Aralık 5, 2023

Dana, Debbie , Dad

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This is my first attempt at writing erotic fiction. Where better to make my debut than on Literotica for constructive criticisms, suggestions and advice. This is just a taster of the full story which I intend to submit. Please be frank. Let me know if you think I should submit more or whether I should simply leave such writings to others.

1. Caught

Looking down from my bedroom window, I could see Dana as she watered the plants which bordered our drive. As I watched, I felt suddenly captivated by the vision below me. If you had asked me at that exact moment, what it was that held me riveted to the view, I couldn’t have answered. Perhaps it was the way the sunlight played across her hair making the long golden locks shimmer and dance in its warm rays. Maybe it was the delicate, pink, cotton dress she wore. It was plain except for the white trim around the edges of the skirt and collar, complimented by the white ankle socks she was wearing. I had noticed the buttons too. The same color pink as her dress, they spanned the full height of the garment, from skirt to neckline. I noticed them in particular because Dana had left the top two buttons unfastened, allowing me regular glimpses of the white lace bra she wore. Not that I could see it all, but I saw enough of it to be able to envisage the rest. The trouble was, I imagined that I saw more than the mere garment. My mind painted the image of two perfect nipples, proud and erect, as they thrust themselves against the flimsy cups.

It was at that very moment, as I stared down at the picture of loveliness, that my 18-year old daughter ceased to be merely a child in my eyes. She had suddenly become a sexually attractive young woman. Girlish innocence emanated from her slender figure, yet still her sexual allure shone as brightly as the overhead sun. My fatherly admiration and love for her suddenly became accompanied by two more emotions. I felt an extremely strong desire to view even more of her gorgeous body. But more – there was an even stronger, burning lust to possess her, to taste her, to enter her, to make her mine.

As these realizations hit me, I involuntarily stepped back from plain view of the window. I had the instant feeling that I didn’t want to be seen looking down at my own off-spring. I felt as though the whole world was, in that split second, aware of these growing feelings and thoughts within me. I reacted out of panic. Stepping to the side, I became more comfortable within the shadow from the drapes. From here, I could watch without being seen.

My imagination whisked me from this vantage point into Dana’s bedroom. She lay on her bed watching me as I approached her. Tiny hands seductively opened the remaining five buttons. Her left knee rose from the bed causing the skirt to slide open. White cotton panties emerged from the receding shadows. Lust filled eyes directed their gaze to her crotch. I saw the dampness on the gusset. I even smelled her scent. Ever so slowly, she opened the bodice of her dress, at the same time lowering her knee and parting her legs Etiler Escort slightly. There was invitation in the movement. I was about to accept that invitation when a desperate conflict arose within me. I was her father for Christ’s sake! Immediately, but regretfully, I shook the fantasy from my mind.

Back in reality, pangs of guilt and shame coursed through me at such speed that my breathing and heartbeat were momentarily suspended. They returned to me only when l had repositioned myself within this new found comfort zone. Even when they were restored, they were no longer functioning as they were a few minutes earlier. Both my breathing and heart rate had increased dramatically as newly formed adrenalin entered my bloodstream. Here I was, 46 years old, skulking in the shadow of my own bedroom, looking down through wanton eyes, upon my own flesh and blood.

My imagination kicked in again. Her hands were busy stimulating herself. Her left hand played across the right cup or her sheer bra, teasing and pinching the hard pink bud which poked at the material. Her breath was regular but slightly heavy. Her 34B breasts rose and fell in unison. Her right hand was down between her legs, smoothing, stroking and rubbing her pussy through the ever soaking cotton. Her panties had gathered together between the cheeks of her butt, before disappearing from view. There, droplets of glistening liquid escaped from the confines of her underwear. In tiny rivulets they ran down the curves of her behind, spreading the dampness to the bed sheet. Her beautiful blue, puppy-like eyes were pleading for me to intervene. I reached out for her with both hands. “No!” I screamed and once more, snapped back to reality

Dana glanced upward, directly towards the window. My exclamation had obviously carried to the garden below. She straightened her 5′ 4 frame and swept her long blond tresses back over her shoulder. As she had bent over to water the last few plants, her hair had followed the laws of gravity and had snaked over her shoulder, covering my view of her bra and cleavage. As she straightened up, however, the sensuous image of her delicate lingerie returned to my gaze. I felt beads of sweat forming on my brow. Had she seen me leering at her? I told myself not to be silly, but just in case, took another half step deeper into the shadow. Any further and I would lose the view completely.

Dana, seemingly satisfied that nobody was watching her, returned her attention to tending the garden. Subconsciously, my right hand began stroking the hardness which tented the front of my trousers. I adjusted myself so that the discomfort was replaced with that manly warmth which signals the urge to ejaculate. Slowly I stroked the bulge through my trousers, gently kneading my now throbbing member. Gradually I became lost in the moment unaware that the observer had become the observed! Oblivious to the world around me, I was rudely, almost violently, snatched back to reality by the voice of my wife, Debbie.

“Enjoying yourself?” she asked. Her tone was Etiler Escort Bayan cutting and sarcastic.

