surprised to find the bar busy and with a good number of female customers at the bar. She recognized some of the faces but they normally sat at the tables. She saw Eddie taking orders and being very friendly towards the patrons.

She came around the bar and started helping.

“Looks like you did a good job while I was away,” Mia observed offering a sincere compliment to Eddie as he continued filling drink orders.

“It wasn’t so bad,” he replied. “A spike in orders here and there but things have been consistent.”

“I’ll take it from here,” Mia said. “Consider us square. I’ll even let you keep your tips.”

Eddie walked out from behind the bar. He went to find Cari and let her know he was heading home. He did and began to head out. As he walked towards the door, Mia stopped him.

“Hey, don’t forget about the Halloween party here tomorrow,” she said.

Eddie gave beşiktaş ucuz escort her a thumbs up and walked out the door. How could he forget? It was the only thing they talked about the last couple of weeks. Mia got the idea of a superhero-themed party and he was going as Batman. Cari would be a sexy Robin, Mia and Leah would go as part of the rogues gallery; Poison Ivy and Joker respectively.

Eddie was to meet up with Cari at her place the next evening to get ready. They would go together and help with the final set up. Fortunately, it was a private party that was invitation only. Byron would be getting additional help working the door as well as get paid extra for his services.

“Are you ready?” Eddie asked Cari.

“Walking out now,” she answered. “What do you think? Hot right?”

Eddie felt his jaw nearly drop. She had made the costume herself. She had on a red halter top with the letter R sewn onto it. She opted for a short, yellow mini skirt with green knee-high stockings with green flats. She almost opted for heels but didn’t want her feet to hurt after a couple of hours. The costume was adorned by a yellow cape and her face with a black mask.

“You look incredible,” Eddie said.

“So do you,” she answered with lust in her voice.

Eddie was already feeling warm in the costume and he was ready to get out into the cool night air. He felt that by being outside, he would be more comfortable.

They left the apartment and made their way to the bar. Everything was set up and looking ready for the party. They took care of placing food on the tables while Mia went to get dressed. When she returned, Eddie knew she would turn some heads.

She wore a lacy, green bodysuit that appeared to be a bit small for her, light green stockings that went up to her thighs and green heels. Her outfit had lacy vine designs sewn on it. Her face and arms were adorned with fake tattoos of buds and vines to complete the look.

The door opened and Leah entered the bar. She brought a sexy twist to the Joker character. She wore a gray and pinstriped blouse that was tied up to reveal her midsection. She work a pair of purple pants and jacket. Her face was covered in the signature style of the comic book villain and she had dyed her hair purple with green extensions attached to it.

Eddie nodded his head in approval as the group took in each other’s look and complimented one another. It wasn’t long until the guests began arriving. One hour later the bar was near capacity and the atmosphere lively. The night was buzzing with a lot of energy.

As he was chatting up some other party goers, Eddie noticed someone that looked familiar. It wasn’t because she was dressed as his character’s nemesis and part-time lover, Catwoman. It was because of the way she carried herself. He noticed her eyes and could not shake the feeling he knew her from somewhere.

Cari disrupted his thoughts by taking a hold of his arm.

“Follow me,” she said in his ear.

Eddie didn’t need to be told twice. He picked up his beer and followed his sexy crime-fighting partner to a part of the bar he had never seen before. It turned out to be the employee lounge. There was a big sectional and a flat screen television mounted on the wall. An old high top table and bar stools were in a corner.

“Mia knows how to take care of you girls,” Eddie observed.

“And I know how to take care of you,” Cari said as she pressed her lips against his.

“Mmmmm,” Eddie was hypnotized by the feeling of Cari’s lips against his and her tongue exploring his mouth.

Eddie let Cari take control of the situation as she slid down his body. Her hands feeling his costume and desiring the body concealed beneath it. She dropped to her knees and pulled down the costume pants so she could get Eddie’s cock. When she got a hold of it, she placed the semi-erect member into her mouth and proceeded to get him rock hard.

She succeeded within seconds. Eddie just leaned back and enjoyed the moment. It had been awhile since he and Cari had done anything spontaneous. He began to pull back his mask as it was getting a bit warm for him.

“Uh uhh,” Cari said while still sucking his cock.

She pulled back so she could speak. “Leave it on. It’s hot.”

Eddie had to find the amusement in her words but, refocused his attention on her when she resumed the blowjob. Cari was a master at this and quite possibly the best he had ever experienced as far as oral sex was concerned.

The two fuck buddies were so into their activity, they did not see the figure in the doorway. It was the guest dressed as Catwoman. The same person Eddie thought was familiar to him.

“What a purrrfect place to be naughty,” she said seductively.

