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Bisexual Boys: Double the Fun

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Riley and Mitchell arrived together, at 12:30AM this morning. They are both sophomores at the University. Riley is bisexual, and Mitch is a close friend of his, who was curious, but wanted it to be a joint experience. I agreed to see them both at once. Riley is about 6′ tall, and Puerto Rican/Italian mixed. He has light, sandy hair, and caramel skin. Dark eyebrows and lashes, and a soul patch under his full lips. He has an athletic physique, with a slim waist and skinny legs. Probably a runner. Mitchell is a few inches taller than Riley, and very pale, with jet black hair, that hangs down, past his shoulders. His porcelain skin is breathtaking, and he has exquisite features. A high cheek bone, slender, but symmetrical nose, and full, blood red lips. He has large, sad eyes, that seemed to be studying my soul.

They stood there, awkwardly, glancing at each other, and then at me. I stood before them, in an open dinner jacket, and leatherette panties, with stacked Giuseppe heels. I walked slowly toward them, heels clicking on the tiles.

“Turn and face each other.”

They both obeyed, and looked each other in the eyes. Riley had a nervous smile on his face, and Mitchell seemed mildly aroused.

“Undress each other.”

Riley was first to respond, and reached out to unbutton Mitchell’s chambray shirt. Mitchell reached out, and started to pull up on Riley’s polo shirt. Riley raised his arms, as Mitchell pulled his shirt up over his head, revealing his ripped torso. He had dark hair from just under his chest, to the band of his joggers. Mitchell dropped his shirt, as he reached out, and finished unbuttoning. He peeled back Mitchells shirt, and dropped it behind him. Mitchell’s porcelain skin gleamed under the dim lights. He had a completely smooth body, except for a dark happy trail. His nipples were large, and very pink. He leaned back, as Riley undid the buttons on his skinny jeans, pushing them down to the floor. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, and I couldn’t believe how large his dick was! It hung low, thick, and pink. The jet black hair surrounding it, offered a perfect frame, for its glory. His balls were a darker shade, and hung loosely behind the impressive member.

I watched as Riley carefully pulled Mitchell’s shoes off, followed by his jeans. He kept glancing up at Mitchell’s dick, and I saw the sparkle in his eye. He stood up, and adjusted himself quickly, sliding off his flip flops, as Mitchell reached out his hands, and pushed down on Riley’s joggers. He had on some Papi green & pink bikini briefs, which showed a massive bulge. They were low cut, and I could see the dark happy trial led to a curly mass of pubes. Mitchell finished pushing his joggers down, and over his feet. Mitchell hesitated for a second, but before I could command him, he quickly pulled Riley’s briefs down, and over his feet, exposing yet, an equally large dick.

Riley was semi hard, and the tightly curled pubes almost glistened in the studio lighting. His dick hung low, and uncircumsized, with a small set of hairy balls, hiding behind.

“Face me.”

They obediently turned to me, and waited. I pulled off my dinner jacket, and hung it on the closet door. I walked forward, just eye level with Mitchell, and a little bahis firmaları taller than Riley. I leaned forward, taking both of their dicks in my hands, calmly fondling them with my index finger and thumb. Riley was slowly hardening, but Mitchell, almost immediately, came to life. They both stared straight ahead, as I continued to fondle them. Riley hardened, soon after, and I let them both go, and turned to walk back to the lounge. I looked over my shoulder, and indicated for them to follow me.

We entered the lounge, and I turned and sat on the edge of the sofa. Before me, on the cocktail table, I had a box of Glyde condoms, my favorite strawberry lube, a small vibrator, and a pair of goggles.

“Each of you may pick two.”

Mitchell instinctively reached out and grabbed the condoms, and the lube. Riley grabbed the vibrator, and the goggles. They stood there, dicks straight ahead of them, awaiting my instruction.

“Riley, you may place the goggles over your eyes, and Mitchell, you may lube yourself up.”

