Aralık 5, 2023

Christmas Gifts

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Author’s note: I appreciate all the good thoughts and constructive criticism from my earlier stories. Keep them coming. And I’m always looking for attractive, mature married women to chat and exchange stories with. So ladies, if you enjoy this story, I would love to hear the how and why!

Christmas Gifts


The first half of his college freshman year was the most sexually frustrating period of Luke Gerard’s life. He was tall, handsome with his mother’s blue eyes and his dad’s dusty blonde hair, and had taken a baseball scholarship at Brown University. All of these factors lined up to get him laid, and he had still been dumb enough to try the long distance think with his high school sweetheart Kelly Gibbons. So he had resisted. He had been faithful. And he hadn’t been home three hours before she paid him a visit and tearfully told him that she had moved on. Strangely, he wasn’t as depressed by this fact as he was that he had been outright propositioned on three different occasions over the last several months at various parties, and had turned the girls down.

So he found himself sitting at his parents’ enormous breakfast table two days before Christmas Eve, wearing only a t shirt and boxers, chomping on Wheaties across from his dad, Richard. The old man had been one of the higher ups at Bank of America in Charlotte, had made his fortune, and got out before the whole operation collapsed back in 2008. He was an okay guy, but rich, distant, and always seemed bored with anything concerning his son. And at the moment, his son was squirming in his seat, trying to keep his hard on from bursting through his boxers and peaking its head over the tables edge.

The reason, Luke was so aroused? The same reason he had been as horny as hell since he was thirteen: his mother, Candace, who at 39 years old was still the teenager’s wet dream she had always been. 5’8″ tall with the sculpted physique of an underwear model, which she had been when she snagged her wealthy older husband when she was 19. She was warm, flirty and fun, and this belied her sense of wit and intelligence. She had allowed her husband to provide her a life of leisure, had given birth to Luke when she was 21, and had waited for him to go to school before earning her degree in sexual psychology. She seldom practiced, though, only taking a case here and there, consulting now and then with another doctor. For the most part, she enjoyed the life of a rich, beautiful, stylish woman. He eyes were wide and ice-blue, her jet black hair shining and bouncing about her shoulders, her body full of curves but tight and lithe, with a meaty ass and large, perky breasts. As a teenager, Luke had been obsessed with one B-movie actress who made soft-core skin flicks for late night cable. Her name had been Joan Severance, and she had been a dead-ringer for Candace Gerard.

So here he was, heartbroken and sexually frustrated while the hottest woman on the planet pranced about the kitchen adjusting flower arrangements in a silken white robe that was low-cut, and barely reached down below her ass. Her bare legs strutted across the kitchen as her husband said over his morning paper, “So what’ll it be for Christmas this year, son?”

Luke was startled out of a day dream in which, you guessed it, his mother was riding him as he lay back on the living room floor. “Huh?”

“What’ll it be for Christmas? One of those Ipads? That new Xbox doohickey?”

“I have his Christmas gift all planned out this year, Richard. Don’t you worry about it,” Candace said turning around and kissing her husband on the cheek. She was already wearing make-up, dolled up for the day. “Besides, you’re going to be late for work.” And with that, Candace handed her husband his briefcase and ushered him out the door.

When she returned, Luke was putting his cereal bowl in the sink. He turned and found her sitting in his chair, her legs crossed, almost every glorious inch of them visible. “Have a seat, sweetie. I want to talk to you about your Christmas gift this year.”

Luke slumped down into a chair across the table. He had waited for his dad to leave so no one would see the 9 inch anaconda struggling to break through his cotton boxers. And now his mom had caught him; but it wasn’t the first time.


Candace had known that her son wanted her sexually since he was fifteen. She had her suspicions before then, but knew for certain when she peeked into his room and found him pleasuring Kağıthane Escort himself as he held an lingerie catalogue photo in which she was posing in black thigh-highs with matching bra and panties. She eyed him coolly as she watched through the door. She wasn’t surprised of course; Candace was well aware of her beauty and the power her sexuality gave her over men. And she had always been fascinated by the Oedipal complex, and had studied extensively. It was very common for young men to at least have sexual dreams about their mothers, and many desired their moms literally.

Though she wasn’t surprised by Luke’s sexual urge to have her, Candace was surprised by her own reaction: that urge was reciprocated. Her son was tall, athletic, and had inherited his good looks and winning smile from her. His muscular body was getting more impressive every day, and now that she could see that even at the awkward age of fifteen he had a nine inch cock that he was jerking between his legs, she was more than impressed.

But that was very little of the attraction, actually. Candace was a woman that could have any man, and knew it. She could find anyone just as attractive and virile as Luke any day of the week. No. It was the power she felt, knowing that even her own son desired her. The wicked thrill of cuckolding her husband in the most primal way possible. After seeing Luke that day, Candace began to focus on Oedipal research in her studies. Her thesis, which won her universal acclaim from her colleagues, was an argument that stated the Oedipal complex went both ways. That secretly, mothers have an innate desire to mate with their sons, that using that sexuality gave a mother a control over her son, creating a bond that was hierarchical and empowering to the mother. Her essay made all this sound theoretical, of course. But in her heart, Candace knew that between her and Luke, the desire was literal.

