Aralık 4, 2022

Commentary on a Faithful Backstop

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The Emerson’s only child Emily, who hated the alliteration of her name whereas her parents at the time had thought it was so cute, only years later to be told by their dissatisfied daughter, still a child, they’d been stupid doing that to her.

Oh dear, what a nasty child.

Emily Emerson kept tensions high and the house in disarray from early in her thirteenth year to midway through her sixteenth year when she ‘discovered’ boys. Thereafter her wanton behavior virtually terrified her mom June. Her dad Malcolm mainly kept out of it until a row between wife and husband would end with Malcolm doing what he was told to do, to act like a proper father. He would sermonize to his rebellious offspring about inappropriate behavior and that sex wasn’t the center of life.

June, quiet for a change in the wings, that being a condition of Malcolm berating ‘his’ daughter, would nod in support to indicate both parents thought this way. June of course would have earlier briefed Malcolm thoroughly on the points he should make at the appropriate moment. Being parents they knew that moment would be when Emily could be nailed down, meaning cornered in her bedroom on a Sunday night just prior her falling asleep. Malcolm would push his partial denture into place with his tongue and deliver, taking time to glance at the list of bullet points noted on a piece of paper and ticking them off in his mind to ensure June wasn’t required to scream at him he’d missed something.

Emily would look at her father’s mouth almost hypnotically, her mind already appearing asleep but the little bitch would suddenly activate and demand, “Well if sex isn’t the center of everything then what is it’s place?”

Rather than grope with something he was without complete understanding, Malcolm would slip on to the next bullet point.

Clearly this was a dysfunctional household over child/teen management but in other areas it functioned well and despite the parents being kept off balance by their explosive redhead daughter. June liked being nailed by Malcolm most nights, thereby probably giving him the impression sex was indeed the center of everything because during that golden hour June would be at her calmest and overflowing with affection.

The house became morgue-like when Emily Emerson went to college. Malcolm an insurance company claims officer, wallowed in sex at home, almost more than he could handle and that produced a downside. Jennifer Ridley was Malcolm’s relatively unattractive but super-efficient PA into whose arms Malcolm had found comfort during those turbulent years at his home, particularly the five years prior to Emily leaving for college.

One morning when Malcolm arrived in his office and hung his jacket behind the door, clicking his partial denture with his tongue to express happiness, Jennifer in her unfashionably long skirt, flounced into the room.

“Malcolm when did we last have sex?”

Like most bosses answering that question posed by their PA, Malcolm kept his mind on what he was thinking and answered offhandedly. “Oh I suppose the last time we did it.”

“You bastard,” Jennifer said and sobbing went off and resigned, probably in despair knowing she would be unlikely to land an athletic guy with a big dick like Malcolm. It had been seven weeks and three days since he’d had her across his desk.

The replacement PA was a real bitch. She sniffed perpetually, spaced roughly seven minutes apart and that was just long enough for Malcolm to think the last irritating one had been her last. She was only twenty-four with firm upward slanting breasts that screamed to be sucked and an ass to die for. So Malcolm tried to nail Lana.

Lana’s reaction was to cut Malcolm’s lip, break his partial denture and lay a formal complaint.

No female in the office would look at Malcolm or speak to him from that day. The regional manager Stan Moran arrived to sort out the matter and did plenty of talking, lambasting Malcolm.

“You are a fucking fool Malcolm. We all do it but everyone except you takes care to ensure the female is in the mood before trying to grope her. Lana is prepared to withdraw her complaint if you are moved to another office. I’m sending you across town… I suppose on promotion otherwise your reputation will be shit.”

“How about transferring me across to the other side of the country?”

“Very well, I’ll see what I can do. You know I might have a crack at Lana. Great tits and a wonderful ass.”

Three weeks later Malcolm began work at the regional office bonus veren siteler on the east coast and a month later the disgraced Stan Moran, now nicknamed Stan Moron, was transferred to that same office, demoted to regional assistant manager. Lucky Lana had received a ‘distress payment’ of $15,000 as a resulted of being sexually harassed by careless Stan.

Malcolm was astonished June wouldn’t relocate. She called him an asshole for committing adultery and molesting a beautiful young woman but said she had a duty to provide Emily somewhere to sleep when she was home from college. Emily was currently home on two week’s suspension for having sex with two guys in the fountain in the main quad at the college. Many people had sex in the fountain but usually at midnight, not midday as Emily and her two freshmen did, Emily having convinced the guys it was a traditional initiation.

June and Malcolm agreed to divorce because June didn’t like the thought of him being far away and systematically working his way through all the women in the office and then starting working through the women in his residential neighborhood. His former PA heard about Malcolm’s disgrace and visited him, taking time off without pay. She ended up in his bed and found life was sunny again. She stayed and they married a month after his divorce was granted.

* * *

“Mom who’s fucking you now dad is history?”

June had to sit down as her legs had almost given out with her heart pumping extra blood to turn her face crimson.

