Aralık 5, 2023

Cleaning the House with Her Mother

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Jerking Off

Me and my wife, on weekends, we were going to do some house improvement, cleaning, washing and even painting … My mother-in-law decided to help us. She was looking at my short, tight-fitting mother-in-law shaping her pussy that looked quite voluminous, wet shirt and no bra that I saw her with other eyes … But I knew I had to behave. One Saturday, my wife decided to spend the day to go out with a friend and go see some things in the house. I was painting one of the rooms when my mother-in-law arrived saying she would clean the kitchen tiles. Except she changed into a short skirt and a tight blouse well cut … I realized that it would take a lot of concentration to continue painting the walls and not going to look at my mother-in-law in the kitchen. But it was she who asked me to help her clean the higher tiles by pouring water with a hose as she climbed a ladder and was rubbing a broom with cloth. She did not seem to care that she was showing a good part of her ass and her panties tucked into the groove for her future son-in-law … I was trying hard to take my eyes off that spectacle; but I could not. She looked down and caught me turning her face.

– Put Luis! Look right … You’re wetting me more than the wall!

– Sorry … I got distracted!

– Hahahaha! I know what your distraction is … You can look at my ass, you silly; It’s just the two of us and I do not have any problems!

That smile made me a little more comfortable, and I stared at the bulge and the volume formed in the panties where her pussy was. When she came down the stairs again I tried to look away from her breasts that were practically in sight on the wet sweater and glued to her body.

– Our Luis … I’m so ugly so you do not want to look at my body?

That statement made me understand that she was just wanting to show off.

“Neide, it’s the opposite. I do not want to look at you for finding a very attractive woman!”

She took my hand and also looked brazenly at the volume that was in my shorts.

– I loved your compliment … I’m really enjoying being here alone with you!

She took my hand up to her breasts.

“You Kağıthane Escort can squeeze Luis … You do not have to be afraid of me!”

Although I always find her horny, I’ve always had respect for her being very serious. I could not believe that it was happening to me … I felt his chest and I still held the other hand in the other chest.

– But Neide; I do not know if I should do this!

– Yes you can Luis … You can do anything you want with me!

“But she can be here at any moment!”

I was not recognizing my mother-in-law, who took her hand in my crotch holding my hard dick over the fabric of the shorts.

“She’s going to be late; but you only have to lock the door!

I ran to the door of the room, locked the door, and came back still half-shy to the side of my mother-in-law who sat on a step of the stairs.

– Come closer … Let me see this hard thing in your clothes!

Suddenly, it crossed my mind that she might be wanting to test my allegiance to her daughter. She was already pushing the buttons of my shorts and pulling the zipper down.

She down my shorts and my underwear.

“And you’re the only man I can brave to do those things!”

When she held it and was admiring my cock, I decided to forget things a little.

– Oh! Much prettier than I imagined … It’s been so long since I know what to do!

I was frightened when she started to suck me, and at every stop she would tell me that even before the separation she had not had sex with her husband for almost a year. But some sucks said that he thought several times to look for me to get laid; but never had the courage … She stopped sucking, stood up lifting the blouse and touching her breasts in me in a hug.

“I wanted to make me your second best woman.

I was already desperate with that woman in my arms … I gave a squeeze and kissed her on the neck.

– Take off my panties, Luis, take it! … It makes me feel like a woman again!

I fell on my mother-in-law’s breasts and sucking, I went with my hand lifting her skirt and lowering my panties … I had to kneel to Kağıthane Escort Bayan remove my panties and saw before my eyes a fleshy pussy with their flesh very red. She quickly found a way to support her hands on the ladder and pound her ass.

– Get in, Luis, put it in my pussy.

I hooked my mother-in-law by the waist and when I touched my dick I felt her pussy very wet … I started to push in and she just freaked out.

– Hmmm! Hmmm! Get everything; all! Ooooh delicious! That’s it! Stronger; stronger!…

She, with her skirt up on her back and I grabbed her hips with both hands, was pounding as my groin sank into her buttocks.

– Oh my God! Oh my God! I’ll cum! I’ll cum! Aaaahhh! Aaaahhh! …

How wonderful to be pounding and pounding inside her pussy while she screamed like a madwoman she was enjoying. She went to the bathroom and I went to the other room to continue painting the walls. Only half an hour later I went to the kitchen to get some water and she was still rubbing the tiles without using the stairs.

“Everything all right Neide?”

“It’s all good …” And he smiled.

She came over, taking the glass from my hand and drinking.

“I still have no panties, do you want to see?”

It was too much temptation for a man as Christian as I … I resolved to free the damned beast from within me. I hugged my mother-in-law and splashed a kiss on her mouth.

“I want to see you, my dear!”

She clung to my neck kissing my mouth with an impressive eagerness.

– That’s what I need Luis … a man who turns me into a real woman killing my desires!

I helped her take off her blouse and get out … Naked, it was me who sat on the steps of the stairs and pulling at the waist with her back to me.

– Come, my mother-in-law … Come sit on my cock, come!

It was her that holding my pica pointed until she put her pussy and sat down.

– Ooooh how good that is! Hmmm …!

It was her turn to pound her pussy into my dick.

– Enjoy … Enjoy my pussy!

I moaned to support my hands in that ass and I had to hold her by Escort Kağıthane the waist sitting on my cock to enjoy.

– This is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

– Oooooohhhhhh! Me too mmmmmmmmmm …

I had taken a mattress home while it was not furnished, with the excuse it was for if someone got tired I could lie down for a while … I was crazy to have one with my mother-in-law …

– No problem, my love.

I locked the door and grabbed my mother-in-law by giving her a kiss. We lay on the mat and was sucking on her tits when she laughed.

– That Cool; You’re going to have sex with me in the same place that you’re fucking with my daughter!

I kissed his mouth again as she held my piroke.

“You two are the women of my life … It’s a pity I can not have you two together in bed!”

She spread her legs so I could get into her pussy.

– It’s better this way Luis … It is more exciting to know that I climb with my son-in-law without my daughter knowing!

We made a good fuck and then went to do our service. We finished and went to take a shower … Me and my mother-in-law naked in the shower in the biggest grab and getting hard again I went running my hand on his ass and I was not afraid to press the tip of my finger on his ass.

– I’m crazy to eat this little hole, will you?

– Hahahahaha! Are not you going to tell me that you’re trawling my daughter’s ass?

– The mother-in-law … She always left it!

– And you want mine, you naughty little one!

She went down and started a delicious blowjob and then stood again.

“You promise to do it with love … The last time I gave my ass I was still dating!”

– I promise my mother-in-law!

We went back to the mat and she went on all fours with her asshole steaming while she was sprinkling my spine with a lot of saliva … I also got a good wet in her ass and I went calmly. When she started screaming and I had just stuck my head in … For fear that she would give up, I stood and she wiggled.

– Go! Go! Give it all; oooohhhhh! Ooooohhhh! Rip my ass all over.

I pushed until I touched her buttocks … I started a slow back and forth and gradually increased my speed … With every punch I gave, she let out a scream.

– I’m going to die! I’m going to die, my Deusssss! There! There! Aaaaaiiiii! …

It was the best cum I’ve ever had in my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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