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Carnal Cruise Ch. 02

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Big Tits

I slept until very late the next morning and woke up feeling refreshed. I lay in my bed for a while thinking back of the adventurous night before and all the lovely women I had met and been intimate with. Most of all I thought about the mysterious woman in the end that had been so gifted and experienced and had given me such a marvelous time. Well, I think she got the same back from me. I couldn’t understand why she had left so suddenly. And I didn’t know her name. When I thought about it her name tag must have been smudged or something. The tag was there but the name not readable. And the picture on the shoulder had been missing as well, the picture of a lady with hot red open pussy which had been applied to the shoulder of all women in the party.

After I had left the stage and made a quick detour to the restroom I went back to the buffet table. There were still snacks and chilled wine left which tasted fine. There were plenty of people moving around the tables. It seemed that nobody wanted to leave although the party was supposed to wind down.

As before we mingled around and exploring hands were all over bodies in the dark. All inhibitions were gone. I got a warm welcome from the women as soon as they saw or heard my name. They complemented me for the show and their hands went directly down to my cock. They wanted to be caressed as well and pushed my hands down to their pussies. At one time I stood with a group of three women when suddenly one of them knelt and took my cock in her mouth. The other two pulled my hands to their womanhoods and moved to give me the best possible access. Soon I was caressing the insides of their pussies, one from behind with my thumb in her and the fingers over her clit and mound and the other the other way around. The woman sucking my cock was good and got rewarded when my cock swelled in her mouth. The two other women got very excited and I paid much attention to their hardening clits. Muffled moans came from them and soon after they started to shudder in pleasant orgasms. The lady at my feet left my cock and stood up. She pushed me down and wanted to be licked. She stood with her feet wide apart and was easy to reach with my tongue. Her clit was already stiff and completely out of its shelter. A few flicks over it got her moaning and with some help from a finger in her pussy caressing her soft spot my tongue soon brought her over the brink. She shuddered and couldn’t hold back a few cries when she came. All three ladies hugged me before we drifted apart.

I was immediately pulled into the arms of another woman who obviously had been standing close. She laughed throatily and pulled my head down to her breasts. “Suck them, bite my nipples like you did on stage,” she whispered hoarsely in my ear. “Oh yes, yes but harder, harder,” she whispered after a while when I had got her nipples hard and bitten into them. Well, I did as she wanted and took them one by one in firm grips between my teeth rocking her ample breasts with them. She panted hard and suddenly her body stiffened. There was a loud sigh of relief and then she was gone. It all went so fast that I hadn’t got the chance to see her name.

Well, I moved around getting very well received all the time from women who wanted to get fondled. But eventually the crowd started to thin out and I decided to call it a night. Although the caresses from the women were nice and kept my cock in a swelled status I had no desire for another round in a pussy. I was spent. So I drifted towards the exit door but it took some time to reach it because I bumped into more women on the way there and I didn’t want to be impolite. It was very nice.

Well, I thought in my bed, it had been a wonderful night and very far away from the normal. The cruise line really had stood up to their promises. I wondered what they had in story for the rest of the cruise to match this starter.

After a light lunch I went to the gym for a workout. Afterwards I spent a few hours lazily napping at the pool. I felt great when I arrived for dinner in the main dining room.

I was seated at a round table for ten. It turned out to be four couples and a single woman but she was opposite to me and I had no chance to talk to her. The food was excellent and the women at my sides interesting to talk with as were their spouses. We took our time at the table.

When I left the dining room a stewardess suddenly called for my attention. Something about her looked familiar and when the nametag showed that her name was April I was certain. It had to be the lovely stewardess from the party who had brought me on stage for the amateur fuck show. My cock twitched when I remembered it. She looked just as lovely as I had thought that night, good looking, long legged, dark hair and a gorgeous body that a well cut evening dress enhanced not least by the way it let her show a deep cleavage.

She smiled at me, a professional smile that deepened and softened when she noted my reaction and that I had recognized her. A content look on her face added to the broad smile.

