Aralık 5, 2023

Camera Action

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“Happy Father’s Day. This is Part I of your present, Daddy! I love you. XXOXX. Erin.” Fat, loopy, girlish handwriting scrolled across the inside of a cheap paper card laying forgotten amid crumpled, discarded gift wrap in the bottom of an empty camcorder box in the Harris family garage. After pouring over the instruction booklet and experimenting with his daughter at his elbow all Sunday afternoon, Judge Benjamin J. Harris finally managed to successfully capture video footage of a gray squirrel ravaging his wife’s bird feeders for the sake of posterity before turning the camera on his teenage daughter who impishly pranced and preened around the backyard for her proud daddy.

Four days later, the cake and ice cream of Father’s Day would have been a distant memory without the video. Slipping the cassette into the VCR, Ben fast forwarded through the tape, slowing down as Erin suddenly appeared on screen. Flopping down on the couch, he suddenly realized how much his daughter’s breasts had filled out in recent months as he watched their resilient bounce while she playfully danced around the yard. Looking directly into the camera, Erin leaned toward the lens, pressing her arms together, causing her tits to push out and the neckline of her suntop to gape open. “I love you more than anyone, Daddy!” Erin’s sunny voice declared. Ben swallowed hard as he realized the camera captured the depth of the soft, shadowy valley between his daughter’s braless tits.

Rewinding the tape, he replayed the scene, noticing the way Erin’s hard nipples showed through her white cotton top. Guiltily, he felt his cock twitch as he paused the tape to stare at her cleavage and nipples for an extra moment. When had his little girl become a sexy young woman? Ben pondered the question as he pressed play on the remote and watched his daughter’s antics in a new light. Turning around, Erin bent over and presented her round, teenage ass to the camera. Wiggling her butt at the lens, she bent forward, spreading her legs until her hands were planted on the grass between them and her cut-off shorts pulled up to expose the bottom half of her sweet ass cheeks. Peering upside down between her knees, she called, “Watch this, Daddy!” and slid her legs into a full split.

“That’s quite a talent, you have there,” Ben heard his own voice laughing on the tape.

“Yeah, well, the boys seem to like it,” his little girl winked.

Had Erin really said that? Was his baby flirting with her daddy? Ben re-wound the exchange and watched it again, trying to recall what exactly happened as Erin sprang to her feet on camera, her tits bouncing noticeably. Rewinding, he watched her repeatedly, absentmindedly reaching down to stroke his growing erection; thinking about his daughter showing off her sweet, cherry ass to her father.

As Erin twitched her ass at her father’s camcorder again, the unmistakable sounds of a woman’s pleasure slowly filtered through the erotic haze starting to fog Ben’s brain. The sound was unmistakable but where was it coming from? Lifting his head off the cushy throw pillows that littered the living room divan, Ben glanced curiously toward the back of the dark house. His wife, Juliet, retired in a huff nearly three hours ago, after yet another in a long string of endless arguments about the overtime hours he spent at the courthouse and how they lead to ruined dinners. It was unlikely Jule’s anger sprang from sexual frustration. It had been months since she responded to his attempts to initiate sex. Even Father’s Day observances failed to snag him some pussy but given he already had a hard-on, hope reared its optimistic head. Like a dog hearing his food dish rattle, Ben was off the couch and padding his way silently down the hall following the siren’s call.

Nearing the door of the bedroom he shared with his wife, Ben slowed his approach, opening his fly to fondle his cock. Sweet, feminine sounds fluctuated like the tide lapping the shore as the moans heightened in pleasure then drew back before swelling again. As Ben reached the bedroom door, the sounds faded elusively but were enough to paint powerful visions behind Ben’s eyes of his wife laying on their shared bed, her thighs spread wide as she fingered herself. With the memory of his baby girl showing off her hot ass fresh in his mind, Ben drew a ragged breath of anticipation. Sliding his palm across the unlatched door causing it to swing silently on its hinges, Ben stroked his cock, a forbidden fantasy teasing the edges of his imagination.

The bedroom was filled with subdued lighting from a small lamp with a tinted glass shade that sat on the top of a bureau. Jule always left the lamp burning when she went to bed before Ben, so he could see to undress without tripping over the furniture and waking her. As the door swung wider, Ben saw the outline of his wife, laying on her side, facing the far wall. Her body was covered from toe to chin by a tan thermal blanket. Ben crept a few steps into the room and recognized Merter Escort the sound of his wife’s slow, regular breathing as she slept.

