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Dani’s New Life Ch. 01

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I must thank TLC for her incredible inspiration. She is Beauty and Desire…she is my Muse.

Dani Evans sat, rather uncomfortably, at one of those small, tall tables in the lobby bar of the Beacon Marriot in downtown Boston. Surrounded by half a dozen coworkers from around the country gathered at their Quarterly Sales Conference, she felt alone. And when she drank, feeling a little lonely, as always she started to reminisce. She sipped at her dirty martini and nodded appropriately to those around her, while trying to understand what was happening to her.

The years had been more than kind to the girl who’d left home for boarding school. She achieved top grades all along the way, her goal was to attend Law School (she’d always wanted to be a lawyer) after graduating from college. Now she was the in-house attorney for a major software house and making more money than she’d ever dreamed about. Certainly more than her husband had brought home in the last five years. “Oh, Jesus! Where did that come from?” she thought to herself as she took another sip and drained her glass. One of the guys at her table snagged a waitress and another glass was in her hand before she knew it. A mumbled thanks and another sip and she drifted off again.

Dani’s life as a student had been pretty conservative. An all-girl boarding school led to a small, Catholic college for women only. There was that one vacation to Mexico, of course, during Spring Break of her senior year. She went with three of her closest friends – girls her parents had known and trusted since her boarding school days. Once they were in Cabo, though, they weren’t the best influence on the twenty-one year-old virgin. After checking in to their hotel, the first thing they did was take Dani shopping.

She smiled as she remembered that afternoon. At first, she had refused to even try on the tiny bikinis her friends had picked out for her. Only when the girls agreed to model the suits they picked for themselves did Dani try one on and walk out of the dressing room into the store. She was flushed from head to toe, almost too embarrassed to breathe. The suit (a rather standard string bikini) was smaller than the tiniest bra and panties she owned! When she looked around, however, she realized that her suit covered a whole lot more than the other girls’ did. In a strange way, that made her feel grateful towards her girlfriends and she wound up buying that suit and another just like it in a different color. Then the girls stopped for frozen margaritas before trying another store – that was probably the reason Dani let herself be talked into several more outfits that she would have never chosen for herself.

Dani chuckled to herself, bringing some questioning looks from the group surrounding her. She just smiled and looked at her glass, already less than half full, avoiding the unasked questions. The image that had come back to her was one of just a few episodes that occurred during that trip that wound up changing her life.

After returning to the hotel, her friends wanted to show off their tiny new suits at the communal hot tub. Pleading a slight headache, Dani declined and took her new clothes back to her room. It was pleasantly dark and cool – thank God for air conditioning – and she felt better almost immediately. What she needed most, she thought, was a nice long bath.

She removed her shorts and T-shirt gingerly – damp from sweat they clung to her skin. The slightly buzzed young woman tossed them on the floor and stood in front of the full length mirror near her bed. Slowly, keeping her balance, Dani reached behind her back and unfastened the catch holding her bra closed. It stuck to her as well and she had to peel it off her full, round and firm 36C breasts. She studied herself in the mirror – at first irritated by the lines her clothes left in her otherwise beautifully smooth skin – but then she felt some small amount of pride. She turned from side to side, admiring herself as her fingers moved slowly over her upper body.

Another sip of the dirty martini brought Dani back to that hotel room in Cabo. After playing with her small pink nipples, turned up slightly at the center of her beautiful, pale-skinned breasts, they grew harder and longer. Then the heavily-breathing girl slid her moist cotton panties down her long, shapely legs and kicked them towards the other discarded items on the floor.

Standing with her hands on her hips, Dani was extremely happy with what she saw. The constant hours she’d always managed to find time for, first in the gym and later in the health clubs, had really paid off. Her long, smooth legs tapered from thigh to calf like a lingerie model. Turning half-way around, her toned backside was perfection – she knew the bikini would be killer! Turning back, the beautiful girl looked at her reflection and admired the shape of her breasts and the esenyurt ucuz escort definition of her trim tummy muscles. She loved the way her hips were starting to flare – changing her from girl to woman.

