Şubat 28, 2024

Bound for a Walk

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Laura glanced at the office wall clock for the umpteenth time that morning. It was 1230, still half an hour before she was due to finish for the weekend. Laura’s profession as a Lawyer in a small local practice certainly kept her busy, she worked long hours during the week but always made sure she finished earlier on a Friday. Laura finished the document she had been busy preparing that morning and her mind drifted once again to the coming evening which she had carefully planned during the week. A faint smile flickered across her lips and she started feeling aroused.

At last, it was 1pm. She closed-down her laptop and said goodbye to the 3 remaining colleagues in the small office. She had to resist the urge to run to her car. The journey home only took 25 minutes, the traffic hadn’t started to build up just yet. Laura pulled up on her driveway and admired the house stood in front of her. Her career had been very kind to her, and she knew she was blessed, the generous salary providing her with a beautiful detached property situated in a quiet lane with no neighbours overlooking her.

Laura let herself in and threw the car keys onto the kitchen worktop and made herself a light lunch. She sat down and put on the TV and checked her messages and private emails and caught up on the news. She knew she had plenty of time on her hands to prepare for this evenings adventure so there was no point in rushing around. At 6pm she went upstairs to pamper herself. First a long hot shower. She shaved her legs and pussy and took her time, ensuring her skin was silky-smooth. She then washed her hair twice and conditioned it. When she had finished showering she wrapped a towel around her damp hair and wrapped a towel around her body and went down to the kitchen. Helping herself to a chilled bottle of wine and a wine glass she poured herself a glass of wine and went upstairs to her dressing room.

The dressing room used to be a large double family room when she had purchased the 7-bedroom property 2 years ago. She had converted the room into her private dressing room soon after moving in. Now 2 walls housed a complete bank of wardrobes. The other wall had a large dressing table and beside it a full-length mirror. Laura slowly and carefully dried her hair, taking her time. When she was satisfied that it was fully dried she carefully straightened it. Her brunette hair was down past her shoulders. She tied it into a tight ponytail. Laura then put her makeup on, heavy dark eyeliner and glossy red lipstick. She smiled at her reflection, her eyes looked sultry and slutty, just the look she wanted.

Laura walked over to the wardrobes and slid open the far left door. This particular wardrobe was dedicated to her entire bondage and fantasy outfits and toys. Various items were neatly laid out on several shelves. Various size vibrators, dildo’s and butt-plugs. Nipple clamps, ball gags, collars, metal cuffs and various leather-strap restraints. The bottom of the wardrobe was adorned with all her fetish footwear and all her outfits were neatly hanging on hangers in the top part of the large wardrobe. Laura carefully selected all the items she needed and placed them on the dressing table.

Laura picked up the black leather body harness, this was probably her favourite outfit by far. She hung the garment over her neck and let it fall down and drape over her naked body. Standing in front of the full-length mirror she started to do up the various straps and buckles. 2 leather straps criss-crossed her breasts. These were already fixed and adjusted and she squeezed both of her breasts through the hoops. They bulged out between the leather straps. Leather straps attached to a wider strap around her waist hung down either side of her groin, these had to be looped under and buckled in place with a strap dangling down behind her. She tightly adjusted the 2 straps and was pleased with how they squeezed her pert buttocks up. A few more straps were then buckled and tightened until she had finished. She stared at the reflection in the mirror. A 26-year old pretty girl with perfect well-rounded 36C breasts and slim legs stared back at her. Her stomach flat and toned from hours spent in the gym.

Satisfied — Laura then pulled on the fishnet holdup stockings. After this she put on her black leather stiletto boots. They came just above the knee and had several thin buckles running up the sides. The stiletto heel was a stainless steel thin 4-inch spike. Laura was feeling really aroused now and didn’t want to get too distracted in front of the mirror. Her next garment was her thick leather slave collar. She wrapped it around her throat and tightened the 2 straps at the back. Now for the toys! She smiled and knew she was güvenilir bahis beginning to get wet with the anticipation of what lay ahead later tonight.

