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Case of the Fake Badges Ch. 01

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Case Of The Fake Badges, Ch. 01

by The WifeWatchman

The chronological order of my stories is now listed in WifeWatchman’s biography.

Feedback and constructive criticism is very much appreciated, and I encourage feedback for ideas.

This story contains graphic scenes, language and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

Part 1 – The Getaway

As the four-wheel drive vehicle came over the crest of the hill, I stopped to look. The view was magnificent, looking down over the lake from its top end as it receded away from us. The hills rose on either side from the lake nestled in its valley.

The meadow through which the dirt road was going was full of brown reeds of very tall grass. There was one lone oak tree near the top of hill to our right, it was half-visible from the road to our west. That road continued up one of the rivers that fed Lake Watchacoochie, then went back west towards Lake Amengi-Nunagen, which was a much bigger body of water.

“Beautiful.” Laura said as she looked over the lake.

“Yes, and the view is nice, too.” I replied, making my lovely wife smile. The road led down the hill we’d just come over the top of, to the structure that was just inside the treeline of the woods that ringed the edge of the lake, with some fingers extending outward in several places.

It was Saturday, October 24th. After a two hour drive, we had arrived, going through the Wildlife Management Area, then to a road that serviced the drives to the homes on this, the west side of Lake Watchacoochie. We turned off and went up the dirt road to the crest of the hill, then stopped to admire the view.

Driving down to the house, I saw the small dock that extended into the lake. This finger of the lake wasn’t very long or deep, and there were only two other houses that shared it. To the left (going north) was a small river flowing swiftly into the lake itself; I felt a pull to walk up along that creek and see what was up there.

“The house looks to be in good shape.” I said. There was a porch or deck along the end of the house that faced the water, then it extended back towards the hill and the lone tree near the top. A door was in the middle of the porch (facing east), and also one in the side of the house (facing north). It was this door that the key in Laura’s possession opened. The house was a simple rectangle of study wood planks, with an A-frame tin roof.

Going inside, we saw a greatroom with a fireplace made of stone on the far side. To the left of the fireplace as we looked at it was the kitchen; this was a very open floor plan, so the counter ran as a finger from the wall. The door to the outside was at left, then an area that was meant to be a dining/breakfast room, with a window there. Next to the door outside was a small door that led to a pantry/storage area behind the kitchen, which also contained the fusebox, the gas-fired hot water heater, a place for a generator against the far wall (where it could be ventilated), and even laundry hookups.

On the right side of the fireplace, on the “up end” of the house, were two bedrooms, with a small bathroom between them. There was a shower still, toilet and small vanity whose space was taken up by the lavatory. The house had running water, and a tank that could be filled by a well was installed under the house, under the far (left) side bedroom, again as an off-the-grid backup.

The master bedroom was the one at left. Both bedrooms looked as if they were made of log walls, but it was really paneling. “If we put a king size bed in here,” I said, “we literally would have one foot on each side to walk on.”

“Yes.” Laura said. “It would have to be a queen size bed. The closet is very small, too.” Indeed, the closet was against the bathroom wall, with folding doors.

The other bedroom was about the same size, with the wood of the walls just a bit lighter. The window on the side admitted a bit more light, as well.

“What do you think?” Laura asked.

“It’s growing on me.” I said, going back into the greatroom, seeing the beams over head and the roof above. There was no attic, just a couple of fans hanging down from above. This would actually help keep the place cooler in the summer.

We had looked at three other cabins. One was more like a regular house, like a retirement home, had a big dock, large back yard between the lake and the house… and it was totally out of our price range. One other cabin had been a bit too rustic; it had reminded me of Melina’s cabin, which reminded me of those events that occurred there…

The third cabin was a lot like this one, but this one was just a bit nicer all the way around, Travesti and I loved the grounds it was on a lot more. Some trees in the backyard leading to the small dock, woods to our right, woods to our left that followed that small river back up the hill, the ‘meadow’ with the tall grass and the lone oak tree… that would be fun to have picnics under… and sex with my wife.