But as her beautiful green eyes drifted lower, Dani frowned a little. She fluffed her fingertips through the sparse blond curls that barely covered the top of her plump mound and knew they would have to be sacrificed for style. Just a few had peeked out of the swimsuit bottom in the store, and they were so light it was hard to see…but Dani knew and she had to take care of the problem.

A few minutes later, as the hot bath water softened her pubic curls, she spread shaving cream over herself, letting her fingers play with her swollen pussy lips, accidentally brushing against her hidden clit until she was covered with the foam. She stretched and pulled at herself while she shaved, carefully removing every hair. Finally, she rinsed herself off, feeling her naked mound and the silky-smooth luscious sides of her pussy as bare as the day she was born. “Oh my God! That feels so right…God, so hot!!” She slid a finger between her engorged lips, letting her moisture coat her digit. Her head thrown back, Dani rubbed that slick finger over her clit, circling it faster and faster. She remembered, out of nowhere, that her father had an old rock album with a funny name…”Oh yeah”, she thought, “Eat a Peach by the Allman Brothers.” She moistened another finger and slid it into her virgin cunt, only to her first knuckle and careful not to pinch her hymen. “Mmmmh…maybe somebody will want to eat this peach,” she thought wickedly. That brought her over the edge, giving her the release she needed since first trying on the skimpy bathing suit earlier in the afternoon.

Now, sitting on the somewhat uncomfortable bar stool, Dani was acutely aware of the moisture that was starting to seep from her suddenly throbbing pussy. It had been a while since Jimmy, her husband, had given her any real pleasure in that department and solo sessions with her trusty Silver Surfer were getting old. (Sure, once or twice a week he threw his leg across her, licked her nipples for a minute or two and then stuck his penis into her and humped her until he came. – she almost never did.) She looked around the table, smiling shyly. She knew her co-workers saw the image that she wanted to display. They would be shocked if they ever got a real look at the woman behind the professional façade. They saw her blond hair pulled back against her head, a ‘pretty’ face that could be stunning – if she applied just a little makeup, and a figure that was always hidden as Dani always tended to wear long skirts or pants at the office. But even now, at the age of twenty-eight, Dani had the same measurements that she remembered from the mirror in Cabo, only now the curves were much more appealing. The only other difference, she thought with a blush, was that she no longer needed to shave…laser removal made her forever smooth.

Still finding herself quite alone amongst the small group, Dani took another sip and let her mind wander back again to her adventure in Mexico. The next image that came back to her was from that very same day.

After her bath, Dani applied a thin coat of glistening oil to her pale flesh before dressing for an early dinner and clubbing with her friends. She brushed her long, blond curls until they glimmered in the light, falling softly over her smooth, bare shoulders. When she was done with the little makeup she needed, she looked much older and definitely more experienced than her ‘real-life’ self. She took her new clothes out of the bags and started to dress.

She gasped and then laughed softly to herself as she drew her new thong panties up her long, smooth legs. “God, I must have been really buzzed,” she thought to herself. But then, looking at the way the tiny white lace triangle cupped her naked pussy in the mirror, Dani stopped laughing. She thought she could hear her heart beating outside of her chest. She knew she was a good looking girl…but this…the woman in the mirror looking back at her…she was fucking hot!

Dani pulled her new jeans up as far as she could – it didn’t really seem far enough. With the crotch snug against her lace-covered pussy, she zipped up about three inches before she ran out of zipper. She was so glad she was in shape! The jeans circled her hips so low that if they weren’t so tight, they would have slipped down her long shapely legs. She turned her back to the mirror and gasped again when she saw the way she looked from behind. “Holy Mother of God! I can’t do this…” The jeans crossed her firm cheeks about three inches below the T-junction of her white lace thong, exposing the most enticing inch of ass-cleavage. Dani turned back slowly towards the mirror, staring at the way her panties esenyurt üniversiteli escort were exposed above the jeans. “Oh fuck,” she thought, “I look like a total whore!” Instantly, her nipples extended and her pussy started to throb – she knew she would go out that night, feeling more exposed than dressed in her new things.