And it was then, after a year of study, that Candace came to the conclusion that when Luke was of age she would take the initiative to completely redefine their relationship, not only between the two of them, but between she and her husband as well. Society and religion had, in her clinical view, distorted the natural progression the husband, wife, son relationship should have. Like Eve turning from Adam and mating with Cain, it was natural for Candace to replace Richard with a younger, more virile version of himself. And as she sat down across from a very sexually frustrated Luke that morning a few days before Christmas, Candace smiled in knowing that what she had planned for the last four years was finally here.


“Sweetheart,” Luke’s mother began, “I want you to know that I am very concerned about you, since the break up and all.” Her thin robe was riding up high on her long, perfect, matronly legs. “How are you doing, baby?”

Luke shrugged, “Rough, I guess. I just feel like I’ve waited and invested time in something that went know where.”

Candace sat eyeing him, nodding. She was so hot, Luke couldn’t believe she didn’t set the seat of her chair on fire. As she listened, She uncrossed her legs and sauntered over to stand behind Luke, massaging his shoulders as he poured his heart out to her. When he paused, she said, “Sweetie, a mother hates to see her son struggle like this. And admittedly, I can’t replace whats her name, give back the time you’ve lost, or heal a broken heart.” He could feel her leaning down to him, whispering, her breath hot in his ear. “But I want to give you something for Christmas that you have always wanted. And I think that it will at least take care of your physical needs, if not emotional ones…”

Luke had closed his eyes, lolling his head back as he felt her strong, lithe finger pressing into his shoulders and back, and now his eyes snapped open. “Uhhh. Okay Mom.”

Candace’s hair was brushing against his face, and she seemed so close to his ear that her lips were touching it. “Oh darling,” she cooed. “I know what you really want for Christmas. A mother always knows. And I want to give it to you.”

“What Mom?”

He could almost feel her smiling as she said, “You want to fuck me.”

The shock of hearing his mother say that made Luke start, jump fm his chair and whirl around. He felt as if his greatest secret was out, and his shame over-rided the dawning realization that his mother felt the same way. “How… what are you talking about?”

Candace’s Kağıthane Escort Bayan eyes were cold now, calculating. She stepped forward, slowly untying her robe. “It’s all right baby. I don’t blame you. You are a young well-endowed man at his sexual peak, and it’s only natural that you would want me.”

“Mom, I don’t…”

Candace laughed. “Oh please, Lucas. You sport a full fledged hard on every time I walk by. So tell me…” With this, she opened her robe, and the lightly freckled, perfect flesh of her bare body was presented to him. Her breasts were large, D’s at least, with perfect areoles and nipples the size and color of pencil erasers. Her belly was flat but not hard, smooth and beneath it, a sight that made him gasp: a perfect pink drooling little clamshell, above it a neatly trimmed square shaped patch of dark pubic hair. She was a goddess. “Tell me that you don’t want to pound me through a mattress?”


She took another step forward, letting the gown slip from her shoulders. “Tell me you don’t want to fuck my brains out, to have these legs wrapped around you and spurring you on.”


“Tell me,” she continued, “That you don’t want me to do this…” and with that, Candace pushed Luke helplessly back into his chair. She straddled him, grinding her crotch against his bulging cock in a way that almost hurt, and then kissing him passionately. After a moment, Luke’s shaking hands encircled her waist, running down her ass and he began to pull her against him in slow humping motions. Her skin was the softest, warmest thing he had ever touched. Her lips were like petals, and her breath was sweet, like fresh baked bread and cold milk. Candace began sliding down Luke’s body, her pussy, her belly, and then her glorious breasts passing over his barely covered cock. She began to massage him through his boxers, on her knees and smiling up at him. “Relax…” She purred. “Give into your natural instincts, baby…” She reached in and Luke felt her soft hand encircle his cock and slowly pull it out, all nine inches looking swollen, hard, and angry. “Mmmmm. My poor sweetheart,” She said, licking her hand and beginning to slowly pump his cock up and down. “Do you like that? Does that feel good?”

“Yes Ma’am,” he whimpered, arching his back.

Candace felt a thrill she had never known. Here Luke was, nearly a man, but he was reverting almost to a little boy right in front of her. She felt totally in control, powerful, and she wanted to reward him for his obedience. “You’re such a good, boy, Luke,” the sexy matron moaned as she massaged the tightening keagle muscle between Luke’s scrotum and anus, her other hand picking up its pace and moving up and down his shaft. “Will you come for mama? Will you come all over mama’s tits, sweetheart? I just know you come more than you father.”

