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Cabin Confession

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Public Sex

Damon had waited as patiently as he could, but five years was long enough.

He refused to sit on the sidelines any longer.

He wanted her.

Now that she was free from her marriage, he wasn’t going to waste any more time pondering about what could be.

As he stood outside her room, he took in a deep breath. No matter what happened that night, he wasn’t leaving without her knowing exactly how he felt.

It started in college…

He was a grad student and she was a junior majoring in theater. He’d fallen for her the moment his eyes settled on her. Initially coming off as mousy with a head full of dark brown curls, her wide hazel green eyes seemed to drink in everything she laid them on.

He was taken by surprise when he saw her acting for the first time. It was as if she’d embodied an entirely different person. Inside the meek, petite shell was a confident, outspoken woman.

His heart sank when he asked her out for coffee only to find out she was already engaged.

Despite being turned down, and against his better judgment, they became friends.

It didn’t take long for him to have his first of many sexual dreams about her. The first time he buried his cock deep in her throat, while her wide eyes looked up at him pleading for more, he avoided her for three weeks.

As their friendship grew, the dreams became more and more elaborate torturing him to no end.

On the day of her wedding, he’d brought a date with him. He wasn’t ever sure of her name, but she had the same dark hair and those eyes.

It was all about the eyes.

As the woman he pined for said ‘I do’ to a man he’d grown to despise upstairs in front of all of their loved ones, he was taking his date roughly from behind in the downstairs bathroom giving her every inch of his self-loathing.

He’d never been that drunk in his life.

Like a glutton for punishment, he continued their friendship. Even though it meant being forced to know her husband.

Chet was closer to his age, a few years older even. More of the office type, he worked as a data analysis for some company Damon could give a shit about. Chet wasn’t a bad looking guy. Tall with a face like a puppy. His black hair always gelled up like some has been boy band wannabe. At least, that’s what Damon saw.

A complete contrast to himself.

When she’d called three years ago suggesting a weekend camping trip to catch up, the last thing he wanted to do was to have to spend time with Chet in an enclosed space secluded from the rest of society. Sure, there were going to be other mutual friends there, but it wouldn’t be enough.

Chet couldn’t make it that first year.

Even so, every time Damon’s eyes rested on her wedding ring, or saw her eyes wander towards her phone, he could feel the mixture of rage, disgust and lust twisting his stomach into a knot. The worst was when he looked into her eyes.

It was if she knew exactly what his thoughts were. From the lust to the disappointment.

A part of him hoped that the regret in hers wasn’t just his own reflection looking back at him.

She’d become a part of his daily routine. From his very first thought when he started his day to the woman tormenting him in his dreams.

Even saying her name out loud in his sleep.

Millie was what he lived and breathed by.

And either she didn’t know it, or she didn’t want to know it.

Damon was comfortable never knowing the answer to that.

Until last year.

She was in town for a film conference and agreed to meet up. It felt like old times. The meek young woman had long since transformed into the bold, beautiful goddess he’d always seen her as.

Damon didn’t think he could be more in love with her, but he was wrong.

They drank, and rehashed old stories over dinner. He was elated when she agreed to go back to his place for a night cap.

In a drunken, idiotic decision, he’d confessed that he’d always wondered what could have been. To his surprise, she shared that she’d never really had an orgasm.

The knowledge of that made him harder than he’d ever thought possible.

Being with her physically was only part of what he wanted from her. Albeit, a visceral and large part, but for years he knew never to cross that line.

Easier said than done when she wasn’t in his house looking up at him the way she was. Almost pleading with him to make her dreams come true.

He should have felt guilty when he took her soft, supple bottom lip gently in between his teeth before pulling her into a kind, but eager kiss.

Shame should’ve been rampant at the way he took his time undressing her and pleasuring her pussy until she screamed out in ecstasy.


He could tell she was still in disbelief afterwards. As she left his house, barely able to walk, Damon was beside himself. He could only hope she now understood everything that he’d been feeling up until that point.

When she didn’t talk to him for the next nine months, it seemed crystal clear.

She didn’t want him or his feelings.

The revelation antalya escort of this made him bitter and angry. Fucking women that looked nothing like her was his way of retaliation.

