Şubat 28, 2024

Coffee Shop – Memoirs Pt. 01

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These are the memories from my past that always stick in my mind, especially I use these for self pleasure.

This is going back to when I earned my first bachelor pad in London just off the beat and track in west. The place was smallish but it was a step in the right direction, pretty cheap for the time and also had it’s own garage in the basement with it’s own private door.

I started to get a little bit experimental at this time in my life and didn’t really know I was into BDSM at the time. A female friend told me about it but I was still a little bit unsure how I felt.

Until one day I was getting my usual coffee from just across the road and a new girl had started. She was very much my type. Just everything about her made me want to grab her and fuck her there and then, especially those eyes.

I guess you could say that our first meeting was very forward and I gave her my phone number straight away. Her cute face just lit up and that smile just said everything about her kinky side.

Nothing else was said much other than her handing me my change and then the coffee with a wink. As I turned she said “call you later”.

I ran across the road and turned noticing that she was watching me from the glass window as I went into my flat, my cock was a semi at this point, I knew she was checking me out and for some reason that was turning me on. She was clearly looking at my tight ass as I ran across the road.

The next couple of hours went past and I just didn’t think anything of it but I look out of my window and she was still there at the coffee shop. It was a hot day and she has loosened her blouse. From the high up angle that I was at I could see a little bit of cleavage as she bent over slightly to give the customers change. This was starting to seriously turn me on slightly, blissfully knowing she is unaware, almost voyeuristic. It would be wrong to just play with my cock right now over her but I’m stopping myself from doing it especially now as she starts to play with her hair.

I have to walk away and stop thinking about this.

A few more hours go past and I’ve passed the time away with some frustrating paperwork. I just look out of the window just one last time and notice that she is the only one there and she is cleaning up.

She starts to sweep up and then goes to the door and flips the sign over to say “Closed”.

The lights start to go out and it’s completely dark in there. I’m a little bit dejected at this point as all antep escort sorts of fantasies are going off in my head. I seriously want to see her again, grab that body and just fuck her senseless.

I walk back to the paperwork and start to look over it again, I’m still turned on and really want to just wank over her, but I need to get my work done first before I do anything.

My phone buzzes, a text from an unknown number.

“Hey, I know you’ve been watching me all day, how about you look over to the coffee shop on last time ;)”

I walk to the window and look across to a dead street, not even a car driving past. A light switches on in the back of the coffee shop and there she is as a naked silhouette just walking towards the window.

I then receive another text.

“Fancy a fuck?”

There she is stood at glass door of the coffee shot begging me in.

I place my phone down look at myself in the mirror and check to see if I’m still smart enough to go down. I spray some deodorant and some aftershave, slide my tie back on, pat down my jacket and walk down the stairs.

Another text comes in from her:

“doors open. ;)”

I’m outside the flat looking across at the Coffee Shop and she’s gone. It’s complete darkness. I cautiously walk to the front door and slowly open it.

“Hello?” I say as the door opens and I confidently step in.

I catch a glimpse of her sat in a chair masturbating slowly and playing with her breasts.

“Lock the door” she says as she gasps out a loud moan as she puts two fingers inside herself.

I lock the door as it’s one of those easy deadlock doors and walk towards her.

“Like what you see?” she says removing her fingers from her very wet pussy and then licking off the juices slowly from her two fingers as she squeezes her left nipple. My cock is now so hard, I start to loosen my tie and take my jacket off.

“Tie only leave the rest on. Tie me to this chair.” She places her hands down by the side of the chair. I start to loop my tie around her wrists and then to the legs of the chair. I then tighten it and tighten even harder, she giggles and then moans as I do and gets even more wet, her nipples now so hard.

I start to tie her ankles as well, as I do she starts to moan, looking at me she looks like she’s on the brink of cumming.

“I’m surprised you weren’t wanking over me all through the day. I know if I could I would have been just playing at the counter while I saw you watching me. Or maybe I did a little.” She says with a twinkle in her eye.

I’m taken back a little bit by the forwardness but at the same time so turned on.

