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Christmas Carol

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Arms Behind

Bob Cratchit had had a crush on his boss, Carol Scrooge, for many years. He had tried many times and many ways to express his love to Carol but she had always rebuffed him. This year he had bought her a bouquet of flowers and had included a Christmas poem he had written, only to find both in the trash can by her desk.

“Mr. Cratchit, how many times do I have to tell you that it is against company policy to give or receive gifts from co-workers?” Carol announced in front of the entire office. “If there is one more violation of this policy I will be forced to terminate your employment with this company. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Ms. Scrooge.” Bob responded.

Carol returned to her office and Bob sat at his desk red-faced due to embarrassment. He pondered his situation deciding whether he should give up his attempts to woo Carol. At about this time a delivery man entered and was directed to Carols office. A few moments later Carol walked up to Bob’s cubicle and sternly ask him to come to her office. When he entered, she shut the door, walked around her desk and sat down without inviting Bob to sit. He saw a box of chocolates on her desk and it dawned on him that he had ordered the chocolates weeks ago.

“Mr. Cratchit, did you have these chocolates sent to me?” Carol inquired.

“Y-yes I, uh, did, s-several w-w-weeks ago.” Bob stuttered.

“I have no choice but to terminate your employment Mr. Cratchit. You have been warned on several occasions to cease sending gifts, yet, you continue to do so. Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

“Yes, yes I do. These gifts I have sent have been tokens of my affection for you. I think you are beautiful and deep down, I think you are a wonderful person. You really need to relax and enjoy life more. Besides, it’s Christmas eve! Do you really want to sack me on a holiday?”

“I really don’t care if it’s a holiday or not. As for affection, well, all I have to say about that is bah, humbug. Affection…love, it’s all a lot of rot! The world would be a much more productive place if people would concentrate on business and leave love out of their lives! Now, clear out your desk and leave the premises at once.”

Bob secured a box and cleaned out 15 years’ worth of material from his cubicle and left the building. He returned home to his apartment, grabbed a bottle of bourbon and tried to drown his sorrows.

Carol returned to her home after dining alone at a chain restaurant. The food was bland and the service was pitiful but she left with a full stomach. Her home was sparsely furnished because it was only her that lived there. There was no need for superfluous furnishings since she rarely had visitors. She changed out of her work clothes into her cotton sleepwear and after her nightly regimen of makeup removal, moisturizing and brushing her teeth headed for her bedroom. She was about to set her alarm clock but remembered that tomorrow was Christmas.

“Damn holidays! What am I supposed to do? I can’t go shopping for groceries because the stores will be closed and I can’t go to work. I guess I’ll just have to read all day, or something.” She thought to herself.

Just as Carol was about to climb into bed she heard a noise in her living room. She poked her head out of the bedroom door to see what the noise could have been but saw nothing. She shrugged her shoulders then shut the door and turned back towards her bed. Again, just before crawling into bed she heard another commotion. This time it seemed to be just outside her bedroom door. Carol quickly grabbed a chair that was in her room and braced it under the doorknob to prevent an intruder from entering. She slowly walked back towards her bed keeping an eye on the door. She then turned and looked for her cell phone in order to call the police, but she couldn’t find it. It then dawned on her that she had left it on her kitchen counter.

The noise outside her door became very loud and was scaring Carol half to death when, all of a sudden, an apparition appeared to walk through the door. Carol was so scared that she couldn’t scream. She stood with her eyes bugged out and her mouth open but exuding no sound. The ghost looked like her long dead Aunt Mildred, the one everyone in the family called the “spinster Aunt”.

“Carol! Carol Scrooge! I have come to change your heartless ways. I couldn’t love in my life and look what has become of me!” the ghost cried out. “I am chained with all of the things I desired above love, the one thing that mattered most. You see attached to me my purse which held my money, and the cats that I thought would be a substitution for love and my bible that I hid behind in which I found my excuses not to love!”

Carol cringed as she examined the ghost and then said, “Why have you come? Why are you haunting me?”

“Because you need to learn to love again. If you don’t you will grow to have a withered soul like I had. You will never know the joys of intimacy, the feeling of a big dick fucking you in the pussy and ass or the taste of cum in your mouth. Tonight, three spirits will come to you. They will show you your life in the past, what things ankara escort are in the present and where your life may go in the future. Heed their warnings or you to may be wrapped in the chains of your churlish life!”

