Şubat 28, 2024

Coming Home

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I feel like a teenager again as I drive along this all too familiar road. One I used to drive along with various friends and boyfriends in my youth. I don’t remember feeling as nervous back then, even as a passenger taking bends far too fast. Right now, my stomach is in knots, my heart is pounding hard in my chest, so hard I can feel it in my throat. This long road has many memories attached, none of which are attached to him. Of all the journeys this road has been a part of, that is has sent me on; I never would have imagined driving along this road to do what I am about to do. My life isn’t here anymore, it hasn’t been for many years. As I drive, ghostly memories pop up, but I barely give them credence, my mind is focussed on him. On us.

As I draw closer to the hotel where we have agreed to meet the mixture of nervous excitement grows stronger. I am flustered. I shuffle in my car seat as I drive. My pussy is already wet in anticipation of the next few hours. My sweaty palms grip the wheel and I force myself to sing along loudly to the song playing in my car. I’ve listened to songs from our playlist all the way here. The one that’s currently playing is our song. This time, finally, I am eleven minutes away, but I will get to him. This time, finally, we don’t have to just imagine, long and want. We get to be together.

I turn into the car park and I see his car. My heart leaps, my stomach tightens. He’s here. Fuck, this is going to happen. He hasn’t backed out. I don’t park by his car, just in case. Once I’ve parked, I sit for a few moments and compose myself. My heart cannot beat any quicker, I hold my hand to my chest and feel it hammer against my fingers. I breathe in and close my eyes. I count to seven and then slowly exhale my breath counting to ten. I do this a few times, I need to calm down. Does he feel the same? I wonder.

I think of him in the hotel room, knowing now is the time I said I would be here. I picture him wondering if I’m here. Checking his phone, waiting nervously for my call. His hands shaky with nerves and palms as sweaty as mine. We know we shouldn’t be doing this. We have tried for months to talk ourselves out of it whilst talking ourselves right back into it. We are selfish people for being here, we both know we are but, and there is a big but, we need this. I can’t remember the last day I did not think about him. That I didn’t waste hours of my day disappearing into endless daydreams of us, fucking. We need to fuck each other so desperately, the urge, the desire, the attraction. It’s too strong, we need this.

I inhale and exhale one more time and get out of my car. I don’t call him yet. I walk nervously yet purposefully across the car park towards reception. Once through the doors, I glance around for the toilets and head directly there. I want to freshen up from the journey, I still need to compose myself but most importantly, when he runs his hands up my thighs and under my dress, I want him to find I am wearing no knickers. I push them into my handbag and take out my phone. I find his number. My heart thuds, I can hear my heartbeat in my ears, my finger shakily hovers over the call button before I touch it.

Just hearing his voice, the accent that makes me feel at home, my nerves evaporate. I feel them simmer away into feelings of sheer excitement. He’s coming down to meet me, this is happening. In a few moments, my lips are finally going to meet his and stay there for as long as we want them too. No need for quick stolen kisses my lips barely register today.

I wait by the lift, watching the green digit count down to zero. I watch the zero turn to an arrow. I hear the door ping and my chest tightens as the door begins to slide open.

And there he is.

A broad smile erupts across my face as I see the smile on his. I feel myself melt, as I always do these days when I’m around him, especially when he looks at me exactly how he is looking at me right now. I stifle the girly giggle that always wants to escape when he looks at me like this. I don’t need to flirt with him right now. I need to kiss him.

We don’t speak, or if he does, I don’t pay any attention to it. I am focussed on only one thing. I enter the lift and push straight up against him, his arms wrap instinctively around me as we start to kiss. The doors shut behind me, but we don’t move. We carry on kissing. I told myself I’d kiss him gently at first so I could savour the feeling of his lips and his tongue meeting mine properly, for the first time, so I could remember what it felt like. I failed. I do know kissing him feels as good as I knew it would. All that energy that sparks between us every time we meet that we can usually do nothing about, that we always have to bury, is finally getting to be released. I cannot kiss him hard enough. Our hunger for each other makes us kiss fast and eager. The magnetic energy that draws us together finally starting to form as one. We know, we can feel it. This is right, we need this. His hands grip my bum firm as we kiss and then they start to move exactly where I hoped they would, antep escort down to my thighs. I slow down our kiss as his hand’s stroke up my thighs and under my dress. I want to see his face. I carry on kissing him gently as his fingers find the tops of my stockings and then, as they stroke higher to the tops of my thighs that are already coated in pussy juice, I pull my face slightly back in time for him to gasp into my mouth.

