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Chubby’s memoir’s chapter 1

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Hai, my name is cubby. I am 25 years old. I live with my mother. My mother is 50 years old very fair, beautiful, with a firm body and well built breast. If not for me being her son, people would have thought that she is still a virgin. My father left my mother, before I was born. However he left her enough money, to take care of herself and me. She is financially stable. I have lots of friends, who talk about, of how they succeeded in seducing their mothers, sisters and having lots of fun. Some of their sisters would even introduce their best friends, for them to fuck. This subject of fucking their mothers and sisters, to them, was just like normal daily talk, and spoke without any shame, or fear of gossip by their friends. In spite of all this talks, by my friends, the idea, of making love with my mother, never entered in my head. Everything was normal mother son relationship. We were very close to each other and would even hug each other out of affection, as normal mother son relationship. My mother seldom went out, but lately, she has been going out more than often. One day she came to me and said, “Son I want to speak to you, about something important.” “Yes mom, what is it?” I asked. “Well I don’t know how to put it son. I am afraid, of what you will think of me.” “Do not worry mom, go ahead and say it. I love you too much, to get offended with you in any way.” “Chubby, I have been dating someone lately, and now he wants to get married to me. I have not given him any reply, because I wanted to know your opinion first.” I was taken by surprise. “WHAT? You want to get married at this age. What will people say? How could you even think of getting married at this age?” “Well, if you are not happy, I will refuse him.” “Mom, I am shocked, and don’t know what to say.” I was really confused, and did not reply to her, and went to my room without saying anything. Few days went by when I received a call from lady. “Hello, can I speak to Chubby.” “Yes, Chubby speaking here “I replied. “Chubby, I would like to meet up with you. Can we meet up some place?” I was surprised, as I did not even know who she was. “Why do you want to meet me?” I asked. “What, don’t you have balls?” She replied, “A lady wants to meet you and you are neither interested nor curious to find out, why I want to meet up with you? “Hey, how dare you speak to me like that?” “If you are a Man, with balls, meet me, this evening at 5 o’clock, at the restaurant near your house.” saying that she hung up the phone. I was eager to meet her, as I wanted to meet up with her, and give her a piece of my mind. So I went. The place was empty. I ordered a drink, and sat in a corner, when a very beautiful and sexy lady, all alone, walked in. I was full of admiration for her and thought to myself, how I wish I had a girlfriend like her. I noticed that she was not wearing a bra, as she walked, I could see her boobs swinging. Oh my god, what a beautiful sight. My mind was running wild, thinking, how to start a conversation with her. I was surprised when she walked towards me and asked “Are you Chubby?” “Yes” I replied. “Are you the lady who rang me to meet you here? “ “Yes.” she replied “I am Stella, Can I sit down? “ “Yes yes….. Please have a seat.” She sat down without saying a word, letting me feast, on her body for some time. Finally she put her hands on her şişli escort bayan breast squeezed them playfully and spoke. “Like what you see you bahen chood.”(Sister Fucker) “Hey lady, watch your words, you annoyed me earlier, yet I came and now you are starting that crap again.” “OK, so you came, but that does not prove that you are a man with balls. Now answer me, if a beautiful woman, were to lie down on bed, naked, in front of you what would you do?” I thought to myself if she wants to behave like that why I should be a gentle man. “I don’t know about other ladies, but if it was you, OH GOD, I will fuck you the whole night until you cry for me to stop.” “Are you are that confident of yourself? To be able, to make love, with me, and last, the whole night without, getting tired? “Yes.”I replied “Bull shit. I have not come across any man, who can last more than few minutes, after seeing my naked body.” “You are so proud of your body eh? You must have been dating school kids. Try me out, and I will have you, begging me to stop.” “What if that girl was your sister? Would you turn your face away? Or let your manhood, take control of you, and fuck her all night?” I was taken aback by her daring and juicy conversation, and did not know what to answer. But I was beginning to enjoy chatting with her. “Stella, I don’t know where this topic is going, but can I know why you wanted to meet me?” “Why? Feeling Shy already? No guts to talk about sex to a real woman? I am a real woman who knows what she wants in life. I need regular sex and I don’t want to get married. As a woman I dare say it openly, and you, as a man, cannot even talk about it. What kind of a man are you?” “If you want to be fucked regularly, why do you not get married? Why call me? You want me to fuck you? I replied boldly. “It is simple, there are only two reasons why woman get married. One is, to have financial support that a husband will give. I don’t need that I am financially independent. Two, is to have children and raise a family. That I cannot fulfill, because I am a certified barren, unable to have children. So why get married, and tie myself to one man, and lose my independence.” I was taken back on her frank reply. She is such a straight forward woman. I was now beginning to feel relaxed, and comfortable talking with her. I apologized to her for being rude to her, as I came to realize that she was a straight forward and frank woman. “OK, apology accepted” She looked into my eyes and said, “don’t you get any ideas in your head, I am not here to have you to fuck me.” I was disappointed, as I was building hopes in my mind, that an open minded woman like her, would be easy to bed. She saw the disappointment on my face. “Oh my poor boy, you are so disappointed for not being able to fuck me right? Who knows, if we become friends, one day you could end up fucking me? “So there is a chance for me to ……….to’…….. I asked excitedly without finishing the sentence. “Yes why not. Since you say, that you can fuck me the whole night, you bahen chood, I might take you on that one day, to see what you are capable of. I love men who can last long” Excitedly I asked, “WHEN can that be?” I asked. “I can hardly wait for that day.” “So you are really keen to have a session with me? But you will have to earn that privilege” “How do I earn that mecidiyeköy escort bayan privilege?” I asked. “Well I need some