Maybe Laura was reading my thoughts when she said “That big oak tree had a lightning rod protecting it. It’d be great to have a picnic there, and enjoy the view…” She came up to me and slid her arms around my neck, then said “… and then have you on top of me and your iron hard cock plunging into me.” She kissed my mouth.

“Mmmm,” I said, wrapping my arms around her and kissing her. “I think this is the house you really like.”

“Yes, it is.” she said. “What about you?”

“It feels right.” I said as we looked around, still holding each other. “And we may not get another chance to buy a lakefront property on this lake, especially at these prices.”

“That’s true.” Laura said. Lake Watchacoochie was surrounded by the W.M.A., though the lake itself and a ring of land around it were private. It took connections to buy a property here, though, and Laura had those connections…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Late that Saturday afternoon, Cindy and Teresa drove up to the World Headquarters of Dr. P. Harvey Eckhart’s ‘The Vision’. Cindy drove around a small side service road to a parking lot that was not visible to the front doors. She then led Teresa around a cobbled path around the backside of the large Headquarters building.

Teresa looked over the beautifully manicured green lawn that gently sloped down a hundred yards to the River. It was the same River that flowed through the Town & County on the way to Midtown, whereupon it curled back southeast to Southport and joined the river that formed the State Line to the west. Eckhart also owned the property on the other side of the river for another two hundred yards or so.

“Ah, there you are, my dear.” Teresa heard the gravelly voice say. The shock of white hair was what she first noticed as Eckhart himself walked up the path to meet them. He first hugged his daughter Cindy Ross with an enthusiastic greeting. Cindy hugged him warmly in return. Teresa had long since noticed that Cindy was wearing her ‘Fourth Rune’ openly and proudly, as Dr. Eckhart was wearing his.

“Ah, Ms. Croyle,” said Eckhart, hugging her, “I am so glad you accepted my daughter’s invitation to join us today.”

“Thank you for inviting me.” said Teresa. “But please call me ‘Teresa’.”

“Certainly, my dear, if you’ll call me ‘Harvey’. Let me show you around the place, and then we’ll have some supper.” said Eckhart. “It’s an outdoor cookout near the River with some of our young friends that are staying here.” Teresa considered that. She was wearing short pants, showing off her shapely legs, and tennis shoes as well as a collared golf shirt. Cindy was wearing khaki pants, full length, and a white golf shirt with The Vision’s logo over the heart.

Teresa was openly shocked at what Dr. Eckhart was showing them as they went through the Headquarters. There were several rooms whose doors looked to be part of the walls. Eckhart also showed them a couple of secret entrances to tunnels that would lead to the dormitory buildings.

After a tour of all the floors, Eckhart took both ladies up to his office on the top floor, with it’s circular design and 360-degree views. The sun was beginning to reach down towards the far horizon, and the cut in the earth that was the River shone with a copper-gold hue.

Eckhart poured three glasses of wine. They toasted to the future, clinking the glasses. “So, Teresa, what do you think of our little home in the countryside.”

“It’s anything but little.” said Teresa. “But it’s very nice, and of course so many people here have been able to straighten out their lives by coming here.”

“Yes, that’s true.” said Eckhart. “And my second proudest achievement.”

“What’s first?” Teresa asked.

“Why, your lovely young friend, here.” Eckhart said, meaning Cindy. “I could not be more proud of her and her accomplishments. And you have shared in many of those accomplishments, for which you are to be praised.”

“You’re too kind.” Teresa said, not really knowing what else to say.

“So let me ask you.” said Eckhart, as Teresa felt his eyes bore more deeply into her. “What was your purpose for coming here. What did you hope to find?”

“Uh…” Teresa said, “I just… accepted Cindy’s invitation. I didn’t really think about having a purpose.”

“Ah, but you had one all the same.” said Eckhart. “And I want you to do three things while you are here: relax, enjoy yourself, and let your mind flow. Let any questions you have come, but don’t let them weigh you down. And the answers will come to you.”

“He’s right, you know.” said Antalya Travesti Cindy. “Every time I come down here, I have a question inside my head. And every time I leave I have some kind of answer, and I feel better for it.”

