Haziran 8, 2023

Daydream 01

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Daydream 1

I’m walking quickly down the street, the cold wind nipping at my nose and hairless legs. I’ve got a long, feminine coat on, but underneath the only thing covering my body is some skimpy maid lingerie. I’ve got some black heels and a lacy headband in my bag, along with a small feather duster to complete the sexy maid look. My makeup case is also in the bag; I’m too nervous to wear makeup in public yet. In fact, this is my first time wearing anything like this in public. I’m terrified someone will notice, call me out for being a pervert or something, but as the faces go by with no one even taking a second glance my confidence begins to increase.

I’m going to a man’s house. A real man’s house. After weeks of chatting online, I finally agreed to meet him, my anxiety proving to be a huge hurdle in stopping me from living my desired life. But he finally convinced me, promising weed and alcohol, two things that make me incredibly horny, and I just couldn’t say no. He knows I’m dressing up as a maid, because I thought that some roleplay might help stop me from backing out. God, I hope he likes it I think to myself. And I really hope I can go through with it. I had let my red hair grow out for months, hoping that if I looked more the part it would be a little easier. Right now, it was done up in an intricate braided bun, which had taken hours and a few online tutorials, although at this moment it was covered with a beanie.

“I’m going to a real man’s house” I whisper to myself, still not quite believing it. I had taken some aphrodisiacs before I left my apartment which were now starting to take effect. I imagine kneeling in front of him, waiting for an order. I imagine pulling his pants down slowly, his hard, thick cock flopping down onto my face. I can almost feel its weight, smell its aroma, and my heartbeat starts to quicken. Absorbed in my fantasy I almost bump into some man walking next to me. I awkwardly apologize in a high-pitched tone, scared of what he might say.

“Women,” is all he says, muttering it under his breath before continuing on his way. I stand there shocked for a couple seconds before I break into a small smile. He thought I was a woman! I scream happily to myself. Not realizing that I’m standing awkwardly in the middle of the sidewalk I almost cause another collision. I hurriedly start walking again, just now noticing the small but obvious bulge poking out from my coat. I walk faster, almost running, until I finally get to the real man’s house.

I pause a take a deep breath, taking it all in. This is it I think to myself. The beginning of a new life. Before I can talk myself out of it, I quickly make my way to the front door. I ring the doorbell, my heart beating so fast I’m scared it’ll jump out of my chest. The next few seconds are agonizing, tortuous even, and just as I wonder if I should ring again, I hear the doorknob creak.

The door swings open, and I’m greeted with a huge smile. The man’s name is Chris, and for the most part he looks pretty unassuming. He’s taller than me, but not by more than a few inches. His blonde, thick hair is parted down the middle in a stylish way. He’s wearing a white sweater and a pair of black pants, with a pair of cozy-looking brown slippers on his feet.

“Hi,” is all he says, opening the door wider to invite me inside. I stand there awkwardly for a couple of seconds, not quite sure of what to do, before nervously making my way inside. In the foyer I observe him as he closes the door. He looks exactly like his pictures looked, which is great, and his eyes seemed kind and warm. I’m about to speak up, say my first words to him in person, when I’m interrupted by a shout from somewhere else in the house.

“Who’s that?” I hear in a deep voice. Startled I look at Chris, scared and anxious. There wasn’t supposed to be anyone else here.

Chris answers. “Just the maid.”

“Is she hot?” the other man asks before laughing at his own question. Chris doesn’t answer, instead turning to look at me.

“I’m sorry about him, he wasn’t supposed to be here. I’ll get rid of him while you’re getting ready,” he says, starting in the direction of the voice. Inexplicably I pipe up.

“N-no it’s fine, he can stay,” I say quietly, my heart still feeling like it might explode. Chris gives me a quizzical look.

“Are you sure?” he says. “I can get him out, it’s no problem.”

“No please, it’s definitely okay. This is your house, I don’t want to tell you who you can and can’t have over,” I say, attempting to put on a cute smile. I’m not sure I’m successful, but Chris breaks out into an actual cute smile.

“Whatever you say, miss,” he responds, putting some emphasis on the title. Cracking an actual smile, I blush. “The bathroom’s right over here so you can get ready,” he says, gesturing to a door down the hall. “When you’re done, there’s a tray in the kitchen I want you to bring over to us. We’ll be in the living room; you can’t miss it.”

