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Being Neighborly Pt. 04

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The story of two neighbors and their friendship. There are scenes of one-on-one romantic sex (MF), group sex and bisexual sex (MM and FF). If this is not your thing, move on. Otherwise, enjoy, comment and vote.

I was doing the crossword puzzle while my computer downloaded and installed the latest update when the doorbell rang.

“Come in! It’s open,” I yelled.

Sam came waltzing in carrying shopping bags and dressed in pretty skirt and a chic blouse. She not only looked fine but her overall attitude was a shiny beacon in an otherwise dull, boring and gloomy covid day.

“Well, what has you so happy? And so pretty!”

“A woman is always happy when she’s gone shopping. I went to the designer mall and picked up some things I needed. I also made a few other stops.”

“Come on; let’s see what makes you so happy.”

“Okay. First, I went for some new lingerie. The lingerie I have now is old and tired. It was about time I replaced it.”

“Oooh, I just love some new scanties. I can’t wait to break them in.”

“Hold your dick, handsome. First, some bra and panty sets.”

She pulled out a sheer flesh colored set from one bag. “This is first. How do you like?”

“I like that it’s sheer. You can see nipples.”

“Right. And it feels like I’m not wearing it.” She then pulled out another set. This was light green with tap pants.”

“That’s cute.”

“Isn’t it? It goes with some outfits I have. I also got a third set in black. Let me show you the bra.” She unbuttoned her blouse and displayed her chest. It was similar to the first set in that it, too, was sheer. The thin black elastic cups showed her nipples.


“Yes, they are. I feel like I’m hiding a slut under my clothes. I got a few more panties, some stockings including some thigh highs, and a couple of blouses. It was a very successful shopping trip.”

“I’ll say. You look good and they make you sexier.”

“But wait. After I left the mall, I went to the new adult store across the street and I bought a few things there.” She opened another shopping bag and pulled out three soft plastic devices. “These are attachments for my magic wand vibrator.” She held up one that was shaped like a claw with three curved appendages. “This one hits my clit, my vagina and my ass all at the same time.” I was impressed. She held another. “This one is like a long finger that can go in my pussy or my ass. I thought I’d give it a try. And this one is for you.” She held what looked like a cup that was a few inches deep. “You put your dick in there. The salesman said that he loves it, it feels great.” She handed it to me and I examined the soft plastic feel.

“Geez, this looks like a thrill.”

“Imagine when it vibrates!”

“I can’t wait to try it.”

“I bought one more thing. Let me show you.” She walked in front of me and lifted her short skirt. She was wearing a pair of black crotchless panties. Her vagina looked incredibly tempting. The panties highlighted her perfect slit. I pressed forward and licked it. I couldn’t help myself.

“It’s for when we can’t wait another second. Like now!” She unzipped my shorts, straddled my crotch and sat down on me, sliding my pole up her narrow straits. “Ooph!” She sat there and did not move feeling my hardness inside her. “Oh, man, does that feel good. I’ve wanted you inside me since this morning.” I started to say something but she said, “Don’t move. Don’t say a word. Let me do all the work. I’m close.” She didn’t move but I could feel her kegels squeezing me, releasing me and then squeezing me again. Her lubricating walls rinsed over me and felt divine. She began to slowly rise and fall, my cock nearly falling out and then sinking pube to pube. She continued for a little more than a minute when she cried out, shook and orgasmed. She fell onto my chest and held me while catching her breath. “Oh, that was good. I needed that. Now you.”

“No, it’s okay. I’m okay. I’m just glad I was here.”

“You sure? Can I at least lick you off and taste myself?”

“Be my guest.”

“Okay, but not yet. You feel so good inside me I don’t want to move yet.” She laid her head into my chest and held me. As I shriveled up, cum pooled on me and the effect was delirious. Neither of us wanted to move.

“Hmmm,” I mulled, “I kind of like these panties.”

“Yeah, me, too. However, I have to get up. I have to do a wash to soften these. The opening is a bit stiff and pressing into me.”

“It didn’t seem like you noticed a few minutes ago.”

She laughed. “No, I didn’t then but now I do.” She slipped off me, kissed me sensuously and then got on her knees to clean me up. It felt so nice and I was so relaxed. “You know, I love the taste of your cum. It may be an acquired taste but I’ve acquired it, that’s for sure.”

She sat between my knees and licked my cock again. I stirred. “No, don’t do that. I have to go. I will be back later. And, I’m making you dinner tonight!”

“It’s a deal.”

