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Catching Up on the Couch

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“Sorry I’m late Bobby, goodbyes took forever. I’m nearly at your place now.”

A quick glance at her text message, and I was back to frantic last-minute cleaning. Throw away the pizza box. Move the plates into the sink. Should I have jazz music playing when she gets here, or would that seem cliché? I decisively opt for the jazz, figuring the mad drums and trumpets might keep pace with my adrenaline and give me something to focus on besides my spiked hormone levels.

Lucy and I had been friends for years now, but never dated. That was likely why we could still have moments like these when she would come into town and ask to see me. She moved out of state years ago, and most of our friendship existed only through our cell phones. Even when we lived in the same state we’d find ourselves simply texting each other instead of hanging out, so seeing her in person now was a step into new territory. What would we do? I mean, I had an idea of what might happen, but it felt a bit cocky to just assume we’d have sex.

Sex was the thread the stitched its way through the heart of our friendship. It seeped its way into seemingly unrelated matters, leaving notable impressions in our conversations. We often knew more about each other’s kinks than our intermittent partners would, despite only having ever hooked up once. It was wonderful, but brief, and on many occasions we would lament that it only happened that once.

Halfway through consolidating the trash cans scattered around the house, I heard Lucy knock at the door. As wild as the trumpets were soloing through my stereo, they no longer had any chance of keeping up with my internal energy now. I answered the door and was greeted with a “Sup, bitch?” I shook my head and laughed.

Lucy was wearing a soft looking t-shirt and a skirt that showed off her many tattoos. There were several additions that I hadn’t seen before. “Your place looks nice. What have you been up to?” Pleased that my quick cleaning session didn’t go unnoticed, I offered to grab her a beer and started a round of small talk. Work sucked, people are lame, things are fine. She sat down on the couch, and as I handed her a beer I noticed her shirt was allowing an exceptional amount of cleavage. I quickly sat down so I could concentrate on the conversation, but caught myself trying to get a better look several times when she wasn’t looking.

Hanging out actually felt more organic this time than it had in our previous attempts. I was genuinely interested to hear about her day to day life in her town, and she asked me a bunch of questions about the things in my life I didn’t take the time to go into detail over the phone. We had a bit more to drink, but only enough to loosen our laughter and allow us to speak more freely with one another. I made a quick lunch, and things were pretty awesome. As it so regularly would, the conversation veered into our sex lives. All roads lead to Rome, I believe the expression goes.

“So, any new ladies in your life?”

My pulse quickened as though my brain was already busy analyzing where this conversation might lead.

“Na, no new ladies. Though I do hear my roommates fucking from time to time, so I suppose there’s that,” I added sarcastically. “What about you?”

“Nope! No ladies, or guys. Just loving that single life in my apartment. Parties for days. Woo!”

“Go us,” I added dryly.

We looked at each other. More than a moment passed. Then, quite suddenly, hands. Her hands at my back, and my hands at her neck and hip as I crawled on top of her, kissing and pressing our bodies together. I kissed and lightly bit her neck while she pulled at my shirt.

Moving up to her ear I asked, “Shall we try this again?”

“Fuck, yes,” she breathed.

My hand moved Travesti to Lucy’s waist, brushing against the exposed skin between her skirt and her shirt. I traced her hip bones with my fingertips for a moment, moving just under the brim of her skirt before moving my hand up towards her breasts. It struck me as odd at that moment that I had never before asked what her cup size was, given our fairly open relationship, but now didn’t seem like the most appropriate time. More than a pleasant handful, I was quickly reminded.

As I busied myself caressing her breasts, teasing the outlines of her nipples, Lucy clawed at my back, licking and biting my neck and ears anytime they got close to her. This was the first coffee of the day, the first nicotine rush after a dry spell. Her skin was made of orchids, and her tongue was fucking rocket fuel.

I felt her hands move to the front of my pants, feeling first for my cock and then for the button. No matter how often it happens, I’m never quite prepared for the feeling of someone mauling the front of my pants to get my dick out. Something about the urgency of the action makes me feel like so necessary an ingredient in the mixture. I gave her nipple a parting pinch, and helped her unbutton my pants, sliding them down in the process. Her fingers curled around my dick and squeezed it slightly, then slid her hand from the head down to the base. I grabbed her wrist and moved it just above her head, pinning it against the couch, causing her to moan. She had mused on many occasions exactly how she would like to be handled if we ever got another opportunity to have sex. I didn’t plan on disappointing her.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” I asked, surprised at the sound of my own confidence. I was normally so mild mannered.