They did as instructed, and I unzipped my leatherette panties, dropping them to the floor, and stepped out of them. I walked forward, and placed my hands on Riley’s shoulders, pushing him down to his knees. He obediently dropped to the floor, his face in front of my pussy. I turned and started to masturbate Mitchell. He gasped lightly, and immediately closed his mouth, watching my eyes. His dick was large, and meaty in my hand. I turned to Riley, who was watching eagerly.

“Riley, I want you to insert the vibrator into your ass, and eat my pussy until I cum.”

He positioned himself in between Mitchell and myself, turning on the vibrator, and inserting it into his ass. He pressed his lips to mine, and started to work his magical lips over my quickly glistening pussy. He moaned while he lapped at me, causing me to engorge quickly. I was pacing my hand over Mitchell’s dick, making sure to watch for any change in breathing, or posture. He was calmly watching me, occasionally glancing down to watch Riley eating my pussy. I noticed his balls rising up to his shaft, and slowed my motions. I stood straight up, letting go of his dick, and started to play with my areolas.

“Mitchell, I want you to jack off onto Riley’s face.”

Mitchell started jacking himself off, as I played with my nipples. He didn’t take his eyes off of them. I made exaggerated moaning noises, licking my lips occasionally. He started to sweat from his forehead, and wiped lightly at it, with his free hand. I felt myself becoming more excited, but held back, as I watched Mitchell work his hand up and down his shaft, and over his head, rhythmically.

“Mitchell, I want you to tell me when you’re going to cum.”

He nodded, as his lips parted.

“I’m cu..”

“ONLY, when you’re going to cum.”

He nodded again, his sad eyes drooping heavier. His mouth was still open, and he was sweating even more. I reached down, and put two fingers in my pussy, feeling Riley’s tongue caress them, while I soaked them in my juices. I pulled out, and raised my fingers to Mitchell’s mouth, placing them just inside, and licked my lips again.

“I’m gonna..”

I pulled my fingers out, as he looked down, aiming his kaçak iddaa huge dick at Riley’s face. I allowed myself to cum immediately. I gushed all over Riley’s mouth and nose, gyrating my hips, as Mitchell shot a thick, clear load all over Riley’s face and hair. Riley gagged a little, as I flooded his mouth, and nostrils. Mitchell kept jerking his dick, moaning loudly. He had covered the goggles, and all of Riley’s forehead, getting cum all in his sandy, wavey hair. I stopped moving, feeling Riley’s lips, still lapping at my pussy. Mitchell was flushed all throughout his face, neck, and chest. He gripped tightly, oozing out the last drips of cum, into Riley’s hair. I stepped back. Riley’s lips slurped loudly as I moved back, and he licked at his cum covered mouth. I caught my breath, for a moment.

“Now…Clean off his dick.”

Riley turned, and slid the goggles up to his head, and took Mitchell’s dick in his mouth. Mitchell closed his eyes, still breathing heavily. He rested his hands at his hips, while Riley bobbed rhythmically over his dick. Riley was in a squatting position, and I squatted and pressed myself against his back, reaching down to cup his ass in my hands. Cum and juice were dripping down over his entire body. I lathered my hands in the mixed fluid, and worked the vibrator out of his hole, lubing him up. I worked my hands all in and out of his ass cheeks. I fingered him lightly, and heard him moan, while sucking off Mitchell’s dick. I arched my back, and pressed my pussy against his lower back, rubbing my juicy lips over his fuzzy skin. I stood up, and pulled him away from Mitchell.

“Lay back.”

I pushed at his chest, as he lay back on the messy tiles. His dick was standing straight up, oozing pre cum. I opened the box of condoms, and opened one, sliding it over Riley’s dick. I rode him for awhile, while he reached up, fondling my breasts. I pushed his hands down to my pussy. He smirked, and stuck his thumbs in me, while he penetrated me. My lips were engorged and bright pink. I leaned back, moaning loudly. While I rode, I handed a condom to Mitchell. He fumbled to slide it over his softening dick.

