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Butt – a Princess!!!

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The rasping sound of the key in the key hole brought me awake and I looked with half closed eyes as my Princess strode in…

She was my woman, soft as the kiss of a snow flake, tender as a new blooming rose bud, she was a creation of beauty, true beauty, with hues more numerous than the rainbow, warm as the sun on a freezing wintry day, cool as a drop of water on parched lips, and more fiery in passion than a thousand suns….she was my woman, and she strode supremely confident…. all woman, total woman…

She stopped in the centre of the room, and a half smile played on her lips, as her hips swayed in languorous freedom, wild as a female panther on the prowl…

The smile broadened, and her dark eyes glowed, as she beckoned me with curling fingers, swaying all the while. The slightly skewed upper molar added a touch of wild to her ….and made the smile ever more enchanting.

Her beckoning fingers called to me, and I rose in a daze of desire, and slowly moved to her…

She was a vision even in the casual dress she wore, a deep brown skirt that fell to her ankles and a cap sleeved deep blue top, the plunging neckline hidden partly by the scarf of printed brown cotton.

I walked over to her, my mind now clear as the day, and she smiled broader and flipped the scarf over my neck, both ends in her hands, and pulled me slowly closer.

We stood body to body, her breasts poking into me, just below my chest, and the warmth of her lit a flame in me, as I growled a primal growl of desire…..

I grabbed her in my arms, and squeezed her tight to me, my hands frantic to touch, to feel, to savor the delight of my woman. We kissed frenziedly, hands clutching, pulling each other, closer together, until the breeze gave up trying to pass between us….

I cupped her face, and growled into the kiss….”Witch!!! What are you doing to me???”

She smiled into the kiss, and her dark eyes sparkled with a thousand wicked thoughts as she whispered back, “take me , my lover, make me yours again today…

Her fingers moved to undo the buttons of my shirt, and I stopped her with a low warning growl. “Be still Princess” I whispered, for today you are Mine. To take you and cherish, to love and to hold, today you will be Mine, and I will own you, for ever and a day”.

I cupped her face and whispered to her, “Your eyes are sparkling wine, my love, they intoxicate with the million wicked desires they hold in them, and your lips are soft as a snowflake that whispers to the ground, your ears put the most beauteous shells to shame, and your nose!!!” I paused to grin a wicked grin, that nose is like a chocolate drop that always calls to be licked!!!”

I laughed aloud as she squealed as I slurped along her nose, and her fists beat a tattoo on my chest…

My eyes grew hot as I looked at her, the Princess of my world, and slowly my lips descended to claim hers, with a groan of deep desire… we kissed soft and tender , and slowly deepening into hot flaming desire… groaning and moaning into each others mouths, slaking our thirsts each for the other.

I slowly pulled back and watched her with dazed eyes; her breasts heaving and falling from the surfeit of emotions the kiss had roused in her…. suddenly her eyes were wicked no more, but felt shy as a newborn deer, and her cheeks took on the sunset hues, as they reddened in a blush…

I reached for her, and she came to me, pliant as a willow wand, and I hooked my hands into the hem of her blouse, and gently tugged it upwards. Her hands rose to help me denude her… and her eyes looked back in mine, filled with longings that mirrored my own. Her breasts heaved the more, and her black satin bra glistened in the light…. slowly I dropped to my knees and kissed her navel, as my fingers hooked into the waistband of her skirt, pulling it gently down even as her sharp intake of breath, tautened the muscles of her belly….

She stood there, pliant, and wanting, as my eyes drank in the picture of total perfection, my woman, wanting and desiring my touches… I rocked back, to sit on my heels, the better to view my Princess, as she stood before me, pliant, so giving of herself.. Her black satin bra glowed and the deep red panties already showed a hint of damp from her arousal, she was breathing quickly and the short curls of her lustrous hair, framed a perfect oval of her face and kept fluttering into her eyes.

I rose in one fluid move, and reaching out touched her shoulder with my fingertips, drawing feather light circles on the ball. Her body trembled as if in deep fear, and yet her gasp of pleasure spoke of desire and lust. I circled her still touching, and my lips curled into a smile to see her panties wedged into the crack of her ass. I looked long and hard, and she raised her eyes to find the reason for the pause. She saw where my eyes were pointing and a soft smile played on her lips, and the cheeks tightened, teasing me, for she knew the deep love I had for her bahis firmaları ass….mmmmm.