“Yes sir,” I respond, putting my own emphasis bursa escort on the title. We both chuckle before he turns and starts to walk away. I wait until he’s around the corner and out of sight before letting out a very deep breath. It feels like I had been holding it in since I got there. Another man? I wasn’t expecting that I think to myself. It makes me ten times more nervous, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t also excite me.

I collect myself and make my way towards the bathroom, anxious to put my makeup on. I had been practicing forever to achieve the perfect look, and now it was time to see if I could perform. I put the bag on the counter, taking my stuff out and setting the makeup case in front of me. Staring at myself in the mirror I take a couple of deep breaths, taking my beanie off before I start to apply the makeup. My hands are trembling, and I make a few minor mistakes right off the bat, but eventually I start to settle down as muscle memory kicks in.

I soon finish and use the mirror to fix my hair. I take my shoes and socks off, replacing them with the black high heels. Grabbing the feather duster I take a couple of steps back, admiring myself in the mirror. I must admit the I absolutely adore how I look in makeup, as it highlights my small, somewhat slender face and delicate feminine features. Finally, I remove the coat, revealing the completed look to myself.

I almost squeal in delight. Of course, I had tried this outfit on many times at home, and I had picked it for a reason. It hugged my body in all the right places, actually hinting at some feminine curves. The heels made my legs look exceptionally long and toned, also propping my ass out slightly. The tight panties accentuated my ass even more, as well as keeping my unimpressive member from bulging out too much. I’m attempting to model my look after Moira O’Hara, in my opinion the hottest maid in tv history, and I right now I feel like her twin. I could’ve stared at myself in the mirror for hours, but soon I remembered what I was there for. With my heart still pumping at a rapid pace I slowly step out of the bathroom.

I slowly begin walking through the house, the loud clack of my heels against the floor likely alerting the two men to my presence. I had practiced walking in heels for forever, so now it was no issue. I exit the hallway, finding myself already in the kitchen. I notice the tray sitting on the counter and I can’t help but crack a smile. It’s ornate and silver, the perfect tray for a maid to carry. On it are a few rolled blunts, as well as some extra bud, papers, and a lighter. There are also a few glasses of ice, along with a handle of what I assume to be either bourbon or whiskey.

I place the feather duster on the tray and then pick it up, following the sound of a TV to the living room. As I enter both men turn to look at me, ignoring the football game on TV. Chris looks ecstatic, while the mystery guest lets out a low whistle. “Damnnnn,” he says, causing me to blush. “I gotta get me a maid like that.” I notice his eyes surveying my body, pausing briefly at my crotch. For a split second my heart sinks; would he care that I wasn’t a real woman? But he says nothing, instead continuing to observe my body, looking at my long, slender legs. He lets out another low whistle, a clear sign of approval, and I smile widely, happy to please both of these men.

They’re both sitting on a couch, and as I make my way towards the coffee table I quickly take in Chris’ friend. Although he’s sitting, I can tell he’s tall, taller than Chris, and his skin is dark brown. Even though he’s wearing a black hoodie his muscles are still noticeable, and to complete the look he’s wearing jeans and a pair of boots. I place the tray down on the table in front of the two handsome men, curtseying before standing back up. I grab the feather duster and turn around, beginning to lightly dust the tv stand. I do my best to move my hips, making my ass swing side to side.

I’m trying to portray confidence in my movements, deliberately moving and posing in suggestive positions. In reality I’m more nervous than I’ve ever been, small beads of sweat forming on the back of my neck. I can’t see the two men and their reactions right now, but I hope that they’re enjoying what they’re seeing. I purposefully drop the duster, feigning surprise before bending over to pick it up. I keep my legs straight and knees unbent, fully exposing my almost-bare ass to the two men watching me. Chris’ friend lets out another low whistle.

“God damn, this maid is… something. I’m gonna go ahead and light up Chris, that cool?” he asks.

“Yeah man, of course,” I hear Chris respond. I’ve almost finished ‘cleaning’ the TV stand by now, and as I hear the lighter flick I can hear Chris start to pour himself a drink. I quickly turn around, attempting a seductive smile.