Before the puzzlement that creased his brow could get too firm a footing, the seductive sounds rose again causing Ben’s head to snap on a swivel, his eyes focusing on his daughter’s bedroom door across the hall. A feeling of uncertainty strained in a tug-of-war between his head and groin as he moved with lagging steps toward the crack of light that seeped beneath the door. Pausing to close and latch his own bedroom door, Ben wavered, his cock pulsing in his hand. As the tide of pleasure began building again, there was no question but that the soft moans and murmurs were coming from his teenage daughter’s bedroom.

The vivid fantasy of Jule masturbating was rapidly replaced with taboo images of his teenage daughter playing with herself. Ben was drawn to the sliver of light beneath Erin’s door, like a moth fluttering toward a bonfire. His cock swelled painfully as he stroked it. Brilliant images of his daughter fucking her own cunt blinded his mind’s eye, making him dizzy. Unlike her petite, French mother, Erin took after her father’s Irish side. Long-legged and athletic, Erin inherited her grandmother’s buxom figure and flowing auburn hair. Ben remembered how her hair glinted coppery-red in the blaze of the hot, summer sun as he videotaped her in the yard just days ago. Erin’s green eyes were lustrous against her pale skin, capable of both sparkling with laughter and snapping in anger. Ben tried to imagine how those beautiful eyes would look, darkened with lust. Squeezing his cock, he heard the erotic sounds of masturbation begin to peak again behind the closed door.

“Oh, yes!” Ben could hear the ache of longing in Erin’s muffled voice. “That feels so good. Put me on my knees, Daddy. Let me be your whore. I love you more than anyone, Daddy. Please fuck me. Oooohhhhhh, yes, Daddy.”

Ben froze mid-stroke. His brain was on fire. His cock oozed excitement. His baby girl was masturbating while fantasizing about him. Blackness suddenly swam before his eyes, reminding Ben to breathe. Taking a halting breath, he stepped closer to the door, stroking his dick harder, forking his fingers on either side of the head and using his precum to lubricate against the friction of his knuckles. As more yearning moans reached Ben’s ears, he imagined his daughter on her knees on the bed, her ass in the air as she reached between her legs to stroke her clit.

“Daddy, I need your cock,” the soft, longing voice pleaded. “Please, fuck me, Daddy. I want it so bad. I need it so bad. Pleaaaassssseeee?”

Silently, Ben reached out and closed his hand over the door knob. The sexual yearning in his daughter’s voice overrode common sense. Every day of the week, men came before his bench who crossed the line and fucked their kids. Now, here he stood, the Honorable Benjamin Harris, cock in hand and judgment clouded with lust as the door swung open. Before him, sprawled on her bed was the naked form of his barely legal teenage daughter. Ben could smell her arousal from where he stood in awe, listening to her sighs as she arched her back in response to three, long fingers she fucked into her pussy.

Erin’s eyes were closed, lost in the fantasy she spun in her mind. Her right hand fucked her tight, wet pussy while the fingers of her left hand swirled around her clit. “Make me cum, Daddy,” she begged, her eyes squeezed shut. “I’ll be your whore. I’ll do anything for you. Just fuck me, please?”

Closing the door without a sound, Ben walked to the side of the bed and pressed his hand across Erin’s mouth, stifling the startled shriek of surprise he knew was coming. His other hand went immediately to her cunt, covering her own fingers and pressing against her clit. Ben knew he was using Erin’s body against her as he massaged her clit and watched the guilt-ridden fear of being caught masturbating to a forbidden fantasy, transform again to lust in her deep, green eyes.

Ben leaned close to Erin’s face, hissing between his teeth, “Do you really want to be Daddy’s naughty little whore?”

Holding her breath, Erin nodded beneath his hand, her eyes sliding momentarily shut as the pressure of Ben’s fingers against her clit brought shivers throughout her body. Ben pulled his hand from her lips, allowing her to speak. “Yes, Daddy. See?” Erin pointed at the camcorder sitting on the bedside table, its red light blinking. “I was making a tape for you. It was going to be the second part of your Father’s Day gift. I was going to leave it where you’d find it sort of ‘by accident’.”

Picking up the camera, Ben panned down his daughter’s naked body, watching the progress of the lens through the view finder. “Spread your legs, you little slut. Show your daddy your hot, wet pussy.”

“Oh, yes, Daddy!” Erin did as her father asked, spreading her legs wide and using her fingers to part the tender, young Merter Escort Bayan petals of flesh surrounding her slit.