She grabbed her bags and went next door. I sat for a while luxuriating in my pleasure. bahis firmaları I think I snoozed a bit, too. My phone dinged an email alert and I snapped up to check it. Ah, it was just what I love – an easy work order from one of my regular and best clients. It was a little artwork, a little coding, a new page with headers and rollovers. Easy peasy. I knocked it off in about an hour and a half but didn’t post it online yet. I never put my work up right away lest my clients think I am too fast at it and overcharging for the work, as a client once claimed. As I charge by the hour, I don’t want them to think every job has instantaneous results. Instead, I put on jogging outfit and headed to the beach. I would post the work when I got back home.

The beach was perfect. What makes a beach perfect to a jogger? Well, for one thing, it was cloudless and dry. In addition, the waves were gentle rollers that I could run alongside and wet my feet. Finally, the beach was relatively deserted with just a few dog walkers and a few gorgeous babes spread out on blankets. Eye candy is essential for a good run, don’t you think? As I arrived at the end of the beach, I saw an old fuck buddy take things from her trunk and set up in the sand.

“Hey Ray, how’s it hanging?”

I began to sing, “They say, Ruby you’re like a flame…” I smiled. “It’s loose, Ruby. And how’s my favorite camel-toe? Come on, let me glom it.”

Ruby was an off-again, on-again partner coinciding whenever she ended a relationship with a girlfriend or a boyfriend. She was also wealthy and tended to overindulge herself. She was not great looking but she did have an allure. I think it was her body that was superfine plus the fact that she was an exhibitionist. Out here, on the end of the beach, which gets little traffic, she chose to lay topless.

I was watching her ass. It was a fine ass in a micro thong. What could be bad? “Come on, turn around and let me see if you have a wet spot. Give me a thrill.” She finished placing her blanket and turned around. “Ooomph. You knocked the wind out of me.” She loves raw, crude talk. Her D-cups were spilling out of the poor excuse for a bikini top. And, naturally, her pussy was covered in little triangle of fabric. Her camel-toe was quite evident inserting itself into her shaved slit.

“Beautiful. Damp, too. The best way.”

“It’s always at your service. Now come closer and let me stroke you.”

“Won’t Patty get mad?” Patty being her last girlfriend of which I knew.

“No, Patty is gone. We had a fight. I knew she had found someone else. It’s just as well as she was beginning to get on my nerves. These days I see a woman named Mercy, who lives nearby. But for you, my favorite cock, I always have at least one hole to fill.” She pulled down my shorts and kissed my stiffy. “Oh yeah, oh yeah. I taste pussy.”

“Uh-huh. That’s my girlfriend, Sam. She was sitting on it a while ago.”

“Nice. So you have no time for me?”

“Sure I do. Although, I would rather share you with her. Why shouldn’t she play with your big tits?” I backed away and zipped up. “Hey, wait a second.” I reached into her thong and ran my hand along her labia, sticking my finger between the nether lips. I took my hand and placed my finger in between my oral lips. “From your lips to mine.”

“So when can I meet Sam?”

“She’s new to bisexuality but is taking to it like a duck in water. Maybe you and Mercy would like to host us and you two can show Sam some tricks and tits – pardon, I meant tips.”

“Like hell you did. I’d love a little orgy. However, I’m going north for a couple of weeks to see family. When I come back, I’ll email you and we’ll set it up, okay?”

“Sounds good to me.” I rubbed her breast and pinched her nipple like she likes to be squeezed and pinched. “But I have to head back now; I have some things to do.”

“Oh yeah, like fuck Sam?”

“You know me; I like to eat pussy first.”

“Oh yeah, I know that. Hold on, before you leave…” She pulled down my shorts and sucked my cock again, this time taking a few sucks.

“That’s enough. It’s difficult to run with a hard-on.”

“Sorry, but I haven’t had a real one in a long time, maybe since the last time we had a session. I needed it.”

“Wait for it. You can have it when you get back.”

“Before you go, let me ask you something. Are you still sucking cock, too?”

“Not very often but I do get a taste now and then. Why?”

“I have a friend whose boyfriend is curious.”

“We’ll talk when you get back.”

She pulled me in for a kiss. “Love you, babe.”

“Love you, too.” I took off back down the beach hoping my dick would soften up so I could run. Unfortunately, it did not and so I rather hobbled all the way back to my car. And I played with it all the way home, too.

I went up, uploaded my work, had a little bite, took a shower and then passed out for a while. It was several hours later that I got a call rousing me from a nice Sleep Number. It was Sam, of course.

