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Caught in the Act

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Recently divorced and once again on my own, I had been lucky enough to find a better paying job than I’d had before. I’d be co-managing an intimate apparel department in a well known department store. At forty, I was still considered to be reasonably attractive. I stayed fit working out in the gym every morning before work, one of the perks of actually working there, which was nice as I didn’t have to go out of my way in order to do so. As I’ve stated before, I’m considered fairly busty, a fact that didn’t go unnoticed every morning when I arrived for my workout. Mr. Anderson, or “Jim…Jimmy”, as some referred to him, my slightly younger boss, always had a warm smile for me, and usually a pointed look or two at my chest as we began our workouts. I didn’t mind it so much however, he was rather attractive though he was the other side of thirty, closer to twenty, and as I said…my boss. At work he was all business however whenever he came over to my department to see how things were going. I rarely saw a smile then, perhaps the pressure of the day to day. But there was no mistaking his flirtatious look, wandering eyes as we ran on the treadmills together, or lifted a few weights. Needless to say, he was always ready, willing and able to stand there and spot me. Though I knew he was mostly trying to spot my somewhat hard nipples as they pressed against my overly tight tee shirts and sweats.

All in all though, it was a good job and I enjoyed working there. Left pretty much to myself, which is how I preferred it anyway, I spent the majority of my day helping young girls and women to try on some rather intimate apparel. Occasionally I’d get the nervous male who’d come in to try and find something sexy for their wife or girlfriends. I enjoyed those too, very often (and sometimes purposely) making them blush as I suggested this, or that. Most often convincing them to buy the sexiest items that even I wouldn’t be caught dead in.

I’d been working there a little over three months when a young woman, perhaps in her early twenties, if that…and her equally young boyfriend, or fiancé wandered into my department. I had noticed a ring on her finger, but no wedding band, so I naturally assumed an engagement, and the fact she was no doubt there to pick out something very sexy to wear on their honeymoon. I stood back, watching and waiting for a moment as they giggled over this and that, picking a few things out for her to try on in the dressing room.

Though I would never attempt to openly do anything at work, especially where a customer is concerned, the fact that I have an appreciation for women, every bit as much as I do for men, does tend to allow me an occasional fantasy, or indiscretion or two as it were. Getting a peek at a particularly attractive woman as she’s dressing, offering to bring back different sizes, make suggestions, and when I can…stand there and nod approval. If I’m fortunate enough to be doing that, I am usually secretly enjoying myself and taking advantage of the moment while I have the chance. But again, never ever in a million years ever doing anything beyond that.

Not once had anything occurred that would even remotely tempt me into ever doing anything else. Until today.

It was in fact, and had been a particularly slow day, mid week, early in the morning. That was when it was usually pretty slow. I’d only had one or two customers come in and even briefly look around. Needless to say, I had plenty of time on my hands and nothing much to do but be attentive and as helpful as I could be. When the young blonde with fairly nice-sized breasts herself looked over in my direction, holding an armful of various items, I knew she was looking for help and a dressing room to try them on in.

I was a little surprised when the young man who was with her came sauntering over to the dressing area with her. The rooms were fairly large, with surrounding mirrors on three sides as you entered.

“Is it ok if he comes in to give me advice on what does or doesn’t look good on me?” she asked.

It was an unusual request. In the past, in the rare few times that men had indeed come along with their wives or girlfriends, they usually stood outside. If in fact invited to take a peek at something, give their approval, it wasn’t uncommon then for them to perhaps stick their head inside briefly in doing so. But to actually go inside and remain there while she tried things on, was something no one had ever done before, let alone asked about doing.

I considered briefly telling them no. But as there was no one else in the store at the time, I told them it would be ok, though adding that if someone else did come in and wanted to try something on themselves, I’d then have to ask her husband to be, to wait outside.

They were good with that, thanking me, and then stepped into the changing room closing the door behind them.

I didn’t imagine them trying to shoplift anything, I’d already taken an accounting of everything she’d taken into the room Travesti with her. But sure enough, moments later the door opened as she stood there peeking her head out looking for me. “Ah…ah…”

“Debra,” I said introducing myself. “What can I get you?” I asked as she held up a rather lacy red bra towards me.

