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College Days Ch. 02

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Legs Open

After returning home from fucking Priya, the first total sexual experience of my nineteen years of life, I was in a daze. I was trying to relive the sensation of the touch: the feel of her nude body rubbing mine, her breath on my face and chest, her nipples in my mouth, her lips rubbing my mouth and face, her nails digging my back, her tongue lashing my tongue, her breasts rubbing my chest, and her pussy engulfing my manhood, my cock rubbing her inner walls, the explosion of the sensations, the orgasmic bliss. I just didn’t want to come out of my daze, and I had a raging hard on. I needed to musterbate, but I knew now that shagging won’t give the pleasure that I seek. Few hours passed by in this daze.

In the early evening, Priya’s father came down, and after small talk with my parents asked me if I can spare some time to provide some tuition to her daughter Priya, like I had last year. I used to teach her at 10:00 pm for an hour or so. I just nodded implying affirmation, was not in a position to talk much, and the time of 10:00 pm was fixed.

Dutifully I knocked the door at ten. I didn’t use to ring the bell as they used to go to sleep early. But that night uncle opened the door and after exchanging greetings and formal smiles he went inside, presumably to sleep. The elder daughter used to sleep in another bedroom (it was actually a balcony converted into a bed room). Priya used to sleep in the couch of her living room, she used to study till late in the night.

I entered the living room. She was strategically sitting on the corner of the sofa which is not directly visible to a person standing just outside the door. Normally I used to sit on the sofa next to her, but tonight I just went to the same sofa and sat beside her. Before she could say anything I took her face in my hands and smooched her. She broke the kiss, pushed me back, rolled her eyes in mock anger and whispered, “Are you crazy! Papa is still awake!” Pointing to the sofa next to her she ordered, still whispering, “Sit there.”

I realized I shouldn’t get carried away just now, and changed my sitting position. I was very lucky: as soon as I had opened the maths text book and Priya had spread some papers on the sofa and the small table in front, her dad walked in with a couple of water bottles. After casually inspecting us, and putting those bottles on the table, he smiled “Good night!” and went to sleep.

After a few minutes of mathematical talk, pretending that we are indeed teaching and learning, I looked into her eyes and asked, “Why did you call me?”

“Because I needed to talk to you,” she replied, her eyes darting towards the door.

“I also need to tell you something,” I said. “What?” she asked.

“You are very pretty, and very very sexy,” I said, observing her closely. She was wearing loose skirt and a top with buttons at front.

“Dhat, nonsense!” she replied, slapping my wrist. Her fingers lingered on my wrist for a couple of unnecessary seconds and I caught her hands in mine. While looking at her eyes I brought her hand to my lips kissing the back of her hand like they did in those old English movies. She gave a smouldering look and slid her hand back. The bangles of her hands were making noise. I causally took her hand again, pulled her forward, slid the bangles slowly out of her wrist. The whole action was so slow and deliberate. I was rubbing bahis firmaları her arm, her palm, her fingers, and finally the bangles slid out. With one hand I put them on the table in front, and with the other hand I brought her left hand close to my mouth. Pausing for a moment with her hand near my lips, I kissed her palms, with my tongue sliding out and licking her palm and fingers. I even took one of the fingers in my mouth and started sucking it. She gave a naughty look and to ensure that I let go of her hand she gave a jerk to her other hand, and the bangles in that hand made a soft noise.

I let go of the left hand that I was kissing, and took her right hand and repeated the action. When I was kissing the right palm and licking the fingers, she put her left hand on my mouth to stop them, and said, “Bas, aur nahi. (That’s it, no more.)”

I took both her hands in mine, and pulled her forward. She nearly fell on me. Trying to balance herself she held her position just away from me, which was very uncomfortable for her. With her balancing herself in the position I pushed my mouth on her mouth, smooching her. For a few seconds she balanced herself, her body in air in front of me, pulled above the sofa, and our mouths kissing. Then she had to let go, and fell on me, with a soft thud. Her fall pushed me back, breaking our kiss. She gave a triumphant smile because she was able to break my kiss.

