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Dinner Date

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My mind had been occupied with you all day and as I drove to pick you up, I kept wondering what you would wear to dinner over your new fishnets. You had teased me many times by showing me advertisements of dresses and skirts that you wanted to buy or had bought. I was easily manipulated by your teasing innuendo and hints about how your legs looked in the fishnet stockings under your new skirt.

I was aroused even without seeing you in them. Your words were always carefully chosen to suck me in and yet hold me back. I hated the way you toyed with me so easily, yet I loved being drawn into that fantasy. Many times as I drove, I found my hand in my lap, rubbing as I imagined watching you as you dressed or as you moved about some performing some tedious chore, unaware of my presence.

I wondered if you knew how you provoked me. I was sure you did, otherwise you would not have continued. I knew you fantasized about slow torture of an exquisite type…withheld touches and caresses, and looks full of promises that were never fulfilled. I knew you would be exhilarated to have me captive as you posed and vogued near me, allowing your scent to fill my nostrils and work it’s pheromic duty on my animalistic psyche.

I knew you relished the power you have over my simple desire and lust for you, but I also knew that you have the same desire as I, and you are also vulnerable to my careful touch at the right moment. It was my goal to maneuver you into that right moment. My touch was well rehearsed and planned and I knew you were mine, given that small opportunity.

The car sped through the night and soon I reached your house. I saw that only one light was on and I crept around to peek into that window. The drapes concealed most of the room, but as I moved to the edge of the window, I could see you walking about. You were in a robe and were gathering your clothing and laying it on the bed.

I looked around to be sure no one else was outside and when I was satisfied, I continued watching you. You sat before your dresser and dried your hair, then you rose and moved out of my sight. When you cam back into view, you were wearing a bra and brown fishnet pantyhose. You sat down and pulled on panties and stood before the mirror and pulled the pantyhose tight and worked them up your legs for the right fit.

I felt a stirring as I watched you, and I took a deep breath. You put your blouse on and buttoned it then stepped into your skirt. You fastened it and turned it to the correct position, then looked at yourself in the mirror. I saw your hands slide across your belly and lightly touch your thighs. You then sat down and watched yourself in the mirror as you crossed your legs. I am sure you were otele gelen escort studying how much leg you would be exposing with each move. I saw you sit with legs apart as you glanced at your thighs.

That very spot would be an area of interest to me as well. My pants felt tighter and I rubbed and tried to rearrange the bulge that was growing under my zipper. I debated whether I should knock on your door in that aroused state or not. For a brief instant, I fantasized about your response as you saw me standing there with a guilty and lustful expression and an apparent erection barely restrained by my slacks.

I decided to wait a bit and watch you longer. You continued your preparation. I unzipped my slacks and my eager cock found the opening. I felt the cool air against the hotness of my cock flesh. I slowly stroked as I watched you. You applied slight makeup and brushed your hair again, then stood and raised your skirt. I watched in amazement as you lowered your panties and stepped out of them. I could see your slit under the sheerness of the pantyhose. Your hand slid down the front panel of your pantyhose and your finger traced the shape as if illustrating the location of access to your womaness.

You pressed your fingers against and between your labia as I stroked my cock. I could have easily cum all over your shrubs as I watched you, but you stopped and lowered your skirt. I paused to save my cum for a more appropriate location. I saw you leave the room and I hurried around the corner and rang your door bell. You answered in a few seconds.

“Hello, my love.”

“Hi baby”, you opened the door and welcomed me inside.

I waited for you to lead the way into the living area. You turned to me and smiled. I reached for you and pulled you to me. We kissed. You tasted so good. Your lips are full and your mouth was wet and hot and I sucked your tongue, succumbing to your charms. You returned my kiss with equal ardor and we clutched at each other and soon were grinding our bodies together.

You pulled back for a breath and laughed.

“Are you glad to see me or is that a banana in your pocket?”

“Why don’t you find out.”

You smiled at me as you unzipped my slacks and reached in to feel my throbbing cock leap to your hand.

“Uuummm, hun. I think it likes me.”

“Yes it does and I think it wants to show you how much.”


I didn’t answer as you knelt down and sucked my cock between your lips. Your hungry mouth pulled it deep inside and I felt the hotness of your tongue and the roof of your mouth as you lavished your tongue over the shaft. I always marveled at your skill and wondered if it was pendik escort gained by instinct or practice. It didn’t matter, I decided as I leaned back and enjoyed your mouth.

