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Chivalry Rewarded Ch. 02

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To put this story into context please read Chivalry Rewarded to which this is a follow on.

In the story, Chivalry Rewarded, Frankie Thompson related her story of how she discovered her supervisor, Blodwyn Davis and her boss Tom Donohan in, shall we say, a compromising position, when we left her she was leaving work at the end of the day expecting to be sacked. She told us that she would tell us what happened next and here is what she told us…

Wednesday. Quarter to eight, I made my way up the eight flights of stone back stairs to the staff corridor and my work place. If you remember, when I had crept down the stairs on Tuesday afternoon I didn’t even know if it would be worth my coming in the next day I was so deep in the shit. I was worried, because I enjoyed my job, and frankly I needed it.

I was even more worried when Blodwyn had smiled at me as I clocked in, she was usually so surly it didn’t help that after passing her I caught sight of her in a mirror as the smile turned to a scowl.

I knocked young Rodney’s door. He answered promptly, inviting me in.

“And how are you this fine morning? Looking radiant as ever I see.”

“I don’t feel radiant. And I am bloody fed up, it wasn’t my fault they were seen doing it. I didn’t ask to see that.”

“Just take it easy, calm down.”

His hand crept toward the wrap of my overall, and started to intrude. I caught his wrist.

“I’m sorry Rod, I am just not in the mood right now, I saw Blodwyn as I came in and she was all sweetness and light then after I passed her look turned to a sneer, so I can guess which way this is going to go.”

“Just don’t worry. You don’t know how it might go.”

“I have to see Donohan in about ten minutes.”

“Sit down, take a breath, big breaths, that’s it, now calm, relax.”

A few minutes later I stood, Rod opened the door, I walked, I felt, to my doom!

I knocked the door to Donohan’s room.


Donohan always to me sounded so pompous. I pushed the door and entered.

Blodwyn was seated at Donohan’s left hand, Donohan had not even bothered to dress smartly, his uniform trousers and shoes, and a string vest, they sat together, not quite hand in hand, beneath the sloping ceiling smothered in girly pictures.


Donohan indicated the chair facing him. I sat. He smiled. I worried.

“Now Mrs. Thompson, Frankie, its about yesterday.”

“Yes.” Stormed Blodwyn “Bloody nosey look you.”

“Now, now, Blodwyn, just leave it to me.”

“Well its true, she shouldn’t have been here.”

“Blodwyn, leave it I said.”

“Frankie, I know what you think you saw yesterday.”

“I don’t think, I know what I saw.”

“Well yes, maybe you did, any way, I don’t think it needs to be a big deal now does it?”

“It wasn’t me that was making a fuss, I wasn’t going to tell or anything but Blodwyn….”

“Yes I know, but lets be fair, you did actually tell someone didn’t you?”

“Blodwyn was making such a fuss I had no choice but to give an explanation.”

“Yes, I know, Young Rodney told me. He came to see me last night”

“Oh Yes.”

“Well I have come up with a solution to the problem. But I will need your assurance that this matter is going no further than the four of us.”

“Four! Four! What’s this four business.” Blodwyn was hopping mad

“Just shut up Blodwyn, there is you and me, Frankie and young Rodney.”

“That bloody whipper snapper. I’ll have that little brat.”

“For God’s sake Blodwyn, either shut up or fuck off.”

“Now Frankie, do I have your assurance, no further?”

“Well…yes…I suppose.”

“What I have decided is this. You will be the charge hand on this landing same as Blodwyn is upstairs.”

“What?” Blodwyn almost screamed.

“You heard. There will also be a slight pay rise to go with it.”

Blodwyn was furious. I was dumb struck.

“Wwwwhat? Wwwhy?”

“I expect young Rodney will explain…., you may go.”

I was dismissed, but could hardly stand I was shocked to the core.

I made my way, almost in a daze to Rodney’s room and tapped the door. It was opened almost instantly. I sank into the easy chair.

“Are you ok?”

“I don’t know.”

“I told you not to worry. I’ll get some tea.”

I just sat there and shook, I hadn’t a clue really what had just happened. I still had my job, and somehow, had a pay rise, how did that happen? I was still shaking when Rodney returned with the tea.