“Sir, please, let me get that for you,” I say to Chris. I delicately place the duster down and saunter over, the blunt smoke floating in the air bursa escort bayan immediately making me feel more relaxed. Chris sits back, a knowing smile on his face, as I grab the handle and begin to pour. As I’m pouring, Chris suddenly sits back up, placing a hand on the back of my thigh, directly underneath my semi-exposed ass. I almost drop the handle, just barely managing to hold on. Goosebumps immediately appear all over my body, and I feel something stirring in my crotch. I’ve never been touched like this before, which Chris knows, but I try to not make it too obvious.

“You’ve got really nice legs, Karly,” Chris says, rubbing his hand up and down the back of my leg. My heart jumps into my chest as he uses my sissy name, something we had discussed before but also something I hadn’t really expected him to use. I’m momentarily frozen, unsure of how to respond, before I notice that I’m pouring way too much bourbon into his glass. I quickly stop and put the handle down.

“Th-thank you sir,” I stammer out in response. “You’ve got a really soft touch,” I say, almost trembling. If not for my panties my dick would be fully erect right now, but thankfully for the moment it’s safely enclosed.

“Mhmmm, I bet you do too, Karly,” he says with a wink. He raises his hand and places a light slap on my ass, slight ripples flowing away from the impact. I almost choke on nothing, having never been treated like this before, as Chris leans forward to grab his drink. “Wow, that’s a heavy pour. You’re gonna have to help me with this,” Chris says, looking up at me.

“Of course, sir, I apologize.” He extends the glass out to me. I take it, our hands momentarily touching, sending butterflies throughout my stomach. I bring the glass to my lips and take a sip, holding back a wince as the harsh taste of bourbon is not my favorite. I attempt to hand the glass back to Chris, but he holds up a hand.

“Take a couple more sips, we’ve got plenty to go around,” he says, a mischievous smile on his lips. I smile back at him.

“Yes sir, as you wish,” I reply before obliging. I take a few more sips, almost having to force the liquid down. I manage to do so without making a face before I place the glass back on the table. I smile at Chris, awaiting my next instructions.

“Ay Chris, you want a hit of this?” his friend asks, holding the lit blunt out to Chris. He grabs it and takes a few puffs before offering it to me. I giggle, never being one to turn down such an offer, and I grab the blunt from his fingers. I put it to my lips and take a deep breath, letting the smoke completely fill my lungs. As I let it out, I can’t help but cough a little, as Chris and his friend laugh. I laugh too, almost immediately feeling the intoxicating effects of the two drugs combining in my system. I take another small hit before handing it back to Chris.

“Alright,” he starts, taking another hit, “I think the table area could use a bit of cleaning. Especially under the table, it’s really dusty down there.” He smiles at me, and I smile back, getting a hint of what he might be getting at. I step in front of him, turned so that my ass passes a couple of feet in front of his face. I quickly move to the center of the couch, grabbing my duster as I squat down in front of the table. I move to my knees and start to bend over, placing the top half of my body underneath the table. I start to dust, letting the vibrations coming from this movement slightly shake my ass.

“Fuck,” I hear Chris’ friend say under his breath, causing me to smile. I’m so glad he likes what he sees, and with some newfound inebriated confidence, I angle my ass more in his direction. I feel his large hand grip into my ass cheek, before he quickly pulls it away. “Sorry Chris, I couldn’t help myself,” he says, apologizing to Chris instead of me. I don’t mind though; in fact, it turns me on even more.

Chris laughs, then uses his own hand to grip my other cheek. “She doesn’t mind, believe me. Look at her; she’s basically asking for it.” His words send a shiver down my spine, causing the goosebumps to return. Chris rubs his hand over my ass, feeling the small bumps. “Mhmm, and she seems to like it, too. You like that, slut?” Chris says, landing a hard slap on my ass.

I’d asked him to be demeaning, as it was one of my favorite kinks, and as he slapped my ass, I couldn’t help but moan. “Yes sir, I love it,” I respond, wiggling my ass to show my approval. Chris and his friend both let out a laugh, each landing a few more slaps on each cheek. With each slap I was moaning louder and louder, the pleasure building to something I’d never felt before.

Chris’ friend suddenly starts laughing even harder to himself, having to compose himself before speaking. “Ay Chris, you think she’d be down to butt chug some of this?” he asks, holding up the handle of bourbon. Chris laughs too, landing another hard slap on my ass. “What do you say, slut, wanna boof some of this? It’ll get you really fucked up,” he says, playfully bouncing the escort bursa handle on my ass.

