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Chocolate Dreams

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There are a few people in our office who are devoted chocolate lovers – me among them. Probably the most fanatical is Diane; she always has chocolates in a large jar at her desk. Diane is a very attractive woman of 35, about 5’6″ tall with long, dark black hair and fair skin. She is generally slender, but has a semi-voluptuous figure. By far her best asset is a spectacular set of breasts. She usually dresses modestly and hides them with loose-fitting outfits, but on rare days she’ll wear something that highlights their size. On a really special day (for the men in the office) her outfit will also reveal an impressive pair of nipples trying to bore through her clothing. It’s hard to maintain eye contact on those days.

One day last winter I was working late in my office, catching up on work. The rest of the employees had gone home, but I was stuck plowing through emails and approvals that had piled up during my travels. My concentration was interrupted by a tap on the door; it was Diane trying to get a last-minute approval on some specifications.

“Can I get you to sign these while you’re here?” she asked. “They have to be done by tomorrow and catching you tonight would really help.”

“Sure, come on in,” I replied, glancing at her curvy body as she stood there. Today was one of those good days – she had on a snug, thin sweater that showed most of the important details of her chest. Her skirt was loose and mid-length. Diane never wore short skirts. The outline of her bra was very visible through her sweater. It was easy to see that it was low-cut; her breasts pushed out over it, causing a nice rise in her sweater above the top of the bra. Both the bra and the sweater were thin enough to allow the nubs of her nipples to be visible too. All in all, a wonderful distraction at the end of a long day.

Diane brought the papers over to my desk for me to read. As she was walking over I reached in my drawer for some of the Dove dark chocolate that I had stashed there. “Candy, little girl?” I asked jokingly, sliding a piece of chocolate across my desk.

“Oh, have I been that good?” she joked back in a little-girl voice.

“Well, I’m not sure about that, but I like to tempt little girls.” I said, continuing the joke. Diane took the piece of chocolate from me, unwrapped it and slid it into her mouth. I could see her savoring the flavor as the candy melted on her tongue.

“Ummm, Dove dark chocolate – my favorite.”

“I thought you would like that. Let me check these while you’re here – it won’t take more than a few minutes.”

“That’s fine,” she replied. “Can I have another piece of chocolate while I wait?” The last was in the little-girl voice again, so I knew she was in a playful mood. Diane is odd that way; sometimes she’s all business, other times she can be quite a flirt.

“I don’t know…” I answered slowly. “I’d have to check your work records to see if you’ve deserve it.”

Diane came around the desk and sat up on it next to my chair, facing me. “You don’t have to do that. Besides, no one is here but you and me. All the offices were empty when I walked down here.” She had crossed her legs as she sat on the desk and swung them toward me so her knee and lower leg were right next to me.

“Very nice legs.” I commented, trying to act nonchalant despite her closeness.

“Do you like them?” she asked. “I always think my knees are a little pudgy. If you like them that much then maybe this is worth another piece of chocolate!” With that she pulled her skirt up slightly so it was now a few inches up her thigh. I reached for a second piece of the candy on my desk and started to give it to her, then hesitated.

“I don’t want to seem picky, but this is really good chocolate.” Diane pulled the hem up another three inches or so, showing most of a very nice thigh. “Now that’s definitely worth another piece.” I unwrapped the chocolate square and offered it to her. She bent over and took it out of my fingers with her mouth, just touching the tips of my fingers with her lips.

Diane straightened up and let the candy melt in her mouth, moving her mouth just a little to spread the flavor around. “Delicious!” she exclaimed.

“Well, I have a whole bag in here,” I said, reaching into the drawer. I pulled out another piece and started to unwrap it. Diane uncrossed her legs and took hold of the hem of her skirt. “Then I’ll just have to be a very good girl,” she said, a little huskily. “Or would you rather izmir escort bayan I were a little bad?” With that she pulled the hem of her skirt up to the very top of her thighs. Her pantyhose changed color near the top, darkening for about three inches before reaching the hem of her skirt. There was an even darker area at the juncture of her thighs, made that way by the black panties she was wearing.

“Good and bad are such judgmental terms,” I answered, with a little nervousness in my voice. “Sometimes it’s good to be bad, don’t you think?” With that I reached out to put the chocolate in her mouth. She opened her lips as she leaned over and bit the candy out of my hands, nipping my fingers in the process. My other hand went to her knee and caressed her there, only to have her reach down and take it off.

“I’m not sure you’ve been good enough to touch,” she said with a teasing smile. She put her feet together and took her shoes off with her toes. Her left foot went over to my leg as I sat in the chair and rubbed the top of my thigh.

“Why don’t you turn off the lights so no one can see in,” Diane suggested, taking charge of our exchange. “Then we’ll see how good – or bad – we both can be.”

Not needing a second request I got up and went over to the switch on the wall. Turning off the lights overhead darkened the room but not so much that we couldn’t see. The street lights outside gave off enough light to cast shadows from the desk and chairs and I could see Diane still sitting on my desk. I went back over and sat down again, swiveling the chair so I was facing her legs directly.

