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Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 06

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My name is Alice Neil and I am a doctor. Operating out of a small practice in a rural part of West Virginia. I’m always having fun with my patients. I’m a short, chubby, large-breasted, thick-bodied and big-bottomed white chick with curly blonde hair. One of these days, my conduct is going to get me sued or get my medical license revoked. I don’t care. I am addicted to sex and I cannot lie. Sex is fun. Sex is life. I cannot live without sex. If that makes me a slut or a whore in the eyes of society, I don’t care. I sleep with almost all of my patients, both male and female. Sometimes, those who can’t pay reward me with sex. I’m a trust fund brat so what do I care? It’s all good to me!

The other day, I got visited by a gorgeous black stud named Augustus Thorne. One of my regulars. He’s a tall, good-looking black man who’s into some kinky sex. He’s one of my favorite patients. When we first met, he was just getting checked up due to regulations imposed by his college. Augustus attended Maestro College, a private four-year business school located not far from my office. Augustus is a member of the Men’s Wrestling team at Maestro College. The school is quite obsessed with athletics. They have Men’s Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Soccer, Wrestling, Football, Volleyball and Swimming along with Women’s Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Soccer, Field Hockey, Equestrian and Swimming. I attended Maestro College twelve years ago, back when I was an undergrad. It’s a good school. I was wild bahis firmaları even back then. A football groupie. I had fun servicing those gridiron studs.

He’s got a ten-inch uncircumcised black super cock and truth be told, I am addicted to him. Augustus knows this. We have lots of fun together. As soon as he got into my office, I got on my hands and knees to worship his cock. I sucked on Augustus’s cock. The big and tall black stud thrust his cock down my throat. I sucked his cock and licked his balls while fingering my hairy wet pussy. When he came, I eagerly drank his manly seed. I love drinking male cum. Just call me your friendly neighborhood cum guzzler. I won’t be offended. I love sex. And I like variety. Men and women of all races are welcome, but they have to be hot. No ugly people allowed.

Next, Augustus had a go with my ass. He got me on all fours and spread my plump butt cheeks wide open. He pressed his cock against my butt hole and pushed. I love it when he sticks his cock into my asshole. I am addicted to big black cocks that go up my tight asshole. Just thinking about them makes my pussy twitch. Augustus held me by the hips and pumped his cock into my butt hole. I squealed in delight as he fucked me. He slammed his cock into my butt hole, loving the feel of my tight asshole around his cock. He grabbed a handful of my blonde hair and thrust his cock even deeper into my asshole. He was telling me that he loved slamming his big black cock into the assholes of big women, especially blonde sluts like me. I got kaçak iddaa off on it and squealed, begging him for more. He fucked me until he finally came, sending his hot cum deep inside my asshole.

I cannot accurately describe how it feels to have a big black cock discharge its load of cum deep inside my asshole. It feels so damn intense. It also feels pretty damn good. Nothing comes close to it. There’s no other feeling quite like when a man jams his long and thick cock inside your asshole. It can make you sing. After Augustus pulled his cock out of my asshole, he made me suck on it. I sucked him good. I tasted my ass on his cock and totally loved it. I also sucked his cock and balls until he was dry and hard again. However, we both knew it was time for me to have myself some fun. I don’t just take, you know. I’m a giver. How? We’ll get to that in a minute.

Augustus knew the routine. I asked him to get on all fours on my inspection table. Then, I got the necessary tools ready. By tools I mean my strap on dildo and assorted bottles of lubricant. If there’s one thing I like more than getting fucked in the ass, it’s fucking someone in the ass. Especially sexy black studs like Augustus. He was a seriously kinky stud who was down for whatever. I liked that about him. A lot of men consider their butts off-limits, yet they will gladly stick their dicks up a woman’s ass. That sounds awfully selfish, don’t you think? I say turnabout is fair play! So I bent Augustus over the table and proceeded to apply lube all over his tight butt hole. kaçak bahis Then, I greased up my strap on dildo and got ready to stick it in. I pressed the head of the dildo against Augustus’s asshole, and pushed. The sexy black stud barely grunted as the dildo slid into his asshole. I held him by the hips and began pumping away. Augustus had such a nice ass. I loved fucking it. Holding him firmly, I thrust deeper into him. He screamed. I laughed, and rammed the dildo home. He’s into this, just as much as I am. That’s why I gave it to him good. I slammed the dildo into the forbidden depths of the sexy black man’s asshole. And he was loving it for that ten-inch cock of his got harder and harder. I reached underneath him and stroked his cock while fucking him. He begged me for more. I fucked him good, getting off on the sensation of power I felt during this particular sex act. I also stroked his dick, pleasuring him. We went at it until he came. I took his cum and smeared it all over my breasts and all over his ass. Then, I pulled out.

Augustus sat up, a weird smile on his handsome face. I smiled and kissed him. Yeah, we were two of a kind. Always having raunchy fun the likes of which normal people can barely imagine. He’s a frequent visitor at my office. People might start to wonder, since he’s a perfectly healthy college sportsman. I don’t care and neither does he. He has girlfriends and maybe even boyfriends. That doesn’t bother me in the least. I’ve got other lovers, both male and female. Like all the others, he comes to me because he gets from me something he can’t get anywhere else. Something only I can provide. That same something which keeps him coming back more. My unique brand of out-of-this-world sexing. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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