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Cornhusker Girl Ch. 07

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me. Your opinions are welcome but your attacks are not.

Note: If you have not read them yet, there are six previous chapters to this story. Seven if you count Cornhusker Granny, which you should read even if you don’t count it.


For the first time in all of the years that we’d been going pheasant hunting in Nebraska, my father-in-law and I would not be staying at his brother’s house. We’d been planning to, just as we usually do, but they’d had some issues with their furnace and wouldn’t have everything fixed up in time so, rather than freeze during the night, we were staying with my father-in-law’s uncle instead. My father-in-law and this particular uncle were not that far apart in age, so they had basically grown up together, and he was also Jennifer’s dad and Jordan’s grandfather. Of course the wheels started turning immediately since I’d be staying in the house that Jennifer grew up in; I assumed that, if she’d been sneaking in and out all those years ago, she probably could pull it off again pretty easily.

Since I’d managed to have sex with both Jennifer and her daughter, Jordan, separately on a previous visit, things could potentially have gotten awkward. Since that trip, however, Jordan had gotten herself a boyfriend and even the naughty emails between us had ceased. Fortunately I still had many photos and videos of her scrumptiously tight body that she’d shared with me. Jennifer was another story entirely. Even if she’d had a boyfriend, I don’t think that would have stopped her from wanting to occasionally sleep with me.

When I let her know what the situation was, she assured me that she would be able to slip easily into the house to see me and that I’d just need to let her know which bedroom I’d be staying in. I didn’t know it when it was assigned to me but she let me know that the bedroom I ended up in was the very best one not only for sneaking into but also because it was in the basement, so it was far away from where everyone else would be sleeping. On our first night in town, once I let her know that everyone was heading off to bed, she said she was on her way so I made sure I was ready for her. Even though I was listening hard for her to see if I could detect her arrival, when she opened the bedroom door and slipped in, it was the first time I heard her. She locked the bedroom door behind her and smiled at me then dropped her track pants and panties and stepped out of them.

I flipped the covers back as she crawled onto the foot of the bed, revealing that I was naked and rigid, so she paused only long enough to briefly suck my cock before continuing up to straddle me. As she guided my cock to her pussy and lowered herself onto it with a soft moan, I discovered canlı bahis how worked up she already was. Her pussy was incredibly hot and incredibly slippery and felt absolutely amazing as she started to slowly move up and down. I pulled the dark sweatshirt she’d apparently used to enhance her ninja-like abilities up over her head, revealing a sexy bra encasing her succulent titties. I caressed them, feeling her hard nipples through the thin material, then reached behind her to unfasten it. As I slipped it off and could see her tits bouncing, I was nearly hypnotized.

I just watched with my hands on her hips as she moved up and down on my cock but, when she leaned forward, planting a hand on either side of my head, her tits were suddenly right in my face. I moved my hands up to fondle them as I raised my head enough to lick and suck her hard, thick nipples. As she rocked back and forth on my cock in this position, I was also able to push up into her each time she came down on my cock, giving her the maximum penetration that I could manage. She was clearly trying to stifle any noises that wanted to slip out, despite being a floor away from everyone else in the house. It was also obvious that she was getting closer and closer to cumming the longer she rode my cock just by how her pussy was becoming wetter and more engorged around my cock.

My hands were on her ass and I was still working her nipples over with my lips and tongue when she slammed herself down on my cock and I felt her body trembling. A soft moan escaped, not loud enough to be heard by anyone but the two of us. Her orgasm was long and apparently intense, probably due more to the anticipation or lack of recent activity than to my skills as a lover, since I wasn’t doing much more than laying there and providing her with a cock to ride. I was happy that she was satisfied though, and not just because it took some of the pressure off of my performance. It also didn’t hurt my ego.

“I’m going to suck your stiff cock now,” Jennifer whispered when she’d apparently recovered.

“How about if you let me eat your hot pussy at the same time,” I replied before she moved off of my cock.

“Mmm…that sounds awesome,” she responded then moved around so that her pussy was over my face. She grasped my cock and pumped it before wrapping her lips around it and sliding them down, causing me to moan softly. I was gazing up at her well-groomed bush and running my hands over her ass while savoring the feel of her mouth moving up and down my tool, feeling an orgasm beginning to build. Raising my head slightly, I lapped at her pussy, tasting her pungent nectar and causing her to moan softly, as well. I didn’t exactly start out tentatively but, the longer I licked her pussy, the more enthusiastically I ate her. I brought a hand down from her ass and slipped two fingers easily into her hot, slippery pussy while focusing my lapping on her clit. Her response to the increased stimulation was to suck my cock even more voraciously.

I could feel my cock growing thicker as I got closer to cumming while also feeling her pussy once again becoming wetter and more engorged. I remained focused on making her cum again while enjoying the pleasure that her mouth sliding up and down my cock was providing. I wasn’t sure who would end up cumming first, but it turned out to be her. She slipped bahis siteleri my cock from her mouth as her body started trembling again and a soft gasp slipped out. I continued eating her pussy until she sighed and the tension left her body. As I lowered my head, she also lowered hers and took my cock into her mouth again. After licking my fingers clean, I reached down to caress her dangling tits as I savored the feeling of her mouth sliding up and down my tool. I was admiring her trim bush just over my head even though, as with Jordan, I had a lot of really nice photos and videos she’d been sharing with me since the first time we’d been together. Seeing her pussy in the flesh, so to speak, and so close up was definitely an opportunity to take advantage of, however.