Ben stared intently at the wet folds of his daughter’s pussy on the view screen as he shot a close up of the glistening juices oozing from her slit. Erin’s pussy was nothing like her mother’s dark, dusky recesses. Her pussy was light, coral pink and dewy looking as a Georgia O’Keeffe print with soft, puffy labia that would surely be the texture of wet silk when Ben set his tongue against them. His little girl dipped her fingers into her slit, spreading her abundant wetness all around her pussy before venturing deep into her cunt again.

“That’s right, fuck that pussy for Daddy,” Ben hissed. “Be a slut for your daddy. Show him how much you like to fuck.”

As Erin’s pussy-slick fingers emerged again, Ben grabbed her wrist in a firm but gentle grip and guided it to her face. “Lick them clean, slut,” he ordered, feeling his cock bob as his pulse hammered through his veins. Staring directly into the camera, Erin’s soft, pink tongue flicked between her lips, licking her own slippery juices from her fingers.

“Mmmmm, it tastes yummy. You want some, too?” Erin cooed, holding her wet fingers to Ben’s lips and moaning with lust as his tongue snaked along her palms, licking the webbing between her fingers clean.

“You’re a nasty little girl,” Ben growled. Every instinct in Ben’s body told him to drop the camera and ram his cock hard and deep into the pliant, nubile body before him. Roughly, his free hand chafed over his daughter’s lips, down the length of her neck to her ripe breasts. He captured the decent with the camcorder, watching as he fondled the pillow of flesh and plump nipple under his fingers. Moaning with want, Erin arched her back, pressing her tit into his palm.

“Play with your titties, Erin. Show Daddy how you tease those hard, pink nipples of yours,” Ben said.

Sighing, Erin’s smooth fingers traced the swell of her breasts, circling lightly as her hips shifted on the bed. “Oh, Daddy, finger me again.”

Reaching between her silky thighs, Ben found his little girl’s clit, swollen and begging for attention. As he stroked her with his fingers, Erin pinched and rolled her own nipples, squeezing and lifting her tits to show them to the camera.

“Look at you, nasty little girl,” Ben muttered through the view finder as his fingers probed her cunt. “Beg to be Daddy’s whore.”

“Let me be your slut, Daddy,” Erin whimpered in a little girl voice as she reached for Ben’s cock. Wrapping her fingers around his swollen rod, she explored with a naive touch that had Ben aching. “Don’t you think it’s sexy? You’re going to shove this big, hard poker deep inside your little girl’s cunt and fuck her brains out with it. Use me, Daddy. Let me be your nasty little whore. I’ll do anything you want. Teach me what you like.”

Panning down Erin’s body, Ben filmed his thick fingers playing in her pussy, slick with cunt juice. Slowly, he stroked the length of her labia, listening to her moans of pleasure before pressing one finger into her tight cunt. Juice drooled out of his daughter’s slit, sliding past his finger, between her ass cheeks and onto the sheets. Ben filmed his hand as he slid a second finger and third into her. Erin’s moans surged again as he spread his fingers inside her, swirling them around before fucking her as deeply as he could reach.

“Deeper, Daddy. I need more,” Erin gasped, releasing her hold in his cock as she yearned for her own fulfillment.

Ben lifted his wet fingers to his nose, sniffing the scent of his daughter on his skin. “Your cunt smells sweet, baby,” he said, licking the length of his digits. “It tastes even sweeter. I think the time has come for you to feed Daddy. Spread your legs wide and hold your pussy open for me to taste you.”

Placing the camera on the night stand so it faced the action, Ben dropped to his knees beside the bed to stare at the opening of his daughter’s hot, wet box stretched wide by her manicured fingers. For a final time, his moral fiber emerged causing his straining cock to dip. “Baby, are you sure you want this?” Ben breathed, staring at the velvety pink petals beckoning him.

“Yes, Daddy,” Erin moaned. “I want to cum on your face. Make me your whore.”

Trailing his fingers slowly up the inside of Erin’s thighs, Ben leaned in until he breathed the moist heat rising from her cunt. Unable to hold back any longer, he dragged his tongue up one side of her precious offering, savoring the wine of her innocence. “Has anyone ever eaten you before, princess?” he asked.

“No, Daddy,” Erin panted. “Please, Daddy. More.”

Ben Harris would be the man to introduce his daughter to the pleasures of oral sex. His cock pulsed with excitement as he traced the outside of her labia with his tongue before dipping between the folds, licking up and down. As Erin’s hips began to gyrate, he slowly ate her, Escort Merter feeling the softness of her public hair under his tongue and relishing every slick, satiny inch of baby-soft skin he encountered. Dipping into her slit, he sucked out more of her juices. Hearing a soft, whining moan of need from his baby, Ben licked toward her clit.

