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Daddy’s Little Helper

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It had been just another dull day at high school for 18 year old Zara. She would be graduating next month but in the meantime she was forced to listen to boring lectures all day in school. She couldn’t wait to get home and change out of her school uniform’s tight white blouse and green and blue plaid skirt and into a comfortable t shirt and shorts. However, when she walked into her home’s front door, she was surprised to hear voices of several men, speaking in low, concerned murmurs. She peered into the dining room where she saw two men in expensive business suits sitting at the table and talking to her dad. Zara could tell right away the conversation was tense. Suddenly, all three men noticed her there and their conversation stopped. “Oh, hi, sweetheart! Home from school so soon?” Daddy asked in a cheerful tone.

Zara smiled politely and said hello to her father and his guests.

“Darling, we’re just about finished up here, so why don’t you go to your room and start on your homework, okay?” Zara’s daddy asked keeping his cheerful voice.

Zara told her daddy, of course and politely said good bye to his associates.

She went upstairs to her bedroom like daddy told her. She loved her daddy and was very obedient. Her mother ran off years ago with the next door neighbor and was currently shacked up with him in New Mexico. It was just her daddy and Zara now.

She felt concerned about the strange men downstairs. A few minutes later Daddy knocked on her bedroom door. Zara told him to come in. He entered and sat on her bed and padded his hand next to him for her to sit down next to him.

“Who were those men, Daddy?” Zara asked.

Her Daddy sighed and then explained, his concrete business hadn’t been doing so well lately. There was some new competition undercutting his estimates and some of his equipment was getting old and worn out. He was foolish and took out a private loan from some independent business men and promised to pay them back in full in six months. The time was up but he still didn’t have enough to pay them back in full. He was just meeting with them to ask for some extra time.

“Are they willing to give you more time, Daddy?” Zara asked, very concerned.

“Well, at first they said no and I pretty much knew I’d have to sell our house Beşiktaş Escort to pay them back. But then they changed their minds when they saw you and they proposed a new deal,” Daddy told her.

Zara’s stomach did a flip upon hearing those men wanted to involve her into their deal. They seemed menacing from just the few minutes she was in their presence.

Zara was a very beautiful young woman with mature, full breasts and curvy hips. Her stomach was flat and her legs were shapely. She had dark, blond long hair and crystal blue eyes.

She never had a boyfriend before. Partly because she attended an all girls, private school and didn’t meet many boys. Also, because she loved her Daddy. When Zara’s mother left, she and her Daddy became very close friends and as she got older she and her father began to get flirty and handsy with each other in a silly, playful way. It wasn’t until Zara had just turned 18 that her Daddy allowed her to sleep with him in his bed. Zara was so happy about this, she had begged Daddy for months to let her snuggle in next to him under the covers but Daddy insisted they wait until her birthday.

Now they snuggled together every night and their snuggles grew from just being flirting and playful to being sexy and fun! Daddy taught Zara how to properly give a blow job and take his fully erect, hard cock into her mouth. Zara loved the way her Daddy’s cum tasted! Daddy also liked to kiss and lick Zara’s pussy until she was screaming from an intense orgasm. After much begging, Daddy even relented and finally, put his cock inside her pussy. She wanted her Daddy’s cock so much. It felt wonderful and Zara was convinced only her Daddy could make her feel so good.

“What do those men want with me?” Zara asked.

“Well, Sweetie, when they saw you, standing there so pretty, they had a different kind of offer. You know you and I have our special Daddy Daughter time together, right? Well, they’d like to have that with you too. If you wanted to, that is.”

“You wouldn’t mind if I had fun with those men, Daddy?” Zara asked. Daddy had always told her that he didn’t want her fucking around with other boys except him.

“Well, normally I would mind but this is a special case. If you’re interested, it would really help us out,” Beşiktaş Escort Bayan Daddy answered.

“Would we lose our house if we don’t pay them back right away?” Zara asked.

“Yes, Sweetie, I’m sorry to say, we would,”

Zara didn’t need any more time to think about it, she told Daddy she’d be happy to help.