And with that the ghost disappeared. Carol sat on the edge of her bed trying to process what she just saw. “There are no such things as ghosts!” she thought to herself. “I must be dreaming but I seem very awake. It must have been something I ate, that food wasn’t very good. Besides, love is just humbug!”

Carol crawled into her bed and under the covers and fell immediately asleep. She had been asleep for several hours when a loud whooshing sound awoke her. Sitting up in bed, she was greeted by a young man of about 16 years of age.

“Are you one of the spirits my Aunt told me about?” Carol asked.

“I am. I am the spirit of affections past. Take a hold of my arm so that I can show you your past life.”

Carol took his arm and immediately her room filled with fog. When the fog cleared, Carol was standing in a hallway at her high school. In front of her was her younger self and her best friend Inga. She saw that they were talking so Carol moved closer to hear the conversation.

“I went out on a date with Brad Williams last night,” the young Carol said. “We had a good time for a while. He took me to a really nice restaurant and then to a movie. That part was nice but then we parked out at ‘Big Hill’. We kissed there for a while which was very nice but then he started grabbing my boobs and was grabbing at my pussy. Then he tried to make me take his penis in my mouth!”

“Did he try to rape you?” Inga asked.

“Well, no…he asked me if I would take him in my mouth. But the thought is disgusting. Is that all boys think about? Why couldn’t the date just be dinner, a movie and a little kissing. That would be perfect.”

“Well look at it from his perspective. You are really gorgeous, have a terrific figure and the way you dress excites him. He just shelled out a lot of money on a nice dinner and a movie and you won’t even let him get to first base! There’s an expectation of a little fondling and, maybe, a blowjob after a nice date like that. You can get a reputation as a tease if you take the dinner and give nothing back.”

“I don’t know Inga. I only want to have sexual experiences with the man I love, not with every high school boy who takes me on a date.”

Inga laughed and said, “You are going to have a very lonesome time in high school then.”

All of a sudden the fog reappeared and just as suddenly it disappeared on Inga and Brad in the backseat of his car on Big Hill. They were both naked and kissing.

“Carol told me you brought her out here.”

Brad laughed sardonically, “Yeah I did. We had dinner and went to a movie, kind of like tonight with you. When we got out here she just got cold as a fish. She’s seems really hot but she isn’t.”

“Well, you’re with me now. Why don’t you shove that meat pole in my pussy again and make me cum!”

Carol stood there amazed while watching Inga and Brad were having sex. Inga spread her legs while Brad inserted his 8″ dick into Inga’s cunt.

“You make me so wet Brad! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” Inga cried out.

Carol began getting wet between her legs watching them fuck. Finally, after several minutes, they both screamed out that they were cumming. When they were done, they laid there holding each other with looks of total happiness on their faces.

The spirit said, “They have been happily married for 12 years now and have 3 beautiful children. That could have been your life.”

The scene turned to fog once again only to change into a scene from Carol’s college days. She was lying in bed with her former boyfriend Matt. They had just had sex and were looking into each other’s eyes, neither one of them looked particularly happy with the situation.

“I wish you let me try it with you just once. You just might like it. You seemed to like it when I put my finger in your butt.” Matt said.

“A finger is one thing but your cock is another!”

“Well, I wish you hadn’t been so cold during our sex just now. If you don’t like having sex with me then just tell me and we can both move on!”

“It’s hard to be passionate when someone is trying to shove their dick up your ass!”

“I didn’t try to shove anything anywhere! I asked you if I could have anal sex with you and then you turned into a fucking polar bear!”

“If you don’t like having sex with me then maybe we should go our separate ways!”

“That works for me!”

All of a sudden Matt got out of bed, put his clothes on and left the room without another word. Carol laid there and began crying after a while.

The spirit spoke, “If you had been a little more giving you may have had a wonderful life. You may have discovered that you really like anal sex or oral sex. Instead everyone who tried to get close to you got pushed away because of some bias you had to certain acts.”

“But nobody took my feelings into account.” Carol complained. “It was all about their pleasure! What about mine?”

“You escort ankara never gave anybody a chance. Pleasure is a two-way street, sometimes you have to give pleasure to get pleasure!”

