Nisan 24, 2024

Butterfly Beach Ch. 02

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(This is a new installment in bisexual play at Butterfly Beach)

This will refresh you from reading Part 1… My name is Sasha. I am a good looking 5ft. 6in. tall thirty year old German blond with perfect 36 C. melons sized breasts and strawberry shaped suckable nipples. I stay in shape by swimming, running at the beach and nude volleyball. All three of my orifices have been offered up to both men and women for their pleasure and mine. I’m married to a good looking 6ft. tall 180lb. stud named Darrin who has the perfect 9in. long 1 3/4in. cock. He works out at the gym, swims at the beach and plays nude volleyball. He is trained in the ways of Tantra sex magic and can last forever satisfying several women at once. To keep Darrin in check I personally coached my husband in the art of bisexual sex with other men.

Darrin and I are happily married bi-swingers sharing open sexuality with our closer tested friends. We play with a closed group eclectic friends from a broad range of sexuality drawn from the LGBTQ community. With a group of 50 open people inviting newbies must be scrutinized by the entire group. Once voted in and tested the newbie swears to only have sex within the group. Everyone in the group has to be open to new exciting and erotic couplings. I evolved into an experienced dominatrix policing our group with the sting of a whip. My husband Darrin has submitted to me as my slave wearing a 24/7 ball shocker meeting all my physical needs. We sold our home in Montecito for a big sum of money allowing us to buy a smaller cottage with a private backyard playground.

Our group has sworn heterosexual couples who go both ways, homosexual men who occasional have sex with our open lesbians, shemales who go both ways, we have sexy strapon lesbians who can use a dildo to fuck better than any man, we have a half dozen sexy 18 year old lesbians that love sucking cock as much as they love eating pussy, then there is myself and two other dominant woman who preach female superiority and worship with the snap of our single tail whips on bare asses and backs, make our group quite a splash of sexuality. We organize no holds barred beach orgies for those who lust to participate. Members get surprise introductions to sexual thrills they never even expected or fantasized about. I was approached by two cute hung gay guys who made love to me giving me one of the most erotic DP’s I had ever sexually enjoyed. Being their dominant I gave them both a whipping afterwards for defiling my body.

My husband Darrin let his ego run away and he got into trouble with the group. One afternoon he went into a sexual frenzy downing The tiny blue pills and testosterone tablets and fucked three married women and their husbands. Even though the sex acts were all permissible everyone he made love to gave their consent yet he got reported to the board. The board decided to make an example of him to quiet down all the male testosterone in the group and make Darrin the groups scapegoat and give him a just punishment. Being his wife I was responsible for his actions as well so we both were tied hanging face to face from our hangman’s post and the other two dominatrix whipped our backs and asses with single tail whips while everyone watched. It was very humiliating especially being a female dominant getting whipped by one of my sisters. They really laid on the lashes burning welts deep into our flesh for all to see. We both cried out into each other’s faces screaming into each other’s ears. I cursed my husband Darrin during the entire whipping promising him he was definitely getting more punishment from me.

When my lady finished whipping me she anointed my welts with healing oils making it quite soothing then she let me down from the ropes. I was forced to kneel before her and she read me more punishment from the group. I was to be sexually banished from the group for three months and not allowed to participate in any orgies. The only person I could make love to was my husband. I was to take a time to unite our relationship as one started making love to others in the group. During this time my rank is a female dominant would be stripped and I would no longer be allowed to rule the group for the entire three months. For humiliating me I told them to leave Darrin hanging and I got out my piercing kit giving his cock an oversized gold Prince Albert piercing and his nipples thick solid gold rings. This made him hurt even more than the whipping as his nipples dripped blood down bahis firmaları to his thighs And the painful PA came from the huge erection showing off his cock to everyone who took turns walking by and spitting on it. Darrin was stricken from the group for an entire year forced to participate as a male bottom offering his mouth and ass to pleasure cocks.

Darrin was cut down after I cleaned his piercings with alcohol and we both were placed on all fours on a blanket facing each other under the hangman’s bridge and our two most hung men were chosen to fuck both of us in the ass. Two lesbian coeds with rubber gloves slid a black condom over Darrin’s cock then lubed our assholes until their small supple hands were fisting us. I trembled at the thought that the cock that soon will be fucking me was even bigger than her fist. I have been fisted before put a sensuous lesbian give me an anal orgasm. Darrin being a top rarely got fisted except when I fisted him myself to give him an explosive prostate orgasm. He never volunteered but sometimes I let my girlfriend massage and give him a happy ending fisting that was quite uncomfortable yet it gave him a huge erection and he blew his entire load all over the massage table. Once we were lubed we were forced to bite onto a double ended dildo that was only 4 inches long on 2 inches thick on each end with a stop in the middle forcefully slid into our mouths, warned to not spit it out. Our human gladiator studs showed up already fully erect having been drugged with the famous blue pill and given a shot of drugs right into their cocks to keep them ridged. There wasn’t a single guy in a group that had a cock that size causing them to be quite size sensitive. These two were officially entered into our group and since they were new this was their first sexual contact to show off their sexual prowess. They were discovered in a San Francisco men’s club and asked to move to Santa Barbara.The group cheered them on. The three offended couples were encouraged to move closer to watch us get fucked.