“Yes,” she moaned softly, feverishly pulling at my waist.

“That didn’t sound convincing,” I replied, pulling her skirt up. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. I smiled at her boldness, and instantly went from ‘very’ to ‘incredibly’ aroused. “Are you sure?”

She tried to move her other hand to my dick in answer, but I grabbed that hand, too, pairing it with the other and pinning her down with one arm. “Yes,” she pleaded, looking down expectantly.

I responded by pressing the head of my dick against her clit. She moaned louder, and it took a lot of effort not to slide myself inside her right away. I wanted to tease her more, though. “Convince me,” I told her.

Having both arms pinned, Lucy didn’t have much to work with apart from moving her hips to she could grind back against my cock, and talking dirty, which is what I was after.

“God, I want you deep inside me. Give me your fucking co-.”

I cut her off at “cock”, shoving myself inside her impressively wet cunt, and she cried out in pleasure. It felt as though I’d been standing too close to an explosion. The world was an amazing white for an instant, followed by a crushing darkness, and for a moment there was nothing apart from Lucy’s sharp inhale, and my relinquishing exhale. Like she pulled the very air from my lungs. I looked her in the eyes, held my cock pushed in to the hilt for a second longer, and then began sliding my way out. I could feel her cunt closing in around the head of my dick as I pulled away, and then gratefully giving way for my girth as I slid right back in. I let go of Lucy’s arms, and she instantly removed her shirt, revealing not a bra but her awe inspiring tits. I peeled off my shirt and folded myself on top of her, feeling her nipples grow erect against my chest as I continually inserted and removed my full length from her pussy.

“Is this what you wanted?” I asked.

“Yes,” she moaned. Fuck, I love the way she moans. She didn’t shirk away from letting her labored Ankara Travesti breathing explain how she liked to be fucked. I began to slowly increase my speed, no longer trying to push as much of me inside her as possible with each thrust. She drew up one of her knees, and I grabbed her upper thigh to use as leverage. As I fucked her, she rubbed her clit with one hand and caressed one of her nipples with the other. The image was amazing. Her, topless, with her large tits bouncing in rhythm with my thrusts, eyes shut and mouth slightly open, with her skirt pulled up to reveal my cock slipping in and out of her shaved cunt. I loved watching the lips of her pussy grip my cock as though they didn’t want it to leave.

We stayed in that position for a few minutes, just getting used to the feeling of each other’s bodies. Not knowing how many opportunities like this we would have while she was in town, I decided we needed to get as much in as possible in this session. My brain searched for the file labeled “Lucy’s sexual desires” somewhere in my memory banks, and began creating an itinerary that would give her as much bang before I, er— bucked. “How would you like it if I bent you over the couch to fuck you?”

Lucy didn’t need any more convincing than that. She pushed me off her, stood, and positioned herself to the side of the couch. I hurriedly kicked off my shoes to completely remove my pants, moved behind her, and with her head turned we caught each other’s eye. Her look was serious and demanding, reassuring me to continue to direct the course of action. I slapped her ass firmly, drawing another short breath for her, and pressed my palm between her shoulder blades to coax her into bending over. Lucy leaned forward, planting her arms firmly on the arm of the couch, and spread her legs slightly. She turned her head back towards me again and told me, “Don’t stop fucking me until I cum.”

Even before I lifted her skirt up I could see her bare pussy under the fabric glistening in anticipation. I pushed just the head of my cock in and slid it along the slit of her cunt, spreading her juices down to her clit. “Fucking put it in me,” she begged.

Slipping it inside, I relished the sensation the new angle offered. We moaned in unison, and after a moment I put both hands on her waist and started thrusting hard. Lucy moaned louder, and pushed her ass back to meet my cock with every thrust. “Fuck, yes, fuck, yes,” she panted, her voice raising slightly in pitch with each repetition.

“Fuck” was all I managed to blurt out, too absorbed in the feeling of her soft ass bouncing against me. I gave it a squeeze and slapped it again, harder this time. “Do you like that?” I panted, as though I didn’t already know the answer.