“Yes.” said Eckhart. “If I may be intrusive enough to say this, Teresa… I believe you have never let yourself ask, much less answer, the questions that you have kept chained inside your mind. Over time, if you like, you can release them, answer them, and let them go their way… like the River that flows in its banks outside. If you wish our help, or my help, or Cindy’s help, we are here for you.”

“Thanks.” Teresa said, again not sure what to say.

“So!” said Eckhart, “let’s go join the cookout. I don’t know about you young ladies, but I am famished!” With that, he led them downstairs, outside, and along a trail to a spot near the River that was equidistant between the Headquarters and nearest Dormitory Building. A number of people, all in their early to mid-20s, were already there, starting a fire in a well-constructed pit, unpacking food, and talking happily.

Most were wearing Vision uniforms: black pants, some full-length, some short pants, and red or blue golf shirts with the Vision logo. Some, however, were dressed similar to Cindy, though mostly in jeans, and so she did not feel too much out of place. Eckhart began introductions, and Cindy and Teresa pitched in to help cook the food.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The sun had set behind the lone oak tree and over the hill. The electricity to the building was not turned on, so Laura and I had kerosene lanterns, a battery-powered lantern, and flashlights. The toilet did work, fortunately; indeed, there was running water into the kitchen and bathroom, which we tested…

We were lying on a blanket in the greatroom, in front of the unlit fireplace, having an indoor picnic. We were feeding each other bits of food, flirting like crazy with each other, and talking about the day.

Yes, we’d already ‘consummated’ the house. Laura had been in the kitchen, looking around at it, when I came up behind her, slid my hands around her waist, and began kissing her neck. She moaned and leaned back into my kisses as I slid my hands up and cupped her large, milk-filled breasts. I then slid my hands down and opened her jeans, pulling them down her sleek thighs enough to have clear access to her pussy. Laura has this poem she says when she wants me to really give it to her:

“Now I want it hard and fast;

“the second time, we’ll make it last.

I bent my wife over the kitchen counter, eased my throbbing, iron-hard cock out of my pants, and worked it into her sopping slit from behind. Laura moaned as I drove my meat balls-deep into her cunt, then began fucking her with powerful strokes.


The cabin filled with the echoes of my hard groin slapping into Laura’s asscheeks with each thrust of my cock as I sheathed my weapon of lust to the hilt inside her clenching cunt. We rutted furiously, and it did not take very many strokes for me to reach the crest, especially when I felt Laura’s cunt-muscles clutching at my invading rod.

“UHH!!!” I cried out. I just let my nut rise, not trying to hold back, and spurt after spurt of thick, ropy jism fired into Laura’s steaming wet snatch. I pulled her ass to me and pressed my loins into hers as I ejaculated into her again and again…

After that, we got our camping gear out of the car. We’d be sleeping in a large, warm sleeping bag on an air mattress for two. We then got the charcoal out of the car and I lit up the grill that was on the back porch. After cooking steaks and trimmings on the grill, we ate inside, then settled down on the blanket and shared some wine and bits of food like nuts and raisins and candy… which turned into long, tongue-twining sessions of making out with my gorgeous wife as if we were teenagers sneaking out for an illicit fuck…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“I’m so full I can’t move.” Cindy said. She’d eaten at least three hotdogs that she’d cooked over the fire, as had the other acolytes from ‘The Vision’. People were talking among themselves, treating Cindy and Teresa as if they were always naturally part of the group, or as if they weren’t even there at all. Some of the younger people shared their stories of how they got to The Vision, and Cindy related how she’d been helped by Dr. Eckhart in her younger days.

Then Dr. P. Harvey Eckhart, who’d enjoyed a couple of hotdogs as if they were filets of swordfish, began to talk to the group. As he often did at these gatherings, he introduced a theme.

“Tonight, my young friends, I want you to contemplate and discuss this question: ‘Is fire alive?’.” Eckhart said. “Some say that fire is the most basic of life forms; it burns fuel, creates energy, seeks to reproduce itself, seeks to expand itself. It moves, and it can be extinguished, Bursa Travesti never to return. But then… it does return.

“On the other hand,” Eckhart continued, “it’s not organic in any way, has no material form and is purely energy. Is it possible for Life to exist as pure energy?”