There were many people around so she kept a professional Travesti face. “Sir, may I have a word if you please?” she said and took my elbow and steered me to the side. “Sir, I have a message and a question for you. A lady asks if you want to join her at the upper deck bar. She gave me the name Brigitte hoping that you would remember her and asked me to tell that she wants to apologize for something that happened at the get-together party. Will you accept the invitation?” April looked inquiringly at me and for some reason her face flushed.

Of course did I remember Brigitte. She was the woman I had the first intimate encounter with at the party, the woman who passed out after a prolonged orgasm and left me on my own. Well, I had quickly found relief from a woman being close by who also had been prematurely abandoned by her partner. It had turned out very well for both of us I thought. I wondered what Brigitte wanted.

“Well, will you accept her invitation? The look on your face indicates that you remember her,” April coaxed mockingly and started to giggle.

“Oh, yes, yes of course. Be delighted too. Where do I find her,” I said.

“Oh yes, I think you will, be delighted I mean,” April said with mockery in her eyes flushing even more. “Well, just follow me sir and I will take you to her.”

She turned and walked in front of me heading for the upper deck bar. I knew of it, it was very pleasant in the evenings out in the open under the stars. April didn’t take me the ordinary way though but used a service elevator. Once we were inside she turned to me with glittering eyes.

“I hope you remember me too,” she said softly. “I certainly remember you and the marvelous performance,” she whispered in my ear. She backed a little and looked at me smilingly. “I am not supposed to do this but I don’t think it will do any harm,” she said hugging me and kissed me cheek. “Oh no, no harm at all,” I said when she withdrew and I embraced her and kissed her back. She clung to me until the door opened at the upper deck. She pressed a button to keep the door open. “Oh, let me help you. No good to present you to Brigitte looking like that,” she said giggling and touched my cheek wiping away some of her red lipstick. When she was done she looked at us in the mirror smilingly and adjusted her hair. “Well sir, if you will be so kind to follow me sir,” she said very formally but with shining eyes.

In the upper deck bar she brought me to the back where the light was dim. A lady was sitting alone at a table. “Mr Tom, Ms Brigitte. Ms Brigitte, Mr Tom.” She introduced us formally and went away.

The lady looked up at me with worried eyes. I reached out for her hand and leaned over to kiss it. “Hi,” I said. “May I join you?”

“Oh yes, please do. Sorry I forgot my manners,” she said weakly but some of the worry had left her eyes. She smiled a bit uncertain. I sat down opposite to her. April came back with two glasses of champagne. Brigitte looked up and thanked her.

“Cheers,” I said raising my glass trying to melt the ice. I looked her in the eye but she avoided my glance and looked down when she sipped the champagne. I made small talk about the cruise for some time and gradually her unease went away. The bar had a small dance floor and when a good tune came on I asked her to dance which she was happy to accept. I held her formally to begin with. She danced very well and had no problem to follow my clumsiness. Gradually she moved closer to me until we danced not very formally. When a slow tune came on she clung to me and I held her close. Her body was very lithe and followed easily every move I made.

“Thank you,” she whispered in my ear. “Let’s go back to the table and talk.”

She placed my hand on her hip when we walked back to the table. She sat down where her face would be in the shadows. We sipped our champagne and she played with her glass saying nothing. Suddenly she straightened up.

“Thank you for coming,” she said and hesitated uncertain how to proceed. “I have felt awful since last night and didn’t know what to do,” she blurted out. “But tonight in the dining room I felt that I had to see you and apologize. I asked Diane for help and am so happy that you accepted to come.” She got quiet not knowing how to go on.

“But it was my pleasure altogether. And there is nothing to apologize for. We had a wonderful time at the party, hadn’t we?”

“Yes, but . . .” She was saved by the waiter who came to refill our glasses. We drank in silence while the waiter waited for our approval. We nodded appreciating and he went away.

“Well, yes . . . We had a great time . . . at least I had . . . but its not my habit to leave a man unsatisfied like I did . . . I felt awful when I came to and you were gone . . . and it didn’t feel any better when I understood that another woman had taken over fulfilling what was my duty . . . well, not that she complained from what I could hear, on the contrary . . . and in my distress I was happy that you had found at least some relief.” Her voice had gradually become steady izmir Travesti and in the end even sounded slightly joyful. . . . “So . . . that’s why I wanted to see you and apologize for my behavior.”