“I guess I need this in a slightly bigger size after all,” she said looking down at herself, her breasts clearly exposed to me as she stood there. I looked at the tag on the bra she had handed me. This was one of my own personal secret moments to entertain and enjoy myself, while being all business about it while I did. I made sure to put on my business face too while I stepped towards her, causing her to open the door a little more as I did so, taking the bra she was holding away from her.

“Let’s see…you look more like a 34C, would you like me to measure to make sure?” I asked. As I said that, looking at her, I just managed to catch the reflection of her male companion standing off to one side of the room. I’m sure he didn’t consider the fact that with the room being as mirrored, as it was, that I saw more of him than perhaps he’d intended. There was no mistaking what I had seen as he’d turned off to one side rather quickly. His cock hard…and out. I knew then, he’d been playing with himself as he stood there watching his fiancé trying on lingerie. Now again, I’m no prude, and I actually had to admire their daring. No doubt they were having a simple bit of naughty fun with one another. And it wasn’t beyond me to have done something in the past like that myself either. Unfortunately however, I was the one on the other end of all this. Responsible for my department, and anything-untoward taking place inside it. Against my better judgment however, I pretended I hadn’t seen anything. My hormones suddenly going into overdrive, especially as I hadn’t had sex myself in several weeks now. From what I’d seen, he had a pretty nice cock too, and I figured as long as it was as quiet as it was, why not let the two of them have a bit more fun while they could. While I could. And with luck, maybe catch another peek myself. If I did catch them at it, I could then ask them to refrain…politely, but do so in such a way as to not totally embarrass them either. Maybe even make it more along the lines of one of those “fun” experiences to have and remember, when the store clerk caught the two of them fucking, or something.

“I’ll be right back with another size,” I told her stepping away.

As I wandered over to the rack, I was a little surprised to find they hadn’t closed the door all the way. For a moment, I figured she was just waiting for me to quickly return with the right size. But as I stood there thumbing through the rack looking for one, I happened to glance up, and once again spotted her fiancé standing there, hard stiff dick out once again. But what blew me away and surprised me the most, was when she knelt down in front of him and started sucking it!

Ok, so they were having some naughty fun. And ok, so it was arousing to realize and see that they were. But…I could catch hell for allowing it too. Thank god no one else had entered the store yet. I quickly found the size she needed, and began making my way back to the changing room they were in. I even tried to walk a bit more loudly as I did so, hoping perhaps they would hear me and make themselves a bit more presentable. Instead, I saw him look out towards me, smiling as he did. His girlfriend still on her knees, still sucking his cock greedily. Now I had no choice but to ask them to refrain from what they were doing. The fact he was looking at me directly, and I him as I approached, couldn’t be mistaken for anything else, though I was surprised at her boldness now as she continued to do what she was doing even as I reached the door.

“I’m sorry but…” I began, having put on my really stern professional face on, having every intention of asking them to decease and desist what they were doing. And then he looked at me, as did she. Hot lusty grins on each one of their faces.

“Before you ask us to leave, which no doubt you’re about to, we just wanted you to know how hot looking you are, and how erotic it is for us, to have you standing there watching the two of us doing this,” he told me.

Whatever other words I was about to say got lost somewhere inside my head.

“If you’re even the slightest bit aroused, seeing this, as we are…then please don’t. Let us continue while you watch because it’s a major turn on, and a long time fantasy for us to be doing this. If someone comes into the store, as long as you’re standing there, you can warn us, and then we’ll close it and soon after leave. Unless of course…you’re not interested in doing that for us. In which case, we’ll leave now.”

I honestly didn’t know what to think or what to say. They had taken me completely off guard and by surprise.

“Doesn’t he have an absofuckinglutely gorgeous dick?” The young woman Antalya Travesti now asked, holding it up for me to see better, actually waving it back and forth a little like a magic wand. And maybe it was magic in a way, at least hypnotizing as I stood there watching her do that.

