Nisan 20, 2024

Captured and conquered

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Captured and conquered
She woke up tied to the bed, her wrists bound to the corners her ankles tied to the other corners. A bunch of pillows held her ass high in the air. But a robe tied her back down tight to the bed. Her head held straight, she couldn’t see anyone. Just felt there hands on her hips and there cocks in her asshole pounding away until he came. When one was done another took his place. This went on for hours. She was so exhausted she would pass out only to wake up and have the same feelings.

The last thing she remembered was going on a date with a man she just met, earlier that day on the street. He was so nice to her, but what happened In-between she thought. Warm cum hit her bowels, like it has so many other times. But unlike every other time the pounding had stopped. The feeling In her ass started to slowly come back. As it slowly closed. She felt the cum finding its way out of her asshole and running down her balls and limp cock. The lights shut off the room is pitch black. Her arms and legs become free. Then her back is free . She is lifted and carried away. She hears a door open . They are in a different room. This room smells of grease and dampness. She hears the men’s boots drag across concrete who carry her. Her body is placed down on a piece of wood. Her hands tied straight up in the air. Her ankles also in the air Tied . She hears a noise what sounds like someone jacking a car in the air. Her back is met with cold metal, barely resting on it. It’s quiet. Her balls are lifted and a cock slams into her asshole, he’s fucking her roughly. She hears whispers of laughter. She’s blindfolded and the lights come on. She kaçak iddaa can only see silhouettes of my men who are fucking her. He blasted her bowels with his cum. Another replaces him, over and over the men keep coming.

She remembers a time when she was a married man. She messed that up by letting his ex wife’s brother and his roofer friends fuck his sissy ass every time it rained. Or when he let his ex wife’s father blow his load in her asshole. She thinks to herself back even further when her uncle caught her dressing in his mother’s clothes, dancing around like a fairy. He beat her with a belt.
Still she remembered she wished he would have fucked her instead.

Now she’s sixty three and tied In a garage getting plowed over and over by men she can’t see.
She starts to remember a white work van. The man she was on the date with took her to the back to fuck, I remember now she thinks to herself. He asked me out standing next to his van.

Someone grabbed her limp 5” cock. He’s holding tight. Omg his cock is so big! Fuck ! She cry’s out as he plunges it balls deep. With no reguard to her crying her pounds away. Holding her cock as a grip. He shoved his massive cock in and out.

She wakes up, someone is pounding away. And cums. They laughed she passed out from that big dick again!

The sex stops and the room goes black. The men untied her and carried her to another room. This room smells of cologne all different. Her wrists are bound together and tied above her head. Her toes barely touching the floor.
Someone grabbed her hips and slid in her ass. The poundings begin. Over and over. Cocks of all sizes fill her up. Men are choking tipobet güvenilir mi her, slapping her face, her titts and her sissy dick. Spitting on her and treating her like a pig. She never says anything. Just let’s it happen. This room last about a hour. And she is carried to the next. She is laid down on the floor. No ropes .

The first man pushes her legs back to her head and pounded away, the second rolled her over flat on her belly and slammed her hard, third doggie style and so on. She was put in many positions over the next 3 hours.
She passed out many times from exhaustion. The men didn’t care. She was just a warm wet hole for their cocks.

She dreamed about sitting on her stoop in her Philadelphia row home. Just relaxing. Watching and talking to the neighbors. But she couldn’t be happy, she wanted to be a sissy whore. She used xhamster in her pass time and read stories of people going through the same thing she was. And always wished it was her.

Omg she thought I wrote the guy who writes the stories and told him about my life and where I lived… fuck it’s him!

The cocks continue to pound. And cum and fuck over and over. She had no feelings in her asshole it was numb.

She started thinking about what she wrote the mysterious man. She told him about the white van and a bunch of rooms to be fucked in that got worse every time. Shit I wrote my own story she thought, but who are all these men?

When the fucking stopped she was dragged into a bathroom. They threw her in the shower. The water stung her gaped anus. Someone handed her a bar of soap. Her asshole so stretched the bar of soap slid right tipobet giriş into her asshole. After she was done washing and dried off. She was tied to a bed.
A woman’s voice spoke softly. Good job today. Get some sleep. Tomorrow is a new day.

She fell asleep soundly.

The next day she was carried to another room . Her legs spread wide and ankles secured to some other persons ankles she was bent over a round table a coarse rope around her head and chin pulling her face forward , she held hands with the people on each side and cuffed together. A rope tied around her balls and attached to the balls of the girl across from her. A round cylinder was placed on there backs and the blindfolds were removed. She opens her eyes to see a young sissy. To her left a Asian ladyboy to her right a black sissy. That’s when the noticed the ropes around their neck all attached. The black girl screams as her asshole is under attack. Then the Asian cry’s out. She waited patiently and the young girl cry’s out jerking her ass back. Pulling her cock with her.
Her neck jerks, she begged the young girl to stop jerking around.
She waits until a large cock penetrated her semi dry hole. And the non stop pounding begins. All four girls pounded non stop for five hours. No pleasure just pain and passing out. After the 5 hours they were thrown in a room to shower, then we fed , chicken and rice before being sent to bed. The next morning the same thing repeated . For five days it repeats it self. The girls had to be dragged cause their assholes were too sore to walk. The next day they had a day for rest. She introduced herself as Jayme she told them how she told a man on xhamster her story and it’s now came true. The other sissy’s all had a similar story.

Jayme tried to remember more of what she told the mysterious man, but couldn’t remember. They went to sleep that night wondering what the following day would bring…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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