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Chapter 4 – Janet’s sin – The unthinkable happens

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Chapter 4: Oh my God, the unthinkable happens….Eric and I were inseparable the rest of the weekend. I counted the remaining condoms that Bob (my deceased husband, and Eric’s father) had left behind. We had seven remaining “Trojan Magnums” after using the two this morning. I anticipated that would last us through the weekend, but I would need to visit the pharmacy on Monday morning. I had never been condom shopping before but I figured I would just buy the same type Bob had left behind. They were a good, snug fit for Eric, and his penis looked so good in the latex sheathe!I also decided to visit the medical clinic on the nearby military base to get my birth control pills renewed. It was clear that Eric was intent on continuing this tawdry and sexually charged relationship with his mother; and I did not have the strength, discipline or will power to resist the emotional or physical pleasure my young lover gave me. It was foolish to think that at this point, I could stop; I couldn’t. I was hooked.Although it was Saturday night, Eric canceled his plans with his friends to ‘stay home’ with me on Saturday night. Another very peculiar thing happened on Saturday night: I did not drink! For the first time since I learned Bob had been killed in action, I went to bed sober. I did not make a specific decision not to drink; I just was so occupied with my school girl infatuation with Eric to feel the need, or the desire for my usual alcohol relaxer. I did not make a commitment to not drink in the future; but this one night, I preferred to be sober with my son.I accepted the fact that Eric and I were lovers now, and relished in the excitement that any woman feels when she falls in love and lust at the same time. I knew this was wrong, dangerous, and unwise on many levels, but I simply chose to ignore the guilt and the potential risks as I was enjoying the intimacy with my son too much.I made a Cajun chicken dinner that Eric likes. After dinner, we watched a movie, cuddling in the living room (with the curtains closed to avoid any outside detection), before retiring to bed around 10:30 p.m. We made love again before falling asleep in each others arms. We were acting like any şişli escort bayan other committed couple, but I did recognize there were some noticeable differences in our relationship!We did not discuss sleeping arrangements, but Eric merely assumed he was welcome to sleep in my bed with me again on Saturday night as he had Friday night, before we had ‘consummated’ our sexual relationship by coupling. I silently complied, and allowed him in my bed again. Eric stripped naked before climbing into bed with me. His penis was already half erect as he slipped under the covers. Ah, the wonders of youth and the sexual prowess of a 17 year old teenager. It is enough to make a mother proud!I was wearing a t-shirt and my panties when I climbed into bed with my son. But soon Eric had removed them, and had me naked, and was making ‘condom protected’ love to his mommy. Sunday we watched football on TV, had dinner and relaxed in the living room again. We were now down to five condoms, having used two more Saturday evening.I was laying on the couch, my legs over Eric’s lap wearing shorts and a halter top. Eric was massaging my feet and legs, slowly tracing his fingers up my inner thighs. I was becoming aroused at his touch, and was not paying attention to the movie on the TV. Eric began running his fingers up into my shorts pant leg, and teasing my pussy slightly as he massaged my legs. I spread my legs open for him each time he explored my privates, moaning softly when he would touch my now wet slit.I was rocking my hips slightly against his touch, trying to increase the contact. Eric had mastered the act of teasing me, and would withdraw his fingers from me just as I began enjoying the sensual sensation on my clit.I glanced at Eric’s crotch and could see his penis making a huge tent in the front of his gym shorts. This game was arousing him as well as me. That pleased me. It pleased me a great deal. It was clear that Eric was enjoying teasing me tremendously. I sensed he liked having ‘my number’ this way. I must admit, I have a slight submissive streak, and I was enjoying being teased myself. I enjoyed the control Eric had assumed over me, his mother.“Oh mecidiyeköy escort bayan baby, you are getting me so hot. You are getting me all wound up teasing me this way. You are driving your mommy crazy.” I moaned in a coy, helpless, little girl voice.“Do you like it when I touch you like this?” Eric asked tauntingly, as he ran his fingers over the gusset of my wet panties, sending an electric shock through my erect clitoris.“Oh baby, I do; I do like it a lot. You are getting your mommy all wound up. You are such a naughty boy!” I teased back. “What are you going to do to me tonight? What are you going to do to your mommy?”“I think I am going to fuck her long and hard. I am going to make her cum on my cock. Do you think she would like that?” Eric asked, playing along with our little game.“Oh baby, I am ashamed to admit it, but your mommy would like that. She is a naughty, naughty girl; and she is going to let her baby fuck her again tonight if he wants.”Eric then reached up, unsnapped the waistband of my shorts, lowered my zipper and tugged at the pant legs. I lifted my bottom to allow him to remove my shorts, leaving me in my pale green panties and halter top.Eric then took my knees and spread them open, and studied the crotch of my panties. “Mom, your panties look pretty damp,” he said with a huge grin. I looked down and could see the dark, wet spot in the crotch of my panties where I was leaking. Eric reached up and placed his fingers inside the leg of my panties. Very slowly, he pulled the gusset of my panties to the side and worked his fingers into my wet and open pussy. “Mom, you are very wet, and open.” He had two fingers inside my pussy now.I moaned at his touch as I spread my legs as wide as I could to allow him to penetrate me as deeply as possible, as I rocked my hips against his hand. I was willing to allow him any freedom he wanted. He could do anything with my aching pussy at this point. In a very real sense, he owned me now; I would submit to him any way he wanted. Eric curled his fingers forward, massaging the front wall of my womb, right at my g-spot. I gasped at the intense pleasure my baby was giving me. “Oh, escort şişli God,….you are getting me close again….”, my voice cracked with excitement. I knew he could make me come any time he wanted, and in that way, he now owned me. I was his. I thrashed about, grasping the cushions on the couch as he opened me further and further with his fingers, driving me closer to the climax that I craved, and that I needed. Eric seemed to know just how close he could take me, and then he suddenly stopped, pulling his fingers from my pussy. I moaned in frustration. My pussy left to spasm, trying to grasp something to fill the sudden void. “Oh no, baby, please. Don’t stop. I am so close, please finish me off. Please touch me,” I pleaded as I humped uncontrollably against the air. I brought my own hand down to my pussy to touch myself.Eric grabbed my hand and pulled it away. “No, ma’am. You must not touch yourself without my permission. You must be a good girl and wait.”I simply moaned in frustration. Eric’s dominance sent an electric shock through my core. How did he know I would react to his seizing control? What signals did I send? I honestly will never know. His father sensed the same thing about me. Nonetheless, being teased, brought to the brink of orgasm and then left hanging, and then instructed not to touch myself, aroused me beyond belief. I swear that I could feel my vagina open and close in a frustrated spasm as he told me not to touch myself.“Yes, sir,” I answered meekly, as I removed my hand and tried to control the rocking motion from my hips.“Remove your panties for me,” Eric instructed.“Yes, sir,” I repeated as I raised my hips and slowly slid my panties down, kicking them on the floor. There was something very erotic about being exposed this way, with my top on, but naked from the waist down. I felt more exposed than if I were completely naked.“Spread your legs for me. Let me see how wet you are.” Eric was now fully into the role of commanding my actions.I blushed deeply and simply nodded agreement, as I slowly opened my thighs to my son’s gaze and inspection.“How do you feel now, mom? “I could feel my face and chest burn red from the humiliation. I answered honestly. “I am embarrassed, but very, very turned on, Eric. You are turning me on more than you can imagine,” I confessed.“You like showing me your vagina, don’t you?” he insisted I talk to him about my humiliation.I nodded silently, too embarrassed to actually say the words.

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