Şubat 28, 2024

Closing Time

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He had worked there a little over a year and half. Tending bar mostly, when it’s slow during the week. She was already working there when he started. They didn’t work together often but knew each other casually. She had blonde hair in a short boyish cut. Between the hair and her diminutive size he always thought of a pixie when he saw her. He had caught her eye, but she never let on. He was tall, maybe a little gangly. Still he was sweet, possibly a bit naive, but she liked that.

Closing time. The last customers wander out and they are alone in the bar, makeshift pool hall. They make small talk as they work. She finishes washing up the glasses and putting them away. He, a few yards away, cleans up a pool table and puts always the cues.

“You want to play a game?” she says.

He smiles, “Sure, what are we playing for?”

She thinks for a moment, “How about the loser performs for the winner.”

He raises an eyebrow and smirks a little. “Performs?” he thinks “No way am I doing karaoke.”

“Eight or nine ball?” he asks as he begins to gather up the balls.

“Its not going to matter lets just get to action quick.” she thinks. “Nine, you can even break.” she says.

“I am not too bad you know.” he warns her.

“Stop talking and break”. She gives him a devious smile that goes unnoticed.

He breaks, leaving everything on the table. He watches her as she lines up her shot. For the first time he notices her body. “Nice ass” he thinks as she bends over to take her shot. She misses. He lines up his shot on the one ball into the side pocket, sinking it easily. The shot on the two is easy and he moves on for the three ball. “Let’s see what kind of concentration he has.” she thinks. As he readies for his shot, she moves into his view at the other end of the table. He sees her movement and takes notice. Leaning on the cue, tuck between her legs and just behind her feet. She rises up on her tip toes, and appears to slide down the cue as it presses between her thighs. “Did I just see that?” he thinks. He goes for three in the corner, but he can’t get that image out of his head. The ball ricochets off the corner of the pocket. “Your turn”, he says. She downs the three, antep escort four, five and six quickly. He realizes now that he’s in trouble. After the seven and eight he finally realizes that he’s been hustled. “Are you ready to perform?” she says as she lines for the final ball. He smiles nervously; she drops the ball in the pocket.

“Show time!” she says. He gives her a quizzical look, he still doesn’t understand. She laughs, “You don’t get it do you?” “I want to see you perform.” She draws out “perform”. “Take your shirt off”, she softly says. He complies and removes the t-shirt. She drinks in the sight of his chest, he’s not overly developed, but he’s firm. She nods, as if instructing him to continue. He closes his eyes and tilts his head back; he can’t believe he’s actually doing this. His fingers slowly work the button fly of his faded jeans. She can see the growing bulge below his underwear now and unconsciously bites her lower lip in anticipation. He sticks his fingers under the waist of his jeans and pushes everything off his hips, revealing what she wants. He looks down at himself and then back at her. Her gaze transfixed on his semi-erection. He leans back against a pool table, and takes himself in his hand. He begins to stroke slowly, feeling himself growing in his hand. He reaches full size, and strokes the entire length, his thumb caressing the top ridge of the glans. She can feel her face getting flush. Her hand wanders up to her face and then slowly down her neck. Her eyes are fixed on his motion. Her fingers trail down her t-shirt, finding a nipple and slowly circling it. She begins to pinch it through the fabric. He begins to pump himself faster. She can hear him breathing harder.

“I think you need a little help.” She says as she walks toward him. She curls one hand around the back of his neck, pulling his head down to her level and kissing him hard. Replaces his hand on his cock with hers and begins to slowly stroke. He looks massive in her small hand and she loves the feel of him throbbing. She releases his neck and slowly drops to her knees.

“Jesus!” he exclaims as her tongue trails up the length of him and flicks at the underside of the head. She takes him in her mouth slowly and looks up at him. He looks down and gazes into her eyes as he disappears into her mouth. She is staring back at him. He lets out a gasp as she lets the head escape from her mouth and draws it back in again quickly. Her hand begins to slowly pump the base of his cock as her mouth works the head. His body has gone limp and he supports himself with his hands as he leans against the end of the table. He lets out a whimper as she releases him and stands up. He gives her a pleading look as she strips off her t-shirt exposing her small breasts. “Time for you to check out my new wax job.” she says with an evil grin. She unbuttons her jeans and swings her hips from side to side as she pushes the jeans and panties down. He can’t believe how incredibly erotic it is watching her strip. She kicks the jeans and panties to the side and hops up on the end of the table. She motions for him. At first he does not move, just continues to drink in her nakedness. Finally he snaps out of it and walks toward her. She spreads her legs for him and he drops to his knees. He wastes no time in tasting her completely smooth mound. She’s startled by his impulsiveness at first, then twists her fingers into his hair and pulls him further into her. She can feel him kissing her folds, drawing them into his mouth. His tongue slides up and down between them. Then it’s inside of her. His tongue is quickly replaced by a finger though, and then two. She lets out a loud gasp when he draws her clit into his mouth. She leans back on one elbow and tightens her thighs around his head. She bucks her hips in rhythm with his sucking.

“Shit! I need you inside me.” She blurts in a hurried voice. She releases his head from her grasp and pulls legs up towards her chest. He stands up and pushes his jeans down further and kicks them off. Her ass rests at the edge of end rail, that bare mound beckoning his cock. He lays his cock against her folds; it slides around in her juices and his own saliva. It pushes against her clit a few times, causing a buzzing in her head. Finally he finds the mark and thrusts inside of her. He wraps his arms around the underside of her raised thighs and pulls himself in deeply. His thrusts become faster and more forceful. She can feel the head of his cock running against the top side of her sheath and hear his balls slapping against her ass. She reaches between her legs, groping for her clit. She finds it and rubs excitedly. He’s excited by watching her play with herself and pushes deeper. Her hips begin to buck and he feels her legs twisting in her arms. Her fingers move faster and he can feel her start to spasm around him. “Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!” she screams, her spastic movements finally dieing down. She opens her eyes and smiles at him. She pulls her knees back further into her chest and plants her feet firmly in his chest. She then straightens her legs out, pushing him out of her and away.

“Wait!” he shouts. She laughs at him and says “Go sit in the chair.” He looks behind him and sees one of the bar chairs and does as he is instructed. She follows him and straddles him once he is seated. She takes his cock in her hand guiding him to her entrance. She lets the head dip in and out of her a few times before sliding all the way down it. She is sitting in his lap now, facing him. She puts both hands and his face and kisses him hard. Her hips thrusting back and forth. He feels her tighten, pull and then release around his cock, like her pussy is sucking him. His hands find her ass and his fingers dig in. He helps with the motion of her hips. His breathing becomes faster and forced. He can feel cum starting to well up in his cock. He pulls away from her kiss and buries his face in her shoulder. Her motions become faster as she anticipates his release. “Awwwww!! Oh fuck!” he yells as feels the cum forced from his cock and into her. He spasms a few times before releasing his grip from her ass and his body begins to go limp. She reaches around herself searching for where he enters her. Her fingers slide down and she cups his balls, stroking the underside with her finger nails. “Such a good boy” she says as she laughs at the drained expression on his face.

She raises herself off of him and backs up. She turns around. He watches her ass bounce as she walks away. She stops where his t-shirt lays and bends over to pick it up. He is mesmerized by the sight. “Put your clothes on!” she says as she throws it at him with a grin. “Work just got a lot more fun.” he thinks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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