Blondes, Red Heads, blue eyes, white skin. Nothing that would remind him of her radiant umber glow, and those fucking hazel green eyes.

It only lasted a few months before he couldn’t even look at his own reflection without wanting to vomit. He could’ve fucked one hundred different women and she’d never care, because she wasn’t his.

Then she called.

He almost didn’t answer as it was a number he didn’t recognize, but something told him to.

“I’m divorcing Chet.”

Her words seem to freeze him in place. Was she telling him she wanted to be together? Or was she blaming him?

As they spoke, he came to the conclusion that it was her way of both apologizing, and more importantly, asking for a friend. The way they used to be.

Just hearing her voice was more than enough at that moment.

Now he was standing in front of her door, at their cabin.

Only this time, her divorce was finalized. Chet didn’t fight it as he’d been seeing another woman for most of their marriage, probably kicking himself having signed a prenup.

He smirked knowing he’d put the idea in her head.

Still, Damon would’ve loved to find him and beat the dog piss out of him, but it’s not what she wanted.

In fact, she made him promise.

She knew him too well.

He sighed heavily staring at the wooden door. Shirtless, full of nerves, and half aroused.

The day had been filled with all sorts of foreplay. The looks, the touching, the constant double entendre.

There was nothing holding them back. No more distance, no more women, no more Chet.

It was now or never.

With one more deep breath, he opened the door and stepped in.

The small lamp next to the bed cast a warm glow over the room.

His eyes scanned across the space until they settled on her frame sitting at the diva dresser looking back at him through the mirror.

He smiled, she smiled back.

A few hours before, they’d been watching a movie together downstairs, but all he could focus on were the tiny shorts that exposed the smooth skin of her upper thighs. He couldn’t stop from licking his lips remembering the time he’d had his face buried deep in between them.

With each stolen glance, he had to keep adjusting his pajama bottoms as his eyes traced the lines of the spaghetti top that exposed her shoulders, chest, and neck.

All the parts he’d had the privilege of exploring a year ago.

He looked up at her to see her own desires mirrored his.

When she’d left the living room, she went out of her way to get close, trailing her nails across his forearm as she walked by. It took all his strength not to jump up and take her then and there.

Now they were in her room.

Her hair was down and straightened. It settled in the middle of her back when it was straight.

His eyes lingered there a while before taking in the fact that she’d changed her clothing. Now in a deep purple silk chemise, he bit his lip in anticipation of removing it.

Damon was always mesmerized by her body. It was rare that she showed it off. Whenever she did, it was for a special occasion.

Those didn’t come around very often.

They both seemed stuck looking at one another. Damon thought back to the first time their eyes met. Her eyes were still just as beautiful, but long gone was the wide-eyed innocence.

The desire that clouded her expression matched his. Without breaking the link between them, he locked the door; the sound bringing a heavy reality to the situation.

A moment Damon had dreamed about numerous times.

Millie stood slowly moving in between him and the edge of the bed.

Damon watched, his eyes intense; waiting.

He wanted to move in. He wanted to kiss her, but he needed to be sure. He needed to know that she wanted it as much as he did.

She must have sensed it, because she took a bold step towards him.


She took another step towards him. Damon’s breath hitched in anticipation.

“I want…”

He was on the verge of exploding. He needed her to finish that sentence. Release him from all decorum and etiquette.

“What do you want?” He asked. His hands played with the hem of her top. He wanted to rip it off, but he couldn’t. Not yet.

“I want you to…” Her voice trailed losing focus over his closeness.

His hands continued to explore up her sides, but he wasn’t going to touch her where it counted. Not yet. Not until he said the words.

“Whatever you want. Just tell me.” He assured her, his voice thick and heavy as he moved in so that their bodies had only a whisper between them.

Millie swallowed hard.

“I want you to fuck me.”

The words hung for a moment while the shock and primal need to be inside of her mixed within him. Of all the ways he imagined taking her, hard and rough wasn’t it.

“Are you sure?” he asked moving back alanya escort just enough to meet her eyes.

Millie chewed on her bottom lip for a moment. “I don’t need soft and careful right now. I’ve had that for years. I- I want to know what it’s like to not be able to… think. I want to feel. I want to be lost in it.”

