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Cigarettes, Paper …You? Ch. 04

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I had to take another business trip, so I didn’t see Jasmine for three days after that, but I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I was obsessed with lust, I suppose. Our encounters had been so intense and I was flattered by her compliments and that she had confided in me. But at the same time, I knew that soon enough, her sister and brother in law would be back and she would be gone again. I tried not to think about it and determined to make the most of the time we had left, but it came to an end much sooner than I had expected.

On the Tuesday morning, I rushed through my workout and eagerly cycled round to the shop. The shutters were already up and anticipating a possible quickie in the back room, or at least the chance to arrange our next tryst, I strode through the door.

Standing behind the counter was Raj, Jasmine’s brother in law, with his head down, sorting through some papers. I stopped in shock, feeling so unsettled that for a second I contemplated sneaking back out before he saw me. But just as I was about to turn and flee, he looked up and smiled in greeting.

I must have looked a bit strange as I tried to force a grin and racked my mind trying to think what to say. He looked puzzled.

“Have you forgotten me already?” he joked. “We haven’t been away that long, have we?”

Slowly my mind clicked back into action and I tried to resume a more normal expression.

“Hi Raj,” I croaked. “No, I just didn’t expect to see you back so soon. Jas…. I mean your sister in law said you might be away for a while.”

I was still in turmoil, shocked at seeing him, disappointed at not seeing Jasmine and cursing the fact that she and I might have already had our last encounter.

Then I remembered why they had been away. “Er, how’s your Mum?” I asked, trying to sound solicitous and probably failing. Raj didn’t seem to notice.

“Much, much better thanks for asking. She’s home now and the family’s looking after her.” At that moment, Jasmine’s sister Sareeta appeared in the doorway behind him.

We greeted each other and made awkward small talk for a minute or two, while I wondered how I was going to ask about Jasmine, without sounding too obvious. I figured that she had already gone home and for a moment, felt angry that she hadn’t bothered to say goodbye, but just then she too appeared in the doorway.

I glanced at her and quickly looked away, completely unsure how to react. I could even feel myself blushing, which given my age made me feel even more stupid. God! I had it bad.

“Hello again, Mr Helpful,” she grinned.

Raj and Sareeta gave her questioning looks. She smiled. “Tony here has been really sweet, while you’ve been away,” she explained, with a meaningful look in my direction. “He helped me with the hard stuff and putting things where they belong,” she explained.

I almost choked at the obvious double entendre, but it seemed to sail right past Raj who began to babble on, thanking me effusively. Sareeta, though had a more thoughtful expression on her face and seemed to be watching both me and her sister keenly.

Finally bahis firmaları I remembered that I ought to have a reason to be in the shop and stepped over to the rack and picked up my paper. There then followed an embarrassing pantomime with Raj refusing to take my money in gratitude for all my ‘help’. Inwardly, I wondered what he’d say if he knew just what ‘help’ Jasmine had been referring to. All the time I was carefully avoiding looking at her, in case I gave too much away.

As I said my goodbyes, I sneaked a quick glance in her direction. She had taken a step back and was frantically signalling with her eyes, apparently suggesting that I go round to the back of the shop.

I walked out, picked up my bike and acting out a nonchalance I didn’t feel, pushed it round the corner and hovered, just within sight of the back gate.

I waited for several minutes, my mind churning over how I could organise one last wild session before she disappeared back to where she came from; back to her real life.

Finally the gate swung open and she emerged, walking purposefully towards me. As she approached, she didn’t stop, but pushed past and headed for her car. “Meet me down at the end of the road,” she said quietly and then got into her car and drove off.

Like an obedient schoolboy, I jumped back on the bike and pedalled after her.

The road she took was a dead-end that turned into a path leading to an open meadow nestled in a curve of the river. Ahead of me I saw her stop the car, climb out and carry on walking down the path. I followed and found her standing on the river path, looking around at the open space. I pulled up beside her.

“That was a bit of a shock,” I began. “I suppose you’ll be leaving soon.” I must have sounded crestfallen, because she looked at me and smiled sadly.

“Yes,” Jasmine said simply and paused. Then said with a laugh, “but not just yet.”

Then she shouted, “Come on!” and began running across the field to a group of trees on the other side. I stood open mouthed for a moment. I had no idea what she was doing, but I soon figured it out. As she ran, she shrugged out of her cardigan, swung it round her head and dropped it on the ground behind her. A few steps further on she peeled off her T-shirt, dropped that as well and continued racing for the trees in her bra and jeans.

I gasped at her boldness and had to reassure myself that there was no one else in the field, before I pushed off on the bike and started pedalling after her. Ahead of me, still running, she gave two quick kicks and discarded her shoes. Some sense of propriety made me stop and pick up the cardigan and then a few seconds later, her T-shirt.

In the distance I saw her reaching behind her back and unclasping her bra. As she dropped it, she turned and continued running backwards so that I could clearly see her magnificent brown tits, bouncing up and down in invitation. Almost at the trees now, she stopped and with a quick hopping motion, slid her jeans down her legs and neatly stepped out of them. I raced on, stopping every few kaçak iddaa yards to gather up her clothes, but all the time grinning from ear to ear at her audacity.