Laura picked up a small tube of lubricant from the dressing table and slowly and carefully began to lube her ass. She made sure she used plenty of lubricant and slowly slid her oiled finger in and out of her hole several times. She picked up the large vibrating butt-plug from the dressing table, switched it on and then got onto her hands and knees in front of the mirror and slowly started to push the plug inside herself. She winced at first, but the plug slowly slid into her oiled hole and with a satisfying final push it was lodged in place. Laura then picked up the vibrating Chinese love-eggs and slowly pushed the 3 small balls inside her pussy. She didn’t need any additional lubricant, she had already started dripping, fully aroused now. She switched on the vibrating love-eggs and quickly reached for the last garment. It looked like a very small leather G-string. The thin leather strap that hung from the front would be secured in place once the G-string was in place. Laura wriggled and squeezed into the tight-fitting garment. The small leather triangle at the front covered her clitoris but her swollen labia bulged out either side of the triangle. She pulled the thin leather strap up and under her and pulled tightly. The G-string now firmly lodged between her buttocks and preventing both the vibrating love-eggs and the butt plug from being removed. She tightened the buckle of the G-string and snapped a small padlock in place. The key would remain here for the rest of the night. She now couldn’t stimulate herself even if she wanted to. Laura tried to prise her fingers inside the small leather triangle but she couldn’t reach her tightly bound clitoris. Good!

Laura was now ready for her planned walk. It was just gone 11pm, pitch black outside and a cold November evening. Laura’s house was the last house on the end of the lane. At the end of the lane there was a small opening in a fence which lead onto a 5-mile long stretch of cycle path. The path was about 12-foot wide and tree-lined either side. The only lighting came from the moon. Laura pulled on her long trench coat but didn’t button it up. She enjoyed leaving the coat unbuttoned as she walked. She kept her hands inside the deep coat pockets and used her hands to wrap the long coat around her exposed body when she needed to. Laura picked up the small shoulder bag from the hallway, switched off the lights and stepped out into the cold night breeze. She didn’t bother locking up the house, it was a nice area she lived in, besides, she needed the door to be unlocked when she returned home later.

Laura walked slowly, partly hampered by the stiletto boots and partly hampered by the Chinese love-eggs and the butt-plug, both firmly lodged deep inside her 2 holes. Both of the devices were set to 1-minute intervals. 1 minute on maximum vibrate, then 1 minute off. It was pure torture and Laura loved the sensation of the orgasm-denying devices currently buzzing away inside her. Laura entered the cycle track through the opening in the fence and began to walk along. Up ahead the path appeared clear and she knew no one was behind her. She let her coat fall open as she walked, soaking up the sensation of the cold night air slapping her semi-naked body. She felt like a slut, and fully aroused now she quickened her pace.

Up ahead she could make out a dim light. A cyclist out for a late-night ride. No wait, 2 cyclists, one riding behind the other. Laura drew her hands in and wrapped the trench coat around her exposed body. They rode past Laura silently, briefly nodding a silent acknowledgement, both wide-eyed as they flashed by and briefly saw her stockinged legs and boots and her leather collar wrapped tightly around her neck. They disappeared into the darkness and Laura continued to walk. After about 45 minutes she knew she was getting near to her destination, a pre-planned spot she had selected the previous weekend. The tree lined path had a small break and set back from the path approximately 15 metres away was a small clearing with a large fallen tree trunk laying across the mud.

Laura almost stumbled as she walked down the shallow incline towards the clearing. She reached the tree and placed the bag down next to it. Opening the bag, she pulled out a large bottle of baby oil. She removed the cap and placed the neck of the bottle against her chest, just below her slave collar. She squeezed half of the contents out, letting the oil cascade and drip down her semi naked body. She slowly rubbed the oil into her breasts, thighs and buttocks. Laura then straddled the tree. She swung her türkçe bahis left leg over the thick trunk and sat down on the damp moss-covered trunk. She up-ended the bottle of oil and poured the remainder over her body and then discarded the empty bottle.