“Oh no, there’s nothing to apologize for. We had a great time, really. It’s me that should apologize. It was my fault that you passed out in the end and I should have waited for you to recover, to make sure that you were all right.”

There was a throaty laugh from Brigitte and I felt that the tension was almost gone.

“Oh. It was nice of you to say that. But I should know better than to be carried away like that. Me, a mature, experienced woman. At least that´s what a regard myself to be. But it was so utterly lovely that my brain could handle nothing but my intense pleasure . . . I have never before in my life had an orgasm like that . . . it just went on and on and ended with a crescendo like an explosion and an earthquake. Then I was totally spent and couldn’t move until it was too late and you were gone . . . it was such a tremendous experience. But I feel so much better now.”

She toasted me and looked me in the eye over the brim of the glass. For the first time I realized. The tension was all gone now and I guessed that she felt reassured and safe.

“Nice, I am really glad that you feel happy again. May I ask you to dance again, it’s such a lovely evening?”

“Oh yes, that would be lovely. But I want to ask you one more thing first . . . How come that you seem to give all your women such extended orgasms. I talked to the lovely stewardess April and she told me that you had done it to other women too. And not only the woman on stage. She also got a tremendous orgasm although you came together in the end. But that wasn’t her skill, you were helped by that finger in your butt, wasn’t you? The other women you surely had that night I don’t know about but I guess that they didn’t complain. Please, tell me your secret.”

“Well, I don’t know . . . well, OK then. It’s simple really. My wife . . . my late wife that is . . . was very interested in sex and very skilful. She was the best mistress a man can wish. Together we practiced nearly every day. We even took courses. We studied, the Kama Sutra of course from the 4th century but also other sources like Ananga Ranga from the 13th century I think. Funny that so much of this old wisdom comes from India. But there also was a book from North Africa written by Schejk Nafzawis from the 16th century and many more of more recent times. We found out how to postpone my orgasm and how to make her ride on the wave of orgasm. If I did it right she could be riding up to an hour. Or she could have several orgasms in a row. Hundreds. I also learnt to read her and to time my own pleasure with her final explosion. I found out last night that my knowledge works also with other women. Well, in your case I missed the last part, that’s why I think it is me that should apologize and not you.”

“Well, I am still ashamed that I passed out like that. I would have given you a much greater time than that woman. You deserved it. Mind you, I don’t say that she was bad or something, it’s just that French women are the best when it comes to the real thing. And I am French although I have been living in the US for a long time. Maybe the Swede women . . . you are a Swede aren’t you? Yes. Maybe they are prettier, sexier even and maybe more direct and frank about making love but the French simply are the best when it comes to finesse and sophistication and how to treat a man. It goes from mother to daughter and my mother taught me a lot. Well, now you can ask me to dance again.”

At the dance floor she at once came close to me. She wanted to have my arms around her and put both arms around my neck. Twice she moved my hands on her body first to her waist to pull her tight, then to her hips to hold her steady in a fast dance. Her body felt great in my arms just as I remembered it.

When a slow tune came on she put her mouth close to my ear and nibbled on the earlobe.

“What would you do if you got an invitation to my cabin?” She whispered.

“Well . . . I would consider it very carefully,” I said and deliberately made a pause. “And then . . . well, I would be very happy to accept.”

“You bastard,” she said and bit my ear. “Well, start considering then.” She pushed my hands down to cover her ass and I pulled her close to my body. When we danced she deliberately grinded her pussy against me and when she felt my cock harden she looked up at me smilingly.

In her cabin a soft light was on. A cooler with a bottle stood ready on a side table.

“Make yourself comfortable,” she said and helped me with my dinner jacket. She also helped me to get rid of the tie and undid a couple of buttons in my shirt letting a finger trail over my chest.

“Please excuse me for a minute. You can open the bottle. I think we will enjoy a drink on the balcony. It’s lovely out there, don’t you think?”

She went into the bathroom and I took the cooler out on her private balcony.