“I still have lots of chocolate, little girl…” I said softly, reaching into the drawer on my right. I took out a piece and unwrapped it, holding it up for her. As she leaned over, her foot traveled down my leg into my crotch, stroking the hardness there with the sole of her foot. With her foot still on my crotch she took the chocolate into her mouth, sucking on my outstretched fingers as she pulled away.

“Am I getting better?” she whispered.

“Definitely. Most definitely.” I took her foot in my hand and massaged it. She had a long slender foot with nicely shaped toes. She lifted the foot up to my mouth and ran it across my lips. Opening my mouth and holding her foot, still massaging it, I sucked on her toes one by one. My other hand went up her leg, caressing her calf and then her thigh. I reached the top of her thigh and moved my hand onto the mound there – she was damp right through her panties and hose. Suddenly she pulled her leg back and slid back on the desk away from my hand.

“Too fast,” she said coyly. “Time for more chocolate. What else can your good girl do?”

Time to go for it, I thought to myself. “Take off your sweater. I want to see how much my little girl has grown up.” I offered. I held out another piece of chocolate.

“I want the chocolate, but I want something else too,” she answered. “You take off your pants.”

Hesitating for only a second, I stood up and unfastened my pants while stepping out of my shoes. While I was doing that Diane took the bottom of her sweater out of her skirt and then sat waiting for me to continue. “Let’s do it together,” I suggested and began lowering my trousers. Diane pulled her sweater up at the same time. As it went over her head I had my first view of her bra-covered breasts, pulled high by her arms extending over her head. I laid my pants over the credenza behind my desk and stood there admiring her spectacular breasts as they pushed out from the top of her lacy black bra. The protrusions made by her nipples were very obvious now. I reached toward her breasts with one hand but she stopped me before I got to her.

“Sit back down,” she ordered. “I still want more chocolate.”

I sat down and reached into the drawer for another piece. As I stretched to do that her foot returned to my crotch, now only covered by my boxer shorts. My erection was creating a tent in the cloth, which her foot found easily. She moved her sole up and down the length, and then insinuated her toes into the slit in the front of my shorts. The rough contact of her nylon-covered foot on my cock was electrifying. I reached out with the chocolate and she again bent over to take it into her mouth. As I pulled my hand down I moved to her left shoulder and moved the bra strap off the shoulder down onto her arm. More of her left breast became visible as the material moved down her chest.

Diane escort izmir moved her other foot into my crotch, cradling my erection between both her feet. I offered up another piece of chocolate, this time with my other hand, and repeated the move toward her shoulder after she took the candy. The strap fell away, leaving only the bra cups to support those magnificent breasts. They were barely managing to do that. Her breasts swelled against the too-small bra, overflowing it at the top. It was easy to see why her breasts had been straining against the sweater earlier.

Diane was enjoying her chocolate, still playing with my erection. She had very talented feet; she managed to free my cock from the boxers by maneuvering it through the slit in the front. Now my erect cock was standing in front of me, her feet stroking it on either side. “Mmmm, lovely,” she purred. “But don’t the nylons bother you? It seems like they would be very rough.”

“They are, a little.” I replied. “But that seems a small price to pay for the pleasure. But why don’t we take them off?” I reached out to help her pull the pantyhose down her legs, but she made no move to cooperate.

“I’m very comfortable right here,” she teased. “You’ll have to do that yourself.”

Thinking quickly, I pulled out my center desk drawer and found the scissors I kept in there. Looking up at her I pulled some of the nylon material away from her leg and brought the scissors up to cut it. Diane’s eyes widened a little but she didn’t protest. I slowly cut into the material and slid the scissors up her leg, being sure not to cut her. I repeated the cuts on the other side, and then tore the nylons off her feet so they were bare.

“There,” I said with satisfaction. “No more rough nylons.” Her now-bare feet went back to my erection. The feel of smooth flesh was even nicer, and added to my growing arousal. I suddenly felt very silly sitting like this in a tie, so I reached up and loosened it, pulling it over my head. Then I unbuttoned the top button of my shirt so I could breathe better. It was getting hard to breathe!

“May I have another chocolate, please?” she asked in that little voice.

“This one will require a special treat.” I said as sternly as I could. “I want see your breasts.”

Diane hesitated, and then seemed to make up her mind to let the game continue. She slowly reached up to the top edge of her bra and began to peel it down the slopes of her breasts. I held my breath in anticipation – I was finally going to get to see the tits I had pictured in my imagination the many times she had walked down the hall! The bra came down ever so slowly as she pulled on it, until I could see the darkness of her nipples start. I looked at Diane and saw her watching me, gauging the effect she was having on me. I looked back at her breasts; now her nipples were visible – large, round and beautiful, protruding proudly from her breasts. She left the bra material supporting her breasts from below, enhancing the effect as they pushed out toward me. Even in the dim light I could see the firmness and fullness of her tits as they stood out from her chest.

