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Cynthia’s Submission Ch. 03

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Upon waking up thirty minutes earlier than usual the nest morning, I made quick work of getting ready. Before I dressed, I did my hair and makeup similar to how I had the day before, but this time added diamond studded earrings to top off my look. I then returned to my bedroom to get dressed; and because I only had four items to out on, I had little difficulty doing so. As I slid my skirt into place and looked at myself in the mirror it became very apparent that I would look less like a teacher and more like a woman going out for a night on the town. Just standing straight one would be able to catch a glimpse of the lacy tops to my fish net stockings, and when I put on my blouse it too was unable to make me look anymore professional. Having to unbutton the top three buttons, really allowed for my cleavage to be present, thanks in large part to my lack of a bra. With my look complete, I looked as if I was on the prowl more sex rather than about to spend the day serving my mistress while at the same time teaching five different high school English classes; my knees where shaking as I headed out to my car and I could feel my pussy began to flood.

The entire drive over to school I was a ball of nerves and excitement. I had no idea what further plans Sage had in store for me, or even what kind of reactions I would have to my attire from my fellow colleagues as well as the student body. I could only hope that whatever reactions I may get, they will not be to negative or threaten my job. The only thing that kept me from backing out was remembering what Sage had told me on the first day in which I became her sub slut; she stated that everything she would have me do would be for the best even though it may not seem like it at first. This was one of those times and I was one hundred percent confident that everything would turn out ok.

I pulled into the faculty parking lot at five forty, giving me plenty of time to make my way to the front of the school and meet Sage at the front doors. Grabbing my gym bag full of goodies out of my car’s trunk I headed towards my mistress’ ordered meeting place. I arrived at the front doors of the school at exactly five forty three, but there was no sign of Sage. There was still two minutes remaining before she stated I should meet her so I decided to stand and wait until my mistress arrived. Unfortunately, when the two minutes elapsed there was still no sign of Sage, but my phone did begin to ring; it was her. I quickly answered, and was treated to her voice.

“Hello, sub slut. As you are well aware of, I am not there standing before you, and I know you must be disappointed. But as I speak to you I am standing at the back of the school; the reason being is that I came up with a more exciting task for you as I was drifting off to sleep last night. I feel that this new task will better show your commitment to me as well as keep you on your progression towards becoming my total and complete sub slut. While standing in front of the school you are to remove your skirt and blouse, placing them in the bag you should have brought with you and then make your way through the school to open the back door for me. When you arrive where I am at, I will provide further instructions.”

Knowing that I had little more than fifth teen minutes until the other faculty members would be arriving, I took no time to ponder my decision and simply began to remove the two pieces of clothing that my mistress requested. Once I had both items off and zipped inside my gym bag I quickly unlocked the door to the school and headed towards the back of the building; where I would normally have entered if I hadn’t been ordered to meet at the front. I quickly made my way through the halls of the school reaching the back doors in just about two minutes. Even though the school was completely empty I couldn’t help but get a nervous feeling that someone would catch me walking naked through the halls.

Once I had opened the back doors, Sage immediately pushed past me and begins to give me orders.

“Follow me slut. We don’t have much time to get you ready for your day; and if all goes well, what a wonderful day it will be.”

I followed, as told, closely behind her as she led the way to my classroom. Sage looked stunning; she wore a pair of black, cargo style pants and a tight grey t-shirt; however instead of her purse she had on a backpack. Though her appearance was somewhat casual, at the same time it had a sense of authority to it. When we reached my room Sage motioned for me to open the door, but had me remain in the hall once I had. Sage slipped inside the room, grabbing my gym bag from me as she did, and from my vantage point walked up to my desk. She set my bag and her backpack on top of the desk and then opened the top drawer, pulling out my large black marker. With the marker in hand she returned to where I was waiting in the hall and pulled a white index card from her pants pocket before handing it along with the marker to me and giving me my next order.

“While I set up some stuff in your room you are to go into the boys restroom at the end of the hall canlı bahis şirketleri and do as the index card states; do not look at the card until you are inside. I will be waiting for you here when you have finished.”