“I’m surprised you didn’t texted me sooner, I could have relieved that itch for you sooner.” I say as she if firmly tied up. I look over to the coffee machine and have an idea.

She looks at me and waits in anticipation as she watches me.

“What are you doing?” She asks as she tries to move around to get a better view. “Hey!”

I loosen my belt as I set the coffee grinder to go and walk slowly over to her. I take my belt off and wrap it around her mouth as a gag. She moans but with pleasure, I can feel her heart racing.

“Shhhh! Trust me.” I say as I pick up an espresso cup and then take the coffee powder through to the hot water. It drips into the cup steaming as it does. I wait until the cup is half full and stop the steaming hot water pouring in, grabbing the cup and watching it slosh around the pure dark thick liquid as each time it hits the sides more steam escapes.

I stand over her as she quivers with a smile and a giggle. I tip the cup as and leg a drop of the pure boiling hot coffee drop from the lip on the her bare chest.

She moans so much and squirms around as another droplet falls from the cup hitting her nipple. Her eyes roll back as she feels the pain and pleasure.

Another drop splashes right down the centre and then rolls down her body. I place the cup to one side get on my knees and start to lick where the drops have hit.

“Seems a shame to waste this coffee if I don’t lick it up.”

She starts to relax in the chair as I take her nipple into my mouth, licking around it, flicking it to and from. Grabbing her breast with my hand, cupping the underneath and stroking around. I move on licking around her chest, lightly kissing and gently stroking her breasts.

She watches me in the dark only car head lamps lighting us up for a brief second or two on rare occasions.

A car slowly goes past and she catches a glimpse of the rock hard cock that I’ve got pocking out of my trousers.

I grab the still steaming coffee and start to drip it down her inner thighs. Watching her tense up and shiver in excitement.

5 drops down on thigh and then another 5 down the other, I place the cup to one side and then get down on my knees and begin to lick up the coffee starting furtherest from her pussy working my way to her glistening wet clit.

Then again on the other leg watching her relax and shiver in anticipation. I get close to her pussy and just breath sending her in shivers moaning. She clamps my head in between her thighs and shouts out in a muffled rage for what I can only understand as.

“Just fucking lick me!”

I prise back her legs and then wrap my arms around her legs and press my tongue right against her clit. She gasps and her hands grab the back of the chair legs as I slowly move up. A car head lights go past as I flick up past her clit sending her into shivers. I begin to get faster and faster as she starts to moan out and scream so hard, she’s about to cum.

I feel her clamp her legs around me as she shakes around letting out an almighty orgasm. I stop and look at her in her dazed state, with juices down the chair.

My cock is just so hard I feel like it’s going to explode.

She looks at me and tries to get free. I loosen the belt around her mouth.

“Now it’s just turn, untie me, now!”

I untie her from the chair and she stands up with a little bit of a wobble and then pushes me into the chair.

She comes behind me and unzips my trousers and takes out my cock. Her breasts pushing against my head. She starts to stroke me slowly as she whispers in my ear.

“Tomorrow I want you to watch me at the counter wanking over me. I want you to cum twice into my knickers and then give them to me at the end of the day.”

She walks over to the clothes on the sofa a the back and scrunches up her knickers and then places them into my jacket pocket.

She then straddles me and slides herself over my cock, fuck it feels so good. I start to feel myself explode with precum.

She starts to fuck me harder and faster, I can’t help but grab her body, and start to lick her nipples.

We are both in orgasmic bliss I feel I’ve left myself no room but to cum inside her.

“Oh fuck, I’m Oh..” I grab onto her body.

“Cum inside me please!”

I have no were else to go my load is pumping right into that soft soaking pussy, as she moves her body and pelvis right into my waist and she moans and doesn’t stop, my cock is deep inside and both of us are enjoying every second of it.

She slows down and stops withdrawing my cock. She drips some cum and her juices onto me. I don’t care as that was amazing.

“Remember tomorrow. Now let yourself out.” She says as her hand slides around my chest and leaves me disappearing into the darkness of the back kitchen.

I pick myself up and zip myself up feeling so relieved but wanting more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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