Luke gripped the sides of the chair and stared into her eyes, a wild look crossing his face, like he wanted to tear his own clothes apart but was restraining himself. Candace just smiled wickedly, her movements speeding up. “If you come in the next twenty seconds, darling, tomorrow mama will kneel down before you and suck your cock.” Candace was aiming the head of Luke’s cock between her breasts, grinning like the Cheshire Cat as she quietly mouthed “Nineteen… eighteen… seventeen.”

Luke wasn’t even acting like a person anymore. Something animal had taken control of him, he was sweating, his ass tightening as he spread his legs wider and watched his mother pleasure him. Candace stopped counting with sixteen and said, “Oh sweetheart, I think you can beat the clock by a couple of laps…I’ll tell you what…if you come before mama counts down to ten… oh, Luke, I’ll swallow it for you… I’ll swallow it all while your father sleeps down the hall baby…”

A man can only stand so much, and that was all Luke Gerard could take. “AHHHHHH FUCK!” he cried out, his ass rising off the seat of the chair as the strongest orgasm of his life struck him, and a shot of semen so thick and hot it felt like a jolt of flame spewing from his pisshole erupted and splashed with a splat across Candace’s perfect, full breasts. His mother opened her mouth in happy satisfied laughter as she slowed her movements, now making slow, deliberate pulls from bottom to top pointing Luke’s cock at a different portion of her breasts each time she felt his cock buck and spurt, so that her globes were becoming glazed with Escort Kağıthane her baby’s potent man milk. And as I final act of sexy depravity, she lowered herself and turned her face up to her son, smirking, as she jerked a final huge salvo of his baby batter onto her upturned face, wear it arced over the bridge of her nose, up over her forehead, and ended with a slight glob in her dark, scented hair.

“Mmmmmm,” She purred, still on her knees but sitting back on her legs. “That was glorious, my baby,” Candace husked, gently laying Luke’s pulsing cock back on his belly, were it jerked and spasmed. She was covered in come, her breasts, her hands, her face. She looked down at a pearly white drop on her index finger, smiled at Luke, and made quite of a show of slipping it between her ruby red lips and tasting him. “You, my young hunk of a son, are doing a fine job of showing your poor father up.”

Luke couldn’t help the satisfied, cocky look that crossed his face. “That so, mom? How?”

Candace reached down and picked up her robe, slipping it over her shoulders, but leaving her sticky heaving breasts pointing proudly out between the opening. “Bigger cock, more come, and from what I can tell, a sweeter taste.” She leaned forward and kissed the head of Luke’s cock gently as it lay against his belly, then climbed up his body and gently pressed her lips to his. The then tapped the tip of his nose and said, “But I’m afraid I’ll have to make sure of that little fact tomorrow night.”

“Mom,” Luke said as she stood up and put her hands on her hips, cocking them to one side as she looked down at him. “You could find out right now if you wanted.”

Candace just laughed and shook her head. “What fun would it be to open all your Christmas presents at once?” and with that, Luke’s gorgeous mother slowly sauntered away from his, robe still open, ass swaying, and he became hard as a rock when she looked back and gave him a naughty wink before disappearing into the hall and heading towards the master bedroom.


Richard Gerard was so nervous he was shaking. He had called into the bank and let them know he would be an hour or so late, and had pulled off down a dirt side road near the end of their subdivision. There were no houses there, as construction of that portion wasn’t slated to begin for another year. He didn’t know if Candace thought he was on his way to work or not, and he didn’t really care. He was waiting. He knew it must be happening, or had already happened, and the thought simultaneously made his thrilled and sick to his stomach. Just thinking of his wife… and Luke… he had never, ever been so aroused. But he wouldn’t touch. Not yet. He stared at the blackberry resting on his thigh, massaging his cock through his pants.

And then it began to vibrate.

Richard jumped in his seat, and swore as the blackberry fell to the car floor. He swore again when he bumped his head against the steering wheel in his earnestness to reach down and get it. When he opened it, he took a deep breath. It was Candace texting him.


“YES.” He texted back.


“YES MA’AM,” he replied. He waited. For minutes. His left hand was in his pants now, fishing out his six incher and tugging it roughly.



Richard was grunting like a dog now, pumping with his left hand, texting with his right: “MORE. TELL MORE.”



Richard was masturbating furiously now. And almost felt like screaming out his rage. He was angry at her. At his son. At himself for loving it all.


“YES.” He replied.


Richard groaned. He was so close. “YES DAMN YOU. I WANT YOU TO SWALLOW HIS COME.”

And then she did it. The phone buzzed and on his screen was a picture of his beautiful wife, blowing him a kiss, naked and covered in thick, pearly white semen. Richard came harder than he ever had when he read the accompanying message: “MERRY CHRISTMAS, DARLING. MORE GIFTS FOR MY TWO HANDSOME MEN TOMORROW.”

To be continued…

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