A sense of worry came over me as I heard what Sage had ordered me to do, but because I knew no one was at school yet and did not hesitate for too long before making my way towards the boys’ room. Once I was inside I took a moment to settle my nerves before looking over the instructions Sage had given me. Taking a deep breath I flipped the card over and read my mistress’ orders.

“Go inside the stall furthest from the door. On the backside of the stall’s door use the marker to write the following: Miss Akers is a sub slut. When you finish cap the marker and insert it into your snatch, leaving it in as you return to your classroom.”

My mouth fell open in disbelief as I read the card and realized just what was expected of me. Sage expected me to actually write a very vulgar, although very true, statement about myself on the stall door of a boys’ restroom which was used mostly by students. This was by far Sage’s attempt to push the limits of my boundaries; to see just how far I was willing to go in order to please her. However, I knew in my heart that there wasn’t a task to difficult for me to at least attempt; knowing this I pulled myself out of my frozen state of shock and moved towards the stall. I only had about ten minutes until the other teachers would be arriving, and I was still naked and away from my room; the quicker I could get this task completed the more time I will have, hopefully, to get dressed. I had no way of knowing what Sage would have me do once I returned to her.

Once I was inside the stall, I uncapped the marker and began to write out the statement Sage had instructed me to write. When I finished, I looked at the vulgar statement about myself inked onto the stall door and it gave me a sense of pride. I wasn’t humiliated by the statement like I thought I was going to be, rather it was liberating to proclaim it, even if no one would know for sure the validity of it or for that matter who had written it. Feeling proud and confident I stood up and inserted the now capped marker into my already dripping wet mound. I had to push it almost completely in to keep it from sliding back out, but once I was sure it was securely in place I headed back to my classroom.

It only took me a minute to complete the task, so when I returned to my classroom I had more than enough time to get dressed; at least that was what I thought. Upon entering my room I saw that Sage had emptied out all of the contents in the gym bag I brought and had them arranged on top of my desk while she sat behind it. She immediately spoke once I was through the doorway.

“If you would please, my sub slut, shut the door but do not lock it; we are going to have a bit of fun before school starts.”

I turned to shut the door and wondered curiously to myself what kind of fun we were to have, and exactly how long it was going to last.

“Very good slut, no come to me and bend over your desk facing the door.”

I obediently followed my mistress’ command and presented myself to her, bent at the waist with my legs spread apart wide enough to show off all of my intimate parts and my head tilted up looking directly forward. She reached out in front of me grab both the butt plug and the lube from the assortment of toys and devices that lay just below my chin. In an instant I felt the cool sensation of the lube being squeezed out on to my tender, virgin rear entrance. Though I had never had any experience with anal play I wasn’t scared, I was more anxious than anything to be giving my anal cherry to Sage. She began to rub the lube into my tight ring, with smooth, slow circles. After a few seconds I began to feel her press her finger against the opening which gave way without much effort. As her finger pressed its way deeper I was pleased by the soothing, cool feeling of the lube as it coated my insides. Soon Sage had another finger filling me up and pumping in and out, causing my opening to relax and become better prepared for the plug.

Once Sage felt my ass was properly lubed and warmed up, she slipped her fingers out, leaving my hole open and ready for the next intrusion, and this is when I realized that I was still holding the marker inside my pussy. Not wasting too much time, she soon had the tip of the plug pressing at the entrance, and just the tip felt wider than her two fingers. I let out a moan as she began to press it deeper, stretching me wider. Slowly I began to open up and take more of the smooth plug, but with every bit I felt more discomfort. Fortunately Sage took her time and patiently allowed me to adjust to the growing object. Just as I felt I could take no more, the plug’s tapper became smaller signifying that the widest part had passed through, sliding deeper inside of me, and my ass simply swallowed up the remaining length; nestling the flared base between my cheeks. Even though I had never had anything inside of my ass before canlı kaçak iddaa I only felt a slight discomfort once the initial pain and shock went away; I felt full and sexual having the toy resting inside me.