The black stud nicknamed “Horse” stood behind Darrin stroking his huge erection as the other stud, a huge Norwegian nicknamed “Pierce” both had thick 12 inch cocks were skilled cocksman that can last forever. Horse knelt behind Darrin forcing him to open his legs wider, grabbing his cheeks pulling them open to expose his hole. Horse spit on his anus telling Darrin his ass belonged to him. The Norwegian, Pierce put shivers up and down my spine as the hair on the back of my neck rose. I could feel him rubbing his huge cock head up and down my crack teasing me. Biting down on a double dildo Darrin and I could see each other Eye to Eye and the look of freight were in both sets of our eyes. Both of us were not anal virgins but shunned anal penetration whenever we could. Darrin being a top preferred to be on the other end of a cock doing the fucking. My sexual preference was lesbianism and I definitely didn’t like taking it in the ass from a guy. A dominatrix stood behind Horse and the other stood behind Pierce to make sure they gave us a good fucking.

Our studs found our relaxed anus and started pushing as Darren and I bit down on the dildo in pain. Our sphincters gave way spreading apart to the max as they slowly skewered us holding onto our hips as their huge cocks penetrated us balls deep. Rightfully the crowd went wild cheering jeering and whistling as we both fought the impalement. Pierce began exercising his cock expanding the head of his cock inside of me to show that he was in charge. Horse was doing the same thing inside of Darrin who was quite surprised someone could do that with their cock. For me it felt like I was getting impaled by a steel submarine thinking that anytime if it was going to come flying out of my mouth. Darrin looked quite uncomfortable and was already sweating profusely desperately trying to accommodate the huge cock in his overstretched rectum. We both hated getting inseminated by dominant men and judging by the size of their balls whenever they decided to come we were going to get the loads of our life pumped into us. Our group does not believe in condoms other than the one that was placed on my husband so he wouldn’t waste his semen while getting fucked. This is a standard procedure during male anal sex or if an aggressive women fucks a guy with a strap on. A good load of cum actually comes in handy for lubricant as well.

Our two new gladiators began to slowly fuck us making the crowds kaçak iddaa cheer. I’m sure everyone was holding their own cocks and playing with their pussies enjoying us taking such huge cocks up the ass. We have sexy black guys in our group some gay and some straight and they’ve all fucked my ass but this time Horse’s cock was so big it felt like I was losing my virginity all over again. Darrin’s face was red with embarrassment squirming and wiggling as he fought the impalement. I’m sure these guys screwed their share of suckers thinking that they were in for a good time. I swore to myself I was going to keep a short leash on Darrin from now on so I wouldn’t suffer this fate again. I was literally going to lead him around by a gold leash connected to his brand new PA. The two dominatrix invited the offended married couples to join in and start fucking each other. The women had their husbands on their backs and we’re slowly riding their cocks watching all the action.

Darrin and I both had tears streaming down our faces as we took the most intense ass fucking of our lives. Getting fucked like this in front of our group definitely made everyone with a cock lust after our assholes including the hung shemales. I swore to myself that I was definitely going to acclimate Darrin to get fucked in the ass on a regular basis from now on. Behind us we could hear the guys moaning and groaning enjoying our tight assholes. Never slowing down they fucked us with a medium speed cadence perfect for lasting a long time. The lesbian attendance we’re feeding the gladiators liquids to replenish their electrolytes as well as sensuously massaging and kissing them all over while they fucked. The silicone dildos in our mouths were making them dry after salivating at first with streams saliva coming out of the sides of our mouths. This was the most demeaning thing ever done to a couple at our club but deservingly after my husband sexually molested three married couples in our group.

Since we were original members and helped form the group we were not going to be banished but strictly punished so that all will be satisfied. The fuck started at High-noon and one of my girlfriends held up a finger that I could see showing me it was already 1 o’clock. Both of us had already had relaxed rectums but we’re exhausted from getting our asses taken by these hung gladiators. The two dominatrix guardians signaled the studs that it was time to either pull out or start pumping us full of come. We both couldn’t believe that these well trained studs could actually ejaculate on command. We both reluctantly take it in the ass during orgies but never enjoy come dripping from our holes. I could see Horse push his cock all the way into Darrin and start squirming to stimulate the head of his cock to start pumping. Pierce got the message and my insides sickened when he pushed his huge cock all the way inside until I could feel his balls on my labia lips waiting to unload. Horse came first crying out pumping my husband full of fresh come. My husband kept his erection the entire time but feeling Horse coming in his ass triggered his own ejaculation and he started pumping come into the condom. This triggered Pierce as I could feel his entire cock expanding and contracting pumping me full of come. I could still see Horse pumping away as Pierce unloaded. I counted the contractions and it was over 40 times what a stud. Horse came as much making Darrin feel quite inferior to him.