“Make it…harder…Now…”

I was breathless and full of cock. Mitchell started jerking his condom covered dick. I leaned forward, pressing my breasts against Riley’s muscular chest. His lips were so close to mine. He leaned up, instinctively, and I moved my face away. He breathed into my ear.

“You feel so good, Ms. G.”

“Don’t fucking talk.”

He moaned and lay his head against the messy tile. I reached back, spreading my ass cheeks to Mitchell. I felt him hunch over me, his long hair grazing my shoulders. His dick was rock hard again, pressing against my ass. I kept riding Riley, and felt Mitchell probe my ass hole with his head. I leaned forward and waited for a few seconds. I felt the initial sting of Mitchell’s dick entering me. I groaned in Riley’s ear, biting at his lobe. I felt him take my hand in his, and I grabbed tightly. Mitchell plunged deeper in me, until he couldn’t go any deeper. He started to fuck me, slowly. Riley caught the rhythm, and started to thrust in on the off beat of Mitchell’s thrusts. They were perfectly synced, and I felt pleasure rush throughout kaçak bahis my entire body. I let go of Riley’s hand, pressing both against his hard chest, arching back. I pulled my thighs up, hugging Riley’s waist tightly.

They fucked me like this for half an hour. I was on the brink of collapse, and let go, gushing cum all over Riley’s condom covered dick.

“Fuck…You are good boys. Good…boys…”

I reached back and pushed against Mitchell’s chest. He pulled out of me, as I got up, pulling the condom off Riley’s dick. It slapped against his wet abs, glistening with his own precum. Mitchell reached to pull his condom off, and I stopped him.

“No. Fuck him now.”

Mitchell paused.


He looked down at Riley, and slowly grabbed his thighs, pushing his legs up, exposing his ass. He placed the head of his condom covered dick at Riley’s entrance, and pushed in. Riley winced, and moaned, while Mitchell pushed all the way to the back. He started thrusting in and out, as I walked away. I went to my powder room, and toweled myself off, walking back out into the lounge. I dropped the towel to the floor and slid my leatherette panties back on, zipping them closed. I sat on the edge of the sofa, and watched them fuck.

Mitchell had Riley’s left leg pushed up, resting on his thigh, while he thrusted in and out, with his left leg over Riley’s thigh, in scissor form. Riley’s dick was oozing pre cum, while he got fucked up the ass. He looked over, and made eye contact with me, a small smirk at the corner of his lips. I stared, blank faced at him, while he got fucked. Mitchell looked at me.

“I’m about to…”

I nodded. He tilted his head back, and moaned loudly.


I watched as he stopped thrusting, pushing himself all the way into Riley’s ass, his dark pubes grazing Riley’s sweaty, spread ass cheeks. He continued to moan, and Riley reached down, feeling around his hole, and Mitchell’s shaft. He was covered in sweat and cum, with heavy breathing. He started to jack himself, and I put my hand up. He stopped and waited.

“Mitchell, pull out, and let Riley cum on your dick.”

He pulled out of Riley, and pulled off the condom, letting it splat against the floor. He leaned back, as Riley inched closer to him, jerking his dick. Both boys were rock hard, and so close, they could kiss. Riley kept glancing down, at their dicks, while he jacked. He looked back at me.

“I’m going to cum.”

I pointed toward Mitchell’s dick, and watched as Riley grunted, and sprayed cum all over Mitchell’s hairy crotch and dick. Riley had a powerful cumshot, splattering all over Mitchell’s abs, and happy traily, completely coating him in cum. He finished after about a minute and a half, and jerked his dick a couple of quick times, flinging a couple of last drops of cum on Mitchell. They were both breathing hard, and started to get up. I walked toward them, and cupped a hand under each of their armpits.

“Now you may leave.”

I forcibly escorted them toward the door. They looked stunned and embarrassed as I stood before them, and pointed at the pile of clothing. They mopped at the mess all over their bodies, pulling on their pants, and fumbling with their shoes. I clicked my heels on the tiles as I walked away. By the time I reached the lounge, the door and shut loudly. I glance down at the cum and juice all over my floor. Double the fun, double the fucking mess.

Ms. G

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