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Chapter One

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Before I start my story I guess I should introduce myself. I’m a 22 year old woman that is self sufficient, independent, and extremely opinionated. Not to mention a highly sexual person. I lost my virginity when I was 18 to someone I thought I loved. Turned out not to be a lasting relationship. But he gave me the one thing no other man had given to me up unto that point. Self-confidence, in myself and my worth as a woman. I’m not beautiful. At 5’8″ with measurements of 38-30-36 and C cup breast, I’m not a petite sized woman. My light brunette hair swings just below my shoulder blades. My eyes are weird, changing between a light green all the way through to a dark blue, depending on my mood and what clothing I decide to wear. I prefer wearing clothing for comfort instead of for looks. I wear very little make up, but having nearly flawless skin does help a bit.

But I’m getting off the subject. Deciding to share some of my more interesting sexual experiences has been an interesting decision. I couldn’t decide if I should start from the beginning or the end. Or maybe pick up the key events in my sexual history. Losing my virginity, even though it was a key event, turned out to be too personal for me to share. So I will start with the man who gave me a voice in bed.

His name was John and he was 19 when I started dating him. I met him through a mutual friend of ours. He was exactly the opposite of my type. He was just barely tall enough to look me in the eyes. He was a cowboy that worked for the city to make ends meet while he was trying to raise enough money to build up his herd of cattle. His boyish charm was contagious. The fact that his pale blue eyes could look directly into your soul didn’t help. He was also the first man that I had dated with facial hair. A small little thing that could easily be forgotten, but that played a definite Travesti roll in our sex lives. His body was rock hard, from the tossing of hay bales since he was big enough to. He also had the biggest dick I have ever seen in my entire life. Weighing in a 9 ½ inches long and as big around as a pop can. The head was smaller, the girth widening as you went down it. Just didn’t seem to fit with this shorter lanky built man. But time and time again he proved me wrong.

The first time we had sex he spent an enormous about of time with foreplay, which I had never had, but he was the 2nd person I had ever had sex with, so it was a new experience. It was dark in his bedroom and all that could be heard was the heavy breathing coming from us. His body covering mine, our hands running over each other. The kissing and petting on his part. Me enjoying his touch. He found that he could create me to moan and squirm around when he would rub is fur covered chin on the inside of my hips. It also would make me just wet myself quicker than anything short of tonguing my pussy. And he loved that.

He was all over my body, kissing, stroking, plunging 1 and then 2 fingers into my pussy till I was meeting his fingers with thrusts. Crawling back up my body he took the time to tongue at my belly button, bite hard on my nipples. Sucking them to soothe the ache that he had caused. Nibbling on my neck and then finally looking me in the eyes, rubbing his nose against mine, smiling while kept his cock from touching my body at all. Then he kissed me hard and told me he wanted to take it slow because he didn’t want to hurt me. I just laughed and said that wasn’t possible. Boy did he prove me wrong. As he pushed the head in me, the smile that was across my face disappeared. All I could do was whimper as I felt inch after inch sliding in my pussy. Then he stopped after Antalya Travesti about six inches, him panting in my ear, biting on my lobe telling me I would be alright. He was gonna take it slow.

I didn’t want to move, I didn’t want to encourage him to go any deeper into my cunt. That was the farthest that any cock had ever been in me, and I was petrified what would happen if he went any further. But I did begin to move, sliding up just a little and pulling back. It didn’t hurt anymore. It was as if my body had adjusted itself to him. All he could do was groan. Kissing me hard, he wrapped his arms around me and rolled onto his back. Sitting me on top. Not a new position, just one I wasn’t use to. He kept me close to his chest telling me that I could control the sex now. I was the one who decided how deep he went. That was the most enlightening experience. John gave me the gift of knowing that I had the power to control my own sexual fulfillment.

Sitting up, I placed my hands on his chest and began to slide down. For some reason I was no longer scared of the monster cock in me. I controlled it now and that gave me the strength. With each rising and falling I could feel it begin to stretch my pussy. But with each thrust I got more wet, wetter than I had ever been in my entire life. Then he began to thrust up, just a little causing me to gasp. I was trying to be as quiet as possible while still enjoying the feel of my first and only big cock. Suddenly as if John knew what I was doing, he wrapped his hands in my hair and pulled me down for a brutal kiss. Sliding his tongue in my mouth in rhythm with each thrust up of his hips, pushing himself as deep as he could go. Still all I was doing was moaning softly, and he didn’t seem to like that. Biting my bottom lip hard, he growled at me. “I want you to scream. I wont stop Bursa Travesti til you do.”

Quickly rolling me back onto my back, he lifted my legs over his shoulders til my knees were resting on my chest, smashing my breast underneath them. And the assault began. Leaning fully on his arms it was like he was doing pushups pressing into depths of my pussy that I didn’t know existed, hitting spots that seem to cause guttural sounds to come out of my mouth that I didn’t know existed. In and out slowly at first as if to let me to adjust to the length of his thrusts. Then they began to speed up. His knees suddenly on the bed again for balance. As the speed of his thrusts increased, so did the noise that was coming out of me. I had never heard myself. Soon his balls were bouncing off my ass. His whole length was thrusting inside of me. The stretching that my pussy was doing was causing a bit of pain, but more pleasure than I had ever experience in my entire life. Then the first time while having intercourse I began to orgasm. And the screams that came out of my mouth, I still to this day don’t know for sure it was me. It was loud, broken between sobs as my whole body throbbed and shook. My head tossing and turning as I began to feel so light headed I thought for sure I would pass out. And as my orgasm began to subside, he began to slow down. Apparently in the throes of my orgasm he had also had one. After the mandatory clean up, throwing away the condom, he cuddled up next to me kissing me on my neck. Then he whispered in my ear. “Every time we have sex, you will scream. That I promise you.”

And I did. For 2 months our highly sexual, yet innocent relationship went on. We found that work and school schedules and the time he was spending trying to build up his ranch didn’t fit. We separated quietly, the complete opposite of the way our bedroom ever was.

This was the first of the stories of concerning my sex life. I don’t know how well of an accounting it was. I will strive to do better with my next chapter. But remember it is just the 1st chapter and there are many others that will be told.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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