“Daddy wants to lick up his little girl’s cum,” Ben whispered hoarsely.

“Oh, God, yes, Daddy. Please,” Erin moaned.

“Feed it to me, baby. Cum for Daddy,” he said, laying his tongue to his daughter’s clit for the first time. For a passing moment, Ben wondered how his wife could sleep through the passionate scream Erin gave as he grazed his teeth lightly over the tender bud in his mouth. Moving like lightening to press his hand over the girl’s mouth and stifle her cries, Ben growled, “Erin, you’ve got to keep it down or you’ll wake up Mom.”

Moving to the bureau, Ben searched briefly before pulling out a neatly rolled pair of white ankle socks and the red scarf from Erin’s cheerleader uniform. “Open your mouth. Daddy’s going to gag you so you won’t make as much noise.” Pressing the ball of socks between her teeth, he secured it, tying the scarf behind her head. “Can you still breath, honey?”

Erin nodded.

“Daddy’s going to go back to eating your pussy, princess. You can squirm and try to scream all you want. No one’s going to hear you being a nasty little slut, now.” With that, Ben dropped to his knees and wrapping his arms around Erin’s hips, controlling her movements, and buried his face in her cunt. Eating his daughter’s pussy like a man possessed, Ben struggled against her bucking hips and listened to her muffled groans through the sock gag. “That’s my little whore,” Ben hissed as he rubbed the heavy shadow of chin stubble over Erin’s sensitive clit. “Daddy’s starting to think his little girl wants it a little rough.”

Erin moaned low in her throat, nodding her head in agreement.

A slow smile spread across Ben’s face as he stared up his daughter’s body and reached to close a pert nipple between his thumb and finger. Tonguing her clit, he pinched the nipple hard, rolling it in his fingers as Erin’s back and neck arched and she moaned in pleasure.

“Do it, little girl!” Ben commanded her. “Cum on Daddy’s face!”

The roll of socks barely contained the sound of Erin’s orgasm as her body tensed and her arched back cleared the bed entirely. Ben latched his mouth against her thrashing body, tasting the sweet, white nectar flowing from the recesses of his daughter’s cunt. Sucking and lapping and sucking some more, Ben feasted, his hard, red cock straining to find its own release. A long string of precum dripped off the head as Ben reared up and covered his daughter’s naked body with his.

With Erin’s juices wet on his nose, chin and cheeks, Ben pressed the head of his cock against the yawning opening of her twat. “I have to fuck you, Erin. I’m going to die if I don’t fuck that hot, little cunt of yours right now. Has anyone ever fucked you before?” Ben panted, trying to control his lust.

His little girl, expressive green eyes dark with lust, shook her head.

Using all his restraint, Ben turned to pick up the camcorder again, focusing it down the length of his body onto his painfully swollen cock as the head pressed against the dewy, virgin petals of his daughter’s cunt. “Daddy’s going to make you a woman, princess. Then Daddy’s going to make you his slut. Getting fucked in the cunt is only the beginning, baby.” As Ben spoke, he filmed his cock inching deeper into her daughter’s body. “I’m going to turn you into a whore and teach you everything you need to know to make a man happy.”

Feeling his cock meet the resistance of Erin’s maiden head, he panned the camera up to focus on her flushed faced and disheveled hair. “Are you sure you want it rough, baby?”

Erin moaned blissfully through the sock gag and nodded yes, as she pinched, pulled and twisted her own nipples.

Pulling out of the soft, tight tunnel gripping his cock, Ben placed the camera back on the bedside stand. Pressing Erin’s knees to her ears, he mounted daughter again. “Welcome to your new life, baby girl,” he growled, thrusting hard into the tender body spread open before him. Oblivious to the tears that gathered in the corners of Erin’s eyes, Ben rammed home, tearing away his daughter’s hymen with a single stroke. Without pausing, he fucked her hard and deep. As Erin began to struggle to meet his thrusts, their union became a frenzied race to climax.

Moaning and thrashing below him, Erin climaxed a second time, the walls of her cunt clenching him strongly, milking his thrusting cock until he felt the cum rising from his balls and racing toward release. With an orgasm so intense it nearly crippled him, Ben spewed multiple shots of thick, ropy cum deep into his daughter’s body before collapsing on top of her then rolling breathless to her side.

Reaching behind her head, Erin untied the scarf, spit out the sock gag and cuddled up next to her daddy, putting her head on his shoulder. As her father’s abundant cum trickled out of her pussy, she lazily traced the width of Ben’s chest with lingering fingers, sighing, “That felt good.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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