“Spank me harder, daddy. I-deserve-it,” she sputtered out, each word in time with the slapping sound of our bodies meeting. I smacked her ass even harder, and again after she let out a cry of joy. “Yes daddy, fuck me, fuck me!” In the reflection of the TV that stood in front of the couch, I could see our silhouettes. Lucy’s tits swung with each thrust, and with each spanking her head jolted back. Lucy was watching the show on the screen, also, I noticed.

Knowing I would cum soon, I slowed down a bit, and began rotating my hips slightly as I pushed inside her. This created less friction on the head of my cock, reducing my pleasure, but Lucy enjoyed the change of pace. I could tell her fingers were again at her clit by the way they would sometimes graze my cock. Her breathing became more labored, each breath shorter, so I knew she was going to hit her moment imminently. “Are you going to cum for daddy?”

“Yes,” she whispered, barely having enough air to make soft little moans.

“Cum for me. Cum istanbul Travesti on my dick,” I urged, pushing deeper and deeper inside her.

The change in routine pulled Lucy back just enough for her moans to get louder again, which I could tell irritated her slightly when she replied, “Then make me cum.” Taking that as a challenge to make her cum as hard as I could in the next minute or so before I finished, I slapped her ass hard, increased my speed and grabbed her hair. “Uhhh!” She cried, her fingers now furiously rubbing her clit. I pulled her hair slightly, just enough so she couldn’t move her head away, and continued thrusting deep inside her.

“Fucking cum for me,” I repeated every few seconds. Her pussy was getting even wetter, and her walls growing tighter around my cock. With one hand pulling her hair, the other grabbing and slapping her ass, I did everything I could to focus on not cumming first.

“Uh- ahhh!” Lucy cried, approaching climax. I pushed harder and harder, filling her pussy as much as I could, until finally she called out and her body shook.

“Fuuu-” Her voice trailed off, and I held my dick deep inside her, feeling each wave of her orgasm. My cock throbbed inside her, only moments away from finishing. When she finally regained control of her breathing, she slid off my dick, motioned with her hand for me to move back, and she turned around. Not looking at my face, Lucy lowered herself to her knees, grabbed my dick, and slipped the head in her mouth. Immediately my eyes shut, and all I could feel was her tongue swirling around the tip of my cock. Her mouth felt amazing. I looked down to find her staring up at me, mouth firmly planted around my cock, and sliding down, slowly letting every inch fill her mouth. She pressed her tongue firmly against my shaft, and after she had slid down to the base, she began tracing patterns all the way up my cock. After sucking the head for a few moments, she looked me in the eye and asked, “Where do you want to cum?”

“Where do you want it?”

Lucy slid her wet lips all along my shaft, as though she was buying time to ponder, and finally told me, “All over me.”

The head of my cock disappeared between her lips again, and so began the best blowjob I had ever experienced. Lucy never broke eye contact with me as she slid my cock in and out of her mouth, completely ignoring the saliva that was stringing from my dick to her tongue. She grabbed my ass, pulling me deeper inside her mouth, never relenting as I moaned and grabbed her head. Her fingers teased my testicles, and she gingerly ran her teeth across my cock. Finally, I could feel cum building up the length of my cock. As I pulled out, Lucy pulled her head back, allowing me free range of her upper torso, and she grabbed my cock to finish me. “I want you to cum on me,” she moaned. “I’m your canvas. Cum all over my fucking tits and let me lick it off. Please cum for me, I want to taste you.” Needing no further encouragement, I took back control of my cock and finally, gloriously came. She inhaled sharply as the first string hit her lips, followed by another on her tits. Lucy took me by surprise then by taking me back in her mouth, letting the rest of my cum hit the back of her throat. I could feel her moaning on my cock, and realized that she was fingering herself while she swallowed me. Only after I had fully finished did she release her hold on my cock, moving her hands to her tits where she collected the rest with her fingers and licked them clean, one by one. If I had the ability to cum again, I would have at the sight of her fingers inside her mouth and cunt at the same time. Once she was all clean, Lucy stood and kissed me on the cheek.

“How long did you say you were in town for?”

“A few more days,” said Lucy. “But I’m not finished with you today. For now, I think I need a cigarette break.” Throwing her shirt back on, Lucy walked and grabbed her pack of cigarettes off the counter and went out onto the balcony. Fumbling to put my pants back on, I followed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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