She reached for the green halter to complete her outfit, the soft jersey material the same color as her eyes. It molded itself to her perfectly shaped breasts; the material was so thin it displayed the crinkly bumps of her dark pink areola as well as her stiff excited nipples.

Dani sat up suddenly, her eyes blinking and her hand over her beating chest. She glanced furtively around the table, wondering if she’d said or done anything that might have been noticed by her co-workers. Satisfied that her little orgasm was only in her head, she finished her drink and let herself think one more time about that evening.

It was only a brief memory, almost a snapshot in time. Dani was at one of the trendy bars with her girlfriends later that night. Once again, her friends’ outfits were even more outrageous than hers. But she noticed, especially when that tall, older Mexican man introduced himself and bought them all a drink, that it was her ass that the men (and some of the women) were staring at…not her friends. Her ass looked sweet and she knew it. It was the first time she recognized and acknowledged her maturing sexuality in public. When that man put his large, strong hand on her backside and massaged her bare ass-flesh, she’d never felt so helpless and so excited, so threatened and so empowered all at the same time.

“Your glass seems to be empty. Allow me, please.” The voice from behind her startled the beautiful young attorney. Thinking at first it was one of the young salesmen from the conference, she was about to decline…firmly but politely…without even turning around; she was married and a company officer, after all. But something about the voice made her hesitate and she decided to turn around and decline the offer face to face.

She wasn’t expecting what she saw. The man behind her was breathtaking – literally. Dani could only nod as she couldn’t catch her breath, let alone speak. He drew his lips up with just the faintest hint of a smile. Acknowledging her condition and allowing her time to compose herself, he found a waitress and ordered her a refill. He stood patiently, his expressive eyes slightly amused, as he waited for her to speak.

Her face was flushed and her mouth was as dry as the desert. She understood, gratefully, that he was giving her some time to pull it together. As she slowed her breathing and felt her heart-beat get closer to normal, Dani looked closely at the gentlemanly intruder. She smiled demurely as she cataloged her mental snap-shot of the man who had so instantly captivated her.

He seemed taller at first but with a second glance she put him at about 5’10” tall and trim…maybe 180 lbs. Slightly thinning silver hair, cut short and straight, it looked so perfect against the dark, almost Mediterranean tanned flesh of his head and face. “Oh my,” she thought suddenly, “that face has broken its share of hearts!’ Ice-blue eyes smiled back at her unguarded appraisal. His generous lips creased into a warming smile as he let her gaze upon him. He wore a dark charcoal gray Italian silk suit with a black dress shirt and tie over glossy black glove-leather loafers. His jacket was unbuttoned and he seemed totally at ease as he stood under her inspection.

Finally, the somewhat flustered (and somewhat buzzed) young attorney met his eyes with a falsely confidant (she hoped) gaze of her own. The waitress appeared with another martini and a straight shot of scotch for her new acquaintance. “Thank you,” she said softly as she lifted her glass towards this enigmatic man, standing only inches away as he moved closer to take his drink off the table. “I’m Dani Ev…”

“Ms. Evans, of course.” He put his glass back on the table and gently but firmly, he took Dani’s unoccupied hand in his and brought it to his lips, brushing it ever so lightly. Dani felt his lips as a burning heat that raced its way immediately to her already wet cunt. He felt the slight tremors through her hand as he continued to speak, his voice deep and melodious. “You are our brilliant in-house counsel.” He let go of her hand and she instantly missed the warmth of his touch – and she silently wondered why. Picking up his scotch again, he lifted the glass in salute. “Let me, first of all, apologize for not being able to meet with you before now.” He saw the momentary confusion in her face. “Ah, of course, Ms. Evans. You don’t know who I am, do you?” Taking a sip of his drink, his eyes seemed to crinkle in the subdued lighting of the bar. “I’m Alan Jacobs.” etiler escort He held out his hand again, this time to shake hers. “I was just brought on recently…”

A light seemed to go on in Dani’s head as she remembered the talk about the new Director of Sales. He’d been hired about a month earlier at the home office in Chicago. Normally, she would have met him during the interview process, but business schedules and other commitments had kept them apart until now. He was talked about with awe by the other senior executives for what he had done with another product for a different house…they had paid dearly to get him, but now he was theirs.