“You have very beautiful breasts,” I murmured to her, holding out the piece of chocolate.

“Why, thank you,” Diane answered as she leaned forward to get the candy from my fingers. “I thought I had noticed you admiring them sometimes.” I pulled the chocolate back enough that she had to lean more than before. This brought her breasts right in front of my face and it was a short movement for my mouth to touch her nipple. I held the chocolate in my fingers, not letting go as she put her mouth on it, keeping her in this position. Diane didn’t pull back as my tongue passed over the stiff nipple. Encouraged, I sucked it into my mouth as Diane sucked the chocolate from my fingers, my tongue still lashing the stiff nub. Finally Diane pulled away, sitting up straight again, but breathing much faster than before. I imagined that, if the light were better, I would have seen her face flushed with excitement.

“That was delicious,” she said, with a little quaver in her voice.

“I thought so too,” I replied with a smile. Her feet had remained in my lap; I lifted one leg up again and began kissing her instep. Diane’s head went back as she enjoyed the attention. After lingering at her foot for a moment I began a trip up her calf, stroking the soft skin with my hands as my mouth kissed and caressed her leg. At the knee I kissed izmir escort the sensitive spot behind the joint as best I could given our positions, and then started up her inner thigh. Shreds of pantyhose were in the way here, but the hose tore easily, exposing bare flesh to my hands and mouth. Her inner thighs were very soft and smooth; my tongue licked her flesh and she shuddered. As I progressed up her thighs Diane moved forward on the desk to allow me better access to her. I tore hose as I went, finally reaching the juncture of her legs. My head was surrounded by the warm softness of her thighs and my face was now next to her crotch. I tore away the pantyhose and took hold of her lace panties. Pulling the fabric aside, I felt the roughness of the hair there as I moved my face forward. She was very warm and damp, obviously as excited as I was. My tongue parted the lips of her pussy and tasted the womanly moisture of her cunt. I ran my tongue along her slit, pausing at her clitoris. Diane’s legs went over my shoulders and her hips rotated up, giving my total access to her. She was moaning softly as I lapped at her with my tongue and her hips began a subtle rocking movement in tune with my attentions. My hands went to the sides of her ass, gripping her soft flesh there and holding her in this position.

I continued to lap at her and could hear her as she moaned, the level of her cries becoming louder as her arousal grew. At some point her hands went to my head and pulled my face tightly into her; I increased the pressure of my tongue on her clit and she began to climax explosively, crying out as a shiver went through her body. I kept flicking her clit with my tongue until she had stopped cumming, then she suddenly pulled my head back from her. “Stop, please stop! I’m too sensitive right now!”

In the dimness I could see a small satisfied smile on Diane’s face as she sat crouched forward on my desk. She pulled me up as she leaned forward and kissed me deeply. The kiss went on and on, until I felt like I was melting into her. I felt like I could have kissed her all night, but we finally broke apart reluctantly. “That was wonderful. No one has ever made me cum like that before.” she whispered as our lips parted. “I want you inside me now.”

I stood up and stepped out of my boxers. Sitting back in the chair, I pulled her off the desk into my lap. Her legs went off to the side as she moved up to me, trapping my erection between us. She rose up and reached down to position my cock at the entrance to her cunt, then slowly lowered herself onto me. As wet as she was, I slid in easily, my cock surrounded by the warm smoothness of her inner channel. The feeling was incredible – I had made love to women before, but there was something magical about entering her. We sat like that for about 30 seconds, just savoring the feel of our joining. Then I began to rock her along my hardness, sliding several inches of my length in and out of her.

Diane’s position put my face at the same level as her wonderful breasts, and I buried my face between them. I brought both hands up to cup and push her breasts inward, pressing them against my face as I nuzzled her cleavage. Diane continued our rocking motion and her arousal seemed to grow as I nursed her breasts. My mouth went to one nipple and then the other, licking at first and then gently sucking at the hardness. As Diane’s movements became more vigorous I sucked harder; her reaction was immediate – she pulled my head into her breast as she climaxed again. As her climax ebbed I buried my face in her beautiful breasts again, feeling my own orgasm building. Diane was now stroking my cock with her cunt, bringing me closer and closer to a climax. My release was sudden and strong; I could feel the gushes of cum shoot into her womb over and over again as she stroked my cock. She tightened the muscles of her vagina as this was happening, milking me for every drop. Finally, drained of cum and energy, I sat back, savoring the feel of her silky body against me and around me. She leaned her face down and we kissed deeply again, lovers enjoying each other as only lovers can. Kissing her was just as magical, our mouths joined as we literally melted into each other. We kissed until we both had to come up for air but my lips were missing her as soon as we parted.

“So, was I a good girl?” she asked with a wicked smile, her hand stroking my hair.

“You’re the best little girl I know,” I answered, returning her smile with a kiss. “And now I have to add something to my to-do list for tomorrow.”

“What’s that?” she wondered, squeezing my cock once more with her vaginal muscles.

“I definitely have to buy more chocolate. Any special requests?”

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