If my heart had skipped a beat earlier, this was more like a full cardiac arrest. My body felt the panic from the top of my head to my toes. My hand froze in mid stroke. Simultaneously, my head shot round in the direction of the sound. My facial muscles refused to maintain their grip on my jaw and it dropped almost to my chest. To Debbie, I must have looked the epitome of a kid caught in the cookie jar.

“Well?” she pressed. “Cat got your tongue?” As she spoke, she spanned the distance from the door to the window and looked down into the yard. She paused, taking in the scene below as her brain put the pieces together. I watched as realization after realization dawned upon her. I could not fail but notice the contorting of her facial expressions in a myriad of ways. I opened my mouth to speak but the words were choked off in my throat. I wanted to explain. I so wanted to apologize to her, to beg her forgiveness. But the words which came were from Debbie herself, not from me.

“Now I see what’s got you so wound up.” She said as she turned to face me. Strangely her words were softer than I had expected. I had been certain that I was going to be on the receiving end of a verbal broadside. Instead, she spoke with an unexpected gentleness in her voice. An understanding, if you like. The surprise I felt at this was nothing to the shock which was about to hit me.

Debbie suddenly dropped to her knees. Again I tried to form words but she reached up a hand and pressed a single finger against my lips. Having stifled my attempt to speak, her hand joined the other at my waist. Deftly they undid the pin of my belt and drew the end of the belt back out through the buckle. Swiftly, experienced fingers popped the button and lowered the zip of my trousers. As they slid to the floor, she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of my shorts and slid them down my legs. Not knowing what to expect, I froze. I felt sure that she was about to hurt me in some way. Was she about to teach me a lesson that I would never forget? Was she going to castrate me? All these thoughts raced through my mind in an instant.

My cock, having begun to subside through the fear which I felt, was suddenly engulfed in a warmth moistness. A familiar wetness – the warm inviting dampness of Debbie’s mouth. I stole a glance down, hardly daring to move otherwise. My wife had swallowed the full length of my semi-rigid pole. As she drew her back slowly, she left a glistening trail along its length. The sensation recalled the blood back to my cock at such a rate that by the time Debbie’s lips were around my glans, my sex rod was almost fully erect once more. She repeated the move, this time using her tongue to tease the end of my cock as she sucked me deeper and deeper into my mouth.

Suddenly remembering that Dana was outside, I shot a glance out the window once more. I needn’t have worried because the window sill was high enough to shield my Escort Etiler wife from view. Besides, Dana by now, had finished the watering and was nowhere to be seen. A disappointment coursed through me but the growing sensation from my balls overcame that in an instant. I closed my eyes and brought my fantasy back to mind. As I did so, I felt Debbie increase the speed as she slid her mouth up and down the full length of my shaft.

In my fantasy, I knelt on the bed beside Dana. Gently I brushed her left hand away from her breast, found the front opening of her bra and popped it. Peeling the cups aside, I lowered my head to one of her petite, pert orbs. My tongue began to circle her nipple. I allowed it to flick over the end as my teeth clasped the bud gently but firmly in place. I felt her shudder beneath me. I heard her moan softly with pleasure.

Back in the real bedroom, one of Debbie’s hands cupped my balls, gently caressing them. Her other gripped my butt to steady herself as she bobbed up and down on my organ..

My mind’s eye painted the picture of seduction as my hand strayed between my daughter’s legs. I felt the soft white material as I brushed my fingers over her panties. My head moved down her body kissing a trail of pleasure over her abdomen. As I reached her panty line, I gripped the waistband between my teeth and tugged gently. Dana raised her body off the bed allowing me to slide them down her legs. Eagerly my hands replaced my mouth and pushed her panties off of her feet. My head lowered ever closer to her smooth hairless pussy. My nostrils drank in the musky sweetness of her scent. I extended my tongue. As I did so, I was dragged back from the virtual sex and plunged headlong into the real act.

Debbie increased her movements, accelerating the flickering of her tongue over the end of my cock. She quickened the up and down travel of her mouth and tightened the grip on her lips. It was not long before the volcanic force built up at the base of my cock. I gripped my muscles tightly in an attempt to draw out the feeling. Electricity bolts shot through my body as I finally erupted, spurting my milky white cum down the back of my wife’s throat.

“MMmmmmmmmmm,” she murmured, as spurt after spurt of thick creamy liquid sprayed from the tip of my twitching, throbbing cock. With each jet of fluid, the energy within me subsided more and more. Finally, when I had finished, Debbie looked up, directly into my eyes, swallowed my full length one last time, then slowly withdrew, dragging every last drop of my cum with her lips.

She rose from her kneeling position, pressed her body against mine and whispered “We’ll talk about this later.” Debbie then adjusted her skirt, turned and walked briskly out of the bedroom, leaving me alone to comprehend what had just happened. Stooping, I reached my shorts and trousers, slid them up my legs and fastened myself up. As I did so, I must have inadvertently taken a step closer towards the window. My hands still at my belt buckle, were finishing of their task whilst my eyes drifted downward into the yard. There, staring right back up at me was Dana. Her left hand was stretched across her brow shading her eyes from the sun! Had she seen something? Did she suspect anything untoward?

Want more of this? Let me know and I will submit the next episode.

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