That voice. Eddie knew it was familiar. Yet, he still couldn’t place it. The combination of trying to figure out who this woman was and the turn-on of being watched by her didn’t help matters any. Eddie found himself looking back and forth at the newcomer beşiktaş üniversiteli escort and Cari.

Cari got up and took the Catwoman’s hand. Eddie watched as Cari kissed her. It was almost as intense as the kiss she gave him when they first entered the room. When the Catwoman removed the black leather jacket she was wearing, Eddie noticed the tattoos. The stars around her neck. He knew her! It was Heather!

“Holy shit,” Eddie said in shock. “What are you doing here?”

“I was invited,” Heather answered. “I couldn’t resist an opportunity to attend a Halloween party, especially knowing you’d be here.”

Cari didn’t want to this to turn into a social session and swiftly pushed Eddie back onto the sectional. She then turned her attention back to Heather and resumed the make out session. From where he was sitting, Eddie was enjoying the show. He sat and stroked his cock while Cari and Heather kissed and explored each other’s bodies.

Cari assisted Heather with pulling off her tank top. Her body was the same as Eddie remembered it. Small, lean with perky little breasts. Her nipples were hard with arousal. At this point, he had to wonder if he would be watching or be able to participate. He really didn’t care either way.

Heather watched as Cari tossed her tank top to the side and took a seat next to Eddie. Cari pulled up her skirt showing off the cute little panties she had worn with the same “R” on them as was on her costume. Heather placed her head between Cari’s legs and began kissing the inside of her thighs. Cari moaned gently at the touch of the feminine tongue on her delicate skin.

While Heather was kissing and licking the inner part of Cari’s thighs, Cari began removing her halter top. She had a strapless bra on underneath it but she pulled it down the minute the main part of her costume had been removed. Cari used her left hand to fondle her breasts while using the right to jerk off Eddie. He sat back and took in the change of events as he was not only getting to watch two hot girls get it on but, he was getting a hand job in the process.

Eddie watched as Cari squealed with delight as Heather began rubbing and licking her pelvic area. He was certain her panties were wet. Heather could taste Cari through the fabric and had to taster her unimpeded. She pulled the panties off and tossed it over her shoulder. Then, she buried her face deep between her legs.

“Ah, yes!” Cari shrieked.

The sensation of having her pussy licked while being watched and jerking off a cock was really exciting her. Cari thought she would climax on those feelings alone. Cari shifted between tightening up and releasing as Heather continued to lick her pussy. At one point, Cari had to grab Heather’s head to hold it in place. Eddie recognized the move as she had done that to him plenty of times before.

Heather got up and undid her pants. She slid them down along with the thong she had on underneath. She was still perfectly shaven. Eddie found himself desiring to be back inside of her.

“Give me some room,” Heather instructed Cari.

Cari and Eddie moved so Heather could lay on the sectional. It was clear what she wanted. Eddie took a prone position as well. His head was between Heather’s feet and while Cari was going down on Heather, he could go down on Cari. It was a win-win.

Once Cari had assumed the position, the presence of Eddie’s tongue on her slit almost disrupted her from pleasuring Heather. However, she recovered and leaned in to eat out the woman who had dropped in on their secret backroom sexcapade.

“Ohhh…my god! That feels so good,” Cari moaned.

Eddie had his hands on Cari’s ass and held her tightly as licked her pussy lips and massaged her clit. He remembered that his head was between Heather’s legs and he made a point to rub them as well.

“It’s girls only time,” Heather said interrupting the threeway.

She pointed to the end of the couch and instructed Eddie to sit there and watch. Eddie didn’t argue and took a seat opposite of the two sexy and beautiful women so he could watch them. He focused on Cari and Heather explore each other’s bodies as he stroked his cock. He was so focused on what was going on in front of him, he didn’t notice Mia enter the doorway.

Mia stood there in a state of shock. However, it was only a few seconds. Soon, the scene in front of her began to turn her on. She found herself beginning to touch her body as she watched Cari lick Heather’s breasts and pussy. Mia began to rub her own pussy as she pushed aside the fabric that was covering her mound.

Eddie found himself even more excited. The fiery redhead he had know for nearly a year was masturbating on the opposite side of the room in front of him. He got harder but, kept a steady rhythm as he continued jacking off. He was unable to see too much of Mia as her skirt still covered everything her hand was pleasuring underneath it.

That would soon change.

Cari looked up and motioned for Mia to come over. Heather massaged her tits as Mia approached them. The bar owner looked at her employee and leaned in to kiss her. Mia made sure to slip her tongue inside of Cari’s mouth. This was an unexpected development as Mia had never considered having sex with a co-worker. At the point, she really didn’t care. The costumes and the sexiness around her had turned her on and she wanted to act on her urges.

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