“So what are you doing?”

“I was lying kaçak iddaa here naked on my bed and sleeping. Why, what’s up?”

“I’m coming over. Is the door open?”

“I think so.”

“Good. Don’t move. Stay just like that.” Click.

A few minutes later, I heard her enter and go straight into the kitchen. She puttered around there for a while before she came into my bedroom carrying of bag of toys. “Be right back.” I moved the pillow up and sat back.

She went back into the kitchen and returned with a tray with glasses and some munchies. She set them on the bed and then stripped down to her sheer flesh bra and panty set. She twirled. “You like?”

“You look very hot, Hot Sammie. The kind I like to eat. Your nipples look breastacular.”

“And you look positively testicular! You just say the sweetest things, are you trying to get into my pants? You can, you know, since I am not wearing any. And speaking of eating…” She went over to the bag and pulled out a Cote de Rhone. Pouring two glasses, she gave them to me and sat down on the bed with the tray between us. “These are some chocolates I bought today.” She popped one into her mouth and took a sip. “Mmmm. Wine and Chocolate. I learned to do this in France.”

“When and where?” We got into a conversation about our various trips to France. I listened intently as she described Paris and brought back so many good memories.

“And what tricks did you learn on your trips?”

“I learned that a great pairing is sitting in an outdoor cafe like Trois Gros, drinking fine cognac and smoking a Romeo e Juliet

0 cigar from Cuba. Whenever I was in France, I made sure to do that. Wine and chocolate was second.” I took a chocolate and a sip. “Mmmm.”


We talked about France, then Italy, and then jumped to Hawaii. “Enough,” she said, “let’s play already, Ray. I’m real curious about these…um, devices.” She removed the tray from the bed, pulled her magic wand out of the bag and placed the bag on the bed. She picked up the first attachment and fitted it over the vibrator’s head. “This vibrator is the best. It already packed a wallop. Now what can this do?”

The three-prong attachment looked more punishing than erotic. “It looks like something from the Spanish Inquisition,” I offered.

That brought a nervous laugh. She stripped off her bra and panties, laid down on her side and fumbled a bit with the device. I took the big vibrator from her and placed the vibrating points; one by her anus, one near her canal and the “v” shaped one around her clit lips. I turned it on to the low setting. I moved it up a little. The little balls at the end of the points naturally pushed into the holes and pressed down around her clit. “Mmm. Nice. Let me have it.” She held the wand and moved the power level up one notch. “Better. Let me see.” She closed her eyes, smiling.

After a couple of minutes watching her enjoy the feel, she said, “More,” and moved it up one more notch. Now, it was humming. She began to rotate the vibrator. The little round vibrating tip were well inside her and her clit was popping out of its hood. She had a great smile. “Ok, all the way.” She pushed the vibe to maximum. I thought her eyes would pop out. “Holy Shit!” Suddenly, she turned the vibrator off and caught her breath. “Have to slow down.”

“That seemed to be a mighty thrill! I wonder if that would work on a Symbian?”

“What’s a Symbian?”

“You don’t want to know.”

“Come on…”

“Okay, a Symbian is an orgasm machine that you sit on. It is kind of like riding a mechanical bull. I’ve seen women have the most explosive orgasms on a Symbian. We’ll look it up on the web later and I’ll show you. A lot of sex resorts have at least one.”

“I don’t know. Sounds interesting.” She sat up. “How about you try your thing?” She handed me the wand. I took her attachment off and sucked the vagina tip in my mouth. She made a face and handed me my attachment. I fit it over the magic wand head. I turned it on low and ran it around my balls until one slipped into the cup. I turned it up a notch.

“That’s nice.” My dick was rising. “Yeah, nice.” I took the vibrator, aimed the head into the cup, and slid in. I backed out. “I need some lube.”

“Oh, right. That’s what the salesperson said. Here.” She handed me a tube of Astroglide and I rubbed some around my cock. I spilled some inside the device.

“Ah, more better.” My cock slid in as far as it would allow. I turned it on again. Because the vibrator had a rotating head, it was having an intense effect on me. “Oh yeah, that’s good. I never felt a toy do this. I could cum this way, that’s for sure.” I turned it up a notch. Now, this was for real. The vibrations were intense and the slow rotation was milking me. Wow. I didn’t last too long. I started to spurt into the cup, my body spasming. I turned it down to low and lay there smiling.

“That looked intense.” She took the vibrator and looked into the cup at my load. She turned it off and spilled its contents all over my semi-limp device. She proceeded kaçak bahis to clean me up, all of me.