A discussion followed, as the young people thought hard, made their points, and listened to those of the others… as they’d been taught and trained. At the end, Eckhart said “Okay, Cindy, what do you think?”

Cindy said “I had a discussion like this with my cousin and his wife, who is a medical doctor. We discussed what is called the ‘living condition’, what makes something alive vs. dead. An animal, including humans, can be alive one moment, and bodies devoid of life the next. A living tree can be cut down or uprooted and it ceases to be alive, and life cannot be put back into it. So what creates that ‘condition of life’?”

Cindy continued: “My cousin said that there is something, that some movies call The Force, that religions call the incommutable soul…but it’s something, an energy, a force, that is within all living things, binds all living things, and imparts a vitality to those things that, once this Life Force leaves, cannot be returned. And the question for me, then, is if fire has that Life Force within it. And I don’t get the sense that it does.”

“Ah, interesting.” said Eckhart. “Young Teresa, how about you?”

Teresa did not contemplate Eckhart calling her ‘young’, even though she was the oldest person here, save for Eckhart himself. She merely said “Everything Cindy said, I say the same… except I think it does show fire is alive. Life… is will power. And fire has that will power, even if it’s not at our level.”

“Ah, that is very interesting, also.” said Eckhart. “And it ties in with my next lesson. Fire, whether alive or not, is a part of every thing that is living. Everything has what we call a ‘fire in the belly’, a will power, as Teresa so wonderfully said.”

“All of you have that fire in your bellies, in your hearts, in your minds, in your souls.” said Eckhart. “Each of you has a fire that drives you, that moves you forward, and when you find out what that fire is… you don’t quench it, but you feed it, you fuel it, you let it burn bright, and you let it propel you to acts of greatness beyond which you thought you weren’t capable!” An ovation of applause broke out. Not out of politeness or ass-kissing, but a genuine tribute to the emotions the great leader of The Vision was bringing out in his young students.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Almost everyone else had long since left. Teresa had kept the fire going practically by herself. A couple of young acolytes were still there, asleep, with blankets covering them. Teresa had covered her sleeping friend Cindy with a blanket also, as she, Teresa, contemplated what she had heard.

She spent the long night looking at the dark ribbon of the River in the darkness, not feeling the cold, looking into the fire, contemplating what fire it was that burned inside her… what made her go, what made her keep going. Was it love? Anger? Hatred? A sense of duty? A need to prove something? A need to cross a finish line, like running a triathlon race? A need… to make a sister proud, a sister whose life was cut short? A need to avenge that sister’s death? A need for… Justice?

Part 2 – The Waterfall

Dawn, Sunday, October 25th. My wife was leaning over my prostrate body, sucking my hard cock, as she did every morning that we woke up together. But this morning, I wanted more.

“Laura, I want to… I need to fuck you now.” I moaned. Laura said nothing, but she just lay back on her back. I caught her legs under my arms, pushing them up and back, as I felt her hand grasp my cock and guide it into her pussy.

“Unnnnnnh!” I gasped as I felt my prick sheathed in the warm wetness of my wife’s womanhood. I began to piston my ass up and down, driving my turgid meat in and out of her pussy. Together we guided her legs so that her ankles were over my shoulders and next to my head, and we mated in that eons-old rhythm of passion…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Ma’am,” said the acolyte who had come up behind Teresa as the first light of dawn appeared over the eastern horizon. “Dr. Eckhart would like for you and Ms. Ross to join him for breakfast.”

Teresa leaned over and shook Cindy. “Wake up, sleepyhead.” Cindy stirred, then slowly got up as the acolyte said “I’ll take care of the fire. You two go on up.”

As Cindy worked her body back into motion, Teresa said “You should’ve gone back up to the building, gotten into a bed.”

“Are you kidding?” Cindy said. “That was one of the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long, long time. I used to love camping, sleeping outdoors. I’m Canadian, remember?”

Teresa gave what was for her a grin, and they walked back up to the Headquarters building, and took the elevator to Dr. Eckhart’s office.

“Ah, ladies, there you are.” said Eckhart. He guided them to a table set for three. Everyone was hungry, and food began disappearing quickly.

“So, young ladies,” said Eckhart, “did you find what you were looking for?”

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