Laura closed her eyes and began to fantasize. She slowly glided her hands up and down her oiled body, slowly caressing her breasts and erect nipples. Her oiled hands glided down her torso, across her stomach and towards her pussy. She knew she couldn’t reach her tightly bound clitoris but touched herself, slowly fingering her swollen oiled labia. Laura’s mind started to drift. She was a slave girl, bound to a crude wooden horse. Her Master had commanded her to pleasure herself in front of all the traders who had gathered in the marketplace to bid for her. Rich men and women gathered around her, some were invited to touch her body and caress and violate her.

Laura’s hips started to grind against the tree trunk. She slowly gyrated her hips and pelvis, grinding her body on the cold hard wood. She raised her buttocks and slammed them down hard again, causing the butt-plug to be rammed deeper inside her. She started to moan. She continued to caress her body, pretending she was a slave girl on public show. Her hips began to grind faster and faster, the 2 vibrators now starting their 1-minute cycle once again. Laura moaned softly again, feeling extremely aroused, desperately wanting an orgasm. She felt an orgasm beginning to build inside her, she ground and thrust her pelvis harder and quicker across the trunk, her breathing becoming more laboured as she gyrated her hips. Sweat started to form on her body, mixing with the oil. Her skin glistened in the pale moonlight. Laura climaxed and a deep moan escaped her lips. Her body shook and convulsed, and she continued to slowly gyrate and grind her pelvis against the trunk until the orgasm finally subsided.

When Laura had recovered, she swung her leg over the tree trunk and climbed off. It was time to walk home now and put the next part of her plan into place. Laura retrieved a small torch from the bag and switched it on, she didn’t want to be spotted from the cycle track for this next part so squatted behind the fallen tree. Laura tipped out the remaining contents of the bag onto the ground and then rolled up her coat and stuffed it into the now empty bag. She tucked the bag under the tree to be collected the following day.

Laura shone the torch onto the mixed contents from the bag. She picked up the thigh restraints and started to tightly buckle them into place just above her knees. The restraints were joined together with a chain and would force her to only take very small steps when walking. Next, she picked up a ball gag, one of the largest gags in her collection. She opened her mouth wide and stuffed the ball in between her clenched teeth and tightened the strap behind her neck. She then picked up the nipple clamps which were attached together by a chain. She slowly closed the clamps over her erect nipples. She had to suppress a scream as they clamped tightly onto her nipples. She had to wait several minutes for the pain to subside before she could compose herself. Breathing heavily into her ball gag now, she took the thin chain attached to the 2 nipple clamps and carefully thread it through a small loop protruding from her mouth gag. She lowered her head until her chin was almost resting on her chest and then pulled the chain through the loop of the gag until there wasn’t any slack. She then placed a very small padlock through the chain and the loop and snap-locked it closed.

With trembling hands, Laura picked up the final item that she would be wearing on her walk home. A sturdy set of steel handcuffs, purchased online from a specialised website selling bespoke self-bondage equipment. The cuffs had a programmed timer and Laura had already set the timer at home earlier to release in 5 hours-time. The cuffs were both open and all she needed to do was push her wrists into the open clasps and they would automatically snap shut. She placed the cuffs behind her back and engaged the first cuff. Snap! Her wrist was now securely locked into place. With a bit of twisting and squirming she finally managed to get her other wrist into position. Snap! Her wrists were now tightly pulled behind her back and locked in place.

With a bit of effort Laura managed to get back onto her feet. Her heart was beating faster and her breathing more laboured now. Her nipples felt like they were on fire and her pussy felt slick with her juices. She slowly and carefully walked up the shallow bank and back onto the cycle track. She knew she would now need to keep a very careful look out for approaching güvenilir bahis siteleri bikes. She raised her head to peer down the gloomy path and the chain attached to her nipples stretched them, causing Laura to silently scream into her gag. She looked up and down the track and couldn’t see any lights so took a few short steps. She had to continuously keep looking forward and then over her shoulder after every 3 or 4 steps. She stopped and turned around again, raising her head and pulling hard on the nipple clamps once more. She spotted a dim single light approaching her fast.