“Now, it wasn’t intense. It was more like fun. It felt like it was milking me. It was a good way to cum. I give it four stars.”

She smiled. “I’m glad that you liked it.” She crawled up to me and started kissing me. “I didn’t tell you what happened in the toy store today. A salesperson, she was maybe twenty-five, chubby, tats and piercings, offered me to try on some the things. I went back and pulled the curtain closed. I tried the crotchless panties first and looked in the mirror. I felt so naughty. The sales girl pulled the curtain back and looked in. I asked her how I looked. She just came in, put her hand in my pussy, and felt around. She held my ass in her other hand and began to lick my nipples. Then she went down on me until I came. She had me take the pair off and got up to get me new pair. Just like that. All business. She made a sale. She gave me her card and told me that if I ever needed anything special to give her a call. And that was my day.”

“I didn’t tell you what happened to me. I ran into a fuck-buddy that I haven’t seen in some time.” I told Sam all about Ruby, her exhibitionism, our crude talk, the whole thing. “She asked me if we might like a threesome with her, or a foursome with her latest girlfriend, Mercy.”

“Mercy was her name or were you praying?”

“Both. Anyway, she sucked my cock for a few minutes and that said that she wants to meet in a few weeks. She’s going to email me.”

“What does she look like?”

“You know, I have a whole bunch of pictures of her on my computer. Let me show you.”

I turned on my laptop and let it boot. “I showed her a couple of your pictures on my phone, the ones on your profile, and she was drooling.” The screen came up and I navigated over to my images folder, then a folder marked “gf” and then one marked “Ruby”, which I opened. There were about a dozen pictures. I highlighted them and tapped “slideshow.” There were nudes, there were heavy porn shots and there were pictures of my dick sliding into her mouth, her cunt and her ass. Sam took them all in.

“Well, I guess our dance card is all full. Her body is so hot, it’s burning the screen. Also, I would know your dick anywhere. Let me see your other girlfriends.”

I went back to the top folder, highlighted the other folders and again clicked on the slideshow feature. There were many pussy pix but there were also threesome, foursome and orgy pix.

“Stop there. That has to be the hottest picture I’ve ever seen. Tell me about it.”

“It was at an orgy I attended. It was in a very private home with about fifty participants. This was a fantasy that Mel, a girl I dated a couple of times, wanted fulfilled. That is the hostess eating her out. Someone has her pussy covering Mel’s face and those are all the penises that could fit around the table jerking off on her. Covered in cum, all the women licked her clean. That was some hot night.”

“Wow! That is some wild picture. And it’s one of my fantasies.” I clicked it back on. She looked at some more pictures. “Wait, go back one. What’s going on there?”

“Oh. Remember that couple that emailed me that they are coming down in a couple of weeks? This was a group of six they hosted. I’m being spit roasted while a woman is under me sucking my cock and another woman is eating her. She took the picture while her husband was in my mouth.”

“Do you mean the black cock? Wow. Another fantasy of mine. I want to try that.”

“I don’t blame you. It was very hot. He had a huge cock.”

She looked through the rest of the pictures and I turned it off. I hadn’t noticed that she was fingering herself. “Can I help you?”

“Yes, take the magic wand and put it on my clit.” Within moments, her fingers were covered in her special sauce. I took her fingers and sucked on them.

She sat there studying me. “You know, “I’ve never had so much fun with my body. This has been a revelation. But now, I am exhausted. I have to go pass out but I can hardly move.”

“No problem.” I went and collected her bag, her toys and her lingerie. “Here, hold this.” I picked her up and cradled her in my arms. I opened my door and carried her into her apartment, setting her down on her bed and tucking her in. She smiled as she rolled over into her sleep position. I kissed her lips and said good night. I felt very tender toward her in that moment. I locked her front door and went back over to my place.

I headed to bed. A thousand things played through my mind and all about my neighbor, Samantha. I first saw her as a nosy, annoying distraction that moved next door to me. Now, my attitude and demeanor had done a one-eighty. She was special to me and I was glad to absorb her energy and her honesty. It almost seemed that her moving in was providential for both of us. I’d never been in the presence of such an uninhibited, adventurous and enthusiastic woman. I was a spectator to her delight in her own body and skin. She was who she was and not only accepted that fact but also reveled in it. In me, she had found a fellow traveler and I was completely along for an amazing ride. Me? I was lucky to know her and be her compatriot or her co-conspirator, whichever role she would have me play.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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