I looked back into the department, not knowing why, trying to collect my thoughts perhaps, though that didn’t really help. At least no one was even near entering my department, though I did spot Jim down at the far end in appliances speaking to Michael. They were good friends and had worked together for a number of years, so it wasn’t at all surprising to see him standing there talking to him. I knew eventually he’d make his way down to see me. But I’d have plenty of warning if he did so.

I turned back around, though now standing with one eye looking in each direction.

“Hurry up,” I heard myself saying. “Finish him off…but make sure I get to see it,” I added.

“Watch us fuck!” The young woman then said, not even bothering to ask, or suggest that I might, standing now, turning instead, totally bare-assed naked as she placed her hands down on the small bench, spreading her legs apart as her fiancé now stepped up behind her. Her gorgeous bare tits hanging down ever so provocatively as they gently began swinging to and fro as he began fucking her from behind. “Just come on my ass when you’re there,” she told him smiling at me.

I glanced nervously down towards the other end of the store, but Jim was still there talking to Michael, though I did notice him glance my way as he did so.

“Fuck! Hurry up!” I warned them again. “My boss will be coming soon!” I pressed them, though finding this whole crazy situation very erotic as I said that.

“Me too!” The young stud chuckled as he began slamming in and out of his girl friend’s pussy. His long, thick, magnificent looking cock sliding in and out of her very wet sounding cunt with total abandon. Just watching them now, though one eye was still on the opposite end of the store, I was so enthralled in actually seeing them and hearing them as the two of them fucked wildly, flesh slapping flesh, that I’d forgotten all about anyone else coming in behind me from the main Mall entry.

“Excuse me, miss?”

I know I must have jumped three feet into the air, though conscious enough to have managed to close the door to the room as I did so, nearly slamming it. The mature looking woman, probably not much older than myself, stood looking at me curiously. The surprise in her eyes just as confusing as the surprise in my own eyes perhaps.

“Are…you ok?” she asked.

“Yes, sorry…just ah…busy helping another customer,” I added taking another quick glance back towards the room. To my horror however, the door was slowly starting to swing open again. The latch hadn’t engaged, and damn me…the two of them were still going at it inside, obviously thinking themselves safe for a moment at least, and now wanting to finish.

I gently guided her away from the door, walking her further on into the department, hoping against hope whatever she needed from me, we’d discuss elsewhere. In which time, I dearly hoped my two horny customers would get sense enough to leave. At the moment, I could care less if they didn’t buy what they’d come in to try on either.

“What can I do for you or help you with?” I asked. And of course, it was then that I looked up and saw Jim making his way towards me. He was half way there already.

As I began helping the woman find what she was looking for, Jim entered the department. As he usually did however, if we happened to have customers we were busy with, he ambled over towards the other entry way leading outside into the mall. I took another worried glance at the partially open door of the fitting room. Though I myself couldn’t now see anything, I knew if he turned and looked himself, he would. And that’s when my worst nightmare came true. He did. And he stood there for a moment, his eyes suddenly growing wide.

I wanted to be sick. But instead walked over to the register with my customer, ringing her up. As I did, Jim walked over to the dressing room. I saw him poke his head in for a moment, soon after closing the door, ensuring that it latched this time. After he had done that, he then walked over and stood next to me as I finished things up with the woman. He waited for a moment until she’d left the store.

“Miss Jackson? I’m going to send someone down to relieve you, as soon as they do, would you please see me in my office?” He asked.

All I could do was nod my head, doing so even as my two horny, “just fired me,” customers meekly walked out, leaving all the now discarded merchandise behind there in the dressing room. They quickly left by the front entrance into the mall and soon after disappeared. Which is almost what I did. It wasn’t long before Janice, one of the floating managers came walking into my department. We’d never gotten along very Bursa Travesti well ever since the first day I had started working there. Don’t know why exactly, though I’d half suspected she had a thing for Jim by the way she acted around him, and very possibly saw me as a threat to that, though I’d never given her any reason to think so. She had a smug look on her face and a knowing smile as she walked up to me.

“Jim would like to see you in his office…immediately,” she added.