“E-Emily. You c-can’t ask your mother something l-like that,” June stuttered, flaying a protesting arm for emphasis.

In the wonderfully simplified way young people have of expressing themselves, Emily said, “But I just did.”


“Mom it will wither and dry if you don’t use it.”


“I reckon you’d then become prone to a prolapsed uterus.”

Almost fainting in horror June promised Emily she’d think about it and she began talking about the weather to effectively turn off her daughter.

* * *

“Oh good morning,” June Emerson said to mailman Reg Chipper. “Would you care for coffee?”

In the seven years Reg had been on this route it was the first time June had spoken to him. Previously if she saw him she’d just nodded. He knew what this was about. He’d already knocked off two lonely women that morning but thought he could manage a third. He looked around furtively. No one appeared to be at their windows. He went inside quickly, shut the door and unzipped.

“Um what is your name?”


“Well Reg how do you like your coffee?”

“Fuck the coffee. It will only make me want to pee during my round. Pull down your panties, hitch up your dress and lean over the table.”

“Shouldn’t we go to the bedroom?”

“Nah I haven’t got all morning to play Mrs Emerson.”

June looked in dismay at Reg’s thin dick of only about six inches in length. But it was fine. He inserted a finger below it and thumbed June’s clit as well and within five minutes she yelled and came panting.

“That was surprisingly effective.”

“Thanks Mrs Emerson. I must be off,” Reg yawned.

June dabbed her leaking pussy and only then realized she hadn’t insisted he wear a condom, not that she had any. She cleaned up and added condoms to her shopping list.

Women in the street, keeping out of sight near their windows, began to notice the meter reader who called monthly and the mailman always called into Mrs Emerson’s home for coffee and when they reemerged the guys had a noticeable swagger. When it became known the Emerson’s had divorced, some of those women, under pressure from the pestering attention, would sent their husbands to Mrs Emerson to ask if she had any small jobs they could help her with. They would be pulled in through the front door.

* * *

Miraculously Emily Emerson, known at college as Super Pussy Emily, gained a degree in finance and went to work at Midland’s Bank and gained rather rapid promotion using the time-honored way.

One day she arrived home in tears and booted out Mr Smith from No. 11 she’d found in bed butt-screwing her mom.

The guy had been thrown out of the house clutching his clothes and sporting a closing right eye.

Emily returned to the bedroom and her mom said, “He really has a thick one; I feel as if I’ve been fisted.”

Agog Emily said, “You know about fisting?”

“Oh yes, Mrs Thomas visits me once a week…”

Emily burst into tears. “Mom I’m pregnant.”

“Oh bedava bahis how lovely. I’ve been waiting to be a grandmother.”

Emily sobbed she wasn’t married.

“We know that dear,” Emily sighed. “Then get rid of it now.”

“But I can’t. It’s a living orgasm.”

“Organism,” June corrected. “Is the guy married?”

“No, he’s the new executive vice-president of corporate banking. He’s divorced.”

June smiled and said “Oooh, if it’s a new appointment he won’t want a scandal. Invite him here for dinner dear. We’ll give him the choice of marriage or paying you $50,000.”

“What?” Emily said in disbelief. She room-shared with two other females whom June accepted were just as unworldly as her daughter, all three believing their pussies were the center of the universe and that meant the need to know anything else took much lower priority.

Three months later Emily was no longer Emily Emerson but Mrs Richard Carlson. Richard was the charming new vice-present of corporate banking where Emily had worked and was delighted at being a prospective dad because his previous wife had divorced him, accusing him of incompatible behavior (he didn’t do anal) and firing blank shots (he refused to be tested, believing that to be too undignified for a banker).

Riane, taking the femmine form of Ryan, followed Johnny eleven months later.

They were great little kids but Emily was useless as a mother. As soon as either or both of them cried Emily would rush into the kitchen, phone her mom to come and help and make a martini, no matter what time of day it was. Emily knew the theory of what to do but insisted she couldn’t cope emotionally.

The kids began walking, starting almost at the same time. Emily soon was horrified to discover whenever she came into the room with her mother both kids would go the June. So Emily hired home help and returned to work and restricted June from seeing the grandchildren to Sunday lunch and then that became lunch once a month.

June was devastated of course but there was nothing she could do about it. She appealed to Richard who told Emily she was wrong in denying June access to her grandchildren but when Emily screamed at him to choose between her and his mother-in-law Richard made that choice and said sorry to June, there was nothing else he could do.

The years went by and along the way Reg’s wife died and June married Reg who by then was a senior supervisor at the mail-sorting center. Reg had three adult children who were aghast when learning he intended to remarry and so boycotted the small wedding and refused to have anything to do with June who eventually got over that huge disappointment.

* * *

One Saturday afternoon Reg answered the doorbell and returned to the kitchen and said to June, “There are two kids at the door wishing to see you. They look like those photos you have of your grandchildren.”