I looked down at you as your concentration was focused on my cock. Your eyes stared at me as you pulled away from my cock so I could see the head disappear again between your red lips. You pulled back and swirled your tongue across the head and flicked it up and down and then held my cock straight up as you licked my balls then up the shaft. I felt the tightness in my balls and tried to control myself.

You licked and sucked and toyed with me until I pulled away. You stared at me with a pouty, petulant look.

“Give it back.”

“I will give it back in a moment.”

I pulled you up and into my arms. My cock nudged against you as we kissed. My hands quickly moved down your ass and I cupped your buttocks and squeezed you against my cock, which was confined between us against your belly. I felt your firm ass and then slid my hand under your skirt around to the front between us. I felt the texture of your stockings and I worked my way up to the V between your legs.

I heard a small gasp as I felt between your legs and found your slit. Your stockings were damp and as I pressed my finger against you, I felt it slide inside between your lips. You kissed me violently and pulled me to you harder. I pressed my finger deeper into you and I rubbed up and down between your lips, pressing the wet fabric into your hungry pussy. I needed to feel the softness of your flesh and I pawed at your pantyhose in vain.

I broke the kiss and moved away from you far enough to grab the pantyhose at your pussy and I pulled it until I felt it tear apart at the crotch reinforcement. I pulled it as you stood still, unbelieving my urgency. Soon I was able to get my finger into your pussy and I slide it back inside you. You stood legs slightly apart and stared at me as I fingered your hot cunt very deliberately.

I removed my finger and I pulled you back to me. My cock pressed down against your pussy as you threw your arms around my neck. We kissed again as I reached down and felt your buttocks. I moved from your ass under your thighs and when I had my hands well on the back on your thighs I raised you up off of the floor. You swung your legs around my waist. I grabbed a better hold of your thighs and ass and I raised you up slightly, so my cock could swing under you. When I felt it in position between your legs, I lowered you down until I felt the wetness of your pussy against my upright cock head.

You groaned as my cock started to slide inside you. Your legs tightened around me as you rus escort pulled yourself onto my cock. I pushed back and felt the tightness deep inside your vagina. I stroked against you and felt you flexing your legs to pull against me tighter too. I moved to the wall and turned so that your feet were against the wall. I leaned back and you were able to push your legs straight which moved you back on my cock. By straightening and wrapping your legs, you were able to fuck yourself on my cock.

I kissed your neck as you held me tight. We heaved against each other in the grip of passion. Then, I turned you so that your back was against the wall and holding you there, I drove my stiff cock into you harder and deeper than ever before. You moaned at the savagery of my thrusts and bit my lips as I plowed into you over and over.

I held you against the wall, my hands carrying your weight. Your arms held tight around my neck as I flung against you, crushing your breasts under the weight of my thrusts. You groaned and moaned and drove me on with your guttural taunts.

“Yes, fuck my poor little pussy. Fuck it good. Take it and make it yours. Fuck me like the slut I am.”

You needn’t tell me, as I was intent on fucking you as hard as I could. My cock had a mind of its own and it was out of my control as it drove into your slick pussy without mercy. My balls spanked your legs with each thrust and the smell of sex was overpowering as the sound of flesh slapping flesh filled our ears.

My legs were sore and soon I struggled to stand upright, so I staggered to the sofa and we fell back onto it, with you still impaled on my cock. I lay on you and pushed your legs back toward your shoulders and drove on. You held your legs back and apart as my cock slammed between your swollen lips. I pushed your blouse up as far as I could, trying to expose your breasts.

You squirmed as you helped raise your blouse and soon, I could see your bra. I pushed the cups up over your breasts and as I pinched your nipples, I pushed my cock deep inside you and held it there. Your pussy squeezed around my cock as I pinched and pulled your nipples. I felt them stiffen between my fingers as you milked my cock. I collapsed down on you and we kissed passionately and desperately. You continued to grind your pussy against me as you pleaded for my cum.

I relaxed then and allowed my cock to have its pleasure. The hot cum flowed up through my cock and pumped into your pussy in long spurts. You kissed me softly as my cock drained inside you. You wrapped your arms around me and we held each other tight as we lay there together.

When we recovered, we lay beside each other silently. Then I raised up on my elbow.

“Where are we going to dinner? I want to see those new fishnets and skirt I have heard so much about.”

You laughed as you slapped me.

“Yeah, maybe next time, I’ll just meet you at the restaurant.”

I laughed as I tickled you. You screamed as you rolled, trying to get away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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