I moved close from behind, and my clothed body brushed her half denuded one, and my hands came round to grasp the lovely melons of her breasts. Her gasp of pleasure was a song of love, and I squeezed gently as my lips went to the side of her neck, kissing soft and tender, as I whispered, “I want you, my baby. I want you sooo baaad!!!!” She moaned as the words inflamed her soul, and reached back to pull me the tighter to her. My hard cock, constricted with the clothes I wore, pressed against her ass, and I ground my hips into her, my lips grazed the skin on her neck, and my voice grated out “I want you, my princess, I want you more than the breath that keeps this body alive!!!” A delicious tremor passed thru the body, and she whispered back in a gasp “Yesssssss, oh yessssss baby, take me, make me yours!!”

My clumsy fingers unhooked her bra, and slid it off her shoulders, and my fingers moved back to knead her breasts, and pull and pinch on the nipples that were already hard as pebbles. She moaned louder as I pulled her breasts out by her nipples and cried out at the sweet pain..

Slowly, I kissed down her spine, teasing the taut flesh, with gentle kisses, licks and nibbles and her body squirmed and shook from the sensations that sizzled her skin. I knelt behind her, and kissed the exposed portion of her ass cheeks, then slid a finger into the crease of her ass, to pull the panties out, smiling wicked at her isssshhhh of embarrassment, at the delving into her most private region of all.

I grasped the elastic of her panties and swiftly slid them down her thighs and she stood there a goddess clad only in her 6 inch heels. My breath caught in my chest, and my mind reeled in a burst of electric fires, brilliantly hued the colors of fire and passion.

I rose again, and moved in front, and looked her over from head to toe, drinking in her completeness, my mouth dry, my throat parched of all moisture. I licked my lips to wet them of the dryness and she caught the movement from the corner of her eye. Her blush painted the room a deep sunset red, and my heart melted with love for this my Princess.

“Let’s get comfy, shall we?” I asked, and she giggled, a girlish giggle, sweet tinkling of raindrops on the water, perhaps wondering at how much more comfy she could be!! I laughed soft, and indicated the bed, and she walked proud to it, as I held back, to view the sweet jiggle of her butt, and the play of muscles across her back.

She climbed into the bed, a wild cat; wanton in her wildness, as she looked over her shoulder and wiggled her butt at me. I laughed deep and strong, and she squealed in mock fright, and swiftly lay upon her back.

Her blushy half smile sent the blood rushing through my veins, as I looked at her with eyes hooded in passion. Her thighs kept opening and closing, wanting me to look and yet shy enough to hide, and her hand moved down to cup her slit, hide it from my view. Or perhaps just a surreptitious touch to play and arouse, both her own self and me. I looked and looked with throat clenched tight, and my fingers were a row of thumbs as I clumsily undressed.

I climbed into bed beside her, clumsy with my hard on sticking out like a rowers oar, cleaving for the water. She moved away a bit to give me room, her ass lifting off the bed, the mere sight of the movement causing me to throb anew. I pulled her hand off her slit, and saw the glisten of damp on the tips. I brought the fingers to my nose, inhaling deep, and then softly licked the damp from them. Her breath hissed loud, in the silent room.

I sat beside her, and gazed on her, passion filled eyes looking each into the others. My hand reached out and caressed her face, her eyes, her nose, her ears her lips, her chin and lower to the swell of her breasts. the fingertips danced and played her body like a guitar, and the plucking of her flesh, set off the melody in her hummmm. She moaned and cried and wiggled at the touch of my fingers on her. Her body heat was soaring as were mine, and the softness of her curves, jiggled as she moved.

My fingers dipped lower and grazed the fertile valley of her being, and I felt the damp of life, in the moistures seeping from her cunt. Her hand closed over mine, holding it there, and my fingers pressed down as I felt her shudder in a sudden gushing of her cum. She screamed aloud, and spasmed on my hand, and then slowly relaxed, her eyes opening shyly.

I gazed on her a long while, then slowly turned her on her belly, the perfection of her ass raised and rounded set off a wild hammering in my chest.

I crouched over her, my hard shaft poking at the crease of her ass, and I turned her hair away, to kiss soft along the back of her neck. Her body shivered, and she pushed up with her ass, impaling my hard cock in the cleft.

My lips went wild, kissing, licking, nibbling, biting, all over her back, along her spine, across kaçak iddaa her ribs, the sides of her breasts, and even the pit of her arm. Kissing, licking, nibbling, inhaling, the essence of her woman.