Damon searched her eyes closely. He wondered if her one and only orgasm has come from their encounter.

“Unless you don’t want to.” She added quickly.

Damon hooked a finger under her chin. “You never have to question me wanting you.”

With those words, their mouths finally met.

All restraint between them had gone. Five years of waiting, wanting, holding out, and losing hope had led up to this moment.

Her lips were soft, much like what he remembered a year ago. Only, this time, he wasn’t going to stop at making her come with his mouth.

With ease, he pulled her up and wrapped her legs around him moving them to the edge of the bed where they both fell carelessly.

The force of his lips on hers elicited a sharp intake of breath from Millie before she began to reciprocate. Her hands seemed unsure of what to do as she reached up snaking them around his neck and back.

“Are you sure you want it hard? I don’t have to d-“

Millie stopped him.

“Damon, I’m not a virgin. Believe me when I say I want it.”

He had to mentally restrain himself from asking if Chet had ever given it to her that way.

For crying out loud, his name was Chet. Of course he didn’t!

Without thinking any more on it, he moved down and ripped the dark purple boy shorts from her body.

She was absolutely stunning.

“The condoms are in that drawer.”

He nodded continuing to kiss her sides and taut stomach before he leaned over her, reached into the small bedside table, and pulled out a 3 pack of condoms.

“I guess I have to be careful not to waste any of these, don’t I?”

She smirked up at him. “I bought them on a whim.”

He shook his head as he moved down her body spreading her legs to fit in between them.

“From what I remember, you enjoyed yourself quite a bit last time.”

She smiled. “It did change things for me.”

He returned the smile coming up to her with a hard kiss.

“I’m glad.”

Softer wet kisses trailed down her body until he reached one of her breasts where he sucked and nipped at one nipple with his mouth while his hand worked on the other.

Millie squirmed and moaned trying to find contact with his groin.

Damon continued moving downward until he was face to face with her wet center. The tip of his tongue traced up her pussy tasting the juices that glistened on her lips. The moment his tongue dipped into her, the memory of that night was brought to the forefront of his mind. Millie’s back arched even higher as his tongue sank as deep as it could into her depths. Soon, his fingers began to help moving slowly inside of her curling them upward softly massaging her G-spot.

The longer he worked on her, the deeper her moans became. Once he was sure that she was wet enough, he added a third finger.

“Oh yes.” She whispered reaching up towards the headboard.

Damon’s own needs were becoming prevalent. His cock was now dripping with an aching need to be buried deep inside her. Millie’s sounds had become pleading as she neared her own climax. Her dark tresses covered her face as she thrashed back and forth.

Damon growled reaching down with his other arm to grab the base of his dick trying to reel in his own needs. As much as he wanted to fuck her, he desperately needed her to come.

And the way that she was beginning to shake, it was coming.

Her hair clung to her sweat covered face, her top twisted up around her breasts and her hair had begun to stick to her face and arms.

There really was no other word for it.


Millie was in a whirlwind.

Being brought to this level of pleasure was something she’d only fantasized about. Chet could barely last long enough for her to become thoroughly wet, never mind the fact that she was never satisfied.

She had long since settled for finishing herself once he’d rolled over and went to sleep.

Only one person brought her to climax every time.

Even when she’d found out about his bathroom excursion at her wedding. Instead of being upset, she imagined that she was that woman. In the bathroom, bent over, his hand twisted in her hair. It took every ounce of concentration not to call out his name as she was making love to her husband for the first time on their wedding night.

Now he was going to do those things to her. With that thought, she was sent over the edge crying out his name.

Damon lapped up her juices drinking her in. When she tried to pull away, he stopped her, keeping his face buried as she shook and squeezed the sides of his face.

She was begging before he stopped.

With a mischievous smile, he sat back up.

She was a beautiful mess.

Pulling her top off, he belek escort kissed in between her breasts as he ripped the condom open and pushed it down his member.

Before she could fully recover, he moved her legs even further apart before lining up his thick member and thrusting himself deep inside her. Millie’s screams of ecstasy nearly made him cum before getting started.