As she was pulling herself away from me back on to her sofa, I pulled her again, on top of me. Her face was snuggling my neck, and my mouth rested beneath her earlobes, sucking softly her skin there. It was a bit uncomfortable, so I sat straight. I tried to make her sit on my lap with her legs around my waist. She couldn’t resist much as we would be creating a lot of noise. Finally she was sitting my lap, astride me. Her skirt was pulled up to her waist and I could glimpse her black panties. I run my fingers on her shoulder and neck, and softly kissed her ear lobes, one followed by the other. She rested her head on my shoulders, and whispered,”What if we get caught?”

I said, “I can hear your father snoring in the next room.”

She giggled and said,”What if Didi (elder sister) comes?”

I said,”We will hear her, and don’t tell me you can’t pacify your didi! She is getting married, she will understand.” (Didi was actually having an affair with her boyfriend and was getting married to her soon.)

“Badmash (Naughty)!” She softly slapped and bit my cheeks, pulled my ear, as if admonishing me, and then bit my ear lobes. I guided her face to my mouth, and kissed her deep. She hummed and moaned softly, letting my lips pry open her lips and eat her mouth. Slowly my tongue slid inside her mouth. My tongue explored her mouth: touching her lips, licking inside her lips, rubbing her teeth and feeling her inner cheeks. Her tongue also sought mine. Our tongues lashed at each other and then stared a duel. My hands meanwhile were rubbing her back. I realized that she didn’t have any bra on and slid my hands inside her top from the back, feeling her warm soft skin on my fingers and palm. She was running her hands on my upper neck, shoulders and back. Then, she also slid her hands under my tee shirt from the waist up and rubbed her hands on my back.

We were kissing, necking is the proper word. My mouth explored the skin of her neck, shoulders, ear lobes, kaçak iddaa cheeks, chin, and also her nose. She kissed my forehead, and eyes. I did the same. And then we started smooching again. This time it was really a wet sloppy smooch, and our tongues were dueling with relish.

Then she broke the kiss, and said, “Bas, aur nahi (That’s it, no more).”

In response I coolly opened the buttons of her shirt, relieving her boobs with stiff nipples that were straining to get free. She tried to stop me, I held both hands with my right hand and opened the buttons with my left hand, and slid my mouth inside, licking her cleavage. I felt her breath stopping for a few seconds. I let go of her hands, opened her shirt further and took her right nipple in my mouth, sucking hard, with her nipple between my teeth, softly biting. I heard her intake her breath sharply and she put her hands on my head and pushed it on her boobs. I sucked, nibbled and licked the whole of her right breast. She was now arching back, pushing her chest on my mouth. I looked up at her, she looked down at me, and I said,”You know what I love about you?”

“What?” she asked, her voice was a bit hoarse.

Giving her boobs some wet kisses I said,”That you always remove your bra before meeting me.” I looked up to see her face turning purple.

“It means, that you love your boobs to be eaten by me,” I said. And went on to eat her boobs, smashing them with my hands and mouth, pumping, eating, kissing, licking….

“Yes, I do, darling…”, she mumbled between her heavy breaths. Her looks were burning me now.

“I need to fuck you now, darling,” I said. First time in my life I uttered the world darling. She looked at me, then jumped away from me. With her shirt open from front, her boobs hanging out, she ran to the door, closed it, and bolted it from inside. Then, panting, she went to the couch in front of the sofa, carrying the bangles from table and tucking them behind the cushion, all the while looking at me with eyes that were lighting fire inside me all over, especially my cock. If eyes can say “Fuck me!”, her eyes were screaming and begging “Fuck me now and do it hard!”

I could hear her father’s snoring before the door closed, now the sound was not that loud. “What if they wake up and ask why the door is closed?” I asked while moving to the couch, all my clothes were now lying on the floor.