She was moaning and crying, and her body rose and fell, from the intensity of her passion. She was reaching behind, to hold onto me.

I lay over her back, my weight on her, pinning her down, my lips moving slow and soft over the skin at the back of her neck, and the tiny hairs there bristled and stood on end from the electricity of the kisses. Between kisses, I kept whispering in her ear, “I want you baby, tonight I make you Mine, in total”. I kissed her over and over again, and brought my tongue out to torture her further, flicking the tip against her tender skin. Her moans of arousal had turned to harsh groans that were music to my ears. She was crying to me, “Don’t tease me, honey, don’t do this to me!!! I want you my love, take me, love me, fuck meeeeeeee!!!!”

I paid no attention to her pleas, and kept teasing her. I wanted her pliant to the desire that was flowing through my body. I wanted her to surrender her last private place to my wanton lust. I leaned to her ear again, and whispered “You have a lovely ass my baby, I’m going in there today”, She shuddered at my words, and her ass cheeks tightened, sending delicious shivers through my body. “Noooooooo” she half screamed, “not there baby!!! Please, please, pleeeeezzzzzz”

She seemed to be panicking from the taboo of the contemplated actions. The preconceived notions of anal sex being dirty maybe, or perhaps the idea of the action being painful, and I understood her feelings, but I was not being moved today. I wanted that sweet ass of hers, and I would not be moved!!!”

I blew into her ear and whispered my love for her, telling her “Baby, c’mon, relax please!!! I put a note of wistfulness in my tone, as I whispered, “Ok baby, if your not comfy with it, its ok with me”. Inwardly my mind had a wicked smile, knowing she loved me true, and would eventually refuse me nothing!! Sometimes I could be as devious as a God!!! I laughed wickedly inside.

I continued kissing her cheek, and ear, whispering “its ok baby, its ok, its ok!!!” and I smiled as she whispered, “It will hurttttt, I know, I know” Her ass cheeks were tight in tension, and her body taut… In fear, worried…..

Gently, I caressed her back and butt, relaxing her, as I kissed down her spine. “No baby” I whispered back to her. “It will be good for you my love. Just relax and let yourself go ok?” I felt her nod her head, but her body betrayed her tension, and so I spent long moments, kissing and licking down her spine.

I crouched over her supine form, and went back to kissing her ear, and whispering that she would love it all. Again I made the journey down her neck and back, with lips and tongue, caressing her, loving her, showing my adoration for her.

The sweet globes of her ass were soon in reach, and I kissed all over the surface, planting licky, kissy touches across the balloons, and her skin puckered to the wet touch. Tiny goose bumps raising all over the licked spots. Her cheeks were held tight in fear and tension, and a devilish thought screamed into my head. I laughed silently and opening my mouth wide, took a good sized bite out of her right cheek.

Eeeeeeeee, she screamed in surprise, and her body bucked high, almost throwing me off!!! I quickly hid my face between the cleft of her ass, as she looked back, fire in her eyes. My face was hidden by her cheeks, and just my wickedly twinkling eyes were visible to her gaze, as I laughed into her pussy and ass. Hidden, yet seen.

She saw the laughter in my eyes, and the fire of anger in her eyes died down to be replaced with a soft smile. But the naughty play had served to set her free, and her body relaxed, and she knew her lover would never hurt her willfully.

Understanding and trust won the day, and she lay there supine, only to jerk again as I blew on her pussy. My hot blown air, jarred the nerves, and she tensed and relaxed as a surge of passion exploded through her veins. Slowly, I thumbed the cheeks apart, and gazed at the crinkled rosebud of her ass.

My breath came fast and furious, as she let me squeeze her cheeks open and close… I began licking all over her ass cheeks and her breath came in gasps, letting me know that she was enjoying what was happening to her. The broad tongue strokes all over the cheeks were bringing a sensuous enjoyment to her, as she slowly relaxed under the lingual caresses.

Sensing her relaxation, i pulled apart her ass cheeks and gazed at the crinkled bud of her hole. It was a light brown in color and was clenched tight, looking like a pair of lips pursed in anger. I leaned closer and touched the tight clenched pucker with the tip of my tongue, and her body jerked as it a white hot current was flowing through her. Her ass rose and smacked my face, and she squealed loud and long.