As I began to get nearer, she stopped just outside the grove, turned and striking a provocative pose, smoothly slid her panties down her thighs, until with a quick kick of one foot, they sailed onto a bush and then, totally naked, she disappeared into the shadows.

Panting from the exertion and already erect in anticipation, I pedalled the last few yards to the thicket, hurriedly grabbed at the final two items and crashed my bike into the narrow opening between two trees.

It took my eyes a few seconds to adjust to the gloom so at first I couldn’t see her. I dropped the bike on its side and peered into the shadows. Inside the thicket, the space opened up a little, the trees making a naturally secluded little room, hidden from the outside world.

It had rained the night before and the ground was muddy underfoot. Peering down, I slowy made out a breathtakingly erotic sight. Jasmine lay on her back, in a bed of mud, her back arched, her legs spread and her glistening cunt gaping at me obscenely in the dim light.

She looked at me with a gleam of lust in her eye, held out her arms and thrust her crotch towards me in an unmistakable invitation. “Fuck me,” she demanded and then, almost pleading as I hesitated, “Fuck me, please. Now”

Lost in lust and admiration, I began to tear at my clothes, grunting in frustration. My cock, painfully erect, sprang out as I yanked down my pants and ripped them over my trainers, not wanting to waste the precious seconds it would use to take them off. Her eyes fixed on my cock and she moaned.

In a second, I was on her, thrusting myself inside her wetness. She yelped and locked her arms and legs feverishly round my back as I began to madly piston in and out of her, slamming her down into the mud, feeling its cool sliminess, squishing between our bodies. My hands scrabbled and slipped, trying to maintain my balance, as I mashed my mouth on hers.

Her groin slammed back at me, meeting every thrust with equal violence. Within seconds I could feel my orgasm building and I pounded ever faster, desperate to release my pent-up frustration inside her.

In unison, we stiffened, arched and exploded in a deep simultaneous orgasm that for a moment left us gasping for breath, smeared with mud. But the fever still ran in both of us and a moment later, she threw me off and swung herself round on to all fours, her butt proudly thrust into the air. She dropped her shoulders into the mud and reaching back with both hands, held open the cheeks of her ass. The whole of her back and buttocks were caked in wet, brown earth, so that she looked like a strange animal.

Amazingly, my cock was still rampantly erect, so I grabbed her hips, aimed straight at her asshole and without hesitation, forced myself inside her. The cool mud felt bizarrely erotic and helped to ease my passage, though she screamed at the sudden entry. Undeterred I began wildly thrusting yet again kaçak bahis and just as madly she thrust back.

We bucked like beasts, slapping into each other, sending mud flying around, as I fought my way to a second orgasm. Neither of us seemed to be thinking about the other, each mindlessly focused on taking our pleasure. When I finally came, I felt my whole being blasting into her bowels and felt her sphincter clamping painfully round the base of my cock.

I groaned and fell sideways into the mud at her side, gasping from the intensity. Barely conscious, I was only half aware that she had not come, but I was so drained I didn’t care.

Through a haze, I watched as she twisted in frustration, flopped onto her back again, spread her legs wide and began furiously beating on her clit, until with a wild scream she forced herself to a violent climax, every muscle as taut as a steel wire.

Our ragged breathing filled the air, slowly dying away as we drifted in dazed amazement. As my head cleared I looked at her covered almost completely in a dark film of mud, even darker than her brown skin. Glancing down, I grimaced at the strange sight of myself, almost as completely caked, but with strange random patches of my much paler skin, showing through. Jasmine tilted her head, languidly eyed the weird striations and began to giggle. For a moment, I was irritated, but shortly I began to see the funny side. Two naked grown-ups, lying in a mud bath, giggling like children.

I began to sober up when I remembered that this was probably the last time we would be together, but I didn’t want to break the mood.

“I think you’d better come back to mine and take a shower,” I suggested, pointing at her hair which was a matted mess of mud and leaves, plastered to her head. She smiled ruefully and I sensed that she too was aware of the air of finality.

We pulled dry clothes awkwardly over our mud-caked skin and silently made our way back to her car. I managed to fit my bike into the back and still without speaking we drove to my flat.

She went straight into the shower, while I mooched about trying not to get mud on the furniture. When she finally came out, we looked at each other awkwardly, unsure of what to say.

Finally, I broke the silence. “I know you have to go back home soon, but I’d really like to see you one more time.”

She looked away and said, quietly, “I don’t know. I think it’s better if I just go.”

I understood, but hated the thought of ending it this way. “You can’t go,” I said.

She looked up at me questioningly. “Why not?”

I forced a smile. “Because you didn’t tell me the rest of the story about you and your father in law.”

Jasmine hesitated for a second, obviously wrestling inwardly, before coming to a decision. “OK. I’ll try, but I’m not promising anything.”

I nodded in acceptance, not really believing her. She pecked me quickly on the cheek, turned and walked out of the door and out of my life.

I couldn’t bring myself to watch her go. Instead, I peeled off my clothes and walked into the bathroom. There were still brown streaks in the shower base and leaves clustered round the drain.

I stood for a long time under the spray and watched the last traces of Jasmine swirl away.

…to be continued.

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