Reg had never seen June move so fast as she raced to the front door. She returned and introduced Johnny who was seven and Riane a year younger to Reg. Reg was astonished to see how the kids clung to June and kept kissing her until June said that was enough. “Now where’s my cookie jar?”

Three years later a terrible thing happen. A woman caught her husband and Emily in bed and shot them both. The shot in the back of Emily’s head killed her and the two shots into the back of the guy permanently paralyzed him from the waist down but he eventually was able to return to his former job as a computer software analyst.

Richard was devastated of course and really didn’t want the burden of the children because he was working long hours, believing a more senior job appointment was imminent. After long negotiations it was agreed June and Reg would adopt the children and Richard would set up a trust fund to take care of their college education. Reg and June wanted no contribution other than that and the agreement provided Richard with unlimited access to the children.

The children went happily to live with their Reg and June. Richard’s parents had opposed the adoption unsuccessfully and the children went to them periodically over eighteen months and then the invitations to come and stay stopped because Richard had become engaged to what his parents probably would have described as a ‘lovely, conservative young woman’.

At Reg’s suggestion the kids called their adoptive parents by their first names. They must have had difficulty believing the difference in living in their new home. They were never smacked deneme bonus and rarely shouted at and June took a huge interest in their education whereas their mother had never visited their school unless called upon to do so and she’d never helped with their homework beyond answering questions without much thought.

Reg died a year before John (Johnny) graduated from high school and June went to the graduation ceremony as a solo parent with John’s sister Lucy (Riane). Five years earlier Riane confessed she didn’t like her first name so June had asked what would she rather be called and the teenager said Lucy. When everyone had become used to the change, June had Riane Shelley Carlson’s name formerly changed to Lucy Shelley Emerson and Johnny asked to have his name changed from Johnny Davy Carlson to John Davy Emerson.

The change in Lucy’s personality that developed soon after that renaming was quite astonishing. She lost her tentativeness and smiled much more. On evening she and hugged and kissed her grandmother/foster mother and said changing her name to Lucy was the best thing anyone had done for her. She cried along with June.

At high school graduation Lucy received five awards including the Principal’s Award and the Leon Banks Scholarship for Leadership.

June was so proud of her granddaughter.

Lucy chose to go to a different college to John (no longer Johnny) who was doing well in academic preparations to enter Law School and was having some success in athletics.

Two weeks after entering college Lucy was home on two weeks’ suspension, a feat that staggered June, remembering how Lucy’s mother had behaved at college. This was so unexpected.

“Tell me what happened?”

Her pink-faced granddaughter said, “I was caught in bed in rather embarrassing circumstances with the chaplain’s wife.”

“Oh god,” June croaked. “By whom?”

“The chaplain and his mother.”

June’s eyes rolled up and she staggered but grabbed a door handle and to steady herself.

“Then why haven’t you been expelled?”

“I was there by invitation. Mrs Mann was ordered to leave the college and her husband resigned and disappeared. I nodded when I was asked by the disciplinary committee chairwoman had I come under the perverse influence of an older woman and had weakly acquiesced. That nod saved my hide, I believe.”

“Why did you accept that woman’s invitation?”

“Mrs Mann is voluptuous and has a racy personality. She’d told me her best fucks had been with other women. I found that claim irresistible and I wanted her. You knew I wasn’t a virgin.”

“Yes but that was with guys. This is… oh dear.”

“Come on mom, lighten up.”

It was the first time Lucy had called June mom. They looked at each other in shock.

June held out her arms and Lucy went in for the hug.

“Please darling, don’t call me mom. When you want to go beyond June just call me Gran or Nan.”

“Okay. Gran sounds more positive.”

Gran waited for the next dollop of bad news and didn’t have to wait too long.

Lucy arrived home four months later and sighed, “Gran I’m pregnant.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes and it’s been medically confirmed. I have no idea who the father is.”

“How could you not know?”

“I’ve stayed away from females but there have been guys galore wanting a piece of me.”

June held out her arms. “You best leave college and return here.”

“Oh no. At least five of us are pregnant. It could be to the same guy. Some of them have testicles the size of tennis balls.”

June winced.

“How will you manage?”

“The college is obliged to support us providing we accept counseling and remain cooperative and I intend doing that but I’ll only engage in protected sex from now on. My timing is great. My baby will be born during the summer break.”

Jude was born a redhead, lovely and healthy. Her great-gran adored her. Her mom had transferred to the local college to continue her studies for a business management degree.

It became history repeating itself for the aging great-grandmother. When Jude was thirteen Lucy visited and said, “Neville and I are unable to handle Jude. She is in danger of ruining our marriage and Neville is scared of her. Can she come and live with you from after school Fridays to Monday mornings when she goes off to school? That would give Neville and I quality time to ourselves.”

Leaning on her walking stick June said, “I would like nothing better but first I’ll need to sit down with Jude and establish agreement on some house rules.”

“Rules? Jude hasn’t the faintest what they are.”

“I know dear and not being overly critical I have to say that’s an example of weak mothering, inherited. Well Jude’s real education is about to commence.”


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