Şubat 4, 2023

Black Cuckolds In Brockton

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Anri Okita

Salutations, dear reader. How in hell are you? I’m Wendy Portage, a six-foot-tall, thick, dark-skinned and sexy, big-booty Haitian mama living in the City of Brockton, Massachusetts. I recently graduated from Massasoit Community College with a degree in Nursing, and I’m a manager at Sears. Life is okay for these days, but things can definitely get better!

I’ve got a very erotic and at times disturbing story to share with you folks. Recently, my boyfriend Steve Voltaire, a shy nerd who attends Bridgewater State University, revealed to me that not only is he bisexual, but the damn fool is into something called cuckolding. What the fuck is cuckolding? That’s what I wondered at the time. Now, I thought Steve wanted me to hold his big ole Haitian dick or something but turns out, he’s into some seriously freaky shit.

A lot of females, especially in the Haitian community, would have left their man if he told them that he swings both ways. Me? I’m that freaky Haitian mama who gets off on watching men fuck other men. The same way lots of men get off on watching lesbian porn videos. I enjoy watching bisexual threesome porn and transsexual porn videos with my dear Steve. I’m all about encouraging my man to be true to himself, you know? Still, I must admit, the cuckolding thing threw me off at first.

Essentially, Steve is turned on by the idea of watching me, his darling Haitian girlfriend, get fucked by another man. I knew there were White folks out there into this type of weird shit but I never thought this was something Black folks could get into. Especially church-going, hard-working and extremely normal folks like Steve and I appeared to be. Well, I was reluctant at first but once Steve and I tried that shit, we found out that it’s ankara ucuz escortlar really for us.

Moving into the cuckolding lifestyle has dramatically changed my relationship with Steve. There’s more passion in our fun and games in the bedroom. Seriously, these days, Steve can’t keep his hands off of me. The tall, burly Haitian brother loves to lick my pussy real good while I tease him by telling him about all the other guys, Latino, White, and even Indian, whom I let into my cunt. For some reason, hearing about this gets Steve hard every time.

As much as I love Steve, I also love to torment him. Sometimes I tie Steve up and bend him over before stuffing his cute dark ass with a strap-on dildo. I love to make Steve squeal as I peg him with my strap-on dildo. Still, my favorite thing is to force Steve to lick my pussy and my sweaty asshole. I make Steve do this without even showering him, and I make him beg for it before I let him stick his hard dick into my pussy. I am a cruel bitch, the Haitian community of Brockton is full of us. Lucky for us, our kinky, freaky Haitian men love us that way!

Steve and I are a passionate couple, but he really fucks me hard after I tell him about all the guys I’ve fucked before him. Bending me over the kitchen table one night, Steve fucked my pussy real good, and smacked my ass so hard that he left bruises on it. That big Haitian dick of his left my pussy pleasurable sore after hours of hard fucking. Not that I mind, because I am one freaky Haitian mama. When it comes to sex, I definitely love the rough stuff. See? Cuckolding works for Steve and I!

We found a dude to play the Bull in Steve’s cuckold fantasy, my co-worker Enrique Suarez from the local Sears. Tall, with light bronze ankara üniversiteli escortlar skin, curly Black hair and light brown eyes, Enrique is a sexy dude. His father is Mexican and his mother is Irish or something. I’ve always had sexual fantasies about Enrique but never acted on them because I was faithful to my beloved Steve, like the good Haitian lass I was raised to be.

Once I told Enrique what Steve and I had in mind, the dude was all for it. We discussed things and all three of us were on the same page. Without further ado, we booked a time to get busy. Enrique showed up and Steve and I warmly greeted him at the door. We went to the living room, had a glass of red wine, talked a bit and then, we got our freak on. I’d been wanting this for some time, as you can see.

Steve watched as I undressed, and then went to Enrique. The tall Latin stud smiled at me and kissed me, then he began sucking on my big ole tits and fingering my wet, hairy cunt. Steve stroked his big Black dick while watching me, his sexy Black girlfriend, getting freaky with a Latino guy right in front of him. That’s what cuckolding is, ladies and gentlemen. Men watching their wives or girlfriends getting fucked by other men, right in front of them.

I was so turned on from having Steve watching me with Enrique that I almost came. The Latin stud laid me on the carpeted floor and licked my pussy, and then he put me on all fours, spanked my big Black ass and then rolled a condom on his manhood. Enrique then thrust his dick into my cunt. Gripping my hips tightly, Enrique began pumping his dick into my cunt with gusto. Steve watched, and I saw that my boo was actually enjoying watching me get fucked by another man.

I screamed passionately ankara vip escortlar as Enrique fucked me, and let me tell you, the Latino dude was definitely packing. Things got so hot that I asked Enrique to fuck me in the ass, and Steve’s jaw dropped because I never let him do that to me. I flashed Steve a wicked grin and spread my thick butt cheeks wide open for Enrique, who licked my asshole and lubricated me with Aloe cream. Without further ado, Enrique pressed his big ole Latin dick against my asshole and pushed it inside.

Ladies and gentlemen, you should have seen the look on Steve’s face as Enrique’s dick entered my asshole. I smiled at Steve and blew him a kiss, then I screamed as Enrique began pounding my asshole with that long and thick, magnificent Latino dick of his. Enrique slammed his dick into my asshole and fucked me until I actually begged for mercy. I lay on the carpeted floor, slumped. Once Enrique took the condom off, I sucked his hard dick and tasted his cum. I smiled evilly at Steve and blew him a kiss, and Steve turned away.

A few minutes later, Enrique showered and left, after thanking Steve and I for a wonderful night. I turned to my beloved Steve and kissed him. I am a good Haitian woman, and I love my dear Steve, my Haitian King. Yes, I do enjoy trying all kinds of kinky shit with him. Still, because I love Steve, I need to make him quit his bad habits. Cuckolding is fun but for me, it’s a one-time thing. Two is good company and three is a crowd. What better way to get Steve to quit asking me for weird shit than by rubbing his nose in it?

I am happy to say that after that night, Steve stopped bringing up the subject of cuckolding. I’m still open to doing a threesome with Steve and another bisexual man, but in the Haitian community, openly gay and bisexual men are rare. A year after this experience, Steve asked me to marry him and I accepted. We have a son now, William. Yes, William is Steve’s son. I, um, checked, with the help of a good doctor. All is well that ends well, eh?

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