She was lying on her back, with her hands she pulled my shoulder hard, down on her, and said,”I’ll say his snoring was disturbing us.” Not bothering to analyse if the excuse was strong or weak, I got on top of her, and pushed my cock between her legs. We were dying to fuck, and fuck hard. She opened her legs and put them round my waist. Her pussy opened like a blooming flower, her pre cum oozing out of her cunt lips. I rubbed my cock on her clitoris, and she tossed her head and moaned silently. Then she took my cock in her hand, stroked it a couple of times, and guided it inside.

This was the second time I was inside a cunt, her cunt, and this was infinitely better than the first time. I could feel her inner skin rubbing my cock head, her muscles clasping my cock squeezing it, milking it. And I rode her hard. She was pushing her crotch up to match my strokes. I was pulling out, and pushing in… it was raw, hard, lusty fuck… and it lasted I don’t know how long… until kaçak bahis suddenly she stopped moving. I realized her cunt was milking my cock, she was squeezing hard with her inner muscles, but was not moving her crotch. Her mouth wide open, her eyes closed tight, she gave a long groan. I shut her mouth with mine till her groan lasted. She was cumming, with her legs tight around my waist.

She lay quietly, catching her breath, with my hard cock nestled inside her cunt. Her cunt didn’t lose hold of my cock, as she opened her eyes and looked at me with the most tender and exalted look a girl can give. I kissed her softly, and said, “picture abhi baaki hai, meri jaan! (The story is still unfinished, my darling!)” She moaned softly, hugged me tight and said,”aur payar karo mujhe. (make more love to me.)”

I slid half my cock out and slowly pushed back, and repeated slowly. Gradually she started responding to my move. I started fucking hard fast again.

‘Hmmmm….’ I groaned,’ I love it inside you…mmm…’ My hands were mauling her boobs, and mouth was on her mouth.

Her hands was clutching my ass cheeks and pushing them down on her crotch.

We were panting, and managed to talk dirty between our huffing and puffing.

“Tu ganda ladka hai (You are a dirty boy), jab bhi ata hai mujhe chodta hai (whenever you come you fuck me),” she said.

“Tu gandi ladki hai, main jab bhi ata hoon tu mujhse apna choot chudwati hai (You area a dirty girl, whenever I come to your place you get your cunt fucked by me),” I said.

“Tu chod mujhe (You fuck me),” she said.

“Main ragad ragad ke chodunga tujhe (I’ll rub hard and fuck you),” I said.

And we continued humping each other.

She was crushing my back with her nails, and our mouths were eating each other. I was scared she will shout, so I made sure my mouth closed her mouth, and were biting each other mercilessly… eating each other hungrily… and sucking each other thirstily… all the while fucking each other lustily. Until I felt the pressure building in my balls, and pushing it deep in her, she was all wet, having cummed once already, she let me in, pushed her crotch up, and milked my cock as it sprayed jet after jet of hot cum in her…

The feeling was agonizingly exquisite. I wanted to crush her with my cock spraying inside. She was letting her cum flow while squeezing my cock with all her might. With our mouths clamped together, we were groaning to each other, until our grasps relaxed.

Finally I slumped beside her. She lay next to me, our bodies softly rubbing each other, and our mouths still softly kissing each other. Then she finally said,”You should go now.” We realized it was well past eleven, and our maths tuition shouldn’t not last any longer.

While getting dressed I realized that the snoring in the next room had stopped, so I quickly made sure that the books and papers on the table should look natural enough to show that we were studying. she softly opened the door, and took the cloth covering the couch to dump it for washing, it was wet with our cum. While going out, the last thing I said (at the door) was,” By the way, why did you call me for tuition tonight?”

She smiled and said,”I wanted to tell you that I will not do it again with you!”

“Uh huh…” I muttered.

“Yes, that’s what I wanted to tell and end everything between us,” smiling that smile that girls give which can mean anything and everything, she pushed me and shut the door. I slowly climbed down the stairs, wondering about the day, and what a landmark day it was in my life…

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