The scene turned to fog again. Carol woke up in her bed thinking that she had had a nightmare. She turned over in bed and fell back asleep after a few minutes. She then heard a loud chime which brought her out of her slumber once again. She sat up and saw a Chippendale model standing at the foot of her bed. He had an incredible build with well defied abs and arm muscles. He was wearing a very skimpy speedo style swimsuit.

“I am the spirit of affections present. I will show you how life is today. Put your hand into my swimsuit and grab my penis.”

“You’re kidding, right?” Carol asked.

“Grab ahold of my penis or be forever bound by the chains you are creating for yourself!”

Carol winced and then reached in and took a hold of the spirits cock. He wasn’t hard but it felt nice in Carol’s hand. As she was enjoying the feel of the spirits dick the room faded to black. When things lightened up she was in someone’s apartment. It had a very homey feel to it, unlike her Spartan digs. She then heard Bob Cratchit in another room. They walked towards the sound to find Bob sitting in his bed with his enormous erection in his hand stroking himself.

Carol stood staring at Bob’s endowment and licked her lips. She quickly realized that Bob was better hung than the Chippendale spirit whose cock she was absent mindedly stroking. She began getting wet, again.

“Oh Carol, why can’t you love me the way I love you? You are so beautiful I get hard every time I look at you. I would give you so much pleasure you would live the rest of your life with a constant smile. I can’t even be mad at you after you fired me.”

Bob reached for the bottle of bourbon on his bedside table, looked at it and then set it down.

“Getting drunk won’t help. Maybe I should just end it. She’ll never go for me and I’ll never get to make her happy.”

Carol shouted, “Don’t kill yourself Bob! I’m not worth it!”

The spirit turned and looked at Carol and said, “He can’t hear you, you know. And he wasn’t talking of killing himself, he was pondering leaving the city to get as far away as possible. Here is a man who wants nothing more than to make you happy. Giving you pleasure is all he dreams about. One rarely finds a person like that in life.”

The room fades to black again and, again, Carol finds herself back in bed as if she awoke from a dream.

“Wow, Bob loves me! He loves me despite everything I have done to him. How could I have been so cruel. And, who knew he was so well hung!!?? He is a handsome man. I really couldn’t do better than him, really.”

Carol drifted back to sleep while pondering Bob. Again, she was awakened, this time by the sound of office equipment. Before her stood an old, overweight balding man with only a tan rain coat on open at the front with nothing else on. His visage physically sickened her as he reminded her of a flasher she saw once in grade school.

“Are you the spirit of affection yet to be?”

The spirit merely nodded. He threw his rain coat open and then Carol was blinded by a bright light. When the light dimmed, she saw her office area. Several people were standing in a circle talking together. They were all looking at each other expectantly with smiles on their faces.

“So, are the rumor true? Was she actually hit by a bus?” asked one of the women.

“Yep. She was mowed down by the number 11 bus. Apparently, it was a grisly sight. There’s a memorial service in a couple of days. I think they are giving us the day off with pay but I don’t know that anyone will go. I might go if they have a good spread of food!” said one of the men.

Another of the women said, “I don’t care about that, I just hope I get her office!”

Everyone in the circle began laughing.

When the laughing calmed down a third woman chimed in, “You know, she probably would have been a decent person if she hadn’t been so repressed. I heard that she was still a virgin! Apparently, she tried to become a Nun but they wouldn’t have her because she was so disagreeable! Can you imagine? A convent not taking someone because she was too mean! I went to Catholic schools and we had plenty of mean Nuns!”

Carol stood, shocked at the way these people were talking about someone who had died. “Who are they talking about spirit? Please tell me!”

The spirit merely shook his head and flung his raincoat open again. Carol was blinded by the bright light once again. When the light faded, she was in someone’s home. She could see Bob on his hands knee playing with two kids. All three of them were laughing as was a woman seated in a chair watching. Carol couldn’t see the woman’s face clearly but she could tell she was enjoying the scene.

“Bob,” the woman said, “The children love you so much as do I. You are a wonderful husband and father.”

Bob laughed and replied, “I don’t even measure up to you as a mother!”

The woman chuckled and said, “Oh, Bob! You ankara escort bayan are such a flatterer. I love you so much!”

Carol had tears in her eyes as she watched this happy family. “Spirit, can that be me or is it someone else? If I change can I have love like that?”