Damon had dreamt of this moment a thousand different times in a thousand different ways, and not one of those imagined moments came close to what she felt like in reality.

Even buried to the hilt, it didn’t feel like enough. He needed to be closer. His arms snaked around her back to cup her shoulders pulling her flush against his body. Her entire torso rubbed against his driving him insane. Her nails left angry red marks on his back as another orgasm ripped through her squeezing him tighter than he’d ever felt.

His lips found hers muffling the scream she couldn’t control. Even as she came, she moved with him, allowing him to continue to grind inside of her.

His own orgasm rising quickly, he hoped he’d be able to get one more out of her before he was spent.

Looking down and taking in the sight of breasts pushed up against his chest, feeling her perfect, tight center that wrapped around him like a velvet glove, watching as her beautiful locks now drenched with sweat clinging to both of them.

He wasn’t sure if it was going to be possible.

“Uh, Millie…” he breathed out.

His pace became ragged. A small part of him hoped that he wasn’t really hurting her, but she felt amazing. He laid her back down while he sat up hooking his arms underneath her legs, grabbed the mattress, and began drilling deeper into her so that their pelvises met with each thrust.

Her screams and moans were music to his ears as his own orgasm began to permeate throughout him.

Damon’s entire body tensed as wave after wave hit him. Even as he thought it was over, she’d squeeze him just a bit causing another wave to hit him.

His toes curled underneath him, his lower back ached at the tension. His teeth began to hurt as he clenched.

It was the best orgasm he’d ever had.

He was no longer in control as he fell unceremoniously on top of her.

“Wow.” He breathed out after finally catching his breath.

“Yeah.” Millie echoed.

Suddenly, the reality of what had just happened hit him. With all the noise they’d made, he was sure their friends were clear on what had transpired. More importantly, this was not a dream. He was really there, and so was she.

“Are you alright?” he asked sitting up on his forearms off of her.

Millie nodded with a warm smile.

Damon brushed back the tangle of hair before leaning down and placing a tender kiss on her lips.

As he pulled out of her, her realized why the sex had felt so good.

“Um, Millie…?”

“Yeah?” she asked breathlessly?

“I… the condom isn’t on anymore.”

Millie sat up and looked down at him before following his body up to his eyes.

“I think it might be…”

They both looked down her body.

“Would you excuse me for a moment?”

Damon nodded.

With a quick bounce, she jumped out of bed and threw on a robe before leaving the room.

Damon checked the bed to make sure it hadn’t come off there. He doubted it as he’d been inside of her the entire time. There was only one place it could possibly be.

With a chuckle, he caught sight of himself in the mirror. If he’d been sporting that kind of ridiculous grin this entire time, he was surprised she hadn’t smacked him upside the head.

He couldn’t help it though. He was right where he wanted to be.

Ten minutes had gone by before she came back.

“Everything alright?” he asked

Millie nodded. “I found it.”

He chuckled. “Sorry.”

She climbed in next to him. “It’s alright.”

With a soft peck on the lips, she laid down facing away from him.

The air seemed different. Still intense, but not with the same anticipation as before.

“Are you alright?” he asked finally. “Did you not enjoy it?”

“Are you kidding. I’ve never come that hard in my life!” she exclaimed sitting up again.

“Me either.” He admitted.

“Sorry about the condom. If you want, we can get a Plan B on the way back into the city?” His voice rose unsure of how to address it without sounding callous.

“I’m on the pill. I was more worried about…”

“Oh, I got tested three months ago.”

“When I told you I was getting a divorce?”

Damon shrugged. “I just didn’t want anything standing in the way of… I was just being cautious. Just in case.”

They sat quietly together.

She looked down. “I’m not… sure how to say this.”

Damon swallowed hard readying himself for whatever was coming.

Millie looked up at him. Her eyes wide and open.

Even if she didn’t want to see him ever again, he could never look into those eyes with anger.

“Thank you.”

Damon leaned back on his hands. “Why are you thanking me?”

“I’m not sure what your plan was tonight, but thank you for giving me what I wanted. I’d spent so long having to…”

Damon cupped her chin and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

“Trust me, the pleasure was all mine.”

She smiled leaning on his chest.

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