Later that evening, after taking a relaxing bubble bath in which her Daddy helped her wash her back, Zara put on a small, light pink nighty and waited for the man to visit her bedroom. She felt a little scared but also excited by the prospect of having sex with a different man. She wondered if it would be one of the same men she met earlier in her dining room. The men did not seem very friendly but they were both very handsome.

She heard a knock and then Daddy pushed open the door. A tall, dark haired man followed Daddy inside her bedroom. He was one of the same men she met earlier but he wasn’t in his business suit now, instead he was wearing tight jeans and a black golf shirt. He looked Zara up and down and smiled appreciatively. Zara smiled back. He no longer seemed menacing.

“Zara, this is my friend, Eddie.” Daddy introduced.

She smiled even more brightly and said hello to Eddie. He shook her hand politely and gave her a kiss on her cheek. She giggled a little bit and Eddie seemed delighted.

Daddy pulled out the chair from Zara’s desk and sat down. Daddy had already told Zara his one condition was he had to stay in the room to make sure she was being treated right. This made Zara very happy, she knew she’d feel much more comfortable with Daddy watching her have sex with another man.

Eddie didn’t even glance at Daddy. Instead he peeled off his shirt revealing a muscled chest and sculpted abs. He then unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them off too. He stood in front of Zara in nothing but his boxer shorts and socks. Eddie reached for Zara and began kissing her neck and also squeezing her breast in his left hand. This felt very nice and Zara moaned softly. She could feel Eddie’s hard cock poking towards her stomach. She wanted to stroke him and Eddie smiled when she did. He lifted her pink nighty off over her head and admired her beautifully formed, young body. He bent down a little to kiss her breasts, Escort Beşiktaş running his tongue over her sensitive nipple and sucking in long pulls. Eddie’s hand roamed to Zara’s naked pussy and he began to finger her. Zara moaned, more loudly. This felt amazing!

Eddie pushed Zara down onto her bed and pulled off his shorts. He stood over her and with one hand stroked his big cock as he fingered Zara’s clitoris. Zara could feel herself become very wet and she wiggled her hips in anticipation for what was next.

Eddie laid himself on top of her body and positioned the dripping tip of his large penis into her sopping wet entrance. Zara squealed in delight as his cock pushed into her. He began pumping his dick into her tight vagina. It felt nice but it also made Zara miss her Daddy’s cock. She looked over at Daddy watching his sweet, young daughter get pounded by a mid level mobster. Daddy made eye contact and smiled encouragingly at her, as if to tell her, “you’re doing a great job, Sweetie!”. This made Zara so happy and she wanted to do the best she could to help her Daddy.

Eddie paused his thrusting and she looked at him and asked if he wanted her to do something different. Eddie told her, yeah, get on your hands and knees for me, Baby. Zara quickly obliged his request. After a moment, she could feel Eddie’s huge dick slam into her pussy and start thrusting. Eddie squeezed Zara’s round, firm butt cheeks as he pumped away. Then Zara felt Eddie run his finger up and down her butt crack, going over her tight, little puckered hole. This was new for Zara, she and Daddy didnt do ass play. It didnt feel bad though. Eddie put his finger in her pussy to get some of her natural lube then he pushed his finger inside her asshole. She screamed out and Daddy stood up.

“Are you okay, Sweetie?” Daddy asked.

It didn’t take long to get used to the new intrusion into her back door and she assured Daddy she was okay. Eddie continued to push into her wildly and then suddenly he thrust himself inside her with force before shooting his cum deep inside her tender pussy. When Eddie had dropped his load inside her, he pulled out, squeezed her ass cheek one last time and began to dress. When he was fully clothed he told Zara thank you, she was great and he left.

Daddy laid down next to Zara and they snuggled and talked about her new experience. They giggled and decided maybe they should try doing some ass play together.

Daddy told her another business associate would visit her tomorrow evening. She smiled, she couldn’t wait!

(To be continued….)

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