The spirit looked at her and shrugged while he scratched his belly.

“If I can’t have any of this why did you show me? I can change, really I can. I can have love in my heart. I can enjoy sex.”

Carol fell to her knees in front of the spirit. Through her tears she could see the spirit getting an erection but she didn’t let that sight stop her pleading and sobbing. Finally, the spirit threw his raincoat open one last time and Carol was blinded once again.

Carol woke up from her sleep confused. She sat up and saw that it was light outside. She looked at her alarm clock and saw that it was 9am. She pinched her arm to make sure she was really awake this time.

“I’m not dead! I wasn’t hit by a bus! I can and will change my life!”

Carol jumped into the shower and scrubbed her body from top to bottom. She applied her makeup and then stared at her nude self in the mirror. She had a nice figure with large but firm breasts. She turned around and admired her perfect ass. When she turned back around she decided she needed to do something about her thicket of pubic hair. She trimmed it all very short with scissors and then shaved herself bald! She admired her new look in the mirror and began thinking what clothes she should wear. She opted for a blouse and skirt with no underwear.

Before she left home, Carol consulted the company database on her computer to look up Bob’s address. She threw on her coat and drove as quickly as she could to Bob’s apartment. She knocked on the door and waited.

Bob had just got out of the shower when he heard a knock at his door. He wrapped his towel around his waist wondering who could be here on Christmas morning. When he opened the door, he was stunned to see Carol standing there.

“Oh, Bob! I have been such a fool. Will you ever forgive me?”

Carol the burst out in tears while standing in the doorway. Bob, taken aback, reached out to her and drew her body into his in a hug.

“Oh dear. Carol, what’s the matter. You don’t need to cry. Come in and I’ll make you a cup of tea.”

Bob released Carol from his hug, took one of her hands and pulled her into his apartment. He made each of them a cup of tea while Carol continued sobbing into her hands. Bob walked over to Carol, pulled her into another hug and said, “Now what is this all about?”

Carol pulled back and looked into Bob’s concerned face. He handed her a tissue box and with a smile she took one and blew her nose and dabbed her eyes.

“Bob, I have been so cruel to you and you have been nothing but nice to me. Can you ever forgive me? You aren’t fired, I’m the one who should be fired. Please forgive me for being such a fool!”

Bob looked at Carol and smiled, “Carol, I could never stay mad at you. I have loved you from the first moment I saw you. I know I shouldn’t have given you all of those things but I just wanted you to know that I care for you.”

Carol began crying again and, once again, Bob pulled her into another hug. This time Carol put her arms around Bob and felt the naked flesh of his back. They hugged each other for a long time. When they released each other, Bob leaned in and kissed Carol lightly. Carol moaned and kissed Bob back harder, opening her mouth. They entwined their tongues as their kiss got more and more passionate. Bob pulled Carols coat off of her and looked at her. Carols nipples were very hard and were poking at the thin material of her blouse. Bob could see that she didn’t have a bra on as her breasts swayed with her movements. Bob’s penis began to respond as he pulled her in for another kiss.

Carol whispered in Bob’s ear, “Oh Bob, I want you to fuck me! I want you to fuck my mouth, my pussy and then my ass before the day is out. I want to cum for you all day and I want you to cum in me as much as you can! Can we do that Bob?”

Bob whispered back, “Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to make love to you. I will give you so many orgasms that you will never want to leave.”

Bob took Carol’s hand and led her into the bedroom. She thought the room looked very comfortable and saw that he had a very big bed. As she was admiring the room Bob began to unbutton Carol’s blouse. When he finished he gently pushed it over her shoulders and then bent down and took a nipple in his mouth. Carol moaned deeply at the sensation of her nipple being sucked on. She could feel her pussy juice begin to run down her legs she was so excited.

As Bob sucked on Carol’s nipple he reached behind her and unzipped her skirt. As he pushed it down he was surprised to find she had no underwear on. When the skirt fell to the floor he reached behind her and grabbed the cheeks of her ass and gently massaged them. He released the nipple he was sucking from his mouth and squatted down in order to take Carol’s shoes off. When he saw Carol’s vagina he gasped as he admired her shaved, swollen lips. He couldn’t resist and licked her glistening pussy. He could smell her and taste her as he began licking deeper and deeper between her folds of flesh. Her taste was ambrosia to him as he continued his licking.

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