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Cowboy Meets Brunette at LAX

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This is a true story. This is also one of the best if not the best sexual experience of my life. First off let me introduce myself. I live in Montana I am a married man 38 years young. I have short cut hair, a neatly trimmed goatee, I’m 5’9″-185#, baby blue eyes, tats on both arms (muscular), and I work out 3 days a week.

I was twenty five and was subpoenaed for a car accident that I was in. My attorney said that I would have to show up for my court appearance and that the other party involved would probably settle. I would receive about $5000.00 for the settlement. The attorney sent me a plane ticket and was going to put me up at a hotel near LAX. This accident occurred several years prior to me moving back to my home state of Montana.

I was single at the time so I was looking forward to the trip. I put on my best old cowboy boots, new Wranglers, button down short sleeve dress shirt, and of course my Stetson cowboy hat. I enjoyed the plane ride had a few rum and cokes and took nap. When I arrived at LAX I went to a book store to buy a Playboy before catching the hotel van that would take me to the Double Tree Inn. While browsing the magazines I noticed an absolutely beautiful woman with her back to me. She was a brunette, hair pinned up, black short tight fitting skirt, red silk blouse, black nylons, black stilettos, beautifully manicured red nails, red lipstick, heavy eyeliner, and fake long eyelashes.

I couldn’t help myself so I innocently sauntered closer to her and stood a couple of feet from her off to one side. Then she turned slightly toward me and reached for a magazine. I notice she had some nice cleavage and was wearing a black lace bra under her red blouse. (I am getting hard again as I replay the events in my head.) She noticed me standing there ankara escort and excused herself. I said, “No problem miss, it is my pleasure” as I smiled sheepishly.

I did not want to come off as a perv so I gave her some space and walked to the other end of the store and continued to peruse the magazines. I picked up a Playboy and looked at it, hoping no one noticed what I was looking at. Then the woman moved in front of me again, excused herself, “excuse me sir”. Again I said no problem, and blushed a little because I was sure she seen me looking at the Playboy mag. Then to my surprise she asked me to reach and get her a book that was too high for her to reach.

I obliged and she thanked me. Then as she was looking at the book she backed into me. I immediately started to get hard. I had on boxers so I had to push my 8 inches down one pant leg as to not look to obvious. She then turned around and introduced herself. “Hi,” she said and extended her hand to me, “my name is Lisa.” “Hi, Lisa I’, Brad, nice to meet you. She then explained to me that she was from Seattle and was visiting LA on business and she had an 8 hour layover before she returned to Seattle. She thought she would get a book to kill the time.

I told her my story about the car accident and why I was there. I also told her the insurance company was putting me up in a hotel nearby. We chatted some she asked me how beautiful Montana was and how she always wanted to travel there some day. I then said, for whatever reason, probably because I was nervous that I better get going. She said, “What are you going to do, go back to your hotel and jerkoff to that magazine under your arm?” This really caught me off guard and I blushed heavily. My words stumbled and she said relax, how about we get a escort ankara drink at the airport bar. “That sounds great Lisa,” I replied.

We bought our reading material and off we went. She put her arm through mine as we walked. Once at the bar we ordered our drinks and took a seat in the corner near some big plants. She then took her hair out of the bun and shook it out. I couldn’t help staring at her tits which were shaking back and forth as she shook her hair. She said I hope you like them, I paid enough for them. I said they are absolutely gorgeous. She giggled and said, “I think I like you Brad”, as she put her hand on my knee. We then drank our drinks and made small talk. After about 4 drinks she said to me, “man it is hot in here, don’t you think?” She then unbuttoned one button on her blouse to expose more of her bra and breasts. Then she ran her fingers up her thigh to show me her thigh high stockings.

Again I couldn’t control my now hard member and had to push it down. “Can I feel you,” she asked. “Yes of course, as long as I can feel those tits, I’ve never felt fake boobs before.” So, she felt my hard cock, and I felt her firm tits. Then, looked to make sure no one noticed. I then asked her if she would like to go back to my hotel with me since she had some time to kill. “I thought you would never ask,” she replied. We made our way through the airport and I found it hard to maneuver with my member so hard. I had to put my hand in my pocket and hold so I was not so noticeable. Lisa just giggled at my situation. As soon as we got on the hotel shuttle van we began making out passionately, like high school kids. I notice the van driver looking in the mirror and tried to get Lisa to calm down some as I motioned to the driver.

She said relax, it is ankara escort bayan making me hotter knowing someone is watching, as she bent over and pulled her black thong from her ankles. I fingered her and she pulled out my hard cock and begun sucking on it with vigor. I came almost immediately. Lisa just groaned and sucked down every drop.

We finally reached the hotel, checked in, and made our way to my room. She wore my Stetson all the way to the room, giggling. Once inside I slammed the door, grabbed Lisa, pinned her on the wall, took her blouse off, got on my knees and started eating her went pussy. It tasted so fine, I couldn’t get enough. I wanted her to come in my mouth but she kept saying, “No, no”, “I want you inside my now, please?” I then lifted her up on the wall and she wrapped her legs around me. She kept screaming, “Fuck me Brad, Fuck me please”. I couldn’t take it anymore I thrust my hard 8 inches in her and fucked her until my legs got weak.

I then carried her to the bathroom and set her down. She turned from me and faced the wall looking in the mirror over the sink she said, “When we were in the airport, and I brushed my ass into you, I thought about you taking me from behind.” I grabbed her around the waist, looking at her in the mirror; I put my cock in her pussy and fucked her furiously. She screamed, “I’m coming, I’m coming,” and I shot my load into her as she melted onto the counter. We then collapsed onto the bed, and napped for a couple of hours. I awoke with her sucking on my cock, I got her into a 69 and we came in each others mouths. She tasted so good.

We then showered, and I could not help myself from staring at her beautiful body. We got dressed; I escorted her back to the airport, and got her to her gate just in time for her plane. I gave her my number and kissed her goodbye. I never heard from Lisa again. I do not know why, I was pretty she liked me. But, to this day I still fantasize about her and the events that transpired that Saturday afternoon at LAX.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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