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Christina’s Paybacks Ch. 03

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Part 3 – Deflowering Time

Christina beamed as she looked over the results of her “handy work”. Christina again demonstrated her complete control of this special occasion. Leaning down she again queried her lover.

“OK lover, it’s time for you to prove how good a fuck toy you can be for us. Are you ready to give me your gift? Tell me what you want me to do lover. What does my fuck toy want?” Tell me NOW!”

Doc was worked up way beyond the point of no return. Christina had brought him to a new height of sexual awareness that he simply had to continue. He almost yelled out his reply.

“Oh God yes, PLEASE Christina. Don’t stop. Take my ass. Fuck my ass. It’s yours. Take it any way you wish just fuck my ass PLEASE!”

Christina’s plans and teasing were coming to completion now. But she had to get just a little more in to continue her lover’s anguish.

“Such a good fuck toy. I think we’ll start out with the smaller strap-on to pop your anal cherry. But, we have TWO MORE to go after that one. I want to really take your ass tonight. Would you like that’? No better yet, is that what you want me to do? Tell me. Do you want me to take that virgin ass of yours with all three strap-on cocks? You want my cock don’t you? You want my cock to pop your cherry don’t you?”

Doc was beside himself with anticipation. Doc could only plead to his lover.

“Oh Damn Christina. THREE? THREE? Damn yes, Christina. Take my ass, Fuck my ass with your cock. All three of them. Rip me open, rip me in two. Just fuck my ass PLEASE!”

Doc’s head was rolling side to side with anguish, needing sexual release from this torrent of teasing. His answer was almost a scream.

“That’s good for starters. But what about my girlfriends? They came all the way over here for some virgin ass. YOUR VIRGIN ASS! Does my fuck toy want them to take his ass as well? Want ALL my girlfriends to fuck your sweet ass. Now be careful how you answer. I can see the size of their strap-on cocks and you can’t. If you say yes, YOU HAVE TO TAKE THEM ALL. What’s it going to be? Does my fuck toy want to really have his ass fucked by all of us? Answer me!”

Without hesitation, Doc screamed out to his lover.

“Damn Christina. YES! I want all them to take my ass. The bigger the better. I want you to be first though. You have to be the one to take my cherry. Damn you. FUCK ME! FUCK MY ASS!”

While Doc was pleading, Christina was helped into her corset harness and had the first cock attached, making sure to get the curved bulb firmly seated into her own pussy. This time, the thick, long lasting lube was applied to the entire length. It glistened in the light, making the cock look almost menacing. Carrie then showed Christina the hidden feature of all three strap-on cocks. There was a mini vibrator in both the pussy and clit end as well as another in the business end. On the side of the harness were the dual remotes that controlled both units. Christina gave each switch a try. The buzzing in her pussy and on her clit was a very welcome stimulation. She could only imagine the similar buzzing in Doc’s ass once she had her cock deep in his ass.

Carrie helped apply a copious amount of the thick lube around and in Doc’s gaped ass. It was now ready. Doc was going to lose his anal virginity to Christina. She was going to take his ass and make it hers. Christina stepped closer and just rested the tip of her cock at his opening. The other women gathered closely to watch the deflowering. They began to once again rub their clits as they watched so intently.

Christina had to show her lover she was in complete control and make him fully aware of what was about to happen.

“Do you feel that, my fuck toy? That’s my cock resting at your gaped ass. I’m about to POP THAT CHERRY of yours. I’m going to make that ass ALL MINE. That’s what you want isn’t it? You want me to pop your anal cherry don’t you? Tell me again how bad you want me to take your ass.”

There he was. Doc was now going to that last step. The one Christina wanted to hear. Doc begged his lover.

“God Christina, yes. Take it. Pop my anal cherry. Let me feel you drive your cock into my ass. Fuck me PLEASE Christina. I’M BEGGING YOU, FUCK MY ASS! Hear that lover, I’M BEGGING YOU TO POP MY CHERRY! That’s what you wanted to hear isn’t it. PLEASE! FUCK MY ASS! PLEASE!!!!”

Carrie got up close for this shot. This was the “money shot”. Christina’s sense of complete control was euphoric. Her thoughts were racing through her mind.

“This is where Doc loses his anal virginity. This is where I take that special gift he is giving me and make his ass all mine – to do with as I please, whenever I please, as often as I please. I am the one who is taking his cherry. No one else. HIS VIRGINITY BELONGS TO ME FOREVER. And take it I will. RIGHT NOW!”