“Donohan said to ask you to explain what had happened.”



“Yes, I told Donohan that I knew he was screwing half the staff, and if anything happened to you I would make sure everyone knew.”

“Is he?”

“Dunno, there’s two I know for sure and another rumoured, and I really don’t think he would like to lose his regular avcılar escort supply with Blodwyn and I also told him that I would let Blodwyn’s old man in on the act. Rumour is he is a bit of a bastard when he’s had a drink!”

I stood up and took my knickers off, Rodney reached for my tits and that got us started.he was having a good feel of them.

“So, taking your knickers off, does that indicate that you are in the mood now?”

“Might be.”

“Your nipples say you are.”

“Do they lie to you?”

“I’ll have to find out.”

He slipped his hand under my overall and stroked up to my pussy, the touch of his hand above my stocking tops was quite enough to yield a super duper splashing cum of a power I hadn’t known since when..Oh yes since yesterday when he laid hands on me.

“Bit damp up here…”

I groaned.

“Yes, this says you are in the mood now.”

“Well I suppose I do owe you, so here goes.”

“Whoa, not like that…you owe me nothing.”

“But you and Donohan?”

“Purely selfish dear lady, thinking of my cock and your pussy.”

“You bugger. You’d better fuck me now while I still feel obligated.”

I opened his trousers and dragged him by his solid cock towards me, releasing him only to turn my back and throw my overall up to expose my dripping wet pussy. I reached between my legs, grabbed his cock and made sure it hit the target. As it parted my lips I cum again. Then slowly he measured its length in my hot wet hole.

As he gathered momentum, there was a knock at the door. We froze, paused a moment…

“Who’s there?”

“Donohan… Rodney, can I have a word?”

“Not right now, I will come and see you when its convenient., goodbye!”

His words were very purposeful.

We heard steps retreating down the corridor as we restarted the thrusting, I was pushing back onto Rod’s young hard cock as if I had never had one, and he was meeting thrust for thrust.

Now I do have to be honest, it was quick, fairly satisfying, and it left us both panting hard. Or in my case it should be panting wet!

I had just one task I was a bit nervous about now, and it was to go to the kitchen, See the Chef and explain that Rodney had asked me to go down with the message that he had sickness and the ‘trots’ and it was probably best he didn’t come into the Kitchen. Fortunately, the Chef was aware of the potential consequences of the situation and readily agreed that Rodney should stay in the staff quarters telling me as I turned to leave to make it tomorrow as well which I felt hardly able to accept with a straight face!

I was told to go down to the kitchen at lunch time and collect Soup and toast for the poor lad’s lunch. I just hoped that I hadn’t been fucked to a standstill by then!

I returned to Rodney’s room, mentally I was stripped before I got to the door, and once inside it was fact. Poor, sick, Rodney was sitting in the chair waiting for my return, it took just a moment to create a magnificent erection which I straddled and sank down on, it never ceased to amaze me just how many cums I could get from him before he was obliged to juice me.

On many occasions, I have had to abandon it and surrender to give myself a break from the riding to avoid getting sore. Of course, Rodney did tend to get excited from time to time, and I found he was spunking vigorously at his first look at my fanny, and then, thank god for fast recovery, I had to make do with seconds.

Obviously, while I rode his cock, Rodney played with, nibbled and suckled on my tits, raising me to even higher states of ecstasy often having the nipple snatched from him by my movements.

I didn’t do very much work that day, and soon it was time to clock off, that’s it, a whole shift spent in my young lover’s bed, or if not in his bed, with him bedded in me. There is no way I could account for how many times I creamed, or how many erections I had conjured up and ridden to death.

I do know that I had to change his sheets before I left, and to make sure my pussy had more or less drained off before I put my knickers back on. I was sure I would need to buy some lanolin ointment for my sore nipples on my way home.

The following day followed virtually the same path, and again, apart from a quick round of bed making little else was done on my landing, and the bulk of my time was used in fornicating with my virile young lover.

Rodney stayed for four years and in that time we had many days of sex, we had many spontaneous incidents and many shorter sessions. Often I stayed after my shift in order to satisfy either Rodney or myself, or both of us. On very rare occasions I did stay over night, but that was the exception.

