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Case of Frustrated Analyst Ch. 09

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Nine – Analysis Complete

I walked in the front door and stopped cold at the sight facing me.

Twin globes presented at the ready with my Alicia’s face leering at me from underneath them.

Two weeks had passed since I last laid Suzy and Rhonda and I had abstained from any sex since then.

Alicia said nothing but her looks told me that she was concerned about me.

I closed the door and dropped my pants and moved up behind her. I rubbed my dick on her asshole until it got hard then started to put it into her pussy. She moved away from me and I could hear her saying no. I tried again to get it into her cunt and again she moved away and told me no. I got the message and without warning I stabbed her puckered butt as hard as I could.

My dick scraped it’s way into her dry, spasming anus until there was nowhere left to go. Without a stroke the cum boiled out to soak her tunnel. When the last bit oozed out of my dickhead Alicia jerked forward and my still stiff rod popped out of her stretched asshole.

Alicia turned and took my hand and led me to the bedroom. Laid out on the bed was an assortment of pleasure devices. One looked most interesting. It was a double dildo, designed so that a large one would stuff a women’s cunt while a smaller one would cram into her asshole. I picked it up and Alicia gave me a wicked smile as she got on her hands and knees on the bed. She reached back and spread her cheeks as I got behind her. I worked the large head of the dildo into her juicy cunt and she moaned and squirmed back to help ease it in. As the head of the smaller butt fucker touched her puckered anus Alicia sucked in her breath in anticipation. I shoved lightly and the small head entered her tight, cum soaked asshole. I kept up a steady pressure until both shafts were buried in her straining holes. I began a long, slow gentle stroke of her cunt and asshole with the double dildo while stroking my dick. I wanted her mouth on me so I had her lay on her back, doubled over so that her feet were on the bed next to her ears. I straddled her head, facing her cunt and ass. I rubbed my dick against her lips as I reached for the dildo. She opened her mouth to take me deep inside as I worked the dildo with a circular motion. She gulped as the head of my stiff pole worked down her throat. She ran her tongue around the shaft, sending shivers of pleasure through my body. I leaned forward and started shoving the dildo in and out of her pulsing holes while my tongue found her tender clit and lashed it as hard as I could.

Alicia took her mouth away from my prick and slid her tongue up the underside of the shaft and into my crotch. She licked up to my asshole and then stuck her stiff tongue inside. She gathered up some spit and used her tongue to lube up my pucker. I was stabbing the double dildo into her with short, hard strokes. My tongue kept a steady licking on her clit. She was shaking with the intense feelings of the double penetration and oral stimulation.

Suddenly I felt a firm, steady pressure against my asshole. I relaxed against it and soon a short, fat butt plug was lodged tightly in me. The head of it was right at my prostate and gently massaged it with every move I made. Alicia took my throbbing dick into her mouth and with one move swallowed the head into her throat. With her lips buried in my crotch hair she started to suck as hard as she could on my dick. I rammed the dildos in her cunt and anus as far in as possible and held them tightly in place. I vibrated them with sharp movements of my hand and Alicia sucked even harder on my pulsing pole. She reached up to twirl the plug in my ass and I let loose a massive cum deep into her throat. She swallowed as rapidly as possible and didn’t lose a drop of that cum. She was coming herself as her stuffed holes thrilled to the vibrating shafts that I was pounding into her.

She jerked the plug from my butt and I tore the double shafts from her holes. I pulled my still hard prick from her mouth and got to my knees beside her. I flipped her over on her stomach and spread her cheeks to gain access. bahis firmaları Still sideways to her I lowered my prick toward her outstretched crack until I was levered up on my hands holding her ass cheeks and my knees. When the head of my dick touched her hot butthole I dropped hard. The head of my pole tore into her rectum and the rest of the pulsing shaft followed until her cheeks were flattened with the weight of my body pressing down on her. I rocked back and forth on her soft buns and my dick slid back and forth in her hot, tight butt.