Carefully pulling free the studs watched the lesbian coeds pushed butt plugs up our gaping assholes to keep us from losing fresh wiggling virile sperm and sticky semen. The mouthguard was removed and one of the coeds slipped off Darrin’s condom pouring the contents into my mouth actually wetting my thirst. We were forced to suck and lick our gladiators still erect cocks squeaky clean. I sucked Pierce’s cock head and could barely get a few inches beyond that into my mouth. We don’t usually do it ass to mouth which is taboo during orgies but for discipline purposes the crowd thought it was quite erotically Appropriate. Darrin hesitated but Horse overpowered him slapping his face several times with his cock rubbing come all over it forcing him to start cleaning with his lips and tongue. All the women in the group whistled and cat called watching him suck the victor’s cock. We have practiced ass to mouth behind closed doors with me sucking Darrin’s cock after he anally violated me and Darrin sucked my dildo after I fucked him kaçak bahis good. Both of us were used to swallowing come and cleaning up afterwards.

In our group sucking a guys cock after He fucks your ass is a sine of brotherhood telling him you’ll be willing to take it up the ass again. I’m sure Darrin and I will be fucked by our gladiators again. Once their cocks were squeaky clean and still hard we were forced to stand bow before the group begging forgiveness. The crowd gave us thumbs up but the three defiled wives demanding that we come back next week and face the gladiators again one more time changing partners. The two dominatrix judges conferred and decided that it would be just punishment and the gladiators agreed to do it all again next week.

We were allowed to go back to our blanket nursing ourselves and rest contemplating our sinful ways. I was very pissed off at Darrin losing my status as a group dominatrix for three months and submitting to such a humiliating fucking in front of the group. I scolded Darrin promising hear my year of hell forced to do things he never imagined. For the entire year his cock would never feel the insides of a vagina. He was only going to be allowed to ejaculate every 13 days and that would be through my own personal milking technique. I will continue practicing lesbianism with my girlfriends sharpening my skills with a strap on. I was going to give him a Jacob’s ladder piercing starting right below the head of his cock all the way down to his balls. I explained that when he was finally glistening with 13 barbells piercing his frenulum I will finally fuck him in only female superior positions. I promised him after my three month sexual prohibition from the group I was going to use him as my fluff to keep guys hard that I wanted to fuck. then after they came in my pussy he was going to clean up the mess.

The butt plugs were getting quite uncomfortable and both of us were cramping from all the bubbling come inside our annals. Embarrassingly we headed out into the ocean belly deep carefully removing the butt plugs as fresh semen floated out of our still dilated assholes. We cleaned ourselves as good as we could with salt water and headed back to the blankets still walking as if we just been fucked by a horse and my husband was literally. My pussy was begging for relief so I sat on Darrin’s face forcing him to lick me to several orgasms. Slowly some of our friends trickled bye telling us that they forgave us Yet were looking forward to next week when we got the second fuck. My best girlfriend took over eating my pussy and another girlfriend came by kissing my tears away.

Since Darrin was the scapegoat for the entire group they hated him for the time being cursing his name among them. The three women he sexually assaulted who begged to have us fucked one more time came by and one by one took turns pissing all over Darrin. All three husbands showed up and pissed all over Darrin as well a final defilement of the day. I didn’t want to be left out so I told to Darrin to sit up, facing him squatting over his mouth I told him to start sucking my pee hole. I learned how to stop and start my floor doing Kegel exercises which come in handy for feeding him my golden champagne. He has seen me do this to my girlfriends and I only did it to him once in the bathtub but now I told him if he didn’t start sucking and swallowing I was going to string him up again and give him another whipping. After swallowing a condom full of his come I thought it was only appropriate for him to empty my bladder drinking my golden champagne. I told Darrin he should be proud of the fact that he can drink my fluids and started feeding him swallow after swallow of golden fluids. I emptied my bladder and filled his belly noticing he had a full on erection telling me it made him excited. I slapped his face telling him that I would be no need to piss in the toilet because I had his mouth instead.

We went home taking a hot bath full of healing ointment helping our anus tighten up to help our well fucked asses go back to normal. The stripes on our bodies would take a while to heal and we knew we were going to get it again in a week. Both Horse and Pierce had tall buxom Amazon wives that could take their big cocks. The wives both had sexy asses and oversized pussies enabling them to accommodate the huge cocks. They had huge clits that actually got erect when excited. With a voracious appetite for pussy the wives had two sexy lesbian slaves for three way lesbian orgies. The lesbian slave’s suck their husbands hard for intercourse. They all passed the test and were admitted to our group. i’m sure there will be others to experience what we did this afternoon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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