“Of course, Mr. Jacobs,” Dani took his hand and found his grip stronger than expected. Again, with no idea why, her pussy started to contract as he held her. “I’m so sorry we kept missing each other,” she smiled at him, her professional face returning slowly.

He was older than she’d expected – her colleagues painted a much younger picture when they described him, as though he was the latest kid wizard to claim his fifteen minutes of fame. “Boy were they wrong!” she thought to herself, secretly pleased with the reality in front of her.

“Please, call me Alan,” he said, his voice making it sound like more of a command than a request. Dani thought she saw the tiniest spark in his eyes as he spoke. Like his gentle kiss a moment earlier, that spark traveled directly from his eyes to her clit. “I insist,” he said as he gripped her hand with both of his.

Dani was trying very hard to keep her actions as normal as possible. Certainly she had drunk too much before dinner, but still, that couldn’t be the whole reason she felt so… so…not in control. As a highly trained and extremely successful attorney, she expected herself to always be the one in control of just about any situation. But now, facing this dark, exceedingly handsome man, the thought of losing control didn’t seem all that bad.

Still, she had to try and maintain some kind of public decorum. Smiling up at him she said, “Only if you call me Dani. Deal?”

He smiled a little more crookedly this time and shook her hand in agreement. “Deal,” he said. “Is it really Dani?” he asked, cocking his head while he stared at her face. “Maybe Daniella? You are Italian, yes?” He put one hand gently on her chin and moved her face to the side and then back.

The small and innocent action managed to draw the attention of the lower level co-workers that surrounded the table. They were salespeople so of course, they all knew about their new boss. His deal was known by everyone who worked for him before the first day he walked into his new office. Hired as the new Director, his first mission was to plan and execute a successful introduction of their newest product. His second was to find a replacement for himself at the same time. As soon as he could find a new Director, he would become the VP of Sales and, like the beautiful young lawyer sitting in front of him, an officer of the company. Financially, he was extremely well-off before he started with Dani’s company. Now, having used his signing bonus to pay off his ex-wife in one lump sum, all his monetary worries were a thing of the past.

Dani was trembling under his touch, hoping desperately that the people around her wouldn’t notice, but she was helpless to stop him and still she couldn’t figure out why. “Um, yes…I mean I am …um, Italian-American, actually.” She drew her head back slightly and tilted it herself. “How could you tell, Mr. Jacobs?” “Jesus Christ! I can’t believe I’m flirting with him!” The thought flashed unbidden in her mind. “Fuck…in front of all of his sales people, too! What kind of fool am I?” Yet she still couldn’t seem to make herself stop.

“Please, Dani, I asked you to call me Alan.” This time the tiny spark was in his eyes but there was no smile in them. It made her catch her breath. She placed her palm flat against her chest as she looked at him; her breathing changed again as she felt the hard nub of her nipple pushing back into her hand. Slowly, she took her hand away. She wanted to look down…to see if her excitement was visible through the crème-colored blouse that was drawn tight against her…but she couldn’t be that obvious.

The new Sales boss looked around the table and then at the rest of the bar noting all the attendees from the conference. He decided that for the time being, discretion was the better road to follow. “Come on, Dani,” he said rather firmly, “I think it’s time for some dinner – don’t you?” He stepped away while still holding her hand, forcing Dani off the stool and on to her feet. “There’s an excellent Grill Room here…or for something lighter, there is a very good sushi bar here as well. Your choice, Ms. Attorney.”

He led her away from the tongues that had already started to wag. Dani rarely drank that much when she wasn’t on company business and she was known to stop after one glass of wine at most company dinner functions and parties. But as much as the sales group liked to speculate, in truth there had never been any rumors of any kind about their counsel – personal or professional. Still, the way she was looking at him as they walked out of the bar…

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