With those thoughts echoing in her mind, Christina grabbed Doc’s hips and in one thrust buried her cock into his waiting and wanton ass.


The camera caught the complete thrust. Doc’s ass belonged to Christina now. No doubt about it. She had taken his anal virginity. She had popped his cherry, but good. Too bad there wasn’t a voice recording or a video to go along with the photos. Doc screaming out in ecstasy when Christina took his anal cherry and pleading with her to fuck his ass would echo in her mind for years to come. And she would not soon let him forget how he screamed out with the pleasure she had given him or how he had begged her to fuck his ass. How he had begged her to pop his anal cherry. No, not ever. And she would teasingly remind him often.

Christina began to build up a steady rhythm. Not a teasing rhythm like the earlier play. No, this was a serious ass fucking. She began to increase her tempo. Doc was trying in vain to push back and match her thrusts but the restraints prevented him from doing so. No this was still Christina’s show to control. And control it she was. Her tempo began to increase even more until she was pounding her cock into Doc’s ass. As she sank into this pounding rhythm, she reached down and turned the two switches to high speed.

The sensations began to drive them both wild. Christina was almost thrashing her hips into Doc’s ass. She glanced over and saw her Carrie playing with herself. Her harness was up around her waist and her hand was buried in her pussy. The other girls were just as busy pleasuring their clits and pussies as well. The whole scene was more than she even bargained for.

Glancing over she saw Clare with the camera coming in for another close-up. This just spurred Christina on even more. Her hips pounded Doc’s ass. The vibrations were having a toll on her though. Her cum came out of nowhere. It hit her hard causing her to thrust deeply into Doc’s ass and just stay there while her cum washed over her entire body. She then heard her Carrie scream out, as she too was cumming. Then the other girls followed suit. Christina wanted Doc to cum, but not quite yet.

She began a slower tempo, a gentler loving ass fucking to help bring Doc down to some level of normalcy. That is if you can call having your girlfriend fuck your brains out by taking your anal virginity normal. As Christina regained some of her composure, Carrie did as well. A warm glow was a washed over everyone now. As Christina began to slow down even further, she could hear Doc almost whimpering.

“So good. So good. Oh God so damn good. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

Remembering what Carrie had told her about not wanting his gape to leave anytime too soon, Christina motioned for the butt plug. Her girlfriend lubed it up well and handed to Christina. As Christina withdrew her first cock, she immediately placed the butt plug into Doc’s well-fucked ass. Doc just moaned as it kept him spread him open for the ladies.

“I think we all could use a short break and something to drink. I am parched and I’m sure Doc is as well. Besides, my fuck toy has at least 2 more cocks to take from me tonight, as well as all of you dear friends and your lovely strap-on cocks. I especially want to watch Clare’s monster cock plow his ass. In fact if Clare is up for it, I want to see her use BOTH of her monster cocks tonight. Now THAT will be worth the price of admission! So, I think he will need his strength.”

Doc allowed a blissful moan to escape from his lips as he thought of Christina using two more cocks while taking his ass tonight. And then his thoughts turned to the other women.

“What was that about a monster and Clare? Who is this Clare? Who were these other women? How many times was he going to have his ass fucked tonight?”

He was so happy that Christina had taken his anal virginity. The joy and pleasure she had given him was indescribable. His thoughts were interrupted as Christina helped him raise his head enough to take a sip or two of wine. After he had enough wine for now, she lowered his head back down so he could relax before round two. As she drank her wine, she looked down to see her shiny cock in front of her. Smiling broadly, she thought to herself that her cock had just taken her lover’s ass – took his anal cherry. And we still weren’t through for the evening.

As her smile broadened even further, she again helped Doc take more of his wine. When he had drained his glass, she finished her own. After checking his legs and making sure he was comfortable, she walked over and swapped out to the second cock. It did look bigger and she hoped Doc would notice the increased size and the accompanying more intense pleasure. This time, she lubed it up herself. As well, she applied a generous amount of the thick lube to her hand before positioning herself between Doc’s still spread legs.