Laura didn’t have much time before the cyclist’s lights picked her body out in the dark night. She quickly dropped to her knees and then onto her stomach and rolled back down the shallow slope. As she rolled, needles of pain shot through her tightly clamped nipples as she rolled down the rough ground. The cyclist sped on by, totally unaware of Laura’s predicament only a few feet away in the clearing.

Laura managed to get back onto her feet, her nipples still stinging with pain. Laura staggered back onto the path and after a quick check began hobbling back towards the direction of home. The journey was obviously a lot slower on the way back, as Laura’s bound thighs would only allow her to take short steps at a time. Also, she had to keep a constant eye on the path in front as well as behind her, further hampered by her tight nipple clamps being brutally yanked on the chain every time she needed to raise her head.

Laura’s journey back felt like an eternity, twice she encountered cyclists out on a very late cycle ride. Each time she spotted their lights she would step off the path and into the darkness of the tree line, leaning against a nearby tree, her chest rapidly rising and falling as she panted hard, partly from the exertion of walking whilst bound, partly from being so aroused. Her semi naked oiled body glistening in the faint moonlight, her beautiful breasts tightly squeezed through strips of leather straps. Bound and helpless. She closed her eyes again waiting for the lone cyclist to pass safely by. She began to fantasize again. She had managed to escape from her Masters house, the villagers were all out looking for her and she knew she would be severely punished when they caught her. She could feel her swollen wet pussy throbbing, an orgasm slowly building up inside her as the 2 vibrators buzzed away. She came, leaning against the cold tree trunk, her body shaking and a low moan escaping from her gagged mouth.

Laura got back onto the track, not far now! She could just make out the end of the track now, maybe just 10 minutes or so and she would be back in the lane by her house. Just then a set of bike lights swept around the corner. A cyclist had just entered the track from the direction of Laura’s lane. She literally had seconds to move before his powerful bike lights illuminated her. Without time to think, Laura fell heavily to her knees, ignoring the jolting pain. She then rolled to her side and quickly onto her stomach and rolled off the path into the shelter of the dark tree line. Her bound rolling body suddenly quickened pace, she was rolling down a steep incline. Brambles and nettles tore at her body, stinging her thighs, stomach and breasts as she rolled through the sharp undergrowth. Just as her rolling body started to slow down, she landed in a shallow ditch. The ditch was full of freezing cold filthy water. The shock of the cold water hitting her body took her breath away. She lay on her stomach in the water, gasping for breath. Several times her head bobbed under the water and each time she tried desperately to raise her head, ignoring the searing pain from her brutally stretched nipples.

The cyclist had already passed by and disappeared up the gloomy track. Laura managed to twist her body and slowly crawl out of the filthy ditch. She half crawled, half dragged herself along and found a tree to lean against to push herself up. Her breathing now laboured and her chest rising and falling rapidly, she drew in deep breaths of air. Her body stinging all over from the recent fall, she staggered back onto the track. She finally made it to the opening in the fence and after several quick checks to see the coast was clear she hobbled through and a few steps later was back in the safety of her own garden. Laura had to use her chin to open the back-door handle. She fell through the open doorway and collapsed onto the floor. Gasping and shuddering as another even more powerful orgasm ripped through her tortured body. The last few hours of her ordeal having fully aroused her, the predicament of her situation adding to the arousal.

As Laura lay gasping, panting and moaning on the floor she glanced at the kitchen wall clock. Another 2 and a half hours to go before the cuffs would automatically open again. Already she could feel another orgasm slowly building up inside her. It was going to be a long night . . . . . The End.

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