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Clarence Gets Some Candy

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Candy was almost finished dressing. She enjoyed being a sexy woman, adjusting the holes in her nylons until they were just right, daintily slipping into those 5 inch stiletto heels. Ripe for sexual adventure Candy closed the door of her old life behind her and started walking sexily down the street.

I’m feeling so horny. That no good boyfriend! Or should I say ex-boyfriend? Downloading all that porn on his computer. How could he watch those ugly old whores when he had a real live beauty like me? I’ll show him. He’ll be sorry he watched those fat old hags getting boinked when he could have had me. I swear: The next guy that has the balls to come on to me is going to become the luckiest guy in the world. I’m going to act like a slut for him and give him sex like he’s never had before…

I turned the corner and an older Black dude gave me a sexy look.

“My my my, you sure are looking good Missy.”

I gave him a sexy pose. “You’re looking pretty good yourself.” I replied.

“Can I axe you a question?”

“Sure, what’s on your mind?”

He introduced himself as Clarence and told me how attractive I was and struck up a conversation. His head was bald with gray around the temples and he had a middle-age gut. I thought he was cute, and besides, he was the first man who payed some attention to me. One thing led to another and I learned that he was a photographer. Anyway, I was hot and he wanted to take some photos of me so we ended up at his studio.

Clarence showed me around. I touched him accidentally on purpose and he went with it.

“Let’s get some shots of you in your pretty outfit.”

“What do you want me to do? Don’t answer that!”

He chuckled at my humor. “Sit down on that stool over by the backdrop and give me a sexy smile.”

He snapped off a few quick ones of me smiling and I did my best sexy act, pouting and pursing my lips.

At his command, I reclined on the couch as canlı bahis he lined up some new camera angles.

“How’s ’bout some girly shots?”

“What’s your pleasure?” I said looking him right in the eye.

“Give me that coy look and lift those gorgeous legs for me.”

As I raised my legs my skirt slid down my thighs revealing stocking tops and garter straps for his salty delight.

Click, whirrr…Click, whirrr…

“Oh yeah. Mmmmmmm mmm” he exclaimed.

Now I was really getting turned on. I never thought that I could get into being so kinky, but exposing myself to Clarence and his camera made me soaking wet in the crotch.

“Come on over here girl,” he said confidently.

He had me stand with my back to him and he ordered me to bend over while he sat on the edge of his chair. From behind, he hiked my skirt up over my buttocks and the next thing I knew I was presenting the backs of my powder white thighs to his well seasoned ebony face.

He pulled my damp panties down to my ankles.

“Oh , Mr. Davis. What are you doing?”

It was so animalistic as he held my lily white thighs in those two powerful Black hands. He took a whiff of my palpitating pussy and nosed my sopping wet loins. I felt his tongue licking and teasing the lips of my labia. His strong arms kept me from falling as I balanced myself; holding on to my ankles as I was precariously balanced on my spike heels.

I felt like such a slut; just sizzling and letting the old man feast on my eager young flesh.

“Get on your knees!”

I repositioned myself to face Zeke’s cock protruding from his unzipped fly. It must have been a foot long and hard as a steel pipe. I craved having him in my mouth.

Grasping the base of his engorged member, I ran my tongue up to the bulbous head and licked the groove that outlined the purple warrior’s head.

“Suck it, bitch,” he ordered. I got goosebumps and I wanted bahis siteleri to deep throat him.

“Lordy lordy, Missy, mm mmmmm.” he quipped as my eager young lips engulfed his mature swollen cockhead to the max.

I wantonly fellated him, licking and sucking that old but very large Black cock with abandon. I looked up longingly to see him leering and exulting in his conquest.

“Mrfl, mmm, umph, uubb mnfl.” I burbled as Clarence’s huge Black dick probed every inch of my lubricious oral cavity

At his instruction I began holding the base of his penis firmly and I aimed his turgid meat at my open mouth. Clarence began throbbing and pulsing as a cannonade of his spunk splattered all over my face. Spurt, spurt, spurt,spurt; he squirt his ropey seeds all over me.

Clarence grunted gutturally, his knees buckled and he collapsed out of breath on the floor.

He lay there spent and then started to chuckle. The chuckle turned into a laugh and he pointed at my jism soaked face and he started to roar with laughter. It was infectious and I started to laugh too. My eye makeup was all smeared and I looked like quite a sight.

“Candy, you be somepin’ else. I’m 57 years old and I ain’t never in my life experienced anything like this befo’.”

He told me he wanted some shots of me with his sperm all over my face. He angled his camera while I knelt in front of him. The camera clicked and whirrred.

I could feel his hot jism oozing down my cheeks and dribbling from my chin. I gave him my best steamy-cum-faced poses.

Clarence was a lot of fun. He was always coming over and taking girlie pictures of me and all the attention gave me that lustful feeling that I craved. When things got too hot and heavy, I would suck him off.

One night Clarence came over to my place and slipped into to my bed while I was sleeping. He slithered under the covers gently waking me into a luscious la-la-land; those big muscular bahis şirketleri hands kneading my breasts; reeking of alcohol and breathing hot on my neck and nibbling on my ear; all the while his rock hard cock pressed against my buttocks.

He slathered his dick in some Astroglide and stunned me when he positioned his cockhead at my anus and began pushing it in.

“Clarence, what are you doing?”

“Easy now girl, Papa’s gonna ease on in.”

“Clarence, be gentle, for God’s sake.”

In pangs of sin full eroticism I relaxed and accommodated his masterful Black cock nudging and then pushing and now driving deep into my private parts. Embracing the feelings of bawdy lust, my body acceded to Clarence’s sleazy drunken intrusion.

“Oh, baby, ohhh. It’s so good.” I moaned like a whore while reaching back and scratching the nappy gray hairs on the side of his head. This only provoked him to pound me harder.

“Gimme that nasty shit, Bitch.”

“Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. I’m wanna be your slut.” I pleaded shrilly.

Powerful Black hands grasped me about my wasp waist and his thrusting turned to a savage rapine onslaught with both of us fucking wildly with abandon.

“Aaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhh!,” he ejaculated into me with a fury.

I whelped like a frenzied whore to the bellowing old bull’s explosions of sticky, steamy hot semen, gripping his pulsating pipe with my sphincter; making him bray and bluster till he had completely emptied his Black manhood deep into my young and yielding white female flesh.

After his passion subsided I licked his flaccid penis clean as he fell into a slumber.

Later, I found out that Clarence was showing the scandalous photos of me to all his friends. He had even gone so far as posting them on the Internet. I felt so embarrassed. How could I have been so sleazy.

I moved to another town and met a nice young man and we are happily married with two kids. I’ll never tell him about my adventures with Clarence, but in a way I’m glad it happened that way. Now I can fully appreciate having a good wholesome relationship, having gotten that slutty whore stuff out of my system.

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