‘Fucking hell!’ he says breathlessly.

I smile momentarily but it is stopped by him pulling me back into a passionate kiss as he lets his fingers explore my pussy for the first time. The permanent ache that has been between my legs all journey starts to ease as his fingers push inside me and then move to my clit. And it’s my turn to pause the kiss to gasp into his mouth as his fingers circle lightly at first then push firmer. Fuck, I could let him make me come now, in the lift.

In the lift. I remember where we are and bolt out of my trance.

‘We haven’t pressed a button,’ I say, ‘We’re still in reception.’

‘Shit,’ he breathlessly chuckles and leans around me to press a button. And then fumbles for his key card when the lift refuses to move. It cools the moment and we spend the short journey to the sixth floor and the short walk to his room chatting, joking and laughing. I notice his hand remains firmly on my bum the whole time, his fingers snaking over my cheek to the back of my thigh. It keeps the raw energy between us, and I know I have absolutely no doubts anymore.

When we reach his room, he takes my hand instead as he opens the door. I follow him inside. We don’t leave much distance between our bodies. He reaches his arm through mine to shut the door behind me and push me back against the door as he does it. Our lips are once again united in a powerful kiss as he moves the hand he is holding to the prominent bulge in his trousers. How I have longed to feel his cock again. The brief moment I had stroked it through his shorts last summer and had to stop abruptly when neither of us wanted to, had held firm in my memory for a long time after. I don’t want to feel it through his trousers.

I move my hands to unbutton and unzip his trousers, I tug at them to let them start to fall to the floor. He responds by pulling my dress up my body, I stand back to let him pull it over my head. He stands back to look at me, I watch the look in his eyes and the shake of his head and know he likes what he sees. He pulls his t-shirt over his head before kissing me again. I pull down his shorts as he undoes my bra. As he slides the straps down my arms, we step back from each other slightly, my eyes head straight to his hard cock as his head straight to my tits. I know he loves my tits. His hands cup them first, his thumb grazing over my erect nipple. He makes content noises as he lowers his head to suck each nipple in turn. I reach my hand between us and instantly find his cock. I relish in the feeling of finally getting to touch him. I wrap my fingers around the tip and slide his foreskin back and then forward and then back and this time I move my hand to stroke his whole length.

I move my hand back toward the tip, I circle my thumb over his helmet, it’s wet with precum and I am overwhelmed by the desire to taste him. I begin to lower my body forcing him to release my nipple from his mouth. I drop to my knees and bring his cock toward my open mouth. As I circle my tongue over his helmet, my hand stroking his cock as I lick, I gaze up at him. He holds my gaze and moans gently as I slide my lips down his cock, letting the tip rest for a second at the back of my throat before sliding them back up. I circle his helmet with my tongue again and then suck him fully back into my mouth. I repeat the action each time quicker than the last until I reach a sucking motion. I keep the tip of his cock toward my throat and suck him, massaging the thick vein of his cock with my tongue. I take him to the point he tells me to stop. As much as I want to taste his come, as much as I know how much he wants me to swallow his come, not yet.

He pulls back and pulls me up with him. He pulls me into him and kisses me. As we kiss, we kick off our shoes, he pulls off his socks and releases his ankles from his trousers and shorts. Then he leads me over to the bed. He’s grinning at me and his eyes are giving me that look again. My pussy instantly tightens and aches as he edges me back onto the bed. I lie on my back and shuffle backwards. He climbs on the bed, his hands push my thighs apart as he lowers his face between my knees. He kisses up my thighs first, small gentle kisses up the inner thigh of my right leg. His face grazes past my pussy and I think he’s going to lick me, but he doesn’t. He kisses over my stomach and down, toward my neatly trimmed pussy. He kisses over the bare skin and stops to let his fingers stroke the small patch of hair I leave before returning his kisses to my mound and over to my other thigh. I watch him delight in enjoying my body for the first time. We’re not in a rush but my clit throbs for his touch. The more he teases me the harder it gets. I feel it pulse as once again his face hovers above my pussy, his breath warm on my lips. He pulls my lips slightly apart with his fingers and blows on my clit. A small moan escapes my mouth. I resist the urge to grab his head and push his face into my pussy and hold him there till he makes me come.

