Temmuz 17, 2024

Deep Blue

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The owner recognized me right away, gave me a big hello, introduced me to the new bartender as “one of the originals,” which made me feel old.

I had a few pints and ordered from the pub menu. I had walked there and would take a cab home, so I was getting comfy, hoping to see some of the old crowd.

Between innings of the baseball game, I looked over the young people, coming in late, like we did when younger. Still no one I knew. But, at the end of the bar, there was a girl, a woman, but younger than me at 50. She was smiling in my direction. Not a beauty, with big almond shaped blue eyes, blonde hair with streaks to her shoulders, and thin, very thin.

The game began again, and the next time I looked, she was gone. Too bad, there was something pleasant about her. I sipped my beer then felt a tap on my shoulder.

It was Blue-Eyes. “Hi, mind if I sit here?”

I slid over so she could get in the stool, and smiled back. Jack the bartender came over. “Hey, Maggie, the usual?”

“Hi, Jackie, no, give me a pint of what he’s having, and one for him, too.”

My eyes moved over her face, searching, and I said, “Maggie the waitress?”

She showed bright white teeth when she smiled. “I didn’t think you recognized me. How are you, Harry?”

“Great, great, what’s it been, ten years?”

“Yeah, I was here the night you met Kate. How is she, by the way?”

“Oh, the same. I keep getting older and everyone else stays the same.”

She laughed again. “Not me, or you would have recognized me!”

I looked her up and down. “Well you! Yeah, you look terrific! You were a brunette, right? And you lost…”

“About 25 pounds, a while ago, yes, thanks for remembering! I must have been a real sight!”

“Oh, no, don’t get me wrong! Those eyes, I don’t know how I didn’t recognize you, I always thought you had the deepest blue eyes!”

She smiled, halkalı ucuz escort shyly, looking down. “I know, you would stay here until closing, just telling me how you loved my eyes! I was 18 and had such a crush on you, then.”

“Yes, I remember that, you were still in high school, otherwise I would have made a move.”

She looked at me, misty-eyed. “Remember we’d all go to breakfast then? I’d always sit right next to you, and you’d put your arm around me. I’d always think that was gonna be the night you’d kiss me, but you never did. Then Kate showed up.”

She actually seemed sad. I said, “I was 22 years older than you, still am, I guess! Can you imagine if I walked you home? Your folks would have had me arrested!”

She smiled again. “I know! I used to imagine my mom hitting on you when I wasn’t looking!”

We both paused, thinking.

“Well, it’s good to see a face from the old crowd! Are you still waitressing?”

“Yes, my night off! Got married, but that didn’t work out. Nobody’s fault. I’m still young. Heck, you were forty, right?”

“Hmmm, stick around, I may be a free agent again.”

“Oh, Harry, I’m so sorry to hear that. Is it bad?”

“Right now, it’s just something that has lost its magic. We both seem to feel it, no animosity, just ambivalence. Ten years can be a long time.”

The game ended and I didn’t notice, reminiscing with Maggie, those big blues taking me back like a time machine, to a simpler time. She was so young, and I actually thought at the time to try something, but her age and vulnerability stopped me.

It was amazing how the weight she had lost, although not a lot, was so significant. Her chest size and rear went from plump to sparse. But, those eyes! And those big puffy lips!

It was last-call before I knew it. “So, how about breakfast, for old times sake?” I asked.

Maggie halkalı üniversiteli escort shook her head. “The diner only stays open until midnight now, and you don’t need anybody reporting sightings to Kate about me.”

“Oh, Hell, it’s just breakfast!”

“Not to a married woman, Harry. Haven’t you learned anything about us, yet?” she laughed.

“No, I guess not. Okay, so what now?”

She patted my hand. “Now you go home and I go home. I think you’ve had enough!”

“Not enough of you!” I leaned across and kissed her, and she didn’t move away. Her eyes were wide, watching me, until I stopped.

“Now what?” she asked.

“Um, I don’t know, I just felt the urge, sorry.”

She leaned to me, kissed me briefly, and whispered, “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at that door over the years, wondering what ever happened to you. And if you ever showed up again, what would I do? How would I react? And you, too?”

She leaned back. “The ball is in your court. Your choice. You can walk away, or you can walk me home. Either way, I’ll respect your choice. I know you’re a married man. I’m not a floozy, but my connection to you precedes that event. But, it’s your choice.”

Five minutes later, she unlocked the door to the small bungalow, and I followed her in. She locked the door behind us, and turned on the light, and proceeded into my arms.

Kisses were passionate, and my hands wandered up her back, then under her breasts, which were small for my liking, but perky. She had no bra, and my fingers tugged at her nipples while she undid my shirt.

Topless now, she led me to her bedroom, sat on the bed, and unbuckled my jeans. I stepped out of them, looking down at this chubby teen who blossomed into a lithe blonde angel, taking my cock and sucking for all she had.

I was hard haramidere escort just walking her home, so by now, I was raging! She slurped, then went all the way down on it, until she gagged, then backed off, like she was seeing how long she could go without oxygen. It was odd hearing her almost gag, but oddly erotic, as if I had forced myself on this waif.

I pushed her off and bent her back, undoing her shorts and tugging them down. She had a fine patch of soft brown hair, trimmed to a Vee. I kissed those wet puffy lips, so soft, then her neck, her chest, nipples, belly, abdomen, then finally her slit.

She was calling my name, and I hadn’t been so aroused in years. Her juices flowed and I lapped them up from her thighs as she writhed to my every flick.

It was time, ten years too late but still time. I climbed on and she gave me room, looking down at my seven inches, about to enter her.

“Oh, Harry, I dreamed of this, I knew it would happen.” She held my shaft and pulled me down into her. She was amazingly tight, and her legs held me in place while we kissed again, letting her become accustomed to me.

Under me, she began moving, grunting as she did, swirling her ass around, and I could feel my hardon heating up.

We kissed as we humped, and she whispered, “I like the top.”

Fine with me, it’s the best show in town. We rolled over and she was over me, rocking back and forth on my cock, and I could see it entering and leaving, and I had total access to her nipples, seeing her eyes roll back.

She was grunting again with each push down, making more noise than Kate did in a year! Louder and harsher it got, signalling the end was near! I was close myself, and wanted to hold out for her.

When I couldn’t hold out any longer, I grunted just as she screamed, and came. We both wailed in harmony, our bodies giving in to the passion. Still bucking my cock, she finally relaxed, kissing and biting me.

She rolled off me. We laid there, thinking.

I said, “I hope you weren’t too disappointed.”

She smiled. “Harry, you really don’t know women! That was great for me, thanks.”

“Me too! So, do it again in ten years?”

“You got ten minutes, Hot Stuff! I’ll put on the coffee!”

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