With her task completed Sage gave the base of the plug one final push, insuring it was in place before she stood up and walked around to the front of the desk. I remained bent at the waist as she came into view and gave me my instructions for rest of the morning.

“Well slut, that seemed to go rather smoothly, I do believe you might just become an anal fanatic. As for what will happen now, I am going to capture yet more photos of you looking completely submissive and then leave you to get dressed and find places to put the rest of the toys. Is this understood Cynthia?”

“Yes mistress.”

With that she reached into her bag, producing her camera and snapped a picture of me bent over my desk looking directly at her. She then walked behind me and from the sound I heard from the shutter, took a picture of my backside with both a marker in my pussy and a plug in my ass. With that final picture captured she returned in front of me and stuffed her camera back inside her bag before throwing it over her shoulder and turning to leave. When she reached the door Sage turned and spoke.

“Make sure you get everything stashed away Cyn, wouldn’t want your sluttish behavior to become public.”

She opened the door and walked out, leaving me exposed and excited. The first thing I did once she left was look up at the clock and saw that it was just about time the other teachers normally arrive. I hurried to pull the market from my slit, and began to get dressed. It took a little to get the skirt on and in the proper place because of how tight it was, but I had it on and my blouse tucked into in no time. Next, I frantically started to hide all of the other toys that were lying on my desktop, stashing them in the drawers of my desk were ever they would fit. Just as I heard footsteps in the hall, I was putting away the final toy in my top drawer; my heart was racing and I simply fell back into my chair which caused the plug to shoot a jolt through my body. I sat there for awhile just regaining my composure before I got up to get things prepared for the day’s classes.

I was able to keep myself occupied by setting everything up that I would need for the day and didn’t realize until the morning bell rang that an hour had gone by. Immediately I remembered how I was dressed and what was lodged inside me, and I became nervous about having to teach my classes in that manner. However, I assured myself that though my attire may have been a bit more risqué than usual, it would not be enough to cause an issue, and as long as she was careful no one would notice her lack of underwear or the plug stuffed inside her.

As my students filed in for the first class of the day, I for the first time noticed the slight discomfort of the plug as I stood in front of the room waiting for them to settle in. It wasn’t enough to make it uncomfortable, but enough to be a consistent reminder. Also, I could tell that my pussy was very much saturated with arousal; in my head I knew it was going to be an interesting morning.

I taught my morning classes without any issues, except for the occasional looking over I got from some of my students. Those glances however only added to my growing arousal, and by the time Sage’s class came around my crotch was soaking wet. I stood waiting for Sage to enter the class hoping that she would acknowledge me today as I taught.

Since, I could see that Sage wasn’t going to pay any attention to me; I tried to power through the lesson and get to the lunch break for my one on one time with Sage. However, try as I might, the minutes seemed to drag by which only made me more anxious and aroused. I could swear that my juices were starting to leak out onto my legs as I lectured on the importance of a thesis statement when writing an essay. All I wanted to do was to just rip off my clothes and serve my mistress, but that would not be an option until lunch came around. Instead I had to just bear down and get through the class period, hoping not to alert anyone of my desires.

After what felt like an eternity, the lunch bell finally rang and all of the students filed out, all but one. Sage remained in her seat after the others left and locked eyes with her subslut; she only said one word as she stood up.


After their last lunch time together, I knew better than to hesitate or ask for the door to be closed. I instead pulled off the two pieces of clothing that I knew Sage wanted off, placing them atop my desk, and stood before my mistress naked, waiting for further instructions.

“Very good slut, now retrieve the handcuffs from where ever you stashed them.”

Once again, I did as ordered without hesitation while Sage went over to shut the door. Once they were out Sage walked towards me, stopping just in front of where I stood waiting.

“I’ll take those” she said as she grabbed the items from off my desk, canlı kaçak bahis “Turn around with your hands behind your back.”

I followed her orders and soon felt the handcuffs being secured around both of my wrists, securing them behind my back. Sage stepped back giving my ass a little smack before giving further instructions.

“Turn around and follow me.”

She led me towards the door of my room, stopping just a few steps away from it, and turning to look at me.