After Rodney left, I selected another young lad when he started his apprenticeship, and he willingly surrendered avcılar escort bayan to my advances and received what I like to think was an education that set him up for life. I retired eventually, and my old man had passed on, bless his boozy, impotent soul, and it was with pleasure that I was able to entertain both Rodney and his successor in the comfort of my own home from time to time. Not together mind you.

My only regret was that I had not found a younger lover earlier, but then, I can’t complain, there won’t be many of you that will be able to equal me, I had my last young cock, a young man called Ben who came to do some painting for me, at the age of eighty, and do you know, it was a really great ride and I had a terrific cum. When he eventually squirted, he said he didn’t believe an old bird like me could ever enjoy a shag, but that I had opened his eyes.

I told him not to be so blinking cheeky.

Let me tell you about it.

We all have our own rooms at Riding House, the staff is very good, and if we want something changed in our rooms they have a good selection of people who can do it. I fancied having my rooms painted, Nancy along the passageway from me had hers done and it looked very nice, She had a sort of rose pink, I decided on a peachy colour.

Bradshaws were the favoured contractor and they had a very nice young man, Ben, who did some of the work here, and I particularly asked for him, because he had such lovely manners, although he was a bit cheeky, all the ladies here liked him. Gave him little treats and things.

Well, Ben it was, about his mid twenties, and three days., day one, washing down and rubbing down, day two, ceiling and walls, day three, woodwork and finishing.

The ceiling was nearly the start of the trouble, well not really trouble. Everything was covered with dust sheets, except for me, I decided that I would stay and watch rather than go to the television lounge. Lets face it girls, you never get fed up with watching a muscular lad with a nice bum now do you?

Ben got the sheets over everything, then set up his trestle thing to stand on and started work. I must say, he was quite thorough but.. and here it is, maybe he should have covered me with a dust sheet, because when he got near to where I was sitting I got splashed with his wash water. So of it was on my blouse, and some of it on me.

“Do you mind young man, you are supposed to be washing the ceiling, not me”

“Oh dear Frankie, I am so sorry.” Every one was on first name terms.

“You had best give me a hand or Matron will go potty.”

He came down and started to dab at my blouse with his cloth.

“That’s just making it worse. Give me a hand to get it off.”

His wet hands trying to help me unbutton my blouse was quite interesting, and ended with my wet blouse on the floor and my tits, and I was about the size I am now, quite ample, almost as wet. Ben obviously tried to dab me dry, not thinking that the cloth was still saturated, well the dirty water, cold I might add ran down my cleavage with the inevitable result , yes, two erect nipples trying to escape from my now wet bra.

He was mortified.

“I think that had better come off too don’t you think.”

“Shall I fetch someone to help you?”

“I can’t believe that a gorgeous young fellow like you hasn’t taken a bra off before.”

Ben blushed the deepest red.

“Quickly, fetch a towel.”

He returned with a small hand towel.

“Oh come on Ben, do you really think that’s big enough to cover my modesty?”

He returned, this time with a bath towel.

“Is that better?”

“I bet you only brought the small one because you wanted to get an eyeful of my titties.”

Again he blushed.

“Don’t worry, you won’t be the first young man to see them, or for that matter to feel them, you are going to feel them aren’t you?”

I got no answer.

“Tell you what, just drop the catch on the door lock.”

He did so.

“Now, take the towel, and dry them for me, I’m not going to tell if you don’t.”

His hands trembled as he did so, which of course made the excersize even more stimulating for me and my nipples even more erect. I shuddered.

“Oh , I’m sorry, is something wrong.?”

“No dear boy, nothing wrong, just an old feeling creeping up on me, you carry on and dry me.”

He did so, again I shuddered, the old juices starting to ooze.

“Could you do you think, do me a favour…”

He looked puzzled.

“…you couldn’t I suppose… no, I mustn’t ask.”


“No, I mustn’t,”

“You know I’ll help if I can, would you like me to get you a nice hot cup of tea?”

“No..no dear boy, it was nothing like that.”

“Then what, I will, anything just ask?”

“You’ll think me very silly Ben.”

“Not escort avcılar at all, do you want a hand to the toilet or something. I have worked here for quite a time, and I have helped a few people, it won’t bother me.”

