Mayıs 28, 2023

Cute Camp Fuck

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August 11, 2022, marked one week since I’d left summer camp: not as a camper, but as a counselor, a job I picked up in the months following my graduation from high school. I previously worked as a barista but needed something farther from home, a change of scenery before I went off to college.

I’d heard horror stories about camp counselors slacking off, treating people poorly, etc., and I hoped I wouldn’t be forced to work alongside such shitty people. Fortunately, I wasn’t.

There were about ten of us counselors; by some miracle, not one of us was straight. We did our jobs during the day, bonding with the campers and having a lot of fun. After nine P.M., however, our fun matured, and we got momentarily high or drunk and messed around, only to wake up again at six A.M.

This particular evening, seven nights since I left, I found myself reminiscing over the memories I’d made at the camp with my fellow counselors. Of course, it’d be cute if these were all wholesome, innocent memories, but I couldn’t help revisiting everything that went on in the dim light of the camp cabins, our bodies exposed to one another, hands exploring crevices belonging to friends we’d soon lose contact with.

My mind constantly retraced the experience I had on July 21, which marked what was quite possibly the best sex I’ve ever had.


Maia, Cora, and I were put on duty for the campfire; our tasks were mainly roasting marshmallows for the campers and ensuring no one fell into the fire. The campers all told stories, and I and the other counselors giggled quietly, speaking of trivial drama that occurred in our respective high schools, the ones we’d left just two months prior.

We let the campers stay up a little later than usual because the advisors weren’t around to scold us for doing so. By ten P.M., we gathered the campers and led them to their area for bedtime, leaving the rest of the night for ourselves.

The three of us istanbul travesti returned around the fire, physically tired but still full of energy. I sat on the ground, Cora sitting on a bench above me, braiding my hair. Maia sat adjacent to us.

Maybe I was just horny, but Cora’s gentle caressing of my hair rekindled my attraction for her, and my stomach filled with butterflies. I must’ve blushed because Maia apparently noticed something.

“You guys are so gay for each other,” she said, smiling at us over the embers.

I opened my eyes and definitely blushed then, trying to laugh to cover the fact that I was dreaming about Cora’s hands touching something besides my head.

“I mean, if y’all are down,” Cora began. “We have the night to ourselves…”

As the finished that sentence, she moved her right hand down to the side of my face, her left hand falling softly on my shoulder. I felt a hint of arousal travel through my body.

“I can’t think of anything better to do, and you two are hella hot, anyway,” Maia replied. “Sarina, what do you say?”

I nodded quickly, my smile widening.

They laughed at my hastened response, and I knew they too were excited.

Maia walked over to us, gesturing for me to get on the bench. I followed, sitting in the middle of them.

Cora put her fingers underneath my chin and leaned forward, pressing her lips softly against mine.

“We’re gonna fuck you so hard, Sarina,” she whispered into my ear, sending goosebumps down my spine.

Maia watched, her hand traveling down beneath the skirt of her fabric, tracing her cherry, plump and visible through her panties.

Cora pulled away from me and I turned to Maia, kissing her slowly, her tongue tasting of marshmallow, her sweet saliva mixing with mine. Cora wrapped her arms around my waist, her hands traveling upward and tickling my nipples through my shirt.

As Maia and I made out, I began pulling istanbul travestileri off my top, the two of them helping and unfastening my bra before I got the chance to.

Maia ceased kissing my lips to move downward, leaving pretty pecks along my neck and chest down to my boobs.

I leaned back, my bare back falling on top of Cora’s now-bare chest. Maia licked the perimeter of my areolas, alternating between them to give my tits equal attention.

She sucked my nipples softly, my panties growing damper with every time her mouth applied pressure.

I began to sit up, turning to face Cora, adjusting so that I could taste her beautifully plump breasts. Her nipples were hard and flooded with goosebumps, and I felt her body jolt as I licked her tits.

Maia removed her top and bra and pulled down her skirt as she watched us, slipping her hand into her panties, moaning as she pleasured herself.

She then started to tug on my skirt, and I helped her take it off as I stayed attached to Cora’s swelled nipples. I immediately felt Maia’s fingers rubbing my clit through the fabric of my underwear, making rhythmic movements against my soaked pussy.

I moaned loudly and pulled away from Cora’s tits before she suppressed my noise with her lips, kissing me hard. She pulled away, giving me an order.

“Open your mouth and tilt back,” Cora demanded, and I followed.

She spat onto my tongue, her saliva sliding deep into my throat. Maia wanted a taste, too, as she gripped my neck and pulled my lips against hers. I moaned into her, feeling her fingers press harder onto my clit, hearing Cora remove her bottoms as well.

Maia and Cora pulled my panties off, revealing a large, dark circle where I’d soaked them. Maia placed her fingers into my mouth, letting me suck them before replacing them against my naked clit.

She moved downward, teasing my opening, and I felt Cora’s hands moving around travesti istanbul my body, finding my clit and filling the space that Maia left.

Cora splayed her fingers out, moving them hard and fast against my overstimulated clit. I squeezed my legs around her hand, shaking and gasping for air.

I felt Maia’s middle finger enter my cunt, followed soon by her ring finger, hearing the wetness as she slowly pumped in and out. After a few rounds, she pulled her fingers out, gesturing for me to lay flat on the bench.

I obliged, and Maia moved to the ground, forcefully spreading my legs wide and bringing her mouth to my soaking-wet hole. Her tongue met my pussy and she slurped all the juices she’d coaxed out of it.

I moaned loudly as she sucked my hypersensitive clit, and Cora pointedly sat on my face. I tasted her sweet cunt, sticking my tongue into her hole and flicking up and against her pussy. She moaned and ground harder against my face, and I reached up and gripped her asscheeks, leaving indentions from where my nails dug into her skin, pleading for more.

I was nearly about to cum when Maia stopped eating me out. My pussy throbbed in the absence of her tongue, and I desired her once again, but I couldn’t say anything as I was swallowing Cora’s sweetness.

I then felt Maia’s pussy against mine, her folds rubbing against and exchanging juices with mine. I reached my hand down to touch her as we tribbed, our pussies dripping. We rubbed each other’s clits, moaning so loud we thought for sure we’d wake up anyone sleeping.

Cora lifted herself off, and we moved to the ground, not worrying about the grass and dirt, just admiring our bodies in the dim light of the campfire.

Maia, Cora, and I rubbed our cunts together, sharing each other’s wetness and pleasure. We hurriedly reached for whoever’s tits were closest and exchanged kisses with each other as we neared climax.

We came at the same time, shaking against each other’s bodies, our pussies and legs soaked. I immediately threw my left hand to Maia’s clit and my right to Cora’s, and we rubbed one another’s clits hard as we drained ourselves in the night.

Thinking back on that hot evening, I feel my panties soaked. I should call them.

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