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Cousin Love Pt. 04

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More adventures with my cousin. The cock loving whore!

Summer 1982

3 days passed before I got another page. My balls were hurting. I needed release.

I called Kathy. It was a Thursday afternoon. “Can you come over. I took the afternoon off. I have a surprise for you.”

“Do you want me to come as I am or get cleaned up?”

“Get cleaned up. You will like what I have for you! And hurry!”

I grabbed a quick shower and went over to Kathy’s. I walked in and found Kathy in the kitchen sitting at the table. She was in a bikini top and some short denim shorts. The top barely covered her fucking ridiculous big tits.

“HI big guy. Like my outfit? I picked it special for you. I hope you like it!!” She squealed.

“I do. It is fucking hot. Makes your boobs look even bigger! Hey…I have never fucked your boobs. Can we do that this time? I will pull on your nipples!!”

Kathy about had an orgasm thinking of that lewd scene. “Oh God yes. But first I have a surprise.”

“I thought your outfit was my surprise?” I said rather surprised.


From the bathroom walked in a gorgeous woman. She walked to Kathy and planted a big sloppy kiss on her lips.

“Kenny, meet Teressa. Teressa and I have been lovers for a while now. When I told her about you, she was instantly interested. Would you like to fool with the both of us?”

That was a dumb ass question.

Teressa was a very tall blonde. Almost as tall as me. “Nice to meet you Teressa. How tall are you?”

Teressa smiled. “6’3′.”

She had long blonde hair that was in 2 long ponytails. She was very thin, blue eyes and legs to die for. Unlike Kathy she had no tits. Her nipples poked through her t shirt.

I watched Kathy and Teressa make out. They kissed each other passionately on the lips and necks. Soon Teressa’s hands were in Kathy’s shirt, fondling her massive globes. Kathy took off her shirt. Teressa’s hand were able to grope her entire breast.

I sat and watch these two differently built women make love to each other. One tall and thin, another average height and curves. Lots of curves.

Teressa quickly got Kathy’s pants off and was on her hands and knees in front of Kathy eating her pussy.

Kathy motioned for me to get behind Teressa.

“Fuck her with that big cock. Fuck her hard.” Gaziantep Escort Reklamları Kathy ordered.

I dropped behind Teressa and guided my cock to her hairless hole. She was dripping, literally dripping fluid.

I rammed my cock into her skinny body. She moaned as I did. When she pulled her face from Kathy’s wet pussy, she simply said, “Harder” and went back to eating pussy. Kathy was twisting and pulling her own nipples. I fucked Teressa until she came. She came with a shudder and pushed my cock from her spasming love hole. I jerked my cock and shot my cum onto Teressa’s back. My first 2 or 3 spurts even hit Kathy. I pushed my cock back into Teressa and started on her again. We fucked doggie style until she crawled away from me. Kathy dropped off the chair and quickly took my cock in her mouth. Once I was in her mouth, Teressa stood up. This was my first really look at her body. She was hairless and had absolutely no breasts. She was long and lean.

She straddled my cock so that she was able to kiss me and Kathy continued to suck my cock as it slid from between Teressa’s thighs.

Every few sucks on my head I would hear Teressa moan softly.

“I’m going to cum Kathy. Keep licking my asshole. Oh God Ken, you cock is rubbing my clit! Don’t stop!!”

She started to tremble from the assault Kathy and I were giving her. It was unreal.

“Gonna cum Kathy. Ready?” I warned.

“Oh fuck yes!! Cum big guy!!”

When I started to release my semen, she pushed my cock into Teressa’s wet hole. I pumped her full of cum.

My cock slipped from Teresss’s cunt. Quickly replaced by Kathy’s hungry mouth. She drank everything that flowed from Teressa’s pussy.

“Told you he cums a lot Teressa! You aren’t even getting started are you big guy?”

Teressa was already slurping on my hanging cock.

I looked at Kathy. She was rubbing lotion on her tits. I swear they were getting bigger.

Teressa looked up at me. “You like her big tits don’t you?”

“Hell yes I do.”

“Teressa looked at Kathy and then back at me. “What would you say if I told you I could enlarge them to whatever you liked? Would you like that?”

I was confused. What exactly was she saying? Was she an illusionist?

“Huh? I mean how?” I asked.

“I made a lotion for Kathy. A secret lotion that has magic in it. I can make her tits as big as she wants or as small as she wants. Last time I was with Kathy, I was a G cup. 32G-22-28 were my measurements. I am a sorceress Ken. A very real sorceress.”