He blows again and pushes one, then two fingers inside me. He pushes further inside me till he finds the spot he was looking for. He knows he has found it when my hips push against his hand.

“Fuck!” I moan.

He chuckles through a broad grin and pushes harder. We hold our gaze until he has me writhing on his hand and panting then he lowers his face and I feel the first lick of his tongue on my throbbing clit.

I make some garbled, squeaked noises that resemble words but are not fully formed as I gasp and moan with pleasure. The sudden relief I feel in my clit does not last long as a force begins to build rapidly behind it, waiting for the right time to thunder forward and rip through my body. His licks and sucks kept me teetering on the edge of orgasm, but his fingers began to push me over the edge.

I feel a sudden force erupt inside me, I hear him groan and feel his tongue move from my clit to my pussy lips. As he removes his hand a gush of my juices come with it that he eagerly laps up. I lie letting the feelings rush through me knowing I’m not done. There is still a pressure behind my clit that needs release. His tongue teases my pussy exquisitely and as soon as it reaches my clit I flinch with delight. His lips suck my clit into his mouth and then a flutter of his tongue and then he sucks it again and I explode. My thighs tighten momentarily around his ears as my hips buck against his face and I let out a long, loud moan as my orgasm races around my body.

He moves to hover above me, a wicked smile on his face. He looks pleased with himself. I breathlessly giggle as I regain composure.

‘Wow,’ I manage to utter.

‘Just, wow, that’s all you’ve got?’ he teases before leaning down to kiss me. I can taste my juices on his lips and smell the faint trace of my pussy in his stubble. I let my legs drop wide to the side, he lowers his hips and I feel his hard cock slide over my sensitive pussy.

‘I need to be inside you,’ he says, barely moving his lips off mine.

I don’t speak, I kiss him instead and wrap my legs around his bum. He adjusts his hips and lets his cock find its position. I adjust my hips to help and his cock quickly finds where it needs to be. We stop kissing and hold a long gaze as he pushes inside me, slowly at first, until he is fully inside me. I feel his balls soft against my bum cheeks, he slides partially out and pushes quickly back inside me, slapping his body against mine. Then, he grabs my leg and pushes it back, holding it firm against his shoulder and after a short pause, he starts to fuck me. I shut my eyes and enjoy the feeling as he pounds into me, his cock pushing deep inside me, hard fast strokes. Our bodies rocking together with his rhythm. I am still slightly giddy from the orgasm he has just given me, I can feel my pussy pulsing and fluttering on his cock. Every nerve ending in my body is alert and firing.

And suddenly, he lifts his head from its bowed position to look down on me. We hold a gaze that speaks volumes of unsaid words. I move my other leg and he grabs it and holds it firmly against his other shoulder. He holds me and thrusts hard and fast inside me. He is so deep, each thrust sends a powerful rush through my body. We pant and gasp in unison. Occasionally we share a look, a moment, then we glaze over and lose ourselves to the pleasure we are obviously both feeling. I shut my eyes and enjoy feeling every feeling in my body and the shared energy between us. The connection so strong, multiplied, exaggerated tenfold. I sense he must be about to come, I long to feel him come. I have heard him come, I have never seen him come, I’ve never felt him come. I don’t know his signs, I can’t read his body yet. We have all this to learn about each other. I am enjoying learning this about each other.

A few more thrusts and I feel his body tense, his grip tightens momentarily on my legs.

‘I’m coming,’ he mutters through breathless moans. His final thrusts strong at first then slowing as he pumps inside me. I feel his warm come filling me, spurt after spurt. He gasps and pants until he regains himself. He loosens his grip on my legs. I let them drop to the side.

‘Fuck, that was amazing,’ he says.

I giggle, ‘it was.’

Eventually, he releases his cock bringing a gush of shared gooey liquid with it. He moves to lie by the side of me. We wrap our arms and legs around each other and kiss until we both come back down to earth.

I put my hand between my legs and push two fingers inside my pussy. He is grinning at me as I look at him, smiling. I suck one finger into my mouth.

‘I needed to taste you, even if it is you mixed with me,’ I say.

I point the other finger at him, and he sucks it into his mouth.