As she nodded to her girlfriend, Carrie gladly removed the butt plug from Doc’s ass, leaving it near by for the next illegal bahis siteleri round. Christina lovingly started to apply the thick lube to Doc’s gaped ass. That is until the heat of the moment began to catch up with her. Her fingers began to really work into his ass to make sure he was ready for her. She thought with a little more work and lube, she could just about work her entire hand into his ass. She snickered to herself as she also thought Doc would probably like that too much. But the thought lingered in the back of her mind, thinking “for future reference.”

With her new cock resting at his well-lubed open ass, she paused to continue her torment … if only for a moment. While teasingly nudging against his ass, Christina began yet another verbal build up.

“Is my fuck toy ready? Are you ready to have my second even bigger cock? You still want me to fuck your hot ass? Tell me. Does my fuck toy want me to fuck his sweet ass?”

Doc was hooked. He wanted his lover to fuck him again. Christina knew his answer, yet he uttered it anyway.

“Oh yes please. More. More please. Drive me crazy with your cock. Take me.”

This time Christina grabbed Doc’s cock and balls for leverage. The butt plug had kept Doc open and actually spread him even more. The larger cock was easily worked into his wanton ass. By holding onto his cock, she could get the swing to begin rocking back and forth, driving Doc’s ass back onto the new cock. The more she was able to get the swing to move, the more of her cock disappeared into his ass. Finally, she was able to get a good tempo going. The swing was doing all the work now. She just had to use her grip on Doc’s cock and balls to maintain the rhythm.

Her cock was almost sliding completely out of Doc’s ass only to then reverse direction and be completely swallowed by Doc’s wanton ass. As the tempo increased, Doc’s moans became distinctively louder. With her tight grip around Doc’s cock, she could feel the heat building within him; feel each beat of his quickening pulse; feel the pre-cum oozing down the shaft. All these sensations of pleasure were due to her complete control. She was bringing Doc all this pleasure. This just added to her own pleasure.

The girls began to chant and urge her on.

“Oh yeah. Take that ass.”

“That’s it, pound into him. Take him.”

“Make his ass yours. Fuck it girl. Fuck it.”

“Save some for us Christina. Get him ready for us.”

The swing was almost flying as Christina began to really fuck Doc’s no longer virgin ass. His moans of pleasure were becoming louder still. Christina began to stroke Doc’s cock in unison to each stroke she made into his ass. His cock began to respond, as did his ass. His ass was clutching at her cock on each out stroke as if trying to capture it and pull it back in. Doc’s cock was beginning to throb and twitch under her attentions. She could see his balls starting to swell as they began to fill with cum. She wanted this one to be quick before they moved on. So she again began her verbal torment.

“That’s it, take my cock. Your wanton, sweet ass is clutching my cock. You’re taking it all now. Does my fuck toy want to cum for me? I want you to cum for me. I can feel it building. I can see your balls swelling, getting ready to explode for me. Cum for me. Cum for me while I fuck your hot ass. I took your cherry now give me your cum as icing on the cake.”

Christina began to deeply fuck Doc’s ass while she stroked his cock with a greater determination. Doc’s moans grew almost animalistic as if pleading for her to make him cum. His ass was beginning to spasm around her cock. Then his cock began to erupt like a volcano. As his cum erupted, she massaged his balls and pulled on his ball sack. She wanted to milk all his cum from him. Christina looked over to again see Carrie busy playing with her clit. Soon Carrie was once again wailing out her own cum as she watched Christina fuck Doc’s ass and make him cum. Clare had the camera this time so every shot was taken, even some of Carrie cumming hard.

As Doc’s cum began to subside, Christina leaned forward and sucked his cock deep into her throat savoring the last of his cum. As she lifted her head, she reached for the butt plug. When she was finally able to get the swing to stop, she teasingly gave his ass one more deep stroke before pulling out completely. His whimper of feeling so empty was soon replaced by a low guttural moan as she worked the butt plug back into place. She smiled, as she had wanted this one to be a quick fuck intent on getting Doc to cum. She had ulterior devious motives. She wanted Doc relaxed for her final fuck – when she gave him the biggest cock she had purchased. She wanted him to take all 12 inches and still want more. Christina then gave Doc just a hint of what was to happen next.