When I started spurting into her mouth, we both let a noise slip out, though neither was loud enough to be heard outside the room. She continued sucking as she swallowed down my load, only letting my cock fall from her mouth once I was completely spent. She moved around to lie beside me and pulled the covers up over us as we nestled our naked bodies together. We talked quietly as we recovered, gradually going from just holding each other to caressing each other. Since we’d jumped right into having sex, I was anxious to explore every square inch of her body given that I’d been limited to viewing photos of it for a while. Even as we continued to talk, my hand was running over her full breasts and hard nipples, down over her stomach and around her pussy. She was lying on her back and I was on my side, supporting my head with one arm while the other was free to explore her body. She ended up reaching down to help my cock begin to recover, as well.

When I finally slipped my hand down between her thighs to caress her pussy, I found that she was incredibly wet. I wasn’t quite ready to slip back into her again, though, so I lowered my head to lick and suck her hard nipples while continuing to stroke her pussy. As her pussy grew wetter and my cock grew harder, I got to the point where I knew it would be no trouble to slip into her again but I didn’t want it to be in the missionary position. She’d already ridden me so I suggested that she get on all-fours. Once she was in position and I was kneeling behind her, I guided my cock to her pussy and slipped easily in until my hips were pressed against her ass. I took her by the hips and started to slowly fuck her with long, full strokes.

I was savoring the feel of her hot pussy as my hips repeatedly tapped her ass, making it jiggle slightly. I reached forward to cup her swinging tits as she reached back to stroke her clit. It wasn’t long before my cock was fully rigid due to the pleasurable feeling of her hot, wet pussy as I slid repeatedly in and out. I was trying to maintain a slow pace but her pussy felt so good that it was difficult not to naturally want to fuck her harder and faster. Fortunately, because I had cum once already, I wasn’t in danger of cumming too quickly the second time. Jennifer, it seemed, worked quite the opposite; she seemed to be building up to another orgasm much quicker even than her first one, which I attributed to her being already worked up.

As I heard her breathing rate picking up and could feel her pussy becoming even more engorged once again, I straightened up and took her by the hips bahis şirketleri so that I could fuck her a bit harder but still with long, slow strokes. She was pushing back against me while still working her clit over with her fingers and I could tell she was approaching the verge of another intense orgasm. When she pushed back hard against me and I felt her entire body trembling, I just held on, feeling her pussy working around my throbbing cock. She relaxed a little bit as she continued to cum so I started sliding my cock in and out again, appreciating the increased lubrication. As she continued to recover from her orgasm, I savored the feel of her pussy for a bit longer, but there was one more thing that I wanted to do before we had to call it a night. Eventually, I slipped my cock out of her and had her roll over onto her back.

I moved up to straddle her ribs as she brought her tits together around my cock. I started to slowly fuck the soft, smooth flesh of her cleavage as she watched my cockhead appearing and disappearing between her tits. Fucking her hot pussy had felt incredible and the feel of her mouth sliding up and down my cock had been incredible, as well. The feeling of my cock sliding between her succulent tits wasn’t any less incredible. As my orgasm continued to build with increasing levels of pleasure, I was debating whether I wanted to just keep going and blow my load on her chest or slip my cock back into her mouth. Ultimately, I decided that either would be immensely satisfying but cumming in her mouth would be less messy. As my cock began to swell in anticipation of my orgasm, I moved forward as she let her tits fall away and slipped my cock into her mouth.

She reached around for my ass but otherwise just allowed me to fuck her mouth as I savored the building pleasure. She had no trouble accepting nearly my full length as I slowly slid my cock in and out of her hot mouth, my orgasm continuing to gradually build. I thought I was at the point that I’d be spewing immediately into her mouth as soon as I slipped into it, but I managed to enjoy the pleasure for a bit longer than I expected. I almost let a moan slip out as I finally started cumming, my load spurting into her mouth as she swallowed shot after shot. I only extracted my cock once I was completely spent and had nothing left to give. I lay beside her again, feeling extremely content.

It was getting late and we couldn’t risk having her fall asleep with me, though we had discussed whether it would be feasible. She reluctantly got up and retrieved all of her clothes as I continued to ogle her naked body. She was about to slip into her bikini panties when I stopped her.

“Can I hang onto your panties until tomorrow night?” I asked, thinking that they had probably been soaked in her pungent juices as she’d been anticipating meeting up.

“What are you planning to do with them?” she asked as she tossed them over to me.

“I was thinking I might wrap them around my cock after my shower tomorrow,” I replied, “Would you be interested in seeing a picture of that?”

“Yes,” she confirmed, “and if you want to fill them with cum before you give them back, I’ll be okay with that, too.”

She finished dressing, sans panties, as I watched and toyed with her panties. I knew I’d be inhaling her musky scent throughout the day tomorrow while thinking about what we’d be doing tomorrow night. That was certain to have me aroused, so I just might fill them with cum before giving them back.

With another kiss, she slipped stealthily out the door and into the night.

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