‘You’re fucking filthy, I love it,’ he says before drawing me into another long kiss.

We lie side by side on the bed talking, laughing, touching. My head mostly on his chest, our legs entwined. I occasionally pull back to look at him as we speak but then place it back. My hands stroke his body as we talk. His hands stroke mine. I subconsciously stroke his cock as we talk. His cock is still semi-hard, it takes very little stroking to get him fully erect. I look down at his handsome cock, his helmet appearing and disappearing between my clenched fist and his foreskin. I play with him, mesmerised just watching.

We don’t notice, but we stop talking. I lick my tongue over his nipple as I play with his cock. Then suck it before I begin to kiss down over his stomach. My tongue meets my hand and licks over his helmet as it pokes through my fist. The next time, I pull my hand down further and lick his helmet properly. Spending time wrapping my tongue around the tip of his cock. He tastes of sex. It is delicious. I lick and suck and clean his cock of any traces of us before moving to straddle his hips. He is rock hard again and I need to feel him inside me.

I lean forward and kiss him, letting my pussy sit over the length of his cock. I rock my hips and let my lips slide along his length while we kiss. His arms wrap around me and stroke over my back and bum as we kiss. We stay like that for a short while before I lift from his embrace. I hover above him and reach a hand between our bodies to hold his cock. Then, I lower my hips, letting the tip of his cock sit just inside my pussy for a moment before I release him and let my pussy lips slide down his length. I place my hands on his chest and look down at him smiling. I began to rock my hips slowly at first, letting his cock slide in and out of me. Then I gradually speed up until I have reached a good, hard rhythm. I lower my head as our bodies smash together.

I don’t fuck him too hard for too long. I let my hips slide off his cock and I kiss him before turning around. I hold his thighs firm as I slide back down his cock and instantly begin slow, deliberate movements. He moves his hand to the small of my back then gives my bum a gentle squeeze as I fuck him. I feel his finger creep to the crack of my arse, I pause momentarily as he plays with my arsehole teasing the opening with his finger before pushing it slowly inside. It feels exquisite. I’m tempted to slide my pussy off his cock and let his cock sink inside my arse, but I don’t. Instead, I begin to slide my pussy off his cock, up over his stomach and chest until my pussy pushes up against his face. I eagerly await the flick of his tongue, he doesn’t leave me waiting long. I push further back as his tongue gets to work, long licks over my lips and clit. I lower and take his cock into my mouth licking and kissing along his length and then the helmet first before drawing him fully into my mouth. I suck him harder as his tongue brings me closer to orgasm, and as I come my muffled moans ripple down his cock. I need him to fuck me, I need him to feel the pulses of my pussy, I want my pussy to milk him, I want his come inside me for the second time today.

I move forward off his body and kneel on all fours on the bed. I face the mirror above the desk at the foot of the bed. I watch him lift himself off the bed and come to position himself behind me. I watch the look on his face as he relishes in sinking his cock back deep inside me. Then I watch him fuck me until the power of his thrusts make me bow my head into the bed. He holds my hips firm with one hand and pushes on the small of my back with the other. He fucks me hard, his cock so deep knocking into my inner walls, hitting that spot inside me again that makes me squirt. I can’t control it, but I sense when it’s going to happen, and I can feel at any minute I’m going to coat his cock in thick white juices. As I groan through my second orgasm, my pussy pulsing and squirting on his cock I listen to his moans and then I feel him come for the second time mixing his thick white goo with mine.

He wraps his arms around my chest and pulls me up and back into his arms. He gently kisses my neck and shoulders as he caresses my tits. Eventually, we collapse back on to the bed. This time we are spent. We know there will be no more today. Sadly, we also know we are running out of time. Soon we are both going to have to leave. We lie wrapped in each other’s arms willing time to stand still. It refuses to obey.

Reluctantly the time comes when we need to leave. Having showered away any traces of our misspent afternoon we leave together. A couple more stolen kisses later I am back in my car heading home. I don’t grip the wheel tight this time. There’s no heart racing, no nervous feelings. The broad grin on my face keeps erupting into bouts of giggles as I replay the afternoon in my head. I feel so light I could be floating above the car seat. I know there’s a low around the corner that this high won’t last and at some point, the guilt of our decision will set in but for now, I drive slowly and enjoy every second of how good he made me feel.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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