I was in disbelief. But then again Kathy’s tits were bigger. Way bigger.

“You are a witch? Bullshit! Show me more. Make your tits grow.” I demanded.

Teressa rubbed some on her flat chest and her tits grew. Not a lot, but she wasn’t flat either. “With my magic we can be whoever each other wants with no bad side effects. This all wears off in a few hours.”

Now I was thinking. Thinking hard. Getting hard. “Can you make my cock get bigger?”

“Why not. I am sure I could.” Teressa answered.

“This cream won’t do it. I would have to make a special one for you, but I am sure I can. You want the big guy to be a bigger guy Kathy?”

“Oh man. I never thought about that. His cock is perfect in my opinion. But I would like to try a bigger one!! Yes, let’s do it!” Kathy purred.

“How long to make it Teressa?” I asked.

“Just a few days.”

Teressa looked me right in the eye. “I am not a witch! I am more closely related to a wizard.”

Kathy giggled. “Make my tits bigger Teressa. And make yours the same for Kenny.”

In a few minutes I had two giant breasted women standing in front of me.

Kathy laid down and Teressa applied some lube in the valley between her two massive tits. I dropped my cock in and Kathy squeezed her tits together. Teressa stood in front of me and I licked her pussy while I tit fucked my cousin. Teressa came with a shudder and her juices dripped onto Kathy tits. Soon I was cumming. I shot cum all over Kathy’s face. She was quite a mess.

I looked up at Teressa. She was sucking her own nipples. Actually, she was nursing herself. One of the side effects of this lotion was milk production. She was squirting mil everywhere. Large amounts of milk. Kathy had crawled from under Teressa and was milking herself also. Kathy would squirt milk on my cock and Teressa would suck it off. They would take turns. It was just a sight to behold. Finally Teressa took my cock in her mouth and swallowed the entire thing. My nuts were on her chin. After a few quick pumps I unladed directly into her throat. She did not miss a drop.

“I am jealous Teressa. I wish I could do that.” Kathy complained.

“It is nothing. I can get you like me. It is just a simple little spell.”

She muttered something in Kathy’s ear. Kathy came over to me and took my semi hard cock in her mouth. Instantly I was chin deep in her throat.

She drug my cock from her throat and smiled wildly.

“FUCK YES!! Can I do that even after we enlarge his cock? How big can I swallow?” Kathy almost moaned.

“How big do you want his cock to be Kathy?” Teressa asked.

“How about a foot, maybe 15 inches?”

Teressa looked at Kathy. “Easy. No problem.”

“I deep throated a guy who I enlarged to 22 inches.” Teressa said proudly.

“22 inches? Bloody fucking hell. Did you let him fuck you with that thing?” Kathy said almost passing out.

“He fucked every one of my holes.” Teressa replied. “I was in bed for 3 days recovering.”

Kathy looked at Teressa. “What if I wanted a cock to go along with my ass and pussy. Could you conjure that?”

“I guess. Never thought about it. What are you thinking?”

“Well, T. I was thinking if the big guy got bigger and you conjured me a cock of equal proportions, we could fuck you senseless. What do you think of that?”

I was sitting there listening to this. Shaking my head. Not sure what I was hearing. Not able to understand.

I had questions. “What the fuck are you 2 talking about? Kathy with a cock? Teressa swallowing a 22-inch cock? Are you all insane?”

“Kenny. If you could have any woman you wanted with a little magic involved, wouldn’t you? Or a bigger cock. wouldn’t you do it?” Kathy asked.

“I guess but it all sounds so weird. I mean 3 weeks ago I was a virgin. Now I am involved in incest and some sort of sex magic. Am I a freak?” I asked.

Teressa smiled. “No honey. You are just fortunate. And Kathy and I are recipients of that good fortune. Like I said. No long-lasting side effects. You go back to normal in a couple hours. Look at our tits. Almost back to normal.”

They were. Almost normal.

“What the hell! Now, who wants some cock?” I asked waiving my erect cock in their faces.

“Kathy gets it. I have to run. Enjoy that cock Kathy. I love you guys!!”

Teressa was out the door in a flash. Kathy and I fucked for a few more hours. Her well-worn pussy was swollen and red. And full of cum. The woman is a sexual machine. I can’t wait to see what is in store over the next couple of weeks!”

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