“OK now, this last go round is going to be very special. It will leave my fuck toy well broken in and wanting even more. For this one, we’re going canlı bahis siteleri to the bedroom though. I want you up on your hands and knees when you beg me to fuck you. And you WILL beg me to fuck you with my big cock – MY 12-INCH MEAN ASS-FUCKING COCK. Hear that fuck toy. You’re going to beg me to fuck your ass with a 12-inch cock. And you’re going to love it. In fact you’re going to reach back and spread those cheeks of yours so I can ram my 12-inch cock into that sweet ass. Then my girlfriends are going to ravage your ass while you eat my ass, pussy and clit. I’m going to watch the anal gang bang of your ass while you eat me, fuck toy.”

Christina could see new signs of life in Doc. Little beads of sweat were on his forehead. Perhaps he was worried or apprehensive about taking a 12-inch cock. But from the looks of his cock beginning to rise again, his body was betraying him. Yes, she knew he would beg her to fuck his ass with this big cock. Instead of putting on her 12-inch cock, she had other plans. She slid the harness from her waist, detached the 8 and a half-inch cock, attached the new 12-inch cock carried them into the bedroom – along with the warming lube. Once she returned, she gave her instructions to the other girls.

“Ladies, take the cameras and beverages into the bedroom for me please. Be sure to get your strap-on cocks ready. Carrie, then could you come back and help me get our fuck toy to the bedroom. This is going to be the best ass fucking of the night. He may think I took his anal cherry earlier. Now he’s going to feel me really take his wanton ass. And we want to be sure to get as many pictures of this 12-inch cock fucking his hot ass as possible. That should make him more than ready, ladies, as then his ass is yours to gang bang the rest of the night.”

Christina’ words were having a definite desired reaction on Doc. His spent cock was now almost completely hard again. She could also see his ass clutching down onto the butt plug. With a smile, she began to remove the wrist restraints, then the leg restraints. As his legs were finally freed, she helped lower them to the floor. Being raised for such a long time, Doc’s legs were a bit wobbly at first. Carrie and Christina stood on either side as they helped him walk down the hall. What really got his attention was one of the women reached back and used the butt plug to guide him in one direction or the other. Once in the bedroom, Christina had Doc stand at the foot of the bed where she slowly removed his blindfold. She wanted him to see what’s coming. In fact she wanted more than that. As his eyes began to adjust, Christina continued to tease him unmercifully.

“See that on the dresser. That’s my 12-inch cock. Is that what you want? Want me to fuck your hot ass with that 12-inch cock?”

Doc could only nod. For some reason seeing that large cock made his mouth go suddenly dry. Christina had a quick retort.

“That’s not enough fuck toy. If you want me to fuck your ass with it, go get it for me. Bring it to me and tell me what you want. Beg me to do what you want.”

With a bit of initial hesitation, Doc started for the dresser. With each step closer, the cock looked bigger and bigger. By the time he got to the dresser’s edge it looked humongous. As he reached out, he gingerly grabbed the 12-inch cock. It was heavy and felt so surreal. The veins made it look real and he was sure each vein rippling into his ass would feel just as real. Having a firm hold, he finally turned and approached Christina. Once there, he had a difficult time taking his eyes from the huge cock in his hands. Christina once again took control and used her fingers to raise his chin until their eyes locked. In a stren voice she told him what she needed to hear.

“Tell me what you want. Beg me to do what you want.”

She could see the answer in his eyes, the deep yearning she had instilled in him. But Doc answered his lover just to be sure she would do what he yearned for her to do.

“P P P P Please fuck my ass with your 12-inch cock. YES PLEASE FUCK MY ASS WITH YOUR BIG COCK.”

Christina again beamed. As she smiled and glanced around at al her girlfriends, she further instructed her lover.

“Much better. Indeed I will. Now get up onto the bed on your hands and knees and back up to the edge of the bed. No, turn your ass this way so it is facing the center of the room. I want all the girls to be able to see me fuck that ass. Oh yes, we need great pictures of this MOMENTUS occasion. Now, reach back and spread those ass cheeks like a good fuck toy. Wider! That’s it. Such a good fuck toy.”

Doc had reached back and spread his cheeks as wide as possible just as instructed. Now he heard the camera clicking away. Christina almost snickered thinking those close-ups of his butt plug framed by his hands as he spread his ass cheeks for her would be just another future reminder of tonight. Christina nodded toward the butt plug as she worked her corset harness into position. As Carrie snapped the pictures, Clare began to twist and turn the butt plug, teasing Doc’s ass all anew. As Christina approached, she again nodded. This time Clare began to slowly twist and pull back on the butt plug until it finally “POPPED’ and was free.

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