I swiveled around until my head faced her feet and reach under to grab her cheeks. I pushed up and to the side so that her crack split wide and I could look down to see my shaft wedged deeply in her hole. I began a rocking motion, forward and backward that slid my bung stuffer in and out. On each out stroke the underside of my dick rubbed against her crack. I was getting tired of holding myself up and so I pulled out of Alicia’s ass and turned around on my knees between her legs. She got to her knees and reached back to spread her cheeks to allow me the fullest penetration. I put the head of my pole against her anus and stuffed the first inch in. I quickly popped it out and then slammed it back in again. Her hole gaped open with each outstroke before snapping shut again. Each thrust in pulled the skin around her pucker in with my dick. Alicia was moaning and squirming on her knees and I knew she wanted more. I slammed all the way in, my dickhead plowing past her tight sphincter and slamming against the first bend in her bowel. I held tightly against her and pulsed the head of my dick with my muscle. She cried out with pleasure as I tore my dick out of her butt only to cram it in to the hilt. Again and again, faster and faster I withdrew all the way and pounded in all the way. Her hole was getting hotter and drier from the friction of my fucking and the shaft of my dick was getting raw. Still I shoved and twisted into her butt while she clutched her cheeks and let out a small shriek with each thrust. Three times I was on the edge of coming while my wife had two spasming orgasms. After each she would beg me to stop and I would slam to the end of her and hold just long enough for her to catch her breath and for the cum feeling to subside from my dick. Then I would start again. Over and over I punched into her stinging butt until I could stand it no more. I pushed Alicia down on her stomach and fell heavily on top of her, slamming my pounding pole deeply up her ass. I bucked my hips up and down with the head just barely staying in her. Finally the cum boiled up from my sac and squirted into her hot bowels. I never stopped plunging into her anus until the last thin jiz oozed from my stinging dickhead.

I rolled off her and lay on my back. I was totally drained. Alicia slid over to drape herself across my chest with my dick trapped between her legs and her head under my chin. Within minutes we were asleep.


Sometimes it seems like you can’t get enough. Around three in the morning we awoke and showered together. Just looking at my sweet woman moving through the water and the feel of her as she would rub against me got me totally hard again. After we dried off she took some Vitamin E oil and rubbed it into my red shaft.

We went back to the bed and she lay on her side and slid back to me. She reached between her legs to take my dick in her hand and rub it between her fresh, sweet cunt lips. I got my cockhead into her cunt and slid deeply into her. There we stayed, dozing a little, fucking a little until finally we both dropped off.

In the morning I woke to find my dick still hard. It had slipped out of her pussy and her hand was wrapped around the head.

I gently pulled back and with one hand lifted her cheek. I put my cock tight against her asshole and let her ass cheek fall back to trap me in a sweet caress of warm hole and soft flesh. Alicia groaned in her sleep and pushed her butt back even tighter against me. With a sigh of contentment I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Alicia came kaçak iddaa alive a little while later and decided that she wanted more than my limp cock stuck against her butthole. She put a gob of spit in her hand, reached back and got my dick out from between her cheeks. She rubbed the spit onto my dick and it got hard and I came awake. After a second gob of spit thoroughly soaked my prick head she got back in position on her side, lifted her cheek and push her ass back against me. I was holding my dick so that, as she pushed back, her bung was lined up with the head. As soon as we touched she lunged back hard and I met her with equal force. My dick split her pulsing sphincter and slid up her ass tunnel. She quickly pulled forward, still holding her cheek, and my dick popped all the way out.

I rubbed my dick in her sweaty crack and gave her hole short, sharp pokes that just penetrated the length of my cockhead. She cried out at each thrust and begged me to stuff the whole, hot length up her tight anus. I got off the bed and pulled Alicia over so her body was lying across the bed and her legs were lying along the edge. Her butt was hanging just over the edge. I lifted her cheek and squatted with my legs spread until my dick lined up with her bunghole. She lifted her leg, so I took hold of it and raised it almost straight up in the air. My cockhead was resting against her butt and I pushed it halfway in with one quick thrust. I used her upraised leg as a lever to rotate her body from side to side, twirling her rubbery shit hole around my pulsing prick.

The sensations were unbelievable as the friction built on my shaft, but I wanted total penetration so I flipped Alicia over on her back. With her ass hanging off the edge of the bed she grabbed her legs and pulled them out and back as far as they would reach. No other position provides a deeper penetration of an anal passage and I quickly rammed every bit of dick into her butt.

I pounded back and forth in her, every thrust slammed my thighs against her stretched cheeks and reached to the very end of her anal tunnel. Alicia strained up to meet my every thrust and as I withdrew all the way her hole gaped wide. I had noticed that one of the love toys she had laid out last night was still on the bed. It was a massive, strap-on dildo. The harness allowed me to strap it on above my dick and I quickly got it in place.

Alicia’s cunt was streaming juice and her butthole was pulsing from my total attack. I stuck the dildo between her pussy lips and lightly shoved it deeper inside her. I reached down to grab my own quivering shaft and guided it to her bung. As I moved my prick deeper into her the dildo filled up her cunt. The double penetration was giving her more pleasure than she had ever known and the massive rubber dong in her pussy had caused her backdoor tunnel to constrict more tightly around my flesh than I thought possible.

