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Desperate Measures

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She read the letter again, of course it didn’t say anything different from the last few times she had read it, damn the old bastard! She had been so close to getting it all signed and making her future safe when he went and died, now she was keenly aware that her decadent luxurious lifestyle was under threat and she wasn’t sure what she should do about it.

She thought back to the last trip she had taken, he had flown them both to Milan for a couple of days while he attended some meetings and signed contracts. He had agreed with her suggestion to sign over shares and other holdings, well actually as she ground her cunt into his face he would have signed away his soul! But then he died before her plan could come to fruition. So three years of twisting the old bastard round her finger, of flirting and seducing him then making him her slave, all wasted. The penthouse and her Mercedes were still in his name as were her credit cards, she had money, clothes and jewelry but she felt cold fear as she could see everything disappearing. She had spent almost every day of the last three years treated and feted like a goddess and she couldn’t bear to think of that disappearing.

She re-read the letter again, company bought out, review of operational costs and procedures, new management, streamlined organisation. She just couldn’t see how she was going to be able to continue to bleed the company dry in this new set up. In her official position as PA to the old boss they had allowed her time to grieve, so she had been in the office even less often than she had been in the past, but she had taken the opportunity to try and work out what was going on and again, it didn’t look promising. She had a meeting scheduled for the morning with the new owner, she’d seen him and he gave the impression of being a hard businessman, younger than she had expected but scarily focussed on the business to the exclusion of all else, she hadn’t heard a good thing about him from any of the old staff. So of course she was going to seduce him, if she could worm her way into his life she might be able to keep some, if not all, of her old lifestyle, but she had her back to the wall and wasn’t used to being in this sort of situation, however she took comfort from the fact that she’d never failed with a man yet so had high hopes of salvaging something from this disaster.

She took a great deal of care getting ready the next morning, she needed to look as drop dead seductive as she could manage while not güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri being so obvious she didn’t have an escape if it all went wrong. Heels, silk stockings but no seams, her Rigby and Peller lingerie, severely tight pencil skirt, tailored satin blouse that showed of her breasts, sharp jacket, a little more makeup and jewellery than would normally be acceptable for the office, subtle yet alluring perfume. The company chauffeur collected her from the apartment block, another perk she could feel slipping away, and she entered the building and headed up to the new boss’s office.

It was worse than she had ever imagined imagined, to start with she was left alone waiting in the office, no man had ever dared to made her wait for anything as long as she could remember! She stood at the huge panoramic window, shivering with excitement as she recalled standing in the exact same place, hands flat against the window, legs apart and groaning with pleasure as her slave had licked and rimmed her on command. all that was over now she realised. The new owner came in and the meeting quickly went downhill; he had been through the company staffing costs and other expenditures in forensic detail and had found the huge amount of money that the old boss had spent on her. Her privileged role in the company was under threat and she knew that her wonderful lifestyle was about to come crashing down around her. What was worse was the utter failure to seduce him, she had flirted, teased and tried every trick in her book, nothing worked, he was oblivious to her charms and all her weapons had been tried and had failed, her unexpected and shocking inability to get him to submit left her stunned, she had never failed before!

As the meeting had progressed and she had realised how bad her situation was she had stepped up her efforts at seduction, initially flooded with confidence in her power over men she had been haughty and sophisticated, using her subtlest techniques, assuming that he would respond at the same level. When they had failed she had simply assumed that she was operating too far above him, so had resorted to slightly more obvious methods and as each of these failed to elicit the desired response she become more and more desperate, working her way down through her armoury of weapons, getting more and more obvious, a far cry from the heady heights she was used to working at and as she became more frantic she finally descended to the obvious, like some güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri tart trying to pick up a man in a club!

Smouldering, lustful glances at him had achieved nothing; subtle changes in position as she sat to enhance her curves hadn’t done any good either. Crossing her long silk clad legs with their towering heels had produced no effect, despite doing it several times and making sure the silk rustled in it’s sexy way, he had simply failed to look. She had moved close to him, so he could breathe her perfume and see her nipples straining against the satin blouse, again no response. She had ‘accidentally’ put her hand with it’s long painted nails on his when he was showing her some figures and had run her tongue over her thickly painted lips, still no effect. It was getting to the stage where if she was going to do anything she’d have to kneel down and give him a blow job! She was too proud and arrogant for that but what else could she do? An hour of trying to get a reaction out of this bastard and just nothing! She’d never failed to get a man to do her bidding before, but this guy was just like a robot, a machine, she hadn’t been able to get any sort of erection from him, no response at all!

Finally she couldn’t take any more, her wonderful lifestyle, cars, flats, holidays, money, everything was gone, she was back to where she had started all those years ago. “Dammnit yes, you’re right” She snapped, getting up from the chair and walking back towards the panoramic window. “I was fucking the old man and he treated me right, that’s where the money went”

“Well I can’t say I’m surprised” the new boss replied, “I was pretty sure that was the situation, of course it won’t continue and I will be talking to our lawyers to see what we can do to reclaim some of the money back from you”.

She shrugged, nothing mattered now, she was ruined and there was nothing she could do about the situation, she had worked hard to achieve this lifestyle and the riches from nothing and she could do it again, although she quailed at the thought of having to start from the bottom again, with nothing. The fact that she hadn’t been able to get anything from this man after all her efforts made her cold with fear though for her future.

“You do whatever you feel you have to” she replied, and reached into her handbag to light up a cigarette, she needed one and what did she care anymore? “I gave him the best years of his life, he was the happiest güvenilir bahis şirketleri man alive when he was serving me” she continued, “and that’s something you’ll never experience”.

She dragged on the long white cigarette, then turned and looked straight at the bastard and stopped in shock, he had stood up to show her the door but now he was standing transfixed, a huge bulge in the front of his trousers. His eyes followed the glowing end of her cigarette and she leapt at the opening in his defences. A long slow drag, a deep inhale and puckering her glossy lips to blow out a long plume of smoke, he was still motionless, she licked her thick glossy lips in anticipation and grabbed at her golden opportunity to get everything back; she strutted to the desk and perched herself on the corner, thrusting her breasts out and hiking up her skirt to reveal her stocking tops.

“You’ve never served a proper Mistress have you?” She sneered, “All this power and money and you’ve never done that, never known your real place in your world. Crawl to me and serve me now and I might let you learn what you’ve been missing in your life. If you can pleasure me I might just let you worship me”.

She gestured to her high heels with her cigarette, “Start by licking them, sucking the heel deep into your mouth”.

Dear goddess the bastard was on his knees and crawling towards her, she could feel herself getting damp and exhilaration rushed through her body, she was seducing him finally, she had just needed to find a way past his armour. As he sucked her heel into his mouth she smiled cruelly down at him, everything would be alright now, she was saved! And he was going to suffer such pain and torture for putting her through this experience, she was already starting to make plans.

“I’ll be staying in a luxury hotel in Rome later this month I think, you take care of it my pet and I might even allow you to light my cigarette next time you crawl across the floor at my command, but right now all you need to do is lick me to an orgasm, then put me right back onto the payroll with a very large pay rise!”.

He stretched his head forward between her silk clad thighs and reverently pushed the slip of satin to one side as his tongue flicked across her sensitive clitoris, she moaned with pleasure as he started to lick up and down her hot wet pussy, she grabbed his hair and viciously dragged him into a better position to pleasure her. As she ground herself hard against his mouth she put her head back and groaned and moaned in ecstasy as her new slave licked and sucked her; everything was back as it should be, her position and power restored, and her new slave was much younger than the old one had been, she was going to enjoy breaking him to her will and using him to satisfy her needs!

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