“Well if you insist Ben, but it is quite sort of personal, and you mustn’t tell a soul.”

“You just try me Frankie, I’ll try to help.”

I lifted one of my now saggy titties.

“Well you see these…” I gave my nipples a little flick.

He blushed again.

“…they are up like this because I have a little need, well, in honesty, not so little, I need them licked… or sucked,.”

The blush had never left his cheeks.

“Won’t I be in trouble if I do that?”

“I am a grown woman Ben, and I locked the door, and I asked you to do it. So where is the problem. You look as if you want to.”

“I do, but…”

“Come on, just do it. where’s the harm?”

With that encouragement, he tentatively bent down and snaked out his tongue.

It was just what the doctor ordered, how I had wished that doctors could order such things!

I shuddered and shivered with the pleasure I was receiving. I spread my legs, and raised my skirt in anticipation. I lead his hand between my thighs.

“Some thing here could appreciate a little attention now that you have awakened the sleeping beast.”

Slowly his hand stroked up my legs. When he reached my stocking tops he left the nipple he was so wonderfully sucking.

“I have never felt anyone wearing stockings before, it’s so sexy.”

“Just enjoy dear boy, I am.”

He returned to the task and after fondling the bare flesh above the stockings soon discovering the leg of my panties. He hesitated, then his finger intruded.

“Oh my God!” I thought.

I could feel I was wet down there. I relaxed, waiting, enjoying the moment, my hand had already found his erection and released it from his overall trousers.

“Wait, wait. Move that dust sheet off the bed.”

Ben did as I asked, and also turned back the covers. Now, girls take my word for it, when you’re eighty, and you’re horny, and you’ve got your panties on and want to get them off, there is no quick or sexy way to do it, and a wet pussy can get a bit cool while you’re sorting it.

Sorry, but my next comment did shock Ben and I was fortunate that it didn’t wreck the situation. My pants were on the floor.

“Fuck me please Ben, its been a long time and I am in need. Just take it gentle and make sure its wet.”

His knob was at the entrance, I could feel it there.

“I haven’t got any condoms.”

“What Ben? You think you’re going to get me pregnant?”

We both laughed, and he slipped in. I groaned.

“Are you alright?”

“Very much alright Ben, thank you. Now give it a bit of energy, I am a bit stiff but I do know young boys can give a good fuck and that’s what I want.”

I had several cums, and enjoyed them all with Ben thrusting in and out but of course even youngsters can’t last forever, and I was relieved when he eventually hit the jack pot.

As he slipped out of me, he retrieved my pale yellow panties from the floor to wipe his cock. The young lads are so cheeky these days.

He covered me as I dosed off to sleep, and told me he would be back again to continue the next day. I asked him to tell the staff not to bother me with my supper, that I was tired and was going to bed. I was asleep in the after glow of that fuck before Ben had left the room.

Two more days with the same excersize followed, and on the forth day Ben’s boss sent someone to give him a hand, I went to watch the television. When he was showing me the finished job, I gave him a peck on the cheek, and a special squeeze, you know what I mean, as a thank you.

He then told me that he would never see older ladies in the same way again.

I did hear several times after that about different ladies getting wet blouses, my fellow ‘inmates’ did boast a bit, so maybe he learnt that older ladies could be horny. Of course, maybe the wet blouse was just a ploy, with his apparent shyness to enable him to enjoy his time with the older ladies. Ok so maybe he conned me, and I know, if he did, it was what I wanted.

Sorry to have to relate, that Frankie passed peacefully away at her home a few weeks ago. I had a phone call from the home to tell me she wanted to see me, and that things didn’t look too good. I dashed to her bedside, we spoke just briefly, she had enjoyed our group and had left a little something with matron. Family were at her passing.

There were seventeen of our group at her funeral, and many nice things were said of Frankie, we saw two gentlemen there who were apparently not family and we speculated on who they were. One introduced himself as Rodney, apparently they had loosly kept in touch over the years he couldn’t hide his grief.

The little something left with matron was a sort of diary log book thing, and a note, asking me to ensure that this story was published and that her book didn’t fall into her family’s hands. I was to see if ideas within would make any stories. I haven’t the heart right now to delve into it, but I promised, so one day…


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