I began a slow, deep glide into both her hot holes, never stopping. Every withdrawal took my prick completely out of her bung while leaving the dildo partway in her cunt. Her butthole snapped so tightly shut as I came out that every penetration was just like fucking into a virgin anus.

Alicia was shuddering to an orgasm that never seemed to end while I kept slamming her holes as hard as I could. The cum was starting to boil up into my shaft and I pounded as deeply as I could get and held there, spurting jiz far into her spasming bowels. She screamed with pleasure as her ass muscles clenched tightly around my pulsing shaft. Her whole body was shaking and the giant dildo in her cunt vibrated against my belly as the last of the hot cum splattered into her anus.

I pulled both shafts from her holes and rolled her onto her stomach. She sensed what I was about to do and begged me not to. I wasn’t convinced as I spread her sweat streaked cheeks and brought the head of that huge dildo to her jiz soaked anal pucker. She grunted with pain as I shoved the head past her sphincter and worked the 2″ shaft into her abused tunnel. My prick entered her quivering cunt and the dildo in her kaçak bahis ass made her cunt just as tight as it had made her asshole feel. I didn’t think Alicia could take all ten inches of that rubber anal raper, but she gather her legs under her and raised her ass high in the air. Her cheeks spread wide and she pushed back farther and farther onto that massive shaft. I held perfectly still, letting her take it at her own pace. With an inch to go she knew she had reached the limit that I filled her to with my own prick. She hesitated for a few seconds, then, with a sharp intake of breath, she slammed back against me. The last of the dildo was engulfed in her butt. She was shaking with silent tears as the enlarged base of the dildo tore at her asshole. I knew that she couldn’t take any more but was afraid that any movement would cause even more pain. I figured that the only thing to do was to jerk it out fast, just like pulling off a bandage. I braced my hands on her cheeks and pulled back sharply. The dildo came halfway out and Alicia cried out with frustration and slammed her hips back against my hands, trying to recapture that huge length in her butt. I was amazed that she wanted to keep on with this, but was willing if she was. I slammed forward and crammed the whole length into her tunnel. My prick was buried to the hilt in her soaking pussy. I pulled the dildo halfway out again and used my hand to twist it around inside her. She moaned with the sensation as I kept twisting it back and forth while working it in and out, pulling against the elastic strap that held it attached to me. I leaned back so the full length of my dong was encased in her cunt. Every movement of the dildo in her ass caressed my dick. She was rippling her ass and cunt muscles around the shafts filling her and it was all I could do not to come again.

I let go of the dildo and started a fast, deep thrust that completely filled her holes. The sight of the dildo stretching Alicia’s asshole was phenomenal and I wondered what it would feel like to slam my dick in there after she had accommodated such a monster. I pulled the thing out all the way and her bung gaped open. I pounded the full length back into her asshole and pulled it all the way out as soon as it bottomed out. With no hesitation I brought the head of my dick to the opening and stuffed it in. Her hole was loose around my shaft at first but slowly tightened as I gently massaged her tunnel with easy strokes. The dildo was riding up her crack as I moved in and out of her butt. I wondered if she could take both shafts in her pussy. I pulled out of her asshole and put the dildo into her cunt. I reached down to get my dick into position and as the dildo slid further in my cockhead began stretching her cunt as it slid in underneath.

With much grunting and shoving I had her cunt filled with the punishing double shafted penetration. Her asshole was clenched tight and I slid two fingers in her butt. I began stroking her cunt with the two shafts and twisting the fingers around her asshole. The pressure on the underside of my dick was almost painful as I stroked gently in and out. I knew if I kept it up much longer Alicia would faint from the sensations. I pulled the fingers out of her anus and eased from her overheated cunt.

I unstrapped the dildo and shoved my pulsing shaft into her puckered butthole. I slid in all the way and Alicia let out a long moan of satisfaction. We worked back and forth against each other until the sweat poured from our bodies and her ass walls were hot and dry from the constant friction. Just when I thought we would collapse from exhaustion the cum spurted from my stinging dick to coat the walls of Alicia’s bung. She pounded back harder against me as her own orgasm peaked and subsided. I pulled my softening cock from her oozing butt and fell on the bed next to her. She leaned over to kiss me deeply and the look in her eyes told me that she knew all about my double life and the obsession that had led me to seek analysis. All she cared about was that it had taken me so long to make her a part of my cure.

There was no question about it. I was not only in need of constant analytical supervision but, the one and only woman who could ever perform the most complete analysis for me was more than willing to take up my case for life.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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