I held on forcibly kaçak bahis and kept the cheeks apart, as my pointy tongue lightly caressed the tight clenched bud. I ran the tongue tip over the hole again and again and lower to the fleshy bridge between cunt and asshole.

My princess was clenching and unclenching the ass cheeks, and her moans grew louder as she learnt to relax and take in the new sensation. I alternated between kissing and licking her, my soft lips sending delightful sensations through her ass.

She reached back, and tried to push my forehead away, but I was not to be denied in the capture of this her final frontier. Although she was pushing at me, I could feel the weakening of her fears, and her squeals slowly turned to moans, that spoke of pleasures being awakened.

She was beginning to relax as the new pleasures of her ass, unfolded in her veins, and her butt began humping up, to meet my face. Slowly at first, but definitely, the moans were getting louder, denoting a delight in the feelings that were invading her ass.

I smiled inside myself, and scratched her ass cheeks with my nails, softly…. she was really getting into the feelings of having her ass plundered by my tongue… and stiffening my tongue I began to push against the crinkled bud…

I took hold of her hands, and placed them on her butt, and her fingers spread the cheeks of her own accord…..

I smiled as I saw her reach back to open up the cheeks of her ass… mmmmm. The final frontier was now within reach, and I hastened to bury my face between the soft cheeks….. I kissed her soft pucker and she tightened for a moment. The clenching of her anal muscles was a delight to watch. Just like a pair of lips puckering up into a kiss. I kissed her cheeks over and over again, and then with tongue tip, slowly pushed against the anus. I began a languid lapping at the tightly clenched muscle, and she began moaning aloud, delight and fright mixed together. She was a bit afraid, but now not enough to let go the cheeks which she held spread open for my licking pleasure.

My fingers dipped into her cunt and slid in and out, coating themselves with a generous film of her juices which were flowing in a steady stream. She was creaming so much, the sheet was damp, and her slick pussy walls kept clamping on my fingers. She began humping onto my fingers, overcome with emotions and sensations from the twin assault on her cunt and ass.

Her hips pushed down to take my fingers deeper into her, and her ass then pushed up to get more of the delight of the ass licking. Yes, my Princess was getting off on the ravaging of her ass and pussy, and her groaning told me that she was close to cumming. I renewed my assault on her cunt, pushing in three fingers deep inside her, and sluicing them in and out, as my tongue worked to relax her ass.

Slowly, the tightly clenched anal walls relaxed, and the tip of my tongue slid into her ass. It was an inferno in there. Her ass was churning away, and my tongue was seared with the heat from inside her ass. I pushed harder, and felt my tongue slide in a little more. I kept up the invasion of her asshole, but my fingers pulled out of her cunt.

She half screamed in frustration, but my finger and thumb found her slick clit, and pinched down hard. She wailed in an anguish of passion and her hips bucked wildly, to explode her release.

I knew it was now or never, as she bucked in a screaming howling explosion of cum, I pushed my cream slicked finger against her bud. Slowly I drilled into her ass, and the invasion sent her into a spasm of delightful shudders. I twisted the finger gently and rotated it, letting her get used to the anal intrusion.

My Princess was gasping in a new found delight, and she exhaled in a whoooshh, as the new sensations in her ass took over.” Yesssss” she half moaned,” it feels sooo good now baby!!!” ” My ass feels soo full!!!”

Slowly her ass set up a rhythm of its own, pushing up, and squeezing on the finger that slithered now slowly in and out of her. Feeling that she was relaxing, I smiled wickedly and pulled the finger from her ass.

“Ooooohhhhh” she cried out in frustration, and her head turned round, her eyes large in frustration. She wiggled her ass around, indicating that she had been enjoying the anal probe. I laughed softly, and spanked her cheek firmly.

“Relax baby” I growled, your ass needs a lot more lubrication if its gonna take a hard thick cock up there. “Don’t tease me, where are you going?” she cried out, as she saw me roll off the bed. “I’ll be back in just a minute” I grinned evilly, “don’t you dare move “

Saying this I gave her ass, a hard firm smack, and her cheeks bounced delightfully as she growled back at me, in mock anger.

I walked into the kitchen, and opened the fridge to take the jar of butter. I grinned thinking of her squealing as the icy butter touched her hot ass.

I walked back, hiding the butter from her sight, and landed another firm smack on her delightful ass. “Open up” I said, “time for a proper lube job”

She cooed in delight, and reached back to pull her cheeks apart, and I knew that my Princess was ready for the anal invasion.

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