I’d never butt chugged before. I knew it could be dangerous, but I felt strangely safe with these two random men. Plus, I was high, horny, and already a little buzzed, and it would be incredibly difficult for me to ever say no under those circumstances. Instead of answering I reach back, gripping the fabric covering my asshole and pulling it to the side in an obvious invitation. My pert, virgin hole winks back up at them, and they both bust out into fits of laughter. I giggle too, happy to be providing them with such great entertainment.

Suddenly there’s a pair of warm hands on my ass, pulling my cheeks apart to expose my hole even further. Soon I felt the cool liquid as Chris’ friend began pouring it into my asshole, both of them laughing the whole time. The alcohol stings pretty bad at first, causing tears to well up in my eyes, but soon he stops pouring. They both laugh as I squirm under the table, my ass still slightly stinging. I can almost feel the alcohol being absorbed into my bloodstream, and almost immediately feel much more drunk. I wiggle my ass in celebration, practically begging them to keep slapping it.

Chris finishes laughing and then clears his throat. “Alright that’s enough for now, why don’t you get up here slut and perform some more of your duties?” he says to me. I quickly begin to back up from under the table, arching my back to accentuate my ass before I can lift my head. Once free I turn around, still on my knees, Chris sitting to my right and his friend to my left. I giggle as I look back and forth between them, super excited for what was coming next. I glance at their crotches, noticing bulges from each, although Chris’ friend had a distinct advantage in size.

They light up the blunt once more, passing it between the two of them before Chris finally holds it up to my mouth. I take another deep hit, letting the feeling crash over me, an intense wave of pleasure building throughout my body. High as hell I giggle some more before placing a hand on each bulge. I start to rub them, feeling their hard cocks through the fabric of their pants. I can feel Chris take a deep breath as his friend lets out yet another approving whistle, causing me to giggle some more. I divide my attention between the two men, passionately rubbing their cocks as I giggle and look up at them.

Chris throws his head back and lets out a soft moan, clearly enjoying the show. I briefly turn my attention solely to him, using both hands to unbutton and unzip his pants. I tug on them a little, letting him know what I want. He understands the message and quickly uses his own hands to finish the job, pulling his pants down and letting his hard cock flop out. It’s a good-sized member, one I had seen in pictures before, not huge by any account but definitely big enough for me. I gasp, feigning awe at the size, then start to giggle as I reach my hand out to touch it.

I’m too stoned to be nervous at this point, more excited than anything, and as I touch my first cock I feel a spark of warmth that quickly flames throughout my whole body. I can feel my cheeks turning red with lust, my eyes full of desire for the gorgeous looking rod in my hand. I give it a few slow jerks, feeling his skin rub against mine as I stare into his eyes.

Not wanting to forget his friend though I force myself to momentarily break away. Chris begins jerking himself as he watches me tend to his friend. His friend’s pants are already unbuckled, unbuttoned, and unzipped, only needing to be pulled down. I yank on the legs of his pants, allowing his cock to just pop out of the top. This time the gasp I let out is genuine.

His cock is absolutely huge, at least 9 thick inches of raw power. I instinctively put both my hands on it, noticing that they don’t even wrap all the way around. I laugh out of sheer absurdity, not fully believing the sight before my eyes. The member’s owner laughs as well. “Like what you see, slut? I thought you might,” he says to me, flexing his cock to make it jump. I giggle some more, not even managing to form an answer.

I hear Chris clear his throat, an indication that he wants some attention as well. I tear my focus away from the huge cock, keeping one hand on it as I reach out for Chris’ cock with my other. With a cock in each hand, I giggle some more, almost not believing that it’s finally happening. My own dick is rock hard, pulsing with pleasure as I start to slowly stroke them up and down. I look back and forth between Chris and his friend, searching for signs of approval.

I momentarily pull both my hands back, putting them in front of my mouth. I spit on them before placing them back on their respective members, lubing each shaft for greater pleasure. I start moving both hands up and down slowly, feeling the soft, veiny surfaces underneath my delicate fingers. I can feel the blood pumping through each cock, powerful and manly, the opposite of me. I start to pick up my pace, pausing every few seconds to re-lube my hands. I use my thumbs to stimulate the heads of their cocks, knowing how sensitive and pleasurable that feeling can be. The whole time I’m herking them I’m looking up at them, laughing and giggling like a silly little slut.

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