“Hi there,” Konya Travesti I heard her voice behind me and turned around. She stood in the doorway lit up by soft light from both inside the cabin and from the railing. She looked gorgeous taking my breath away. She laughed throatily and wriggled her hips. She had got comfortable having taken her dress off and now stood in a green half cup bra. Her ample breasts rested nicely, formed into two cupolas with the already hard nipples pushing out. A slim waist was accentuated by a golden chain that hang loose over a nicely rounded belly. The diminutive boxer panties in the same green color as her bra were of flimsy lace. That she wasn’t shaved showed clearly. Her mound was covered by pitch black hair. Her shapely legs and curved thighs were emphasized by high heels also in green. There was a tiny golden chain around her left ankle.

She laughed again and turned around slowly. She had a nice back over a full, round ass which she wriggled a couple of times shifting her weight before completing the full circle. I was still speechless. I had expected her to look good from what I had seen in the bar and felt when she was naked in my arms in the nightly party. But this was beyond my expectations.

“May I have that drink now please,” she said giggling, moving graciously over to the railing. She turned and leaned her back against it.

“Yes, yes of course, forgive me. You look so stunning that I totally forgot my manners,” I croaked pouring two glasses and taking them over to her. She pecked my cheek and took her glass standing close to me.

“Welcome, welcome to my cabin,” she said in a low voice raising her glass. “Ah yes. This is my favorite. French of course, the real thing. I was lucky they had it. Not in the All Included of course. But I love it both before and after.” She took another deep swallow and put the glass away.

Brigitte stood before me and put her arms around my neck. She came close and kissed me lightly. Her lips tasted fresh and crisp from the champagne. She withdrew slightly and undid the rest of the buttons in my shirt. She stroked over my chest and around the back under the shirt, a light lovely caress. She pressed her body close to mine and just held me close for some time. I caressed her back side and ass as lightly as she had done. She pushed my head down and pressed my face against her swelling breasts with my nose in her narrow cleavage. She pushed on my head and a nipple came between my lips.

“If you want to freshen up it’s just the right time for it,” she whispered and nibbled on my ear. She withdrew and took my shirt off. Then she knelt before me. I thought that she was going to take my pants off and suck my cock but no. Instead she untied my shoelaces and caringly took my shoes off me. She rose and pecked my cheek before pushing me towards the cabin door.

She really know what she is doing I thought in her bathroom. I needed to relieve myself and she knew that a man cannot make himself justice in such a condition. It was a turn on to realize that she wanted my full ability and had planned to make sure nothing disturbed that.

When I came back out on the balcony she was standing as I had left her leaning against the railing. But she had put a flimsy negligee on. When she took a step forward the negligee floated out. It was fastened with a knot only at the neck and opened up revealing that she had taken the green bra and panties off. I had time to see that her swaying breasts were firm and her black pussy bush was thick and fluffy before she embraced me and engaged us in a long lingering kiss. The kiss deepened and her tongue met mine playing games.

She broke the kiss and again knelt before me. Without haste she delicately took my pants and shorts off. Before rising up she kissed my cock. She didn’t try to suck me or something it seemed only to be a kiss of affection. But it had the effect I think she wanted. The cock started to swell and hardened when she let it slide along her body on her way up. She smiled happily at me when she stood close to me with my cock pressed against her belly. She reached up and kissed me again. Her high heels made it easier for her to reach up.

She broke our kiss and leaned over the railing looking out over the sea. I embraced her from behind which made her to straighten up and turn her head. Smilingly she kissed me. She fiddled with the knot and pushed me backwards. The negligee slid down onto the deck and she pushed it to the side with her foot.

Brigitte leaned against the railing again pulling my arms around her and putting my hands on her breasts. My cock was pressed between us. She moved her feet and wriggled her ass pushing backwards and moaned of delight when my cock slid in between her thighs. She closed them and pushed back making the cock to slide along her slit. She moaned again when the cock head stroked over her clit. She held my cock in a pleasant grip pressed into her slit and started to flex and relax her thigh muscles and shifting her weight back and forth slightly. It gave a lovely massage all along my cock and the cock head in turn massaged her clit. Brigitte moaned of delight. Soon her clit got erect and protruded from its shelter pressing against the upper side of my cock head. Brigitte slowed her movements and her pleasured moans increased.

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