I’d never been to prison, though at the moment I felt like I was. Slowly walking down the hall towards death row the way it felt at the moment. And though I was sure no one else knew what was going on or why, I still felt like every head that turned to look at me as I began walking up the stairs to Jim’s private office knew I was in trouble for one reason or the other. And certainly knew that Janice did.

Even Becky, his cute little assistant that sat outside his office seemed to be aware that this wasn’t going to be a very pleasant visit. She saw me, acknowledged me with a head bob, and hit the intercom.

“Mr. Anderson? Miss Jackson’s here to see you,” she said.

“Thank you Becky. Send her in. And Becky? We’re not to be disturbed,” he added in a very authoritative tone of voice. “Understood?”

“Yes Mr. Anderson, understood,” she said clicking off the speaker. “You may go in,” she told me unnecessarily. Even as I reached for the doorknob to his office, I wondered briefly if that was the last time I’d ever see her. She was already reaching for her purse, about to head off to lunch perhaps, and that way ensure the two of us some privacy. No doubt she didn’t want to be there when the shit hit the fan, or be forced into confronting me afterwards either.

I gathered myself as best as I could, took a breath, held it, and then entered. Jim was sitting behind his desk looking stern. “Sit down Miss Jackson,” he told me pointing at one of two seats he had sitting in front of himself. “We need to talk.”


I nervously settled myself down in my seat, my throat suddenly parched though I didn’t dare ask for anything to drink, even with a pitcher of water and fresh glasses sitting on a nearby bar.

“Do you enjoy working here?” he asked me directly.

“Yes Mr. Anderson, I do,” I responded, though it sounded weird calling him so formally by that name, as we’d gotten into the “Good morning Jim, good morning Debra,” thing at the gym in the morning. He sat for a moment just looking at me, making me feel even worse than I already was.

“I need to ask you a few specific questions,” he then stated. “And I need you to be perfectly honest with me when I do, and very, very specific about what I’m going to ask you. Think you can do that for me?”

My mouth was so dry, all I could do was shake my head while trying to work up some saliva in order to speak without croaking when I did.

“Are you aware of what that young couple was doing inside the room?” He now asked me.

He knew damn well that I did. He had seen me standing there for the longest time, I knew that trying to make up some sort of a story wasn’t going to work either, so I figured it was best just to admit to it, though try to actually explain it somehow…if I even could.

“Yes,” I began without squeaking as I spoke. “I had gone over to pick out another sized bra for the woman, returning with the correct one when I looked up and saw what they were doing,” I had started by way of a piss-poor explanation.

“And what were they doing?” he now asked.

“She ah…well, she was down on her knees, sucking him off.”

“Sucking his prick then?”

“Ah yeah…she was,” I said feeling like I was about to feint at any moment now.

“And so you did what then after seeing this?” he asked.

“I ah…was about to ask them to leave,”

“About to? Or did?”

“Well I ah…was in the middle of doing just that, when they told me they ah…well, that they were sort of having a fantasy, and that my seeing them was part of that, and then asked me if I’d give them just a minute more…you know to finish up, and then they’d leave.”

“So they asked you if you wouldn’t mind standing there and watch her as she sucked off her boyfriend’s prick, is that what you’re telling me Miss Jackson?”

“Well, yeah…sort of. But then she turned around and told her fiancé to…well, to fuck her, which they began doing.”

“So you’re telling me, that you now stood there, and watched as he began fucking the woman right there in the room while you stood there and watched them. Is that what I’m hearing?”

I was doomed, and I knew it. There was no way out of this, and I nearly stood up and simply walked out. And might have, except that I still felt like I could feint at any moment, and was damned if I was going to do that right there in front of him.

“Yes.” I said simply accepting my fate.

Jim sat back in his chair, once again quiet for a moment, thinking perhaps, looking at me.

“I see. Let me ask you this,” he paused. “Were you enjoying it?”

“Excuse me?” I asked, not sure I had heard him correctly.

“I asked if you enjoyed watching them. Did it make you horny? Aroused to be seeing it?”

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