“On your knees slut.”

I quickly followed her stern command with a minimal amount of struggle from not having my hands available to steady myself, and being perched atop such high heels. Kneeling in front of her, I began to involuntarily shake from anticipation and nervousness. Sage noticed this and spoke to calm me down some.

“Oh, it’s ok my little subslut, it’s time for you to have some fun.”

As she said that her hands began to unfasten the button fly of her pants and slide them down her legs. I was pleased to see that she was not wearing any underwear, and also that I might be getting another go at licking her delectable vagina. However, I wasn’t entirely correct with my assumption; I was going to be licking her, but not her pussy.

“I am going to let you enjoy feasting on my ass for lunch today. I expect you to really get in there and devour my backdoor, and to think of it as a treat because if you don’t do an adequate job I will have to punish you. Now, if you would, please help yourself.”

Sage turned around sticking out her ass and pulling her cheeks apart to better present my treat. Though I was a little shocked at what she wanted me to do, I eagerly leaned forward and stuck my face into her crevice, kissing her beautiful, pink rosebud. Surprisingly, she tasted sweet, and in no way did I feel put off by having my lips pressed tightly against her asshole. Instead, I actually viewed it as a treat and soon began to get into it, licking, and sucking at the tight opening; even darting my tongue inside every once in awhile. The more I did it, the more enthusiastic my motions became, and the further I pushed my face and tongue inside her. After a while I felt Sage grab the back of my head and pull me deeper. I was so deep my breathing began to become restricted, but I couldn’t get enough; I had to get all I could. Soon, Sage began to moan out with appreciation and pleasure; all the while I just kept at it. I could feel my face become covered in sticky saliva and just wondered what I would look like once I finished. Unfortunately, my time enjoying Sage’s delicious treat for me ended before I wanted it too with Sage pulling away and leaving me kneeling, mouth agape, while she got her pants re-fastened. Though I was disappointed by not being able to feast on Sage anymore, I listened intently as she spoke once her pants were back in place and fastened.

“Stand back up, we only have twenty more minutes until the lunch bell rings and we need to get you ready for the rest of the afternoon.”

I had no idea what she had planned, but I stood up as I was told and waited for further instructions. As I waited for my mistress’ next words, I looked at the clock and realized that I had just ate out her ass for ten straight minutes and that I actually began wish I could do some more; any contact with Sage and I would be satisfied.

“Go bend back over your desk, just like this morning. It is time to get that plug out of there so you aren’t too sore for after school.”

I quickly rushed over to my desk and assumed the position I had earlier that morning. I felt so submissive, and I loved every second of it. Sage had complete control over me and nothing made me happier. No sooner had I bent over then Sage had made her way behind me, releasing my hands form the cuffs, and beginning to tug on the base of the plug. With more effort, it started to slip out of my tender ass, and bit by bit it slowly escaped the warm resting place of my rectum. Once she had it completely out her next orders followed.

“Open your mouth slut; I want you to clean this plug off before I have you put it away. Don’t take too long either, you still need to get dressed and fix your messy face. Oh, and I am going to be taking pictures to capture the whole thing.”

Even though I had just finished dining on the asshole of another, the thought of tasting an object that had, until recently, been lodged inside me own ass was a bit off putting. Fortunately, when Sage presented the anal intruder to me for cleaning it was clear of any unpleasant sights that I had figured would be on it, and instead only had some tracings of lube lingering on it. Because I wanted to please my mistress I did not make my uncertain attitude about my task known to her; instead I simply swallowed my pride and put the plug in my open mouth, sucking it clean. Within seconds the toy was clean, and I began to get dressed. Once my skirt and blouse were back in place, Sage walked over and handed me a cosmetic mirror so I could see the state my face was in after my messy enjoyment of her perfect ass. To my surprise, I hadn’t messed up my makeup, but did have to wipe away the dried spit that covered my cheeks and re-apply some blush. With my face back in order, Sage snapped shut the mirror and stuffed it back into her bag before tossing it over her shoulder and speaking to me.

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