advice. You know I am a very confident woman, but in this case I am confused, and I needed some advice, I cannot ask this advice from my friends, and I needed to talk to a stranger. If you can help me, to solve my problem, then I am sure you may be rewarded to fulfill your desire.” “OK.” I replied. “I hope I will able to give you some good advice and earn that privilege” “Well I have a father, who I love so very much. He is 55 years old, and in full health. My mother died long time ago, and my father is a very lonely man. Every other night I see him looking at pornography and masturbating. I feel very sorry for him. Sometimes, I feel like walking into his room when he is aroused, and offer myself to him. I don’t mind it. After all a fuck is a fuck, it does not matter who you are fucking. But I know he will not accept me. He will feel I am offering myself to him out of sympathy” “Is that not incest? It is forbidden” I reminded her. “Bahen chood, whatever you do in the privacy of your home, who is to know. Are we so stupid to go round telling everybody what we do in private?” “Of course not, yes I now understand” “No you don’t. You are a slow learner” “How do you know that your father masturbates? I asked her. “I will tell you that, some other time if you qualify for the privilege.” And continued. “My father has now fallen in love with a beautiful woman, but she has a son, who is not happy about the marriage. That maa chood (mother fucker), is so selfish, that he does not respect his mother’s desires, to get married and be fucked by her husband. Maybe he is fucking her, and wants to keep her for himself” “How can that be? I interrupted. “Which son will want to fuck his own mother? “See what I meant, when I said that you are a slow learner. When I said that I was willing to offer myself to my father as long as nobody knows, you said you understand, and it is OK. Now you say how that can be, that this maa chood is fucking his mother, and wants to keep her for himself. “If he is not fucking his mother, why should he object to his mother getting married? Should he not be a gentleman, and let her get married, and lead a happy married life” “Stella, Your problem is making me feel guilty” “Why?” She asked me. “Since you are open in your conversation, I will tell you. My mother also wants to get married, but I was not too happy about it. What do you advice? Should I let my mother get married? “Why not, unless you are already fucking her, and do not want to let her to go away to another man. “No the idea never even came into my mind.” “She too must be having her desires, to be loved by a man and be fucked. Since you never even tried to fuck her she need someone else to fuck her. She cannot tell you that can she? If not, how did the idea of getting married came into her head? “You are right. We don’t talk or discuss about sex at all. It has been 25 years, since my father left her. She too, must be suffering like your father. Oh, what a fool I am, not to realize about my mother’s feelings. Thank you for opening my eyes Stella. I will go home and tell my mother to go ahead and get married” “What should I do about my poor father’s case? She asked me. “You should meet up with escort şişli her son, and talk to him, to open his eyes. You have a way of convincing people, like you opened up my eyes.” “Thank you, I think I will do just that, I believe you have already solved my problem” “So I have qualified, when can I claim my privilege? I asked excitedly. “Call me, after your mother gets married, the sooner the better for both of us” “By the way what do you think about incest now? Stella asked me. “Well as you said, if both are willing partners why not.” “What if you had a sister, would you fuck her, for whole night as you mentioned.” “Yes, why not if she is willing. Who will know? Lots of my friends are doing it. Ha Ha, Ha, I don’t have a sister, so I cannot be called a bahen chood” “What about your mother” she asked. “Did you not ever have any urge to fuck her? “Honestly, that idea never came into my mind” “So now that you have accepted the fact , that incest within the four walls is acceptable, will you be making an attempt, to try to woo your mother to fuck you? “No. As my mother will be getting married soon, and be gone, then I will have tough time trying to forget her. I don’t want to light a fire that cannot be put off. “ “Is your mother ugly? Is that why, the idea to bed her, never come into your mind? “No, she is so pretty and sexy, that any man, who sees her, will want her.” “If she is so pretty and sexy, how come you never looked at her as a woman? Are you trying to tell me, that you are not a man? Is that why you never tried to woo her? Your talk of fucking me the whole night got me curious, to have a session with you, but now, I am beginning to have doubts, about your capability, to have a whole night session” I was so taken back that I could find no answer to give her. “What if the man your mother marries has a daughter? Will you fuck her? “Well, I will have to get to know her first, to see if she will be a willing partner. She could be having a boyfriend.” “Don’t worry, most of the girls I know, have been fucked by their brothers even though they had boyfriends. They told me, that they pretend to be decent, and resist, but eventually they give in. “ “There is world of a difference in the thrills and pleasures you get by being fucked by your boyfriends, and being fucked by brothers. So don’t worry. If you have a step sister, go ahead and go for it. I will pray that you get a step sister of your liking.” “Thank You Stella, for your blessings. You will be the first one to know if I succeed.” “I will definitely know, even if you don’t tell me. But you are not supposed to let a third person know of such relation” “OOOPS sorry, I forgot my teacher. Are we friends now? “Yes we are friends, now that you have solved my problem, I have achieved my mission successfully and you your privilege. “ “What mission? I asked her curiously. “Mission to get my father married” I laughed and said, “and my mission is to get my mother married fast to claim my privilege” She got up to leave, I suddenly remembered, that I did not have her contact number. “How do I get in touch with you Stella? She gave me her contact number. I was so happy, that I have met a beautiful woman like Stella, and was dreaming of the day when I can fulfill my desire to fuck her. I went home. My mother was laying the dinner table and asked me to have dinner. “Mom, come here” I called my mother. I took her in my arms and hugged her. The talk of incest with Stella had removed the boundary of mother and son relationship and had